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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

golden retriever lab mix

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  • golden retriever lab mix

  • frost_oni
    04-15 10:30 AM
    ha, i love it! has a nice south park kind of feel to it.... :thumb:

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-16 07:58 AM
    I want all of us to discuss the good things that we do as legal immigrants to America.

    Once we come up with all; we can summarise into an article and we can send it to local news papers, so that all the people are educated with what legal immigrants are; and the benifits that we bring to American Society.

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  • h1techSlave
    04-25 08:34 AM
    That is pretty much his strategy for almost every thing. Just talk talk talk talk..

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  • BumbleBee
    08-15 01:41 PM
    Yes lonemetro,
    You can re-use priority date established on first I-140 for any sub-sequent I-140 filling. As I understand from your post, you have EB3 labor approved and have just filed for I-140 based on it.
    Now, parent company wants to transfer you. Generally I would think you should be able to transfer and still have your GC process going if the company indeed is a 'parent company' but seems there is something different here.

    As a general rule, as long as your previously approved I-140 remained approved, you can re-use priority date established for that I-140 for any subsequent I-140 petition. The sub-sequent petition can be with any employer, and yes, you would need a new labor to file that new I-140 :)

    Try EB1 or EB2 this time :cool:



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  • images Golden Retriever/Lab

  • Canadian_Dream
    06-22 08:17 PM
    I am in the exact same situation. I have already filed I-140/I-485 concurrently with the substituted labor. Now the dates are current I am filling another I-485 with my approved I-140. There is nothing wrong in what we are doing, as long we explain about the earlier filling and clarify the motive of the second filling. Eventually we should withdraw one of the two based on the outcome of substituted labor/I-140.

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-13 12:48 PM
    USCIS has recently published a new fact sheet of common questions and answers for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. (http://www.californiaimmigrationlawyerblog.com/Immigration%20Information%20for%20Members%20of%20t he%20U.S.%20Armed%20Forces%20and%20their%20Familie s.pdf) The fact sheet contains the most frequently asked questions that USCIS receives.

    The fact sheet is worth reading if you are in the Armed Forces because the answers to some of the questions are different (and usually more advantageous) to members and/or dependents of those in the Armed Forces. For instance, if you are a civilian, obtained your green card through a marriage to a U.S. Citizen and you have been married for less than two years, you must file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=f858d59cb7a5d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCR D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD) to remove the conditional residence and obtain your permanent green card. You must file this form even if you intend on applying for citizenship a year later. (Persons who are married to U.S. citizens may apply for citizenship in three years.)

    Members of the armed forces do not have to file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence to remove conditional residence obtained through a marriage to a U.S. Citizen, if the foreign born spouse was inducted or enlisted in the military and is applying for naturalization based on qualifying military service. Thus, military personnel are permitted to "skip a step" and do not need to file form I-751.

    Additional questions and answers and helpful email addresses to USCIS liaisons are included on the fact sheet.

    More... (http://www.californiaimmigrationlawyerblog.com/2009/07/immigration_information_for_me_1.html)


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  • eilsoe
    10-20 03:22 PM
    Just think of it as 2 pictures, each seen thorugh a different eye... there's a left pic, and a right pic...

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  • sbmallik
    06-12 03:57 PM
    No, you are not. Please read this (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=ebaf0c594dafd010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD) link - look out for the question: Are there any additional conditions of availability being placed on the Premium Processing Service at this time?


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  • wisley
    10-24 01:03 PM

    As per Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, out of 114,200 visas for 2nd Preference, 89,000 reserved visa numbers has been allocated to F2A and the rest something around 26,600 visas has been reserved to allocate to F2B. But now, in previous year F2A jumps over 4 years� gap and only then they could achieved their quota and who knows there could be a probability of wastage or unused numbers as well. Anyways it will be an advantage for F2B�s because in 2011 they have 89,000 stock again to complete the required given numbers and any body in a world can guess right now after seeing the result of 2010 that it will become current soon. All I wanna say that there could be a tremendous amount of unused visas will gonna distributed among the preceding categories in which they will distribute those unused numbers to preceding categories. Where the maximum will be allocated to F2Bs and rest two: F3 and F4 could also enjoy this unused numbers in a discrete sequence. This process is known as �Spillover�, I have mentioned below the link of USCIS Blog site(Beacon)u guys can go and check it out.


    the bottom line ........... i think in the next couple of months will see much moving in the visa bulletin not happen ever

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  • paddy.
    06-24 06:37 PM
    Grinch got my my vote. His second volley with the light burst is fantastic looking. Nice work guys keep it up.


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  • jchandra
    02-26 12:56 PM
    Dear sir/Madam;

    I have worked in my organization for over one year in the US and abrod in the subsidiary for one year. My organization is trying to apply for L-1A (managerial category) visa for me to come back to US again.

    How easy is to obtain L-1A through immigration lawyers?

    What forms do I need to submit for applying this visa

    Our company attorney does not provide complete information, therefore I would appreciate your help on the above.

    Thank you,

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  • anilsal
    02-27 03:26 PM


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  • ksvreg
    04-06 01:57 PM
    My mother scheduled a trip to USA on May 1st. I am concerned about her passport. Her old passport got wet on the borders of the first two and last two pages. VISA was stamped in the old passport which seems to be safe. I do not see any wet appearance on the borders of the VISA page. The old wet passport expired anyway. And she got new one. Will it be safe to travel with these two passport having wet old passport containing VISA stamp? Thanks.

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  • ns521
    12-22 09:32 AM
    If the gap between arriving on B2 and converting to H1B was less than 3 months, there could be a problem with "intent" as H1 is considered a dual intent (temporary non-immigrant worker who may have the intention of applying for a permanent immigrant visa i.e., GC) visa while B2 is not. While filling up the B2 application, there is a question which we need to answer NO asking this very question. I assume your wife answered NO during the B2 process. So, with H1 in less than 3 months (if this is the case) or arrival, she has "lied" in her B2 application as per the immigration laws.

    I may be wrong.Please consult an attorney if needed.

    Where did you bring that number(3 months),is it listed on any USCIS websites?I've read somewhere 2 months,not 3 months...anybody knows?


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  • apahilaj
    06-18 11:53 AM
    Wondering if we need to Pay $80 towards Biometric Fee when Renewing I-131? paid the Biometric Fee last year when Applied for the First Time.

    I did not pay any biometric fee for my AP renewal. My application is pending with TSC since May 30th.

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  • jamesingham
    05-29 10:16 AM
    As far as I know, nothing that is being considered in the Senate is going to relieve the Green Card backlog.

    They have plans to eliminate the backlog in 5 to 8 years not immediately. So if one chooses not to re-apply under the new point based system, waiting time doesnt change much for him. (It may be become worse because they are cutting down immigrant visas in EB category from 130k to 90k)

    But if one decides to re-apply under the new point based system, things may become faster.

    I am hoping that under the new system, they will give some priority to people who already waited for a significant amount of time under the old system.

    This is just my analysis based on the articles I read on the internet and the bill text itself.


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  • engineer
    10-30 07:36 PM
    Meeting Details:

    I am arranging IV WI Chapter Meeting on Fri 11/16 in Hales Corners, WI at 6:30 PM.

    Meeting Place:

    Room B19
    Hales Corners Lutheran Church
    12300 W Janesville Road
    Hales Corners, WI 53130

    Please spread this message to your friends etc in WI.
    Likely Agenda items:
    1. Updates from IV Core on various IV activities.
    2. Discuss Plans to meet with WI State Representatives and US Senators/
    Congressman/woman from WI.
    3. Hear issues from each of you and what would you like IV Core to work on.
    4. IV awareness campaign. How to spread IV message to local WI scene.

    Let me know if you would like to add any other items to agenda.


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  • loudoggs
    10-27 12:16 AM
    I believe you have to be in the US when your 140 is applied. Same goes for 485. Check with your lawyer. Once 140 or 485 is applied, you can travel outside.

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  • anilsal
    12-08 11:26 PM
    Getting name change while you are on Indian passport is a lot cheaper and easier than getting it done on US passport.

    You get the name changed in Indian passport. Then you need to get a new I797. USCIS notifies SSA, who will issue you a new SSN card (you cannot get ssn changed directly).

    I am not sure how much of this is an issue with GC process.

    06-17 07:03 PM
    Doc will give you Sealed & stamped envlope with copy for you. You need to take this envlope and give to your attorney, who will file your case along will your other forms

    11-29 12:11 AM
    same thing happen to me too, we applied for correction and got corrected PD after one month.

    Since my PD was/is not current waiting one more month was not a problem for me.

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