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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • Legal
    07-17 08:42 AM
    but even with this big announcement tomorrow, we still only have 140,000 visas and keep in mind USCIS has just been averaging about 100,000 per year. (so about 40,000 get wasted every year)

    All all this does is to push the bottleneck further down the pipeline.

    the only benefit I see is that it helps with filing of AP and EAD which does not help someone like me with my 485 already pending

    Sorry I dont share the enthusisam


    It is still some progress. Since June 13 th these arguments have been repeatedly brought up by people who already have a pending 485. No one ever said the fight is over or everything will be hunky dory.

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  • guyfromsg
    06-27 11:37 PM
    Since lot of people go to Costco for passport photos and the specs are similar I'm using them. Photos look good the place holder for the photos shows the specifications i.e. face size and you can place the photo next to it and verify.

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  • Hydro
    03-10 11:59 PM
    Helo Im messaging from India,

    I found this site useful so I joined in here, but since they did not have India in the listing I added Calfornia. I have a F2B immigration visa pending filed by my parents in the US. I had interview in Chennai, India on Sep 2007. I fell short of some docs and submitted those on 28 Dec 2007 and was given 221g and told my case will be held up due to administrative processing.

    I wanted to know if this new name check ruling helps me in any way. Also how long more should I expect to wait for the visa.



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  • drak70
    01-04 07:29 PM
    A freind of mine came across a gentleman, who is here on work visa and he is facing a unique problem. He is married to two persons and wants to bring his whole family here in the USA. He was looking for answer if he can get both his spouses and kids here on H4 visas. Currently both of them and his kids are in India. Interesting hmmm :D

    Did I miss something:
    the orginal posting says "married to two persons" and ."both his spouses "
    we all assumed they are female;).other wise only Massachusetts may be the place to stay:D:D:D


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  • Siboo
    07-27 04:22 PM
    Do this - Hire a homeless person, give him a VOIP phone with unlimited calling minutes, and ask him to call USCIS every second of his life asking for your recipt. Some day you will get the good news. If you hire 10 homeless and give all of them this job then you might qualify for "investor green card"!!

    Guys....please say....well said (pat on my own back)

    Well Said Kumar, Keep it up :mad: :mad:

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  • cheg
    08-22 07:16 PM
    Thanks for the info, roseball!


    Starting July 16th, 2007, labor certification has a 60 day validity period. Meaning, a I-140 petition needs to be filed within 60 days from labor approval date....If immigrant visa numbers are unavailable (dates retrogressed), you wont be able to file your I-140/I-485 concurrently but you can file your I-140 petition irrespective of your priority date as long as you have a labor approved. You dont have to apply for your labor again and again....Its just that, once you get your I-140 approved, you will have to wait for dates to become current to file I-485...


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  • desi485
    07-30 05:01 PM
    THANKS !!!

    When her both I140s were approved before the July/07 485 application, why didn't she use PD Porting at the time of applying 485 app in July/07. That is one of the easiest way to port PDs. It would have been straight forward and she may have received the GC by now. I know, lawyers can make one's GC Journey much more harder than it should be.

    Nothing happens to your current "Adjustee" status if you interfile. But, I can understand the apprehension duw to either lack of information or plethora of wrong information present in the open.

    As her EB2 PD is becoming current from Aug/08, she need not do anything now, maybe 4-5 months ago she should have done interfiling when EB2 started to come out of Unavailability. On Aug/1st, she can call USCIS and if they let her, open a Service Request on behalf of her case saying that her PD is current and her RD is July/07. If everything on her app is complete, she may get the approval in August only. Best of luck to you and her. May you guys get it soon too.

    Hope this helps.

    Her RD is July 28, 2007 at Nebraska but her case status shows that it been transferred to TSC. :(

    485 receipt issued only in october 2007.

    TSC processing dates are still stuck at JULY 16, 2007 and there will be thousands & thousands applications filed between July 17 and Aug 17 when the visa gate was re-opened. No end in sight of this GC journey suffering for the unlucky people born in retrogressed countries.

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  • tabletpc
    09-24 12:13 PM
    u r PD is March 2006, when was it current...???

    In case u r GC got approved while u r PD was current then, sorry to say as for as my knwoledge goes, you may not have much option other than bringing u r spouse on F1/L1/H1.


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  • neobuddha
    02-23 03:05 PM
    You may submit the "Lease papers" and "Medical insurance papers with name of the spouse" as the additional proof.

    Check with your lawyer.

    Good Luck

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  • immigrant2007
    07-16 12:57 PM
    Good to know you oppose illegal immigration that is actually destroying American life. My solution to the illegal immigration was same and given months back on this forum. Punish employers harshly with fines (50K per incident) plus 5 years of jail time and put the burden of finding out if person is legal ON the employer. Soon institutions like Equifax/Experian/TransUnion will pop up instead of the current one -EVerify.

    You completely missed the point of immigration and outsourcing. They have NOTHING to do with eachother. Even if they paid me in dollars and gave me a cushy job and paid for every of my expense to run a outsourced part of a company in my home country, I will not go because it's not the money that matters, it the quality of life! I don't want to be driving 1 hour to get 5 miles ahead. I don't want to bribe a peon to get my own birth certificate. I don't want people creating a welcome mat for me on the sidewalk - made not out of rose petals but chewed pan spit.

    I like some of your ideas but won't indudge in any dialogue with you unless you update your profile. the idea of punishing employers is not mine. I read it somewhere in one of the posts on this very site, maybe yours only


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  • conchshell
    08-05 02:42 PM
    On July 31st we got an email informaing us that my wife's EAD is approved and card production is ordered. Again on August 4th we got an email stating that the case is approved. Now we are surprized because if the case was actually approved on July 31st, she may get a two years EAD, but if it was approved on August 4th, she may get the EAD for one year only, as our PD is current.

    BTW, My approval CRIS email came on July 28th, and I have got my EAD card for two years validity.

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  • pasupuleti
    05-22 03:23 PM
    We should get an amendment to make all H1Bs illegal. so we can easily qualify for this Z visa.

    Actually i see lots of benefits turning into illegal, lets go illegals.


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  • waiting4gc
    04-14 04:44 PM
    Whichever one of you guys gave me the following red, keep it up.

    "dont try to fool students and recruit them, consulting companies are bloodsuckers, no limit on 485 will never happen and u know it, nice try pal"

    Shows me your depth of knowledge of how ALL consultancies work since you probably keep tabs on ALL of them. Regarding recruiting students, I don't need to recruit students. IV is a medium to help yourself, choose to do so or not at your own peril.

    Passing judgment on all consultancies based on your experience with one or more is just called "generalization". I know quite a few consultancies where people make a lot of money and do things that company don't want to hire full timers for. Anyways, good luck to you.

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  • Horace Jones
    08-02 09:37 AM
    The backlog of visa applications is a significant issue. It has been written about previously, and the USCIS has faced a good deal of criticism over it. Here is one piece of such criticism: Migration Information Source - USCIS Faces Criticism over Visa Backlog (http://www.migrationinformation.org/USfocus/display.cfm?id=665)


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  • thakurrajiv
    07-02 03:10 PM
    My company paid for attorney fees. I dont know the amount for that.
    My pocket expense
    $380 - medical tests
    $60 - photographs
    $50 - mailing fees.

    Obviously, no money can account for the mental torture I and my family have been going through once we learned about visa bulletion revision rumors.

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  • sundar99
    02-26 09:28 PM

    Not sure if this is a good idea, 1. Either to put a English note on How chinese is affected because of EB Visa Retrogression ? and pass the website and email id to join ?

    Or get a person to translate it into Chinese and put it up in Ranch 99 - Milpitas, berkley, Fremont, Sanjose ? Ranch 99 is a popular place among chinese network to buy vegetables and well networked among chinese !

    I am assuming there must be similar network of Chinese Shops in other cities !. I am going to ask students from china to post it in their internal mail aliases for wide coverage !

    Some thoughts on this ? ALSO _ Indians perhaps can talk to Silicon india, then other Bay Area local newspapers to publish it ? - Put it up in Komala Vilas, Udupi, etc ?


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  • mmj
    04-27 05:57 PM
    We need the numbers to make anything happen - if something as simple as cutting and pasting a letter cannot generate more than 20 participants when priority dates have become Unavailable again atleast for EB3I - I dont expect anything anymore to happen in the future. JUST BEING REALISTIC!!!


    Pls do not lose heart.
    speaking for myself, i have tried to remain active, but suddenly got swamped with a huge work-load.
    in this economy, performance is a matter of survival. Not to say that we should accept immigration to be a luxury.

    It is a pity i had to miss the donor's telecon last week, simply as i was still working.

    So bottom line: there are still people who are willing to participate and active, but it is a matter of immediate priorities.

    Let us keep up the spirit and keep working....

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  • angelfire76
    06-09 10:53 PM
    Just hot gas...nothing more.
    It is not going anywhere. The message is clear. People of color are not welcome, specially INDIANS, and now looks like Chinese too.

    Do you know how many people from S. Korea, Japan and from Africa apply for GC? You are making an extremely pre-mature and rash statement which might alienate what's probably the only developed country in the world which is still not hostile to people of color.

    If EB3 is moving faster than EB2, then you can figure out why I'm sure. Don't blame the porters, blame the system.

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  • immilaw
    09-14 04:28 PM
    You have 2 H1s, can you do that. Are you working full time on both H1b visas. Please eloborate on that.


    Two H-1B's are possible if you can do two jobs. Most of the ppl file a concurrent H-1B for a part time job so you have one H-1B for full time job and the other for a part time job. The US CIS will approve a concurent H-1B for part time job for as little as 15 hours a week. Now if you want to file the second H-1B too for a full time job and have the physical ability to work for 80 hours a weeks then US CIS won't have any problems with that.

    06-01 02:27 PM
    Votes YES.

    YES count is only 961 though now.

    andy garcia
    02-01 03:17 PM
    OK, they'll raise the fees (I can live with that). But how do we improve the chances of better services?
    USCIS is asking for comments....If IV would be so kind as to submit comments for the raising of the fees. I humbly throw these out for discussion:

    Accept the fee increases providing:
    1) That USCIS propose public standards of reducing processing times to 30 days+10 day security check.. Automatically produce an EAD if it takes longer. Hey. We're all still in the country whether the process succeeds or not right? We would just appeal, submit more info or beat it until it's done. Who's any safer?
    2) That RFEs not be used to manage work levels. Plus they ought not to reset the 90 day clock to zero if they issue one. That is ridiculous and unheard of.
    3) That they simplifiy applications (a la Canada) so that "lay persons" can (carefully) fill in the forms. Lawyers not required.
    4) That the USCIS abide by the laws. Especially regarding FBI name checking. We have a duty to follow the law. I'm careful to do so. The government should be careful to do so as well.. Call me a radical.
    5) That they publish proposals to stream line the process with modern business methods and concrete goals. The increases should be tied to fulfilling stated goals of improvements of service. Otherwise they roll back. Have a 3rd (independent) party decide if the goals have been met in three years.

    If we tax payers are giving them extraordinary increases in fees, we should at least expect some meaningful process improvements. Simply claiming that they need-the-cash-for-process-improvements is not sufficient. What is to prevent them from using the money to give everyone big raises and bonuses and a nice fancy new office, and big fancy new computers if they're going to continue to use paper and use the computers to access rickety old systems with terminal emulators? I'd love to deal with happy USCIS employees, but I'd love it even more if I had to deal efficient USCIS employees. (Give them the tools and they'll be happier!)

    Be careful with point 3 lawyers will not be happy.

    You can add

    6. Stop using Commodore 64 for processing applications. Move to something called Doors ... sorry Windows;)

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