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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • sanju
    03-03 09:51 PM

    Sorry for the delay in response... I did transfer money but not a large amount. Around three or four times I transferred around $3K for personal purposes.

    Read this -

    If I were you, I would call the cops and report this immediately. One can say that you are calling for the protection of your family because a similar incidence of a fake ICE officer took place recently. They could easily find out if that was a real guy or some hoax.


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  • tabletpc
    09-24 12:13 PM
    u r PD is March 2006, when was it current...???

    In case u r GC got approved while u r PD was current then, sorry to say as for as my knwoledge goes, you may not have much option other than bringing u r spouse on F1/L1/H1.

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  • rpat1968
    02-21 01:37 PM
    Yesterday night at 9:00pm I got email from CRIS that they have issued RFE for me and my spouse.

    The contents in the emails say -


    Current Status: Request for Additional Evidence Sent"

    Will have to wait and see what the RFE is about till we get it in postal mail.

    Very curious about what the RFE is about. Have been with the same employer who sponsored the GC for last 5 years. PD in july 2004 , I140-EB2 approved approved in Nov 2006 and 2 July 2007 filer.

    Did any RFE recently please post?

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  • BharatPremi
    03-24 04:00 PM


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  • immig4me
    04-23 02:04 PM
    If I were a person of Latino origin, I will be very angry with folks who assume that all Latinos are illegals.

    Thankfully for the Latinos, you are not one of them!!!!!!
    The difference between us and the latinos is that they stand by their community, irrespective of illegal or legal. Every latino that is coming on TV, organizing the marches, giving interviews to the newspapers are legal latinos defending the illegals.
    On the other hand, we fight between EB2 and EB3!!!!!!!!!!

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  • se_vnt3
    02-28 02:56 PM
    Whatever the crap it is...This forum and its members can not and will not support you. So please dont waste out time.

    I understand you don’t care about the United States and its people and you’re only interested in what you can gain from them but if you weren’t so blinded by greed you’d see this is something else they can give to you. Now I know why I took the route I did, I would have accomplished far less in my personal life with the likes of you. In fact, I may doing to much sharing my expertise with you. I refuse to have my name tarnished any further. Besides, you’re only a beginner. What was I thinking? IV really ought to make it clear to everyone that this is an amateur site. Maybe by changing its name to Beginning Immigration. IV definitely is not the voice of Immigration – my voice is different from IVs and I’m dealing with immigration. I may have to contact the internet higher-ups about this farse.


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  • ajju
    02-12 08:11 PM
    He is ***ing desi employer and is counting on me as if he has to take some personal revenge..please kindly suggest all available options..?

    Can i file my taxes thru HR block on basis of his paystubs(and checks) and bank statements?

    IRS has a form to file if your W2 is missing... And you need to file taxes based on your best guess and last paystub with this bad employer... I had similar situation in 2000 and was very confused.. So I can understand your situation... And you need to paperfile.. cannot efile.. you can do on your own or thru any tax consultant... Its simple... These Desi employers won't give W2 to you and to IRS they'll tell they've mailed... So no one can harm them thisway... Only your case with DOL may bear some fruit... Feel free to PM me if need any advice...

    You'll need to call IRS and report this.. then only they'll mail the form.. Its available on IRS website.. but better call them asap... and tell them you've sent a letter to your employer on Feb 1st about missing W2.. but he's not sending...

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  • nosightofgc
    10-10 08:18 AM
    I worked for Everest Inc for the first six months in the US and I came through them. They were ok with me. Even though I left the company before 1 Year, they did not charge.

    I am not sure whether we need to have a original 140. I never asked my employer and even they did not mention about that.


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  • brahmam
    06-26 03:48 PM
    I initially went to FedEx/Kinkos new jersey, paid 50 bucks for myself and wife 6 copies each. Photos were horrible with yellow tinge, though they were of the correct specs. I refused to accept it, but they said if there are any issues they will be glad to help, but I had to pay for their crap.
    Then I went to Sears, around 60$ for 6 copies each for myself and wife. The prints were excellent, waterproof and not retouched. They printed it out on immigration specified sheets. Only catch was I had to cut out the photos myself, they are not allowd to cut them.

    My photos have a bright background and I do not see that yellowish tinge you are talking about. Again, one cannot brush all kinko's or all walgreens the same I guess. Ofcourse, what is bright is probably again left to the USCIS officer's judgement. Hopefully it will not be an issue. the only thing I noticed was that my photo was taken very close up to adhere to the USCIS requirements. He was zooming in a lot. Is that the same with everyone else too?

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  • manand24
    08-10 10:23 AM
    I don't care about LS. Almost all cases I know are fraud. Sometimes 2 guys got GCs on same labor(since they were not asking Original LC). Thank god USCIS banned LS.

    God Bless USCIS for banning LS.

    If you had the opportunity of getting a Substitute labor and potentially get your GC sooner rather than later, wouldn't you grab it with both hands. It is the GC Freedom.

    I am also thankful that DOL and USCIS have banned Labor Substitutions but please give those who have used them a break. They are also in the same boat as you and me (people with regular labor). Chasing the American Dream. No offense intended.:o


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  • Guest007
    06-26 12:05 PM
    S**t cloture passed

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  • nixstor
    09-01 10:39 AM
    It is not true that Many people have to wait 10+ years to get gc. May be some people might wait for 10 years because of frequent change of jobs , layoffs and also ignorance of green card processing. Most of the time EB2 waiting time is 2 to 3 years. Indian EB3 is in worst situation but only for past 2 years and before that everything was current. For that also most waiting persons filed I 485 because of July VB issue. In my opinion EB3 PD will be backdated up to 5 years.

    Also there is no legistrative activity in Congress about any immigration issue. Always skil bill comes in limelight when congress is in Session. But everyone knows that skil bill is asking too much in H1b and immigration numbers because of exemptions and it will be very difficult task. But no one in pro immigrant community is ready to compromise on numbers. When Congress tries to curb the abuse of H1b even pro immigrants are opposing the bills without any suggestion of any alternatives. If some bill comes for only GC that too moderate increase in numbers that will have bright chance of passing in congress.

    You should not expect any rally will produce meaningful reform. It has to be proved that additional immigrant and H1b numbers will produce more jobs and it should not create unemployment in americans.Just sufferings of gc waiters is not enough. My opinion is Rally will be used to show strength of IV and may educate public and Congress. But anti immigrants also doing Similar Campaign(not big rallies) by negative points of immigration. The same congress till the end of 2008 and I doubt they will consider any immigration issue till new congress comes in 2009 that is not too far from now. But it is always good to try all the time.
    Before any reform comes most IV members may get GC.

    This has been talked over and over. If you feel that the wait times are not INDEFINITE, great. Please go ahead, lean back and relax. If you know everything about whats going to happen, why even bother about Immigration issues or IV? Its not about showing off muscle. Wake up! Its about different people from different categories and countries stuck in a totally capricious system. Its about the system, arcane and antique law. Its not about any one particular person's PD, his/her category/country. There are people who are in EB2 with PD's 2002 and have not got their GC yet. Dream on and Smoke what ever you want.


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  • logiclife
    08-20 04:25 PM
    I tried to contact the attorney so badly until Aug 16th, but he never responded. I was able to get hold of him only on Aug 17th. I guess he was directed by my employer so.

    The cardinal rule of working with untrustworthy employers is that you need to use ONLY YOUR OWN LAWYER.
    The lawyer must be having you as client and also must not have your employer as his client for other cases matters. ONLY then, the lawyer will be working in YOUR interest and not in your employer's interest.

    I think people browsing this site by this time, must have learned one thing and I sure have said that a million times.

    At the end of the day, between your first day in United States and the day you get your GC, it will cost you nearly 10,000 to have your own lawyer and never use the company-provided free lawyer.

    Having your own lawyer means:

    1. You pay him, you employ him, he is accountable to you, not your employer.

    2. He/she works in your interest, not the employer's interest.

    3. If your employer is not co-operating, you will know right away.

    4. Your employer would have to come clean and truthful about his intentions of not filing 485. When you have company's lawyer, then the company's lawyer is not going to listen to you. WHY? Because you are not the one paying him. Your employer is.

    5. Full transparency and visibility, whenever anything is filed, receipt is issued, RFE comes, reply to RFE goes, etc. With employer's lawyer, you have 0 visibility and you will land in situations mentioned above.

    The money you think you are saving with getting a "Free" lawyer is going to cost you much more. The employers are not stupid to provide you free lawyers. The reason they tend to have free lawyers for you is so that they can have total control over your immigration case. Its "Free" for you, but not really. Coz at the end of the day, it costs 10 times more in terms of lost opportunities and delayed immigration. The employers are in the business of doing business and for them, providing you a free lawyer is COST OF DOING BUSINESS because by incurring that cost, they maximize THEIR OWN OPPORTUNITIES to retain you on their payroll for the longest possible time. You may think you are saving money, but this isnt about money. Its about opportunities and the battle for most opportunities for oneself and the least opportunities for the other guy.

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  • reddysn
    05-30 09:46 AM
    Please do not spam the threads with the same message .. News articles should go into news article threads please ...

    Britain ruled out the law change 40,000 Indians to comeback home

    US Visa Fee raise by around 66% for all and Green card process


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  • kumarc123
    08-22 01:41 PM

    As much as I would like this bill to become law, the fact is it "Won't". The reason being the terms laid out in this bill are way to general, which will enable anyone who has done Masters from US to get a green card. Think about it, the amount of competition it will raise for both US citizens and other immigrants.

    At this point, I am very skeptical about this bill gaining any success in the future, however we should focus our efforts on the recapture bill.


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  • DoggyStyle
    07-21 11:48 PM
    If the sale takes place, it probably will be bought by either a Chinese or Indian company. Some dumb anti-immigrationists will try to block legal migration every possible way when most of their companies are either taking jobs overseas or getting sold to foreign companies. Go and find the source of what has destroyed the economy and try to fix it. No foreigner has ruined the economy.

    I agree. They just blame Indians for everything they fail.


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  • ssnd03
    02-22 03:23 PM
    Well USCIS withdrew the Q&A they posted on their website for revision.

    I hope they don't plan to screw the remaining name-check sufferers again.

    They have been approving some of them in the past few days (and neither according to PD or RD, basically no FIFO, just based on officers whims)

    See the withdrawal notice on AILA website
    Edit/Delete Message

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  • dreamgc_real
    04-22 10:12 AM
    To all the antis posting here........read this.........

    Obviously Sherriff Joe Arpaio didn't get this memo............

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  • Alabaman
    01-31 03:31 PM
    FYI: USCIS does not charge for Visa Lottery... It's FREE.

    Well again...if they allow to file 485, most of those folks will
    file EAD and Parole too.. more money and more money :D

    Its the same reason they wont discontinue Green Card lottery.
    I think last time about 5mil people participated with $100 entry fee.
    So its $500 Mil dollars..thats half a billion.....Nobody would kill the
    goose who lays golden eggs... :D :D :D :D

    07-10 11:10 AM
    Lou has branded an entire national communiy in his hate filled rhetoric. I appreciate that good people differ in their views on immigration, but this crosses the line. H1b is "cheap Indian labor" and "overstay their visas" ??
    Lou believes in quoting no facts, just bullishly repeating such views. Nobody who disagrees can ever get a word in. I am a specialist physician with multiple degrees and board certifications. I practice in underserved communities, speak fluent English and pay my taxes. My visa status is and always has been legal. Do I meet the Lou standards? I am waiting in an endless line for a green card that keeps me at the bottom based on my country of birth. So much for Lou's cheap labor! Has everyone forgotten his tacit support for outsourcing in his "other professional life"?
    Shame on CNN for allowing this. I, for one, have no further interest in this channel.

    cloud 9
    05-31 01:30 PM

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