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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Totoro
    03-20 12:46 PM
    I received a request to share my personal story with you.

    I have been in the US for 10 years, have owned a home for the entire time, and I am currently on H1B. My employer will not sponsor me for no particular reason and all the horror stories about GC processing have discouraged me from pursuing it on my own. I am currently seeking opportunities in my home country.

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  • pappu
    05-09 10:49 AM
    I am seeing several people contacting Congressman and opening service requests. These guys seem to have become current just this month and they do not have any patience. It is crazy in my opinion. As pointed out earlier there is lot of herd mentality on the forums and if one person posts, everyone else does the same. Some people I have seen on the forum call customer service every day to get case status. I urge people to read and try to understand the process than blindly following what others are doing. Secondly as posted earlier, tracking is also useless and a waste of time. It will not help you get your green card any faster. Have some patience and follow the process. Starting a service request as soon as your date gets current, cannot help you.

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  • senthil1
    06-17 04:34 PM
    The speed in which h1 FOR MS in USA shows that there is not that much demand to H1s. Only around 7500 was filled. The H1 Cap 65000 was reached for because Indian companies were rushing to make it before H1 cap is reached. One has to analyse how much is going to be used really. They will use need basis and won't cancel if not used. So increasing to 110k will be enough to meet the real demand but then also Cap will be reached in another 2 months because consulting companies process h1 first and find the job for them later. But Real demand can be analysed in other way. Because of Rushing thro H1s lot of companies which are having Real job demand(Companies like Intel Microsoft) could not hire. H1s for US MS degree holders solved the issue Partialy. May be if the increase that quota to 40k then demand will be enough.

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  • Immigrantindian
    03-04 04:33 PM
    My priroty date is August-2006 in EB-3. Last year i asked my employer to file in EB2 PERM petion and he has agreed for it. They applied my PERM application in August 1st 2010 in EB-2. I have been communicating the petition status with my attorney since my petion has been filed with DOL. When i contacted my attorney's office to check the petion status, they said my PERM applicant is in-processing status all the time. Finally, i requested my attorney saying write a wirtten letter to the Department of Labor in last week. He called me yesterday and said your application has been approved the DOL in August 2010. But his office never recived any hard copy or email. When they checked the PERM status, they never saw the petion was in approved status. Today when the checked the petition satus, they can see the application has been approved in Auguest and it is now exipired.

    Please let me know what options i have.

    Can i re-appeal with the DOL? I am not sure wherether my company has filed or not. Can i file a lawsuite on DOL or my current employeer?


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  • Lacris
    07-17 10:04 PM
    I understand the frustration. My husband has an Oct 2003 PD-EB2 ROW. His friend who applied in June 2003 in EB3 has a GC for 2 years already.When the backlogs were introduced in march 2005, the regional office was certifying cases one month older than his. I suggested to apply for PERM, but the lawyer said he'd lose the PD and it's not worth it-it will get certified soon anyway. That turned out to be January 2007. In march 2007 we finally applied for 140/485 and I was happy to notice cases in EB2-ROW were approved in as little as 2 months. My hopes were high, but not anymore.
    I can't describe how happy I was for one of my friends that applied on July 2nd. I told her today's big news and she was in heaven.But at the same time I realized that it's not very good news for us. The delays will be now huge.
    So people stuck in BECs, you have my sincerest sympathy. My thoughts will be with you and hopefully something can be done to help you.

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  • goosetavo
    03-23 03:43 PM
    Looks like we have a 4th member from WA going to the event! WOW!
    Folks from Microsoft and other companies came together and helped sponsor some of our attendees, how are the rest of you doing?

    GO IV!


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  • learning01
    02-01 07:39 PM
    S for senate
    HR for House Resolution
    SA for Senate Amendment to a Senate bill
    --- don't know Amendment for a HR
    May be a dumb question.. how is HR.2 different from S.2? What is approved today is S.2. I thought HR is house of represenatives. But again SA is a senate amendment. So I am confused!

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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-04 12:21 PM

    Received email this morning that my Green Card was approved - Self and Spouse.

    Case Center : TSC.

    Thanks everybody and IV and wish everyone good luck on their approval !!


    Congratulation Man (and woman:D)

    Can you please tell me your category? Was it a EB2 or EB3? Also what was your LUD (last updated date) and 485 Receipt Date (RD)????

    Please...pleaseee.....pretty please;)


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  • sai
    06-07 09:06 PM
    Reconciling House and Senate Immigration Bills

    Day to Day, June 7, 2006 � Alex Chadwick talks to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) about ongoing negotiations to reconcile competing bills in the House of Representatives and Senate to revamp the nation's immigration policy. Cornyn has been a key legislative ally of President Bush, but opposes Mr. Bush's proposal to provide a "pathway to citizenship" for millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States

    see link above...

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  • shank123
    05-27 05:08 PM
    I had discussion with Mr.Gotcher about this issue. He said, AILA is collecting information on this matter and they are pursuing with Altanta center. But he does not believe or expect any positive outcome. As said earlier he insist to send a formal complaint with OIG and offered his time/help. As its affecting large group of people he refused to accept any fee. I offered we are ready to cover any expense which he might incurr, but seems like it would be very less and he offered free service. Mr.Gotcher will draft a letter in a week time. What we need now - lot support and signature. We do not need to provide any case number. so I dont believe there would be any consequence. So guys please come forward. Spread this news as much as possible and get enough support. Help yourself and get out of this mess.


    2 questions

    1. Why does Mr.Gotcher say AILA lawsuit will have no impact ? If that is the case , then how come a plain letter will have effect?

    2. How to mention about audit cases in the final letter template given by RON? Think this needs to be mentioned some where .....


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  • falcyon
    02-12 01:21 PM
    Thanks Guyz...I got the passport today.
    I sent thru USPS : 28 th jan 2009 priority mail
    Passport Received by Houston embassey: 29th jan 3.00 pm
    New Passport Received by Me : 2/12/2009 (11 business days)

    I think Houston is processing the cases quick....I am impressed with the turnaround time.

    Hope it helps anyone wondering about the dates.


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  • amitjoey
    01-08 12:39 PM
    I figured, I have to do what I talk about. I helped register 10+ members last weekend and many more before. I probably exhausted all the people that I know that I can help become members.


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  • vasa
    09-20 10:11 AM
    i was with my wife Kanika, who handled lobby day meetings. i did post some picture links in other thread..


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  • angelfire76
    04-08 05:45 PM
    May I know in what respect multi-national execs are inferior to researchers?

    What classifies as a multi-national executive? Is there a set criteria like they have for researchers i.e. quality of papers published, cited and reviewed by peers, impact of research etc.

    To answer the question : Does a person with a BS + 6 yrs of experience (the quality of which is questionable at best) equate to a person with several years of quality research (yes the quality of research is a determining factor), I think you might want to ask yourself: If you had your own company who would you hire? Unless you are running a Ponzi scam show of course.


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  • GC_Applicant
    02-26 02:21 PM
    I will be there.,

    Hello All, Lets Meet tonight - Feb 26th 2009 at 9.00 PM EST on the IV Chat . We can have a general discussion about Trend following / ETFs and the market

    Please confirm your attendance

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  • pappu
    01-31 03:02 PM
    (1) How do I arrive at my hotel / place of stay in the DC metro area (VA/MD/DC)?

    If you are flying into DC area (IAD/DCA/BWI) and are being hosted by a DC area member, please call your host and arrange for transportation. Most likely who ever is hosting you may be willing to pick you up from the airport. If that's not the case, please refer to instructions below.

    Please refer to transportation instructions below for each airport

    Option 1: Amtrak has daily service to Union station starting at $12. Keep in mind that Acela Express may have a higher charge than other trains. Go to the schedules tab on the home page linked above and chose BWI (Baltimore –Thurgood Marshall Airport) to Union Station, Washington (WAS) for schedules on the day and time of your arrival.

    Option 2: Bus-Metro There is bus service from BWI to Greenbelt Metro Station and from there to downtown Washington DC. Cost of this Bus-Metro trip is about $7.

    If you are staying in a hotel in the DC area, Call your hotel and find out what the closest metro station is to your hotel and what line it is on to and then refer to the metro map.

    IAD: At the arrivals door 4, Wash flyer bus leaves to West Falls Church metro station (orange line) as per the attached schedule. Fare is 10$ each way and 18$ round trip.

    If you are staying in a hotel in the DC area, Call your hotel and find out what the closest metro station is to your hotel and what line it is on to and then refer to the metro map.

    DCA: Regan National Airport has a metro station that is on both Blue and Orange lines.
    If you are staying in a hotel in the DC area, Call your hotel and find out what the closest metro station is to your hotel and what line it is on to and then refer to the metro map.

    (2) What is the best mode of transportation in the DC area and why?

    Metro. I-495, also known as the Capital Beltway is one of the worst traffic hot spots or infamously known as the biggest parking lot in the DC area. I-66 connecting VA and DC is completely HOV (2 or more per vehicle). Finally Parking spots are tough to find are limited to maximum of 1 or 2 hours. One day parking spots are tough to find nearby and costs about 25$ a day.

    (3) What is the fare on the metro and how should I pay?

    Fare on the metro varies with the on boarding and off boarding stations. Metro has pre paid fare cards (DO NOT BUY SMART TRIP CARDS) vended by the automated systems and can be paid using Credit card or cash. One-way fare during time peak time from the suburbs to Union Station (Senate) or Capital South (House) is 5$.

    You can get the exact fare from the wmata trip planner on Metro’s website. Charge your fare card with the money needed on the first time during the weekend to avoid standing in line during the weekday. On the three days, you will use the Metro at least 6 times. So please charge your fare card to 6 times the one-way fare between your stations.

    (4) How early should I start every day?

    Please do NOT underestimate the time it takes to get to the hill by Metro, then to the Situation room (if needed) and then your actual meeting. You will need to start 2 hours ahead of your meeting time from your hotel in the suburbs.

    (5) Is there a hot line number where I can call for help?

    Yes, IV will set up a hotline. 202-386-6250.

    (6) What to say to the lawmakers in the meetings? How to put our point across?

    A lot of this will be provided during brain storming sessions on Sunday. Please refer to the attached “How to Have a Successful Congressional Visit”

    (7) Please tell me plans for the Sunday session?

    Please Make sure you be there for the Sunday session. Sunday session will begin from 9:00 AM and will last till 9:00 PM. There will be several rounds of sessions lasting a couple of hours with breaks in between. You can attend any of these depending on your availability and arrival time. Use this day to also read the materials we would be providing you for meetings and ask us any questions you may have. You can meet others who would accompany you and brush up on talking points and plans for each meeting. We will also help you with some research on each lawmaker office. For example- position of the lawmaker office, voting record on past bills, issues championed in the past and present etc. Sunday sessions will be very helpful for getting fully prepared for next days of meetings.

    (8) Please tell me plans for Monday and Tuesday? What are the agenda items other than meetings.

    Monday, meeting with the legislative offices (9 am - 5pm)
    Tuesday, meeting with legislative offices and a congressional reception in the evening (5:30 pm). So please book your flights back home on red eye flights Tuesday night or early morning flights on Wednesday.

    (9) Where is the Congressional Reception?

    Info will be provided in the situation room on Sunday.

    (10) Can I invite my Lawmaker office staff/Lawmaker for the Congressional Reception?

    Absolutely. We encourage members to invite the staffers and Lawmakers. If you already have good rapport with the office it would be very helpful. Please contact us and we will provide you with a formal invitation for the office.

    (11) Can I ask my lawyer to contribute for this event? Can I ask my lawyer to post about this event on his/her website? Can I ask my Lawyer to inform his/other clients about this event?

    Absolutely. Please go ahead and inform your lawyers about this event and request them to support this effort.

    (12) Security Screenings

    Entry to each of the buildings require standard security screening.


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  • vasa
    09-20 02:43 PM
    i had pleasuer to meet with aman/logic life/paskal/pappu. it made some good sense to put a face with the IV handle and it does helps a lot.
    over all my experience was that all members (core and non core) worked earnestly to make anything and everything possible. i know it as i was outside the room where all the action was... and could see honesty in every action.

    this will go down as long lasting memories with me...


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  • ps57002
    05-16 07:26 PM
    I left messages for all... I will try calling again during office hours on Monday to get a live person...

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  • barsha
    06-29 03:08 PM
    My logic is, they know LOT(thousands) of PPL will be filing. I think they must have a plan. Cause I don't think they opened the gate to reject the applications. There must be a plan.

    noone can predist USCIS.....on ly pray that they do not retrogress on July5th..like they did for EB3_OTHER category on June 5th.

    03-24 08:38 AM

    Did you ask in the IV Free attorney call? Some of the top attorneys come on this free calls every week.

    10-21 05:35 PM
    Base Assumptions:
    EB2 ratio (Pre PERM) 30% Before PERM came, PD was almost current and nobody cared for EB3 or EB2
    EB3 ratio (Pre PERM) 70%
    EB2 ratio (Post PERM) 50% After PERM, retrogression, people jumped on take advantage on EB2
    EB3 ratio (Post PERM) 50%

    Dependant 2.1
    Indian National Ratio 60%

    Total Labor Calculations

    Approval Rate Total Comments Source
    Backlog 363000 60% 217800 Before Mar 2005 http://www.murthy.com/news/n_relper.html
    PERM 171000 75% 128250 Mar 2005- Mar 07 http://www.immigration.com/newsletter1/dolstatperm.pdf

    Total Labor (Approved) 217800 Pre PERM only
    Indian National 130680
    Total EB3 91476
    Total Eb2 39204

    Yearly allocation in % EB3 (total 485 applications) EB2 (total 485 Appl.) Total 485 Pending for Indian National
    2001 10 19210 8233 27443
    2002 20 38420 16466 54886
    2003 30 57630 24699 82328
    2004 35 67235 28815 96050
    2005 (Before march) 5 9605 4116 13721
    Mar 2005- Mar 2007 100% 80798 80798 161595
    Total EB pending for Indian 436023

    It seems to me that due to a lot of shuffling around , and people filing multiple EB labor certifications may have some bearing here.
    Though it should not be in 5 figure digits , but hey that's what i can come up with right now ...

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