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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • kishdam
    02-12 01:35 PM
    I have noticed soft LUD's on all receipts including I140, H1B with all other receipts (485, EAD and AP) for my self and my spouse after using AC21 with H1B transfer.

    Not received FP yet and did not call Service center for it.

    Any clues? or any experienced the same.

    Nice to know that you started the process. Did you send the job transfer letter to USCIS along with H1B transfer or you just did H1b transfer (with plan to send the letter later).

    In a way it�s nice that USCIS is tracking all applications together (H1B transfer, I140, I485 for a candidate). It atleast gives the confidence that they are tracking all together and may not get any RFE�s to give them copy of I140 or such.

    Please share any updates.
    - kishdam

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  • vin13
    11-04 04:57 PM
    From the director of the blockbuster "Interminable EB-backlog" comes yet another creation "V-I-S-A B-U-L-L-T-I-N...DECEMBER 2009".
    Story, screenplay, Direction; USCIS
    Production; State department
    Music; Labor department

    This is an 'Art' type not a Blockbuster Commercial one. There is no end. The saga shall continue.....:D

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  • sameer2730
    11-21 09:12 AM
    And if it plays by money may be have an auction for GC ... highest bidder gets it first ;)

    There is a seperate quota for that as well. 1 million invested and you will get a GC.

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  • thomachan72
    08-30 09:54 AM
    Most of the state colleges, (In my case, none of the state colleges), including under-grad and medical schools, will accept application, if you do not have GC/ US citizenship. I tried, wrote letters, but of no use.
    You can apply and get admission in private college, which of course cost much more.
    Also, we were not able to take any federal loans.

    Hi Dinesh, in your quote above were you intending to say that most state colleges WILL NOT accept applications if you do not have GC/citizenship? So to attend a state college you NEED TO BE a GC holder/citizen? If that is the case how come lot of international students come here and attend state colleges for MS/Phds and get assistanships/fee waivers?


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  • yabadaba
    06-05 02:52 PM
    Keep in mind that it is higly likely that DOS has changed its strategy of releasing visa numbers starting this year. Previously, they would release numbers per quarter. But this time, from all accounts it appears they have moved away from that model to improve USCIS efficiency. They may have released almost all of the annual quota by now.


    Check the Feb 2007 visa bulletin where they made EB2 India Unavailable as the annual quota was over. It came back again only because there was spillover from ROW.

    Based on this, it is very unlikely that there will be much forward movement in July.
    if they did what u say they did.. they violated the law. thats what gotcher is talking about. plus using up 140k visas without a substantial impact being seen on the forums is highly unlikely.

    last year in june and july when they issued 60k visas there was huge spike in approvals and it was seen on the forums/on /IV/ immigration portal.

    there has not been such an observed event this year. the reason eb2 india went to U was because they had used up the quota associated with per country caps and the category and quarter sub quotas.

    what we are seeing now/ will see in this fiscal year will be spill over visas. where it occurs is anybody's guess.

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  • dilber
    06-04 05:48 PM
    class action lawsuit?? for using up too many visa's too fast?
    wow. for once (& only once) I feel sad for USCIS. They are damned if they do, and damned if they dont. Usually all talk of class action lawsuits have been for visa numbers that they wasted by approving too slowly. Now another one for going too fast... :D

    Seriously, I would be very very happy they are for a change working really fast so no wastage of numbers this time around. common guys don't you think is it good for us over all. may be we will not see some movement for some time but at least you know that we are not suffering because of USCIS's inefficiency.


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-27 10:02 PM
    Do we have to attach photographs when we e-file for AP ?

    For E-filing AP, you dont get any Finger Printing, so you have to send 2 photographs with your application.

    Please make sure you write your name and Alien Number (A#) on the back of the photographs.

    I hope this helps.

    GO IV GO.

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  • immigrationvoice1
    11-11 11:15 AM
    July 27th '07 filer. My wife and I have received EAD and AP but no FP notice yet. Did not open SR. Case went from VSC to TSC.


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  • Roger Binny
    11-26 06:55 PM
    Great job, thank you IV and thank you IV core.

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  • ampudhukode
    12-25 12:07 AM
    My PD is before Oct 2001


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  • belmontboy
    12-01 03:49 PM
    Waitime tracker for my PD says june 2028.

    The numbers in backlog data report show a rosy picture.

    Which one to believe??

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  • jethro11
    04-21 02:16 PM
    Thanks for another report of using AP without problems. I agree with you about conflicting reports from the German mission and airports. Based upon my research, the airlines only need to confirm that the destination country will allow you entry. While going to India, we have a passport and while coming back to the US we have the AP, so it is a simple matter. I don't know why they have a hundred clauses and sub clauses to determine who needs a transit visa. I am also going to carry my I-797 notice of action which is valid until Dec 2011. That should suffice in my opinion. Thanks to all for clearing all the confusion on these forums.


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  • sanjay
    01-05 01:52 PM
    Only reason I am taking PMP course is because my company provides assistance in fees if its related to my project or helpful to company growth.

    I really preferred to do MBA from college instead of PMP but due to company policy had to stick with PMP.

    points given by FinalGC are certainly true to most of them.

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  • paskal
    05-29 07:01 PM
    So if I'm understanding it correctly. For all the ones who applied for I-140 after May15th 07 all there petitions will be cancelled or revoked? I really that should come from the USCIS as a amendment and not from a news or a blog. I have been browsing the website and yet to find it. Can someone help me out with the exact text from USCIS? :mad:

    instead of trolling the web looking for USCIS announcements
    the bill is not yet law, how do you expect to find USCIS notification of anything? no one knows what the final law will be after the house and conference committee finish their parts. so do the necessary thing and let's try to get the best bill possible.


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  • guy03062
    07-02 04:21 PM
    Medical (for me and my spouse) - $700
    EAD / AP attorney's fees + filing fees (for my spouse) - $1140
    Photographs - $55
    Affidavit - $40
    Upgraded I-140 to PP - $1500
    TOTAL = $3435

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  • mantric
    02-16 09:02 PM
    this is a valid point.

    but advantages of CP vs AOS are completely besides the point as that decision is based on individual circumstances.

    If you/IV want to lobby, lobby for EAD/AP for the guys whose 140 was approved and staying in US legally on a non-immigrant visa. This may be possible thro, USCIS regulation w/o law change.


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  • chanduv23
    04-14 12:31 PM
    Customer service opened SR and sent to local office. Got letter from DHS (3 weeks back)that they researched case and are actively processing it, also if I dont get any correspondence with in 180 days contact them.

    Till date I did not get any letter saying that case has opened. Will it help if I take Infopass and go to local office. Please advice.

    Interesting. Talk to congressman and senator - talk to IV - IV also helps in these situations.

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  • neerajkandhari
    07-19 06:43 PM
    All Are His Personal Problembs
    Blaming Uscis For No Reason

    Uscis To Badnam Hai Aur Badnam Karo

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  • kode
    02-07 11:49 AM
    hey soul .. i finally voted this morning

    i voted for yours too !! =)

    i really like it .. actually i wanted to do something like that but i have no patience .. :sleep:

    02-12 05:37 AM
    thanks mhtanim....

    It seems that i can file tax using form 4852....but to do if he send legal notice claiming that i have made losses to him worth 25 K....i had good relation with client , gave app notice and also have refe letter from client (received award form client)..........so there shud be no point for liquidation thing and also i have all previous employers emails acepting my receignation and notice period...

    If your employer paid taxes on behalf of you , he must have recieved w2.If he doesn't give w2 to you , you can call IRS and request for one , they'll fax/mail it to you.I did it once and filed taxes.

    He may be threatening you about legal notice, but I don't think he'll send notice.You can think what to do when recieve a notice.

    Look for Private Message for my contact details , or send me your contact# so that we can discuss what to do.

    12-17 07:17 PM
    4. What are the advantages of filing AC-21?

    I do not see any.

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