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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • sanju
    03-03 09:51 PM

    Sorry for the delay in response... I did transfer money but not a large amount. Around three or four times I transferred around $3K for personal purposes.

    Read this -

    If I were you, I would call the cops and report this immediately. One can say that you are calling for the protection of your family because a similar incidence of a fake ICE officer took place recently. They could easily find out if that was a real guy or some hoax.


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  • mmj
    04-24 09:03 AM
    If this the kind of response we get for something as simple to do as this - either people have stopped visiting these forums or just plain not interested in doing anything about the situation they are in.

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  • amitjoey
    11-01 10:03 AM
    Talk to your local congressman/woman's office or Senator's office. Their office can get it expedited

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  • sanju
    10-21 09:08 PM
    Look, everybody interprets and sees the way they like and the way they want. Like I only chose to respond to the red dot issue and it is my choice not to respond to the other part of what you wrote. If I "chose" not to respond to the other part, according to you, my interpretation is impaired, right? That means anytime someone doesn't respond according to the way you want them to respond, there is something inherently wrong with them or their interpretation or their understanding. Is that right? Hmmmm, let me think about this, and maybe you may also want to take a moment to think about it.

    About the red dot system, I don't care for the red dot system, but what I do is, I do not look at the comments, why, because I don't care what others on the anonymous forum have to say in my reputation. So I simply don't care. But if I would care my reputation score on the anonymous forum where no one knows me or for that matter you, then I would check how my reputation is doing every day, just my credit score. Did you think of the possibility that maybe folks at IV want to keep the red dots system the way it is and there is nothing to be fixed? But just because you do not like it, be default you think that something is broken and so it has to be fixed, and, if this is not fixed that means you are not happy, the entire immigration system will continue to be screwed up. Hmmmm, you know, I think some elements of string theory is true that everything is connected in someway, but I am 100% sure that immigration system can be fixed without any change to the red dot system.

    And if you think that you or your friends are losing "self-respect" when participating in any internet blogs/forum, and if you find anything offensive on the open internet forum, you are not cut-out for forums and blogs and you cannot help anyone, or, for that matter yourself. If your ego is so shallow that it hurts everytime someone writes anything on the open forum, in this situation, only 1 person needs help, that would be you.

    Good Night and Good Luck.



    There are two issues that I have posted on this thread.

    1. Interpretation/understanding a post.
    2. RED DOT issue ( this is not my priority) . If you read the post keenly.

    You, .. your self have made a mistake in Interpretating / understanding the post and reacted overly on the second issue by cornering the actual post.

    Do you call this as a Interpretation issue?. Did you get what am I saying. First , read and understand what others meant to be. Don't JUMP on it.

    If IV cannot fix this RED DOT issue, how could some one believe in IV would fight for FIXING broken immigration system?.

    Perspective is not always matters, there are times .... some thing else matter too. Which is called "Self Respect"

    When few people are spending time and knowledge on sharing their thoughts/ideas, how good it would to use F***words against them?.

    There are many BAD words ... that some members have used against of my friends. Who no more wanted to participate in IV?.

    Did you get what am I saying?


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  • mmj
    04-19 01:36 PM
    I will be sending the following note to my senator and have already posted it to WhiteHouse.gov. I urge all those screwed by the ongoing retrogression to do the same.

    "I am writing to inform you of how the country based quotas imposed on Employment Based green cards are unfair and totally illogical. When I immigrated to the US, I believed that this country was a meritocracy where you were judged based on your abilities and qualities. These country based quotas reward people depending on where they or their ancestors were born. This causes people from India and China to wait over a decade to get a green card whereas someone from another country with similar or lesser abilities can obtain permanent residence in half that time.

    Since these EB category based green cards are awarded for professional skills, imposing a country based quota just does not make any sense. I urge you to work with Congress and change this discriminatory policy and reinforce that America is truly a society that celebrates meritocracy."

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  • rb_248
    10-30 03:47 PM
    Just came back from Info pass appointment.

    The officer told me that they haven't seen any thing wrong in the system.
    Further he told in both of our cases the back ground check is completed and cases are "pre-adjudicated" (i don't know what does it mean)

    Then i have asked him why the letter says "not admissible under the current law"

    He said, there might be a very minor details the officer needs to clarify or send it to his superior for review. Further more he said he does not have the physical file in his hand right now if you want i will request for the file and look into that. I asked him what do you suggest on this, he said wait for some more time as i don't see any problems in your case. If i order the file your case will be taken out for nearly two months from the queue.

    That sounds like good news. You must be relieved.


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  • bestia
    01-26 10:30 PM
    Here it is

    Yeap, that's what I was talking about. Thanks.

    Looking back, I should've sued the company because it did not pay me full salary for the first month while I was on the "bench" (searching for a contract). ...

    lol, back than (speaking about myself - can't speak for everybody) I was naive. It is now we grew big teeth and became half-lawyers :)

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  • indianabacklog
    07-13 09:46 PM
    The DREAM act is specific in that it only applies if you can prove you came here and still remain in ILLegal status. I have a son who aged out a year and a half ago. I CANNOT support an act that gives an illegal child of the same age a path to green card that does not provide at least the same for him. If we can get the act amended to include all children who do not have a path to residency and ultimately citizenship that would be OK.


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  • doggy
    07-22 02:21 PM
    This is un acceptable talk. Forum is to share - no one deny's it. ANTI or PRO - each can put their own thoughts...BUT not in the above said language

    I hope we keep our dignity and self respect

    Oh, the message was not intended for anybody. It was a way to prove that I'm not one of the Antis.

    Sorry to offend you, or anybody else. I've removed it.

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  • ramreddy
    01-31 04:28 AM
    ICE: "Sham" University, Cover For Illegals - FoxNews.com (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/01/28/ice-sham-university-cover-illegals/?test=latestnews)
    Amongst Google video or Y-Tube was a report that TVU in fact ran a pyramid scheme or referral, which very much discounted the fees if there where referrals. Referrals would likely be a close school friend.
    I feel very sad for the tarnish it has caused .Esp the common Indian working there is bound to be looked upon as a fraud case - and he would have nothing to do with this AT ALL,it spoils the prospects and reputation of genuine people be it anyone Telegu or Non ..as long as he is Indian.
    Now all the local regional associations are desperately painting them as scapegoats because if otherwise it will be a big dent to their own rep. And next the Feds will want to go smell fish at any AP run consulting firm . A general fraud impression will be built rapidly around that community.Very unfortunate if that happens. But WHY in the 1st place attempt such a massive fraud ? Bad for all. I just hate it .
    BTW all this 1500 student game is happening when the H1B visa laws are the most restrictive so companies find it imposs to file a fresh H1B but its a lot easier to transit a student from F to H.


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  • Berkeleybee
    04-10 09:12 PM
    Should I narrate the story of the 'success of microsoft' and its history?:)

    Ah, but that was the private sector -- not head bashing against slow governmental bureaucracy. You'd be surprised to know what is going on with MS's current efforts on these matters.

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  • rayen
    05-30 12:27 AM


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  • GCAmigo
    12-21 07:55 AM
    I think there is goin to be a mad rush for H1 filing.. com e April & the 2007-08 quota will be over in a jiffy...

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  • mbartosik
    04-08 03:24 PM
    OPT is just a bandaid that allows politicians to postpone addressing the real issues for a little while. If the real probably are not addressed in 2 years when the OPTs run out it will actually be worse.

    Of course anyone using OPT is just joining an even longer GC queue.


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  • kumar1
    08-19 09:02 PM
    I can give you my example. 10 years in the US and got greened yesterday. Background -

    B. Tech. from IIT - 1999. Always believed in hard work and dedication.
    2000/2001 - Came to the US
    2003 - Filed labor - RIR - EB3
    2004 - job loss
    2004 - Joined so called fortune 500 company with 15000 + employees and presence in 50 countries. They promised but never filed GC.
    2005 - Filed Canada PR.
    2005 - Quit and joined Desi company. Started GC process on day-1.
    2005- Filed under Perm EB-3 (lawyer screwed). Got approved in 3 months.
    2006 - Filed I-140 got approved in 3 weeks.
    2007 - July Fiasco and filed I-485. Got AP, EAD. Wife started to work.
    2008 - EB-3 sucked so talked to employer to file in EB-2. Desi company did not care as long as I paid for it.
    2009 - Filed labor, got approved in 6 months.
    2009 - Filed EB2 I-140 and requested to re-capture the PD of first labor.
    2009 - I-140 approved, same day saw an LUD on pending I-485. Also, approved I-140 came with A# and EB-3 labor PD.
    2009 - Bought a home.
    2010 - July, dates became current.
    Opened SR, got a response that my case is still in EB3. NSC sucks.
    Asked lawyer to send letter to USCIS. He did, nothing happened.
    Contacted senator and they opened up a congressional request with USCIS.
    Within 2 days, USCIS issued RFE about incomplete medical. It was total BS.
    Contacted doctor and got chest X-Ray and replied RFE.
    Took several Inforpass appointments.
    EAD expired, did everything but could not get renewed on time.
    Did not tell anything to HR about expired EAD, both kept mum and kept working.
    Had fights at DMV to get DL extended.
    Aug-17th, GC got approved.

    Is this all worth it? I do not know. Only reason I joined desi company with 2 employees is that desi company was ready to file GC on day-1. I have seen so called Fortune-xx companies. They lied to me.

    Overall - I am a happy person. Would continue with Desi employer for some more time.

    Now that we have GC, I would like to -
    1. Spend more time with family and not worry about LIN-XXXX numbers.
    2. Think about doing MBA.
    3. Move to a warmer place like CA.

    Good Luck. I would suggest - Talk to your employer and explain your situation. You have nothing to lose.

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  • gsc999
    09-08 12:50 AM
    Guys and Gals flying out of Northern California, please pm me. I need some of your luggage space. Nothing sensitive just banners etc. We can meet up near your place and I can hand-over the stuff to you

    Also, don't forget to pack a formal suit for the lobby day. We will need it for sure.



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  • ujjvalkoul
    06-26 03:42 PM
    Have any lawyers recommended against DIGITAL Photos? and Asked to use on Polaroids?

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  • arunkotte
    07-19 10:00 AM
    This is not the case for me....but during a discussion with my attorney and other friends contacts they said if you do not attach the medicals now you may get RFE at a later stage...which you can resolve it.

    I bet any RFE can be articulated with reason by attorney if they are smart enough.

    This is something I heard...but do not hold me on that. Please check with your attorney too and make a decesion.

    May not be enitrely true. Medical report is part of the initial evidence now, so its better to send it with 485 application instead of relying on RFE. Also your wife is already in home country, she can get all the shots required there. best option is for her to prepone her travel if possible. yet another option is for you to go ahead and file yours first and add her later. Please check with your attorny about all these options.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    08-22 02:29 PM

    I have a feeling the re-file might not work in this case. Just be prepared for the worst.
    BTW, are you EB2 or EB3? and which country?
    EB2 might have a good chance of begin current in near future.

    07-06 02:18 PM
    Immigration Voice member Dr. Murtaza Bahrainwala, who was also quoted in the New York times article today about the July Visa bulletin fiasco and the resulting fallout from it, will be on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams tonight around 5:30 Central time.

    The interview also has snippets of interview with USCIS officer as Brian Williams has interviewed USCIS over this issue also. So its a "must watch" thing.

    This will be on NBC and that's good coz you dont even need cable to watch this. In your local area, the NBC channel affiliate will be broadcasting the "Nightly news" with Brian Williams.

    Local times may vary depending on your local NBC affiliate. Its most likely 5:30 Central time tonight but check your local listings.

    Thanks to Dr. Bahrainwala for the interview.

    Wow. Very visible place to get on the radar. Can't wait to see it.
    If I remember correct in the NYT article, he has spent something like 11yrs waiting to just file the 485.

    I hope, really hope that out of all this we can atleast get a visa recapture legislation. It can be considered as undoing the inefficiency of the USCIS over the years.

    It will help everyone in the EB line at every stage in many ways.

    07-20 08:25 AM
    You have a fair chance of visitor visa denial as its bot very easy for people of our age to come on visitor visa unlike F1 or H1 (I may be wrong, but I didnt any friend's brothers or sisters coming to US on this ).
    Also in your caseif she is asked about your status, then chances of denial increase as intent can confuse the officer.
    What will you state your Wife's status on the forms she will need to fill for 485. This can also be risky.
    If its possible, its good she comes and you do the filing and then she returns back..

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