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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • coloniel60
    08-15 05:04 PM
    "Folks who are Re-Filing just out of anxiety",

    Do you realize that this duplicate App is going to increase the turnaround from 90 to 120 days ?

    Please put some thought man - USCIS clearly said that FEDEX/USPS signed receipt is acceptable proof for EAD/AP filing in one of the FAQ's so if its get rejected out of USCIS error you can refile later.

    SuperUsers and Moderators - What is your take on this ??


    You think they will stick to the 90 days estimate if none of us refile?

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  • shana04
    02-13 10:15 AM
    I know what the job title and Job duties were stated in the Labor certification and have acopy of my Labor certification application with me, but if you can give me the format of the letter for AC21 that would be great.

    Please let me know


    check post #22

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  • nlssubbu
    09-16 07:56 PM
    Who said the worries stop at GC? When I am on H1, my family could able to go and come back from my home country when ever they want. There was no restriction on how many days they need to stay in US to keep their status valid. Their H4 status is valid as long as I retain my H1.

    Now after GC, they are mandated to be present in US for 6 months in a year to retain their GC irrespective of my status and they are not happy about it :(

    Some may question what am I doing in IV after GC? Visiting IV is a habit for me and I will be depressed if I don't visit IV for a day :D. I also provide some useful information regarding various immigration issues by learning and passing it on to my friends and relatives and encourage them to come and visit IV by promoting it.

    Anyway I am struck to IV even after I got my GC. I hope many fellow IV's will do the same to bring many people who seek immigration under IV :)

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  • GCard_Dream
    06-26 04:26 PM
    Great. Thanks. That's what I had thought until someone came out and said that digital photos are unacceptable.

    Check the photo guidelines from USCIS website here is blurb
    "For U.S. passport and visa photographs, a digital camera with a resolution of 1 mega-pixel will be more than adequate for capturing the image and producing the final photo that conforms to the dimensions specified on this web site.
    and the link is
    digital photos are OK if printed prpoerly.


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  • das0
    12-17 09:12 PM
    There are disadvantage of filing AC-21 eg: RFE or Interview calls etc

    What are the disadvantages of NOT filing AC-21 Memo to USCIS after job change?

    Please advise

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  • buddyinus
    08-01 12:53 PM
    Everybody is checking LUDs on their approved 140s. What doz this mean? And how do I check it? Pls send me step by step information...Thanks


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    05-31 03:53 PM
    Voted and commented... keep the momentum up! The vote is reaching 500... let's keep it moving up.
    I think we're on the right track and this bill will bring some relief to us and for those to come.

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    07-19 12:46 PM
    Since we already applied for I-485, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Her employment letter (submitted) only says that she is employed with the company and her employment is valid till 2008.

    Isn't valid/unexpired I-94 counts as legal status not the approval notice. Also what if the employee takes a un-paid leave of absence due to health reasons etc.

    I am sure so many in the same boat. Is there anything we could do?

    She would still need to be on the Payroll and reported as an employee, preferable from the date of COS, If making a case of vacation or medical leave.


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  • dell123
    07-07 07:22 PM
    i am just putting an idea, lets plan some hunger strike (one day fast) under american flag for one day! to get justice and get mass media attention..

    Just an idea.....

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  • eb3retro
    07-08 05:55 PM
    you still didnt answer my question, who are you and why are you here and that too sneakily...(;)). Caught you pretty good eh??

    To solve the EB immigration issue, we need to focus on issues that are pertinent to the problem. How and why does it matter what my status is? I know the truth hurts, but just coz someone does not like it, does not change it. I am not giving my opinion - it's the truth.


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  • looivy
    07-13 05:57 PM
    It for illegal folks.

    The Senate is currently considering the FY 2008 Department of Defense Authorization (H.R. 1585). Senators Specter and Leahy have offered the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act as an amendment to the bill; and Senators Durbin, Hagel, and Lugar are planning to offer the DREAM Act as an amendment. Call your senators now and urge them to vote YES on these amendments!

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    01-26 04:59 PM

    "Employee acknowledges that the Company may invest significant sums to train and educate Employee and the Company’s investment in Employee would be jeopardized if Employee were to leave the company’s employment prior to the Company’s receipt of the benefits of such training and education. Employee hereby agrees to refund to the Company all amounts expended by the Company in the immediately preceding 12 months for education or training of the Employee if Employee resigns from the employment with the Company or is terminated by the Company for gross neglect of duty, material breach of the Letter or this Agreement or conviction or plea of guilty or no contests to a felony. Employee authorizes the Company to deduct and withhold such payment in full from any compensation or other amounts otherwise owed or payable to Employee. The payments will be due within 30 days of termination of the employment."

    Bottom line, once you sign in legal terms you are agreeing to the company terms & conditions...as I highlighted above, its pretty clear that if you leave before the set time frame you will be responsible for paying them back!!


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  • priderock
    08-13 04:09 PM
    Just curious, why would any one file again just because they did not get the receipt for the first one (unless there is a legitimate concern like no Fedex/currier tracking for the first one , change of conditions like have second/better LC etc)?
    What guarantees the second one will be accepted ? Just improving the odds ? Then, why stop at filing two applications ??

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  • shana04
    11-19 10:26 AM
    Received EAD and AP, but not FP yet. Not opened SR yet.



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  • Soul
    02-11 11:09 AM
    These votes change everytime I look!

    Its way too tense for me :x

    Anyway, now this battle is over I can finish (start lol) my Kirupaville block...

    Hmmm ideas... *thinks*

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • Progressive
    07-02 04:20 PM
    Medical -$400
    Attorney and filing fees - $5000


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  • new2gc
    12-22 04:55 PM
    Try getting info from any other consulate...you will feel the same.... I used to feel the same until I dealt with UK / French /Italian consulates for tourist visa....it was as horrible...

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  • gcnirvana
    07-06 04:04 PM
    Also let all your friends/family know about tonight's interview. This will encourage them to visit IV and ultimately join and contribute :)
    BTW, Great Job IV and Good Luck Doc!!

    New members please fill in your contact information. Please help IV and help yourself. Spread the word of IV among your friends

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  • NO_Free_Rider
    10-11 10:58 PM
    My labor approved from PBEC (PD May 2003-EB3 India) on Aug 20!

    Yes, and I hear only EAD, AP, spouse' FP etc in this forum now.

    I missed the date by just a week:( .Not sure what to do here . People on the forum seems to be concerned about Fingerprinting and getting EAD's only .

    12-01 03:49 PM
    Waitime tracker for my PD says june 2028.

    The numbers in backlog data report show a rosy picture.

    Which one to believe??

    02-11 10:43 AM
    I saw the doc great work and thanks for putting in teh effort.

    So in layman terms can you please explain, how many EB3 visas are allocated per month or per year and how many are necessary as per your doc, that will atleast help us understand how slow its gonna move,

    are we talking about 15 days in one visa bulletin movement for EB3 or 30 days (1month) movement in one visa bulletin.

    If we can do this , then we can predict how long it would take?

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