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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • gc_peshwa
    01-10 06:12 PM
    ^^^ Very well said...Right on target. Also I would add to 'learn the ropes' we (as in volunteers) can take up the I485 initiative and work towards its success. That will certainly give us valuable exposure to build long term relationships with lawmakers.

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  • eb3retro
    07-13 04:39 PM
    eb3-row is staggering at june 2004. It will be a long time before we can see any spillovers from that to eb3-I..and this is not the case in EB2-ROW. Its current as of today.

    Dont you want to include the EB3 unused visa from worldwide? just the way EB2 got this time!

    This is highlited in Aug VB thread too

    following is pasted from VB link (http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5092.html)

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  • jchan
    05-15 10:48 PM
    By sending flowers we can raise the visibility and let more people be aware how they are holding us hostages, while we are responding by flowers

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  • Karthikthiru
    03-31 05:05 PM
    Great job


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  • ambals03
    04-11 11:11 AM
    How many votes do we have now ?

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  • Nil
    04-06 10:29 PM
    If there is anything targeted for any small group...I am sure other will not accept whatever may be the reason. Everyone desperately wants to get out of this mess. I don�t think freeing up the queue theory will help. That�s the reality.

    For the shake of argumennt let me ask you...If I get my GC, it will free up one GC in line. Will you accept that and support this. This is the question in everyone's mind now.

    United we stand...divided we fall.

    Short answer: of course i will.
    Divided, we fall if no one is willing to let another pass for the 'whatever maybe' reason. USCIS is very unlikely to let the gate open for everyone.
    At the same time, i know folks who have got their GCs applying after me, because they could (apply) in another category. i only feel Happy about them.
    My question is not why they could get it before me, but What reasons USCIS may accept to ease up the queue for us all. It does not seem probable, that they will ease it up all at once. If a certain group is not subjected to the quota - say PhDs (although i do not qualify), it will help my cause as much as others in the wait.


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  • arihant
    05-15 05:13 PM
    This question has been posed before but I did not find answers so am posing too: When can one travel safely to India after applying 485?

    1) If EAD and AP are filed along with 485, how long will they take to arrive. Service center dates indicate that EAD and AP currently at Jan 07. Does that mean that they are taking over 4 months to issue EAD/AP?

    2) There is a an Interim EAD. Is there an interim AP if AP is pending for over 90 days?

    3) Is it possible to request EAD/AP at a later time?

    4) My H1B is up for reneval in Oct 07. Can I get a 3 year extension on H1, apply for a H1B visa in India and travel back to US on this? Would this be a faster option?

    5) When do FP notices typically come out after applying for 485?

    6) What is the grace period for FP if one misses the deadline (Is it still 12 weeks? Will the new rule to remove 12 weeks on RFE/NOID have an impact on FP?

    7) If you are using an attorney for 485, will all such notices (FP, etc.) go to the lawyer as well. The concern here is that if the notice comes to my home address and I am out of the country then I am liable to miss that appointment.

    Please with experience/knowledge, please share your information.


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  • anilsal
    09-21 02:34 AM
    Is it because:
    a) he never smiles?
    b) every word that comes out of his mouth makes sense?
    c) attractive IV handle?


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  • krishnam70
    04-06 12:17 PM
    I agree with this 100%, BUT we (US degree holdeers) have to understand that in the GC aspirant community there are tons of people who came in through "desi consultnats" (even this word makes my blood boil), who will never agree with this or support this. Classic Indian mentality, one crab pulling the other back in the basket.


    Commendable effort. The ideas presented in the forum and your personal experience as well as some research by you were taken to the people who might have some say in this process. The outcome of it does not matter right now, atleast the process has started and we need to follow on it with some targeted activity. Lot of my fellow IV'ians gave suggestions and some presented stories too. I did come across this thread only today and I missed out on an opportunity to present my story but nevertheless others have done so, i am somewhat lucky that despite the pain and hardship I did get my GC a year and half ago but I feel the pain my friends go through every day and continue to associate with IV.

    I have read through each and every post made in this thread and these are good responses. There are some very good proposals - some likely to benefit a small set of
    people ( GC's for Master's from US universities) and others wide encompassing.
    I think the fix for this needs to go beyond smaller subsets of people.
    A single master stroke is not going to erase the backlog it will need a series of fixes and the best way to go about it is to push for 1 or 2 main goals which will eliminate most of the issues. IV's core efforts are in the right direction.

    IV'ians need to be united in getting a broadly accepted solution to majority of people rather than a small minority. Clearly my allegiance lies with people with priority dates which are more than 5 years old, people who are stuck in backlog centers, name check's and unexplained delays for no fault of theirs. This is not to belittle other people who are in the line for their GC's everybody have to wait their turn.

    Friends who are espousing the cause of faster GC's for US Masters, do not sit on the high pedestal and belittle the people who came in on 'work visas'. They have as much right as you to have that 'Green card'. The time is not to fight EB2 vs EB3 or by ethnicity. A big deluge starts with a small drop of water, let us begin somewhere and once we get a fix to the larger problem other things will fall in place.

    oh for the people who are ready to bash me, please see my profile, been in this country since 1996 and earned 2 Masters and yet classified as EB3 by employer. Yes I joined IV late officially but I try to do my bit in whatever way I can.

    - cheers

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  • dingdong12
    11-28 04:09 PM
    I received my new Passport today. Applied by mail at CGI Houston.

    Application RD: Oct 29th, 2007
    Passport Received: Nov 28th, 2007


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  • wizpal
    07-25 04:23 AM
    This has been a posted by a fellow member 5 pages ago.. ARE THEY DIVERTING EB3 NUMBERS to some other categories?

    Pappu or someone knowledgeable about backlog..please answer.

    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. But as per latest USCIS inventory, EB3 ROW pending 485's are around 48,000. Visa numbers available every year for EB3 is approximately 42k. If you deduct the backlogged EB3 countries (4x3000) visa numbers, the total comes down to 30k for EB3 ROW. So EB3 ROW should become current or atleast Jul 07 in another 1.5 years. If this is not going to happen, it means they are diverting the EB3 numbers to some other categories.

    my 2 cents

    Note : If EB3 ROW has 30k visas per year and pending EB3 ROW 485's are only 50k.. why it is still hanging in 2004. God only knows !!

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-13 09:16 AM
    This is typically what anti-immigrant and competitor websites do, they never donate or take part in advocacy activities - like PlainSpeak. examples of anti-immigrants are numbersUSA, FAIR and many others. your game is up, you can leave this website.
    They pick up a thread that educates members about advocaccy and pretend to have an argument and completely divert the topic. If people have questions there are better ways to talk to management or core.
    There were very valid posts about meeting lawmakers and requests for ideas for a better EB system, which were all supressed thanks to the negative campaign.
    Admins please delete posts of PlainSpeak as his goal is to hamper advocacy efforts.
    This is a grass-root effort and there is no nice way of getting rid of weeds.
    Freeloader weeds are just filling up our Server disk space that we pay for, with their bullshit.
    My Friend tonyHK12

    Has it come to this that i am now an anti immigrant (numbersUSA, FAIR) for speaking my mind. With persons like you an anti immigrant does not need to make an effort. Please get this clear anti iimigrants do not care about immigrants period. They are against you and me both.

    My friend if you have concerns about free loader weeds who are filling up the server disk space (which you pay for) which i feel is a genuine concern they why not make the following option listed below which you as a IV paid member can certainly get implemented via IV core
    - Make IV website a paid website. Only thing a person can do for free is read the posts.
    - To write a post the person has to be a paid member
    - Make membership a recurring monthly payment like how you do for collecting advocacy donations currently
    - Use this new membership money for whatever needs to be done for IV

    You still do not get it my friend
    - I am ready to pay membership to IV to air my views and concern which i feel is genuine
    - I refuse on principle to pay donation for advocacy which i believe is not working towards aleivating the concerns on issues of the largest group stuck by retrogression which IV represents
    - My goal is to NOT hamper advocacy but ensure that the advocacy works towards the benefit of the whole group not part of the group

    - As a request Keep the post write membership group seperate from current Donor membership group and let them have seperate identities in public. That way people know the difference between the 2 groups.

    My Friend tonyHK12 thank you for keeping faith and let me reiterate once more that i am indebeted to you for currently taking active taking part in vounteering and donating on IV. Whatever is your deficiencies in having a logical argument you are doing what is needed and for that i salute you.

    I would like to take this time to thank IV Core/Admin to allow me to express my views and thoughts till now. Sure i know it would be a simple matter to IV to ban me and delete my posts, but i am assuming and hoping that IV core and IV admin has more maturity then all these junior members who are EB2 and cannot have a proper discussion without kicking someone off the forum for not having the same alignment of views like them.


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  • jun172004
    09-04 02:38 AM
    Finally got approval for me and my wife too today :)

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  • permfiling
    03-24 09:23 PM
    My perm got approved on 3/20. Thanks to you all folks


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  • caydee
    01-02 11:39 AM
    In my situation, my lawyer confirms that my child is safe.

    However, in the recent IV Attorney Conference Call, the attorney interpreted the law differently. Here is the link to the audio recording of the conference call - http://immigrationvoice.blogspot.com/

    My lawyer is confused on this so I asked Greg Siskind on his blog during July Fiasco his reply "I think you're going to be in good shape on your son".
    Should I get another opinion? does USCIS send letter saying your child age is locked? we have received the EAD and AP.
    Thanks for your reply.

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  • kinvin
    02-01 09:57 PM
    Wait n watch: :This was quite a trip, but worth it.

    Jutha sahi tera wada magar huze sa cha laga. :p


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  • mhaxpayne
    05-02 01:19 PM
    reposting my case

    PERM Filed : 12/17/2007
    Audit date : March 2008
    Reply Date : April 2008
    Category : EB2
    Status : Endless wait
    NPC : Atlanta
    Profession : Senior Software Engineer ( BS + 7 years)

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  • amitjoey
    12-13 01:53 PM
    got two more who will register by eod

    Thanks, way to go!!

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  • shreekarthik
    06-16 08:48 PM
    CIR bill is only supported by a few US citizenry groups. Even those Hispanics who are here legally do not support it. Let's face it. If it weren't for the provisions helping EB based PR applicants, even IV wouldn't support it. Given all this, I highly doubt if Dems will gain if CIR passes. I certainly can feel the general US public against CIR. And I live in Portland, Or, supposedly one of the best liberal states in USA. Best case scenario for this bill could be a pass, at the end of the year after elections provided all it's supporters get elected.

    Remember even Mr. Bush said he wanted a immi. bill by the end of the year (wink wink)

    01-10 06:31 PM
    I created my own login. But again, i did not do for Labor, so i may not be right. But for sure, I did for my 140.

    Online case status for forms filed with USCIS are different. You can check those if you know the receipt number. The PERM system is a DOL system and only employers have access to the system. The employer even have to create a sub-account for the lawyer to access the system.

    05-21 10:44 PM
    but doesn't it depend on which date his H4 status began once approved.
    if it began on the first day of that "pending period" then you are good...

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