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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • suavesandeep
    10-02 02:00 PM

    We did the same for both me and my spouse. I think we applied on Sept 5. I got mine within a week. Its been more than a month and we have not received my wife's SSN. We did call SSA on Sep 22 and they said everything was fine and we should receive it soon, If we do not receive by the end of the month go again to the local office. Have not received it yet, So plan to go to the SSN local office again tomorrow. My guess is it could have got lost in the transit.

    Hope this helps.

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  • mirchiseth
    06-03 05:17 PM
    Hello All

    Has any one else experienced this? From the two posters above (which includes me) EAD and AP efiled applications went to National Benefits Center and generated the receipt numbers starting with MSC?

    Please share your experience. Is there any thing to worry in this case?

    - ms

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  • rp0lol
    05-09 03:02 PM

    NPR - National Public Radio

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  • a_yaja
    08-17 05:06 PM
    Thanks for your reply. What does DMV care about to decide till when the license will be valid?

    1. H1 visa on the passport
    2. H1 approval notice
    3. Can I show them the AP?

    You said that you live in IL. As far as I know, in IL, they do not care about Immigration Status - unless it is something very recent. My brother lived in IL till March 2009 - and his DL was issued for 4 years. I am sure that this is the case for Motorcycle license too.


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  • nkappiah
    07-19 10:58 PM
    I am in the same boat. My wife 485 just got filed with me as dependent so I am holding off on sending mine in. I read that this is a very gray area, and at least fragomen claims that they have had cases in which both 485 applications were rejected because of this dual filing.

    Check with a lawyer before you do anything.

    Who or what is fragomen? Where can I read up more on this?

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  • americandesi
    04-11 04:20 PM

    So, why is it no organization has tried this? or has this been tried before and failed..

    This has been tried before by Rajiv Khanna and it was unsuccessful


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  • ace007
    06-09 04:17 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I must be newest member here. Our company attorney (fragomen) is going to file/send I-140 application today.

    I am excited to join the loooong queue forward!


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  • texcan
    09-24 11:22 PM
    Today i received my EAD card, It says fingerprint not available. I have not yet received FP notice

    Has this happened to anybody else, will i have to update EAD card after FP, how does this work

    Filed on July 16th, My checks were cashed on 10th Sep


    First EAD will have no fingerprints, since you have not gone through FP.
    Its normal. Read other threads.

    You will not need to update EADs, renewal next year will take care of this automatically.

    Could you please provide some more info on your case...ie. filed with which service center, case transfered or not....Remember this is community site, we share information/knowledge for benefit of each other, Thanks


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  • zCool
    04-23 12:31 PM
    This has been discussed before!
    Moving to EAD is irreversible. You can't come back to H1b without applying for new H1.
    The way USCIS knows that is you will show paycheck without valid H1.
    This has been discussed before in many threads in details.. do the search.

    I am planning to work on EAD soon and switch my employer using AC21. How would USCIS know that I have switched from H1b to EAD. I might change my mind after 1 months and get back to H1 transfer and work on H1 instead on EAD.

    This depends on if the future project is long term and I switch to H1B just to be safe.

    Any ideas would be appreciated...

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  • blake
    03-06 11:29 PM
    Hi everyone!
    On May 29, 2009, I filed a Form I-485 to get my wife's (from Japan) green-card. On August 11, 2009 it was denied because I had "failed to submit all tax documentation". On August 25, 2009 I filed a Form I-290B which is a motion to reopen and reconsider my case. I included all the additional tax information which they asked for so that I my I-485 would be complete. Finally, today March 6, 2010 I received a notice in the mail saying that my I-290B Form was denied simply because accidentally signed one area of the form where my wife should have signed. What am I supposed to do from here? I had a lot of people recommend that I contact my Commissioner... does he have any power to help me with that? Any help would be appreciated!!


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  • priya.r
    12-24 01:30 PM

    Iam currently on OPT till April 16th 2010. I have been offered a Job in a non profit organization for the position of an accountant. The current rate I will be getting paid is 16$ per hour and the company has agreed to apply for my H1B in March 2010.

    The company that I will be working for are totally unaware of the Immigration laws as I will be their first H1B hire. Now according to the department of labour, the minimum hourly salary rate is 19.93$ an hour for an accountant.

    If the company appiles for my H1B before april 15th 2010, by when will they have to increase my horuly rate to 19.93 $ ?

    Should the increase happen on October 1st 2010 when the H1B kicks in,

    or should the increase happen when the H1B gets approved ( between april - october )

    or should the company increase my salary to 19.93$ an hour even before we apply for H1B ?

    or should the increase in the pay happen on the date of expiry of my OPT, i.e. April 16, 2010

    I also know that I am eligible for H1B cap gap (for the period between the expiry of OPT and the date the H1B kicks in).

    Hoping for your valuable replies as soon as possible.


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  • phillyag
    07-17 07:22 PM
    I am totally lost on what to do.
    I read in the other post that if PD become current in the bulleting then Iwill be in trouble if I have not filed for spouse. I am lost with this !!


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  • s416504
    02-18 08:29 AM
    DELTA say Goodbye To Mileage Expiration

    Effective January 1, 2011, Delta has eliminated mileage expiration policy so you can earn and redeem miles without worrying if and when your miles will expire.

    What's Ahead with SkyMiles (http://www.delta.com/skymiles/about_skymiles/skymiles_program_updates/index.jsp)

    Can you please specify process to donate miles. I have 21,000 miles with Delta that will expire soon and I don't intend to use it.

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  • vikki76
    04-30 11:34 AM
    Good coverage.


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  • nfinity
    02-12 04:30 PM
    Thanks for the reply. My priority date is May 1 2006 so I am not concerned about me gettting approved. I dont remember the 140 mailing date so the data is not accurate

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  • GotGoose?
    04-26 08:12 AM
    Very nice - I like the green one a lot too.


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  • Saralayar
    07-10 05:45 PM
    IMO there is a good chance you will qualify for EB2. When doing educational evaluation, you should base your claim on your masters degree. That way you would qualify.

    The worst part is in justifying an EB2 case. As the job market is very bad and many US citizens with the required qualification for the position are available, it will be very difficult for the company to justify that no one in this country is available except you for this position. Lot of big companies are afraid as there is a strict AUDIT that will be enforeced by USCIS in case they have a doubt about the non availability of a citizen for that position.

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  • needhelp!
    10-11 01:11 PM
    bump.. TX members please attend conf call

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  • aim-high
    03-24 04:32 PM
    I am planning to apply for Schengen visa in an Italian consulate. I have an expired H1 but a valid AP. According to the italian consulate website, here is one of the visa requirements

    "passport or travel document valid for at least three months after visa expiry date"

    My passport is expiring in 2 years but my AP will be expiring in about 2 1/2 months from the Schengen visa expiry. Will I have an issue getting a visa ?
    Do I have a workaround ?


    05-01 12:17 PM

    check it out.......
    reporter contact Pleeeeeeeez
    You can find it if you spend a minute extra on the site and look at the contact us page.

    Niraj Warikoo, Reporter, nwarikoo [at] freepress.com

    01-17 10:30 PM
    I received a copy of I 485 Receipt Notice from my lawyer today. The priority date is empty in the receipt notice. Is this normal?

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