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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • desi485
    10-10 07:11 PM
    There are many people from these Indian Outsourcing companies who are switching to US comanies or even to local desi bodyshopping companies for various reasons...Like the ones below

    1) If you are in US onsite, there is no guarantee that you would be onsite for the prolonged period you want. When the business need arises, you will have to go back at short notice. Most of the people quit these companies in US due to that reason alone.
    2) They don't process GCs in general (very limited cases....)
    3) Chances are that one may make more money based on the skill-set

    However, if people continue to believe that these companies are just sort of "glorified body shoppers", nothing stops them.

    But outsourcing is increasingly preferred by US corporates & these outsourcing companies are only going to prosper.....

    Just the fact that you make more money outside is a proof of underpay.

    also I read few months back that out of some 70K SWITCH ppl in usa, they filed GC for less than 100 employees. Do you think only 100 out of some 70K H1B wanted GC??? Another proof that they do not want their employees to move ahead.

    Any way you argue, the truth is SWITCH is a glorified bodyshopper.

    and that too glorified in india by indian media, not by US media.

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  • thomachan72
    11-10 01:56 PM
    I think I have joined IV in last 3 years or so...
    Donated money once & have called congressmen & senators many times ...

    Could someone please tell me -

    What has been achieved by IV till date? I know we all meet elected reps, officials in washington dc ..... but I am interested in end result like not wasting visa numbers , implementing spillover & along these lines.

    I have asked few friends to join IV but then if they ask me for IV accomplishments - i can't count any....

    Goel_ar, I dont know why anybody would give you a red for asking this question. It is a very valid question.
    I would like to say that dont count what IV has achieved but try to consider the situation "If there was no organization like IV around". Right now even if you have some issues (minor or major) you could communicate with like minded people in one place and hopefully get solutions. If you are a continued donor then IV even helps to solve some of the issues?
    There are lot of benefits in being organized and whether you donate or not it is well in our interest that this survives and stays strong. What is a new opportunity arises, immediately we have a platform to jump in, right? without IV existing that would be difficult to organize and arrange at short notice.
    Hope this and other posts helps friend;);)

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  • GSingh
    04-02 09:09 PM
    Send Both

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  • asharda
    07-06 04:43 PM




    May be you have to say or have said too much already! Why don't you take a chill pill and relax... you do what you feel is right and let others follow their heart

    RELAX DUDE! take a break!


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  • GC08
    09-01 06:07 PM
    Looks like the wait will be much longer than we originally thought.

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  • sabkaNumbrAaga
    06-01 12:01 PM
    Try hard like you used to do during your school days...trying to get one of those first 3 ranks in class....:pVote yes...get a better rank and lesser wait times for your GCs.....Good Luck....:)


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  • hpandey
    11-10 01:56 PM
    This is true and the only one working actively working for our cause. If this organization is not succeeding to its full potential, its only because high skilled immigrants did not support it to the extent they could. Everyone wants to know what IV acheived - with $175???

    you can get an idea of contributions from the ticker on the top of this page -
    "Goal amount for this month: 10000 USD, Received:"

    The illegal lobby is picking up an average of a few hundred thousand dollars each month - result CIR, Dream, lawsuits and support in Media and chambers of govt.

    The other part is getting public support, which I feel we already have. breaking news (apologies to faux haters):
    Texas Goes for Arizona-Style Immigration Law - Arizona Immigration Law - Fox Nation (http://nation.foxnews.com/arizona-immigration-law/2010/11/10/texas-goes-arizona-style-immigration-law)

    Tony -

    As you say that the illegal immigrant lobby gets hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Do you think any illegal immigrant is contributing this money. They work for minimum wages and have hardly any money to spare.

    I think most of the money comes from businesses that employ these people to cut costs. We don't have any such resource. So I don't think IV not getting enough donations can be blamed on IV users.

    I have donated as much as I can without getting my budget in jeopardy with all the mortgage , taxes, "health insurance " .medicare, car payments etc etc that we have to deal with.

    Another point I think is that even if IV had a couple of million dollars I don't think it will be able to pursuade the Congress to pass any legislation to bring relief to legal immigrants considering the mood of the people in the Congress . No one would like to hurt their political career with voting for us in the Congress. The politicians do only lip service whether for illegal or legal immigrant bills. They have zero interest in seeing them passed in the Congress.

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  • pnjbindia
    01-06 01:05 AM
    That was funny...no offense, but i think you meant "dessert"....
    After reading all this, my story is even funnirer. I went to India to get engaged (arranged) when the dates became current...and not they rolled back to 1000BC.... Now I am engaged, and hearing all these wife stores feel quite screwed...lol..

    reminds me of a popular hindi maxim:
    "Shadi aisa laddoo hai jo khaye wo pacchataaye, jo na khaye wo bhi pacchataaye"

    loosely translated in english it means

    Marriage is a desert which if somebody eats it, he will repent and if somebody does not eat it, will repent too...

    (thank god my 5th grade english teacher is no more in this world to see this day...he must be rolling in his grave seeing my poor english translation skills:D)


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  • JunRN
    07-16 11:29 PM
    Who told you that you will get EAD/AP in three months. Nothing will prevent USCIS to develop backlogs in EAD/AP too now. "Oh there were so many filed in June/July so that we can't process them that fast anymore...":cool:

    Atleast we can get Interim EAD after 90 days, can't we?

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  • eyeinfinitude
    02-03 12:40 AM
    Goodness!! These entries are awesome, I envy you guys. It was hard to decide, but it came down to eilsoe's and soul's. I ended up voting for Soul's because I liked the colors he used and the amount of detail put in. Eilsoe's piece is detailed as well, but the colors weren't too appealing. Great job everyone. =)


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  • alex99
    07-13 03:09 PM
    The Senate is currently considering the FY 2008 Department of Defense Authorization (H.R. 1585). Senators Specter and Leahy have offered the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act as an amendment to the bill; and Senators Durbin, Hagel, and Lugar are planning to offer the DREAM Act as an amendment. Call your senators now and urge them to vote YES on these amendments!

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  • sanan
    07-07 06:11 PM
    Was it aired today?


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  • gcwait_07
    11-03 10:57 AM
    To all those republican homies on this thread....

    a) Republican base is not you and me, in case you haven't noticed they either cater to big biz or to a specific "kind" of Americans.

    b) Tea Party is basically opposed to many things including free trade and immigration. Like any other politician they might change when they have power, if they don't then hope things don't get worse.

    c) Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal don't represent us, they are American for all practical purposes. If anything they have distanced themselves from any indian heritage in their campaigns. Nothing to expect here.

    d) Who is grassley who keeps making things tougher for us ? Not a democrat on last check.

    e) In this era of high unemployment, of around 17% why would any party touch anything remotely connected to a despicable term called "H1B" ? Suicidal ?

    Obama had a brilliant opportunity the first 2 years to do something, but he spent all his political capital on health care and financial reform. An opportunity lost.

    The republican party of now is not the party during 80's or otherwise, they are a bunch of people who believe evolution is a myth with Sarah Palin as their leader, add the tea party element and they are about as right as you can get.

    Forget about any bills, just hope there is no federal government lockout and USCIS stops working for a month.

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  • doggy
    07-21 07:19 PM

    If you check the bright future jobs website, you will not find any reference to such a "Call".

    Beware, calling the number might expose your phone number, and you might become a victim.

    Please be aware law enforcement has been notified, if anyone encounters any problems as a result, please contact law enforcement.

    I hope the deranged person who originally posted the message can receive help soon.

    BTW, if "Antis" is your calling card (it's rarely used in reference to those participating in the immigration debate) you might have exposed yourself a little too much.

    :-). Good try. Well, anybody can hide their number using the *67 !!

    Ask Donna. It went on her Bright Future Jobs email list, not on the site. It's supposed to be a secret call of the Antis.

    I have been fighting the Anti-immigrant propaganda for a long time, okay? Just because I created a new nym to hide my actual identity doesn't mean what I post is untrue.

    Of course, unless you are trying to divert people. :-). You took all the trouble of creating a new ID to denounce this? Surprising.

    By the way, folks. The number is not a private number. I did a google search on the number, and looks like it's used by a lot of people for hosting conference calls. Probably some kind of service.

    See you there.


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  • tonyHK12
    11-10 09:28 AM
    Agree, also Immigration voice needs everyone to join in their cause and support them as Donors and in active volunteering.
    New GC applicants generally realize the only way to get relief is through legislative change that Immigration voice is working on.
    So rather than wasting time & energy guessing dates, its a good idea to spare 3 bucks a day from coffee for IV and actively campaign for new laws.

    BTW the prediction was 1-2 weeks of movement each month for all of 2011, and possibly zero movement sometimes. New Math formulas ,modelling, arent going to change it.

    Just look at how many Bills are coming in for Illegal immigration - that is due to active lobbying and generous support of their members.

    of course there are many who think wrongly - " Let me instead just have my Star-3-bucks, instead of giving my money to an organization campaigning for Immigration relief. I can fix everything myself"

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  • Higcoptimist
    04-01 07:31 PM

    Sent the two faxes.

    My thanks to the core group and active members, working tirelessly towards our common goal.



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  • gcseeker2002
    01-13 05:04 PM
    Hey gcseeker2002, after 300+ postings also how can you post such a thing.

    This is new rule implemented and by thinking you as senior if someone goes and faces problem will you be responsible. So please don't do this boss.

    To All Who believe no need to have valid VISA while going back to India or their country.
    This is email got from German Consulate at Washington DC to my collegue.

    German Cosulate Rep at DC: You wrote that your visa for the United States already expired in September 2010. Therefore you do not fall under Exception Nr. 2. This exception is meant for persons travelling to the US holding a valid US-visa (e.g. a visitors visa with one entry) on their way travelling to the US (Exception 1) and travelling back to their home country during the validity dates of this same visa, but already having used it for entering the US (Exception2) . I hope this clarifies your additional question. I suggest that you apply for an Airport Transit Visa as soon as possible to avoid any problems when travelling back to India via Frankfurt airport.

    vishwak, dont consider my seniority by number of posts. As is I am going through so much injustice in life, having spent 12 years in this country and still waiting for GC bcos of this stupid EB3 mess, and now the germans decide to harrass me by asking for transit visa ? Not that I dont want to follow rules, but after spending 12 years waiting for GC, I am glad that I broke atleast one rule, of travelling through frankfurt to and from india without the damned transit visa. Of course I was travelling alone, and my family was not travelling , and hence I could risk it out. This does in no way prevent anybody in this forum or the world from not getting transit visa and continue to be opressed by the germans. Folks, I have just told my experience, rest is upto you if you want to get the transit visa .

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  • reddymjm
    05-13 04:00 PM
    I suggest you wait and see if you can reconcile your differences......Marriage is a life long commitment. Remember we fall in love and we work on our marriages. Try reading the book called "5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman....It is an excellent book for couples who are on the verge of breaking or even for couples who want to enhance their married life.

    Sorry I do not have any advice for you, except that you try to get back together....which will help you avoid refiling 485 or refiling Labor......The choice is yours!!!

    I Second this.

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  • leoindiano
    06-02 11:11 AM
    Do not think anything wrong in voting. Atleast so many IV members are again active due to this voting. No harm...

    08-21 01:03 PM
    My attorney, who I deal with directly (he is part of big immigration law firm), had sent my some papers ages ago that the firm represents both myself and my employer.

    Could be that there are bar association rules for this, or maybe just this firm's policy. If it is wider than this firm, then you might be able to refer the attorney to the bar association. It would I guess depend on how much he knew, and whether he knew that you were under the impression that he would be applying for I485.

    You probably have a civil or criminal fraud case against employer, and if the attorney knew that you believed that employer was applying for I485 and in anyway facilitated this, even by willfully not returning a call until it was too late, he might be guilty/liable due to conspiracy. Conspiracy without a paper trail or witness is hard to prove. However it depends who has to pursue it. In any case would the attorney want a formal complaint against him on the record with the bar association.

    Find out if same employer & attorney did same to anyone else.

    If you pursue by yourself it will likely be costly. If you represent yourself less so, but hard work (google for "Pro Se" -- Latin for For Self, "Pro Bono" -- Latin for For the Good).

    If DoL or consumer affairs, bar association, or district attorney pursue, much less effort and cost, but less control for you.

    You must be with someone else and own attorney before you do anything.

    11-25 09:33 PM
    This analysis based on Data provided by USCIS on Aug 25th. They have changed data under dashboard two times since but they haven't updated detail sheet online.

    Also DOL performance also factors lot. If DOL starts approving labor at faster rate EB ROW categories can consume much more visas and left over will be less for EB2 India and China that can hurt analysis.

    Good thing is that IV members spent time to understand 3 departments data and create a model so future analysis on updated data should be quick and may be core can post updated version of this doc frequently.

    NVC has declared CP numbers in wholesome also USCIS is due to release updated backlog information soon so we can have new document sometime soon.

    Also there is a very good point about spill over and how it can lead to visa wastage if DOS doesn't consider USCIS's processing time and future applications on DOL site. That may convince DOS to move forward gradually.

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