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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • hydubadi
    01-02 02:58 PM
    Hi Frnds,

    Can any one, pls provide me with the Checklist i.e required for H1B extension after 6 yrs on I140 basis for 3 yrs.

    Thanks and I Wish u all happy and "GREEN" new year!!!:)

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  • lecter
    January 5th, 2005, 02:42 PM
    off the top of y head and based on what I've read, a D70 is well worth it, even from a D100. A D2H is now cheap too. With lots of Nikon glass the options are quite good. Even a Kodak SLR/n is a good buy.....


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  • browncow
    06-29 11:54 AM
    answers in blue


    I need to renew my passport at the Indian Consulate in NY. I
    have a couple of quick questions. It would be great if someone could
    answer them for me.

    (1) Do I need to leave my I-94 card in when I give them my
    old passport? Is it OK if I remove it? Do they make a big deal of this?
    A. It is OK to remove the i-94

    (2) In the online form, what do I choose for the "Service Desired" field?
    "Re-issue of passport"?
    A. Yes, if you are sending the application within one year of your old passports expiry.

    Best Regards,

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  • pappu
    06-20 09:19 PM


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  • johnggberg
    07-20 02:43 PM
    but visa dates may get retrogressed again than Priority date will play role

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  • jain4444
    02-23 08:33 PM
    My wife is currently on H-1B status. Her employer has decided to close the company and cancel her H-1B effective from 2/28/09. My wife has an EAD and Advance Parole. We applied for her EAD and Advance Parole, when my company applied for my I-485 Adjustment of Status in July 2007. I wanted to know:

    a) What steps are needed to move my wife from H-1B to EAD?

    b) Do I also need to move from H-1B to EAD in order for my wife to use EAD?

    c) Do I need to move my wife to H-4 status before she can start using her EAD?

    In short I wanted to inquire, how to ensure that she is still in legal status after her H-1B is cancelled by her employer?


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  • hopelessGC
    11-10 12:33 PM
    H1-B transfer will be a good option.

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  • rajuram
    11-14 10:03 PM
    Good to see motivated members.....

    It is certain that the politicians will not touch the immigration topic in the next one year. Even after best efforts of the president the immigration bill failed in the senate few months ago.

    One and only one thing that can be tried before Nov 2008 is the recapture of visa numbers from the last five years. I think IV should push for that.

    Other than the above not much can happen, get ready for really long cold winter and then a looong hot summer. I wish things were better.


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  • amulchandra
    03-26 02:49 PM
    Someone posted their experience on murthy.com H1B visastamp forum with topic hyderabad consulate. He got his visa it seems.
    Hope this helps


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  • nashim
    02-03 07:57 AM
    One lost his job and opted for subsidized COBRA. After one month he got job from small company. New employer does not pay for health insurance and insurance premium is more than subsidized COBRA premium.

    In this case, Is it ok to continue using subsidized COBRA even after getting new job?



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  • salvador marley
    05-06 04:24 PM
    well if i sell 25 million stamps at this price, that will make me an american millionaire but living in england i will only make �529,030 - so i better come up with a better design :)

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  • glus
    01-06 08:13 AM
    You should speak to an immigration attorney. That's the best I can tell. False claiming to be a U.S. Citizen can lead to a permanent inadmissibility to the US. As such, it is a serious matter and should be discussed with an attorney.


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  • Ann Ruben
    07-19 07:58 PM
    Any significant absence from the US can lead to a finding that one has abandoned permanent resident status. Such determinations are very fact specific. It is a commonly held myth that merely entering the US once a year is sufficient to maintain GC status. If you forsee spending significant time out of the US, you should take steps to protect your GC, such as filing for a re-entry permit. You should also consider maintaining ties to a home in the US.

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  • tsiger
    04-17 04:46 PM
    thanx guys.. some more are coming soon :)


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  • kirupa
    05-16 02:25 PM
    Added it up :)

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  • gcfriend65
    12-07 03:05 PM
    No, it;s not possible to get the approval letter for H4 in India. It is usually sent to your home address or lawyer's address in US.

    my wife has got H1 this year and
    she wants to transfer to H4 as she got Ead and she
    wants to use EAD .and still we didnt get AP.she wants
    to leave to india in jan she dont have stamp in her

    if we apply now for the conversion of H1 to H4 can
    she leave to india now and can i send that approval
    letter to india then she goes to stamping in india.
    is it possible. please suggest me


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  • Michael chertoff
    02-10 08:26 PM
    Does anyone know the Job Portals (besides dice, monster, careerbuilder etc) / News Papers where I can find jobs in NY/NJ locations?

    Appreciate the support!


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  • arlysanb
    02-15 08:58 PM
    My application for an H1B change of status has been denied. I am an F-1 student from Colombia and I was offered a job from THe CDC at Atlanta. According with the USCIS report, the petition was denied because I am going to be hired for a staffing company and not directly for the CDC. It will be possible to appeal the desicion ? If yes, what will my sponsor company need to be succesful with this appealing ?

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  • amulchandra
    02-05 11:11 PM
    thank you very much for your immediate response. Green card is being taken care by my husband's company. So right now I am not thinking about it.


    08-26 08:44 PM
    Only God knows who is getting in that month :)

    It seems to be pure lottery system is going on now !!!

    12-06 09:47 AM
    its good to use your OPT card as long as its vaild and then move to H1, there is no time frame for stamping, its always good to go to your home country and then get it stamped,but once you start working on H1(your payrolls starts on H1) then your H1 clock starts

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