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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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  • manugee
    06-01 11:05 AM

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  • lazycis
    01-04 10:54 AM
    The guy should keep his mouth shut. If the USCIS finds out about two wives, more likely he will be deported under 8 USC 1182(a)(10).
    As for getting a visa for a girlfriend (unmarried couples), that's out of the question as well. You have to provide a marriage certificate.

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  • illinois_alum
    10-02 04:40 PM
    Thx so much I got it..

    For the "Class of ADmission" - if I have entered US on AP, do I enter "Parolee"

    Yes - you should enter PAROLEE as status if you last entered the US on an AP document

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  • matreen
    08-15 04:35 PM
    In the letter from the new employer include the following (start date, title, job description, salary and position type):

    This letter is to verify that Mr. Cool Dude (SSN: ) has been employed by our company as a full-time employee. He has been working with us since Oct 32, 1666 as a Full Time Gamer.

    Mr. Dude's primary job duties include:

    Put Bulletized description here

    Mr. Dude is compensated with an annual salary of $xxx,xxx. The postion is for permanent at will employment and we have continued interest in employing Mr. Dude.

    I trust that this letter would assist Mr. and Mrs. Dude in adjusting their status to a permanent resident as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Joe Employer

    As far as docs are concerned add the following with the EVL:

    Your covering letter
    AC21 Yates Memo
    3 latest paystubs
    I-485 receipt

    that would be it ;)

    Is there a way you can get me a sample letter from employer?


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  • FrankZulu
    08-13 10:50 PM
    My Treasurer's Check will be void after 90 days of issued date.

    Check Issued On: Jun 14th
    Applied AOS On: July 5th.
    Check Expires On: Sep 13th

    Am seriously thinking of applying new AOS without medical exam, EAD & AP after consulting with my lawyer.

    IV Core, any input from USCIS on such issue. Please running out of days.

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  • abhidos37
    08-22 05:41 PM
    Mine is EB3 from India. I still hope the next years numbers could be coming out on Oct.


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  • hiralal
    05-06 07:18 AM
    Shiller is smart but I think he is confusing the word 'Immigrant' with the word 'stupid'.

    I am an immigrant and why should I buy an unaffordable over priced house which no American is willing to buy?
    he is smart but his idea was stupid ..why will they allow anyone to come to US and give him GC on the first day just because he purchased a house ??
    also the reality has changed somewhat as US loses its charm somewhat ..and as other countries become better ..many will not come and buy a house.
    maybe we should have a campaign (or should have had a campaign) telling shiller that forget newcomers ..there are million of well to do immigrants in US who would buy a house EVENTUALLY if their GC's were to be processed faster !!

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  • ramaonline
    05-11 04:23 PM
    Great idea... The only problem is that even the small group won't show up.
    I volunteer to get whipped - Who will be Uncle Sam?

    Another idea.. (this will require a small bunch of people only)

    Let a group of 10-25 people tie themselves on chainballs and handcuffs (or fetters) and march 1 mile to the USCIS office. Get this event covered by media..
    Hold banners like "Free us", "We want EAD", "i485 NOW" and raise a few slogans

    In addition someone can dress as Uncle Sam and pretend to whip the prisoners....


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  • ganguteli
    02-10 10:09 PM
    Congrats on getting the LUD

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  • gc28262
    03-27 10:39 AM
    Wow, are you seriously that ignorant about how immigrant status verification is related to homeland security? That's like saying a door lock has nothing to do with the security of your home. Your persecution hysteria is seriously bordering on lunacy now. Especially since you are comparing this stupid thing to slavery and colonial rule. Seriously, get over it. Also, by the way, for the record, I will not wear a chain around my neck if I am asked to. But I AM prepared to show the DMV an EVL because honestly, it's not a very big deal for me.

    You still didn't explain how "immigrant status verification is related to homeland security" logically.

    door lock and security are related. How is "immigrant status" and "security" related ? Would you mind explaining it logically ?


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  • sanjay
    07-02 03:47 PM
    Medical Fees: $718
    Attorney Fees: $1165
    Photographs: $43.26
    USCIS Fee: $1490
    Birth Certificates/Affidavits from India around: $300
    FedEx: $47.92 (overnight)

    Total: $3764.18.

    And did not value my hours for preparing forms and collecting documents.

    Request: May be USICS can calculate value for all those sleepless nights. (Let me know ASAP).

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  • Abhinaym
    07-29 12:37 PM
    Is not DUE the limits, is due many aplications from India.
    The reality is pending ROW 2005 - 12,815 India 2004 - 14,191 :eek:

    Well if the system were fair, it wouldn't say x pending ROW, it would be like x pending eb3 and y pending eb2. Yes, there are a lot of applications from India, it is a large country! But why should it be relevant in EB based processing?

    Did you choose the country you would be born in, or is somehow one's skillset dependent on national origin?


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  • shamu
    01-15 12:31 PM
    We are not sure of the chronology of events such as your wife's pregnancy, Your job change, your insurance start date. If you guys had individual insurance before your wife's conceiving, insurance cannot deny coverage as pre existing condition. Make sure you put these events in a time line and rule out the possibility of coverage. if you have done so, you have to explore other options.

    As far as changing job is concerned, make sure your job requirement matches the same and similar concept. If you have used AC21, why not use it one more time? Of course, your PD and other personal issues might be stopping you from doing so. But if you are just thinking about using AC21 again, dont worry. Talk to a good attorney and drink the kool aid again.

    The easiest way to get through this is to get under group coverage. I will let you know if there is any way you can sneak into group coverage. but the one I can think right on top of my head is joining an employer with health insurance

    Thank you Nixtor and all other IV friends who have helped me.

    And all those who came to this thread to help me and gave me lot of moral support.

    I am really thankful to all.

    I wish all of get the GC very soon.

    Good luck to all.

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  • nissan_1
    05-09 09:56 AM
    I was also in the same boat in 2005 from New Delhi Embassy..
    I had 2 earlier H1B visa stamp from Delhi and this was the third time and this time I got 221 (g) for additional processing...My one month vacation tunrs to three months and I can not tell that was a vacation...it was HELL...I called US embassy so many times...but no one picked up....so many emails..no response...finally after three months got a call that they got my clearnce..nexy day went to embassy and got stamped without a question. I did not get paid for that time period but I had to pay my rents and utility bills from India...

    Now my visa has expired and I missed the July boat...so I do not have AP..And I have to go to India for brothers marriage...I am pretty sure this time also I will have to go through this and I heard the name check wait time is 6 months now...I will definitely loose job...so I am in a situation of loosing my job or missing my brothers marriage...And my family memebers do not understand a thing about VISA problems :((. I have emailed New delhi embassy about my situation and asked them do my backgroud check in advance so that I can just go there and do the stamping..but they never replied....It's really frustrating to go through this when you never broke a single law in India and US..(I do not even download anything from web..man...)...

    I don't even know where to start on this. Should I be angry or frustrated or laugh at the incompetence of DoS/USCIS or is it just time to leave US and move to more immigration friendly country or better yet - settle down in my home country. I have spent close to a decade in the US, already have a Masters and almost done with the second one. Decided to take a break and visit India/family after 3.5 years. Guess what, I am stuck - since Jan. 7th 2008. No questions asked, no information provided - just handed over a pink slip in the name of "221g - Additional Administrative Processing". So, from being a law-abiding citizen paying his taxes and doing everything by the book, I overnight became a "threat to the national security" whose background needed to be checked. What kind of BS is that? And why for heaven's sake are you worried about me AFTER I have already left the country on my own accord. Subject me to SC while I am there and deport me if something fishy is found. Don't make me go through this WHEN I MYSELF left the country... Oh! Logic - these F@#$heads don't have that.

    I don't even have a freaking traffic violation on my name and here I am. Go figure! thankfully, I have family in New Delhi (I went to the embassy here) and a fast Internet connection to continue working - but for how long?

    I have called DoS religiously every week for the last few months now... same crappy response, just a different day. I went to the embassy last week to inquire and oh my lord! I was treated like a terrorist. My wife took an Infopass apptt. to figure out and the officer said, "Who knows your husband may be involved in something you don't know?" :) That is when we gave up laughing... understanding and agreeing that if nothing changes in a reasonable amount of time (to each his own) we will change our situation our selves.


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  • kumar1
    08-24 10:35 AM
    Yes you may.


    I am in a similar situation and have a very simple question. Can I port from EB3 to EB2, while on EAD? I do not have a valid H1. AFAIK porting needs re-filing a labor application, hence the confusion.


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  • reddog
    06-24 01:13 PM
    If the White House has any intent on doing immigration reform, which I think they do, then this would be the best year to do, far away from the presidential elections, as support to the Immigration bill cannot be made an agenda during the elections.


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  • Pagal
    04-21 08:42 PM
    I wanted to send message also.Do you recommend giving original deatils on the form when sending message to white house and senators.


    I provided all details including my address, email, phone etc....

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  • Ram_C
    11-19 01:43 PM
    I am sorry to hear that USCIS has messed up your FP appointment.

    When (what date) did you get a notice from NSC saying that your I-485 is now transferred into NSC and now pending from processing?

    I never received a transfer notice from NSC, however my wife received a transfer notice long back (some time in Sep')

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  • aparnak
    04-01 03:16 PM
    sent the fax.

    11-28 03:42 PM
    In response to my query to my attorney about the FP notices see her response below. And this is from an Attorney with 20+ years of immigration law experience. Anybody else in the same boat??:(

    "I think we should wait. Yes, its been a while, but since is taking a long time for everyone, I think it just a backlog. Let's give it until after the first of the year. USCIS grinds nearly to a halt over the holidays.

    Also, I got call from Senator XXX' office. For reasons I can't even imagine, your file, in its entirety, despite transfer notices to the contrary, is at Lincoln, where it was originally submitted by us as required. Your wife's file, also originally submitted to Lincoln with yours, was sent to California per the transfer notice, but was NOT returned to Lincoln, remaining in California. All this shifting may be a part of the cause of the delay.

    After nearly 22 years in this field, and thinking I had pretty much seen it all, this is a new one."

    05-18 12:41 PM
    It is good. But .... There were many bills like this in past few years. But it is tough to get even considered unless if you come out a small number like 50k or less. Basically every year immigrant groups were asking unlimited number of GC for US Master degree holders. If they give unlimited gcs for US master degree holders then that number only will add 500K per year as Indian students only have numbers around 80k every year. So with some cap and exemption just for Phd holders will have a better chance of passing in congress.

    I thought there was a bill along these lines last year, do not remember the name or number of the bill though. I would very much welcome such a bill though.

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