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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • VSS2007
    06-26 04:12 PM
    Could you please send to me also?

    Send you a PM also.

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  • pointlesswait
    11-19 02:28 PM
    a self serving proposal..

    MS is just a pretext for many who are here. MS is worthless if you are a software engineer.. you don't need MS to be coding in Java or .NET...

    MS from some vague sidey backstreet community college cannot be compared to MS from other better off schools.

    your proposal is distracting from the main agenda. CIR or other relief measures.

    In the same lines as H1B, could we look into if its possible to add a quota for US Masters degree holders irrespective of country of birth for green Card also. This would be in addition to the existing Employment based quotas.
    Does anyone know how they added 20k H1B quota for Masters degree holders? Who sponsored that bill? May be we should talk to the same people.

    I would think there would be a little less resistance for this? This would ease the pressure on both EB2 and EB3.

    I dont know if this has been previously looked at. I know there were talks of excluding these people from quota all together.

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  • El_Guapo
    05-30 08:34 PM
    Done. Aye # 300

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  • desi3933
    11-03 01:17 PM
    You are the best!!! You are like the last word one could rely on.

    Big fan of yours!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words.



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  • gaz
    12-20 01:56 PM
    +1 for CGNY. We had gone for our daughters PIO card and had her with us - the consulate folks were extremely helpful and helped us through the process quickly so that our daughter wouldn't go through any discomfort in spite of a huge rush. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes of reaching the consulate (kudos to the security screener especially who spotted us waiting in line and led us right in to the counter).

    Everyone was also very friendly and professional. I do agree with the phone calls responsiveness - we had a hard time reaching someone on the phone for our queries.

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  • VSS2007
    08-27 09:20 AM
    Thanks for the reply


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  • hiralal
    04-22 09:27 PM
    I'm not sure anything happens with these letters etc. We need something more concrete, something that grabs attention. Last time we did the flower campain, this time we need to do something different again. My idea was the two cents campaign (link in sig). But I'm sure you all have your ideas too and if we can come up with something unique that would be great. We need something more than just letters to the whitehouse. Maybe we can pick just one senator each week or each month or congressman who does not support legal immigration bills and send letters to him/her in co-ordination. If one person gets 1000 letters on the same day about a topic it might make the news?
    definitely ..and I am sure lot of people agree ..flowers, marching etc is much better ..but till we get to that point ..let us send emails / letters atleast ...something better than nothing !!

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  • apatel_17
    07-02 03:50 PM
    Close to $1000 for my wife and me. (about $800 for medical, $50 for photos, rest in express mail, international phone calls and faxes, gas, etc.) I am not assigning any monetary value to the hours and hours of personal time this took...

    employer is paying USCIS and attorney fees.


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  • wikipedia_fan
    04-09 02:42 PM
    I got my I-140 Approved in 2007 and I-485 applied in July Fiasco. working for same employer who filed labor in PERM. Recently got letter from DHS stating that I485 denied as it was filed when dates are not current.

    In july 2007, USCISreleased memo stating that they will accept all applications till August 17' 2007. Mine was reached on Aug 14'2007 well before deadline. Got I485 reciept in october 2007.

    There are 2 dates on receipt. 1. Received Date (Aug 14) 2. Receipt Date (Oct 12 ' 2007).

    They sent Denial letter to Attorney on 01/19/2009 stating that I485 application was filed when dates are not current , they mentioned that on the day receipt date (oct 12' 07) dates are not current.

    Took Infopass and went to filed office where I was told that if I this it is USCIS Service error, file MTR .

    Filed MTR thru Attorney on Feb 5 09. Filing Fee is not enclosed as it is USCIS service error.
    (This was done as officer at USCIS told that Fee need not be included as it is service error, attorney also agreed with this statement).

    Till date I did not get any communcication from USCIS. 2 months have been passed.

    Please advice me on this issue

    Receipting is not done by VO and the staff who do receipting follow certain procedures.

    USCIS mailroom has certain protocols and thats why even our AC21 documentation does not reach file.

    Files are distributed to different officers and they work on the files.

    Without a receipt number you cannot track your MTR.

    Talk to a very good Attorney on further course of action.

    I filed MTR - my 485 was denied because the officer ignored the AC21 job change. When I called customer service and explained - I was transferred to a VO and when I explained it, she requested me to file an appeal so that I don't have to pay instead f MTR.

    When I talked to Attorney - she said "Don't do that - when your MTR gets receipted, you can track it but cannot track an appeal"

    Remember MTR = if USCIS makes a mistake - MTR costs $$
    Appeal = if you want AAO to consider various factors on a correctly interpreted denial and appeal to see if you can convince.

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  • greenlight
    05-12 03:26 AM
    I am EB-3 ROW, and my PD has been current since March 2008.
    I am wondering if anyone had to interview before their green card was approved? If so, please share your experience as well.

    Thank you and congratulations.


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  • mhb
    07-06 06:18 PM
    watching NBC nightly news.. No mention yet... hmmmmmmmmmm..
    just been informed that the newscast is going is to happen tommorow. apparently there was some "breaking" news!! guys make sure you tune in tomorrow!!

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  • tinku01
    02-12 12:29 PM
    As I have already accepted that my decision of choosing CP was not right during the time of recession. When dates became current, I thought mine will be current in a month or so and CP is a faster process to get green card as 485 filers some time stuck in name chack and all ( as I know couple of friends). So that was the only reason I filed Cp instead of 485.

    There is one ideom in Hindi -" Chaube jee chale chhabbe jee banane aur reh gaye dubey jee"
    So I am dube jee now.:rolleyes:


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  • Gravitation
    12-13 12:39 PM
    Hi Gravitation,

    How do you know this? Can you please elaborate.

    I read about EB2 flow on one of the forums at immigrationportal.com. I'll try to find the thread and post the url if I can.

    About EB2 people filing is only from my personal experience. Every single friend I knew who was in EB3 with PD somewhere mine filed for perm EB2.

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  • Macaca
    02-01 09:46 AM
    Some paras from Increased Immigration Fees Denounced (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/31/AR2007013102016.html?nav=hcmodule).

    Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) joined a chorus of immigrant advocacy groups in condemning the Bush administration's plan to charge legal immigrants significantly more money to obtain green cards, adjust their residency status and bring relatives to the United States.

    Under the plan, announced yesterday by Emilio Gonzalez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the government would charge $905 -- up from $325 -- to apply for a green card or to adjust residency status. Immigrants with green cards would have to pay $595 to become naturalized citizens, a $265 increase. The cost of bringing a foreign fiance to the United States would more than double, to $455.

    USCIS has long been plagued by an application backlog, slow processing by poorly trained personnel and an inability to track applications for people. The agency receives no money from Congress and passes on most costs to applicants. A highly critical 2004 Government Accountability Office report said that the agency's fees did not cover its costs.

    Gonzalez said the increase would pay for better facilities, more workers and more training so that applications can be processed faster and by a more courteous and professional staff. He said the improvements would help USCIS cope with a guest-worker program should Congress approve some type of comprehensive immigration reform.

    The fee increases will be published today in the Federal Register, beginning a two-month comment period. USCIS expects to process nearly 5 million applications in the 2008-2009 fiscal year.


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  • sats123
    06-19 09:51 PM
    Here is another part of story.

    My PD was current back in 2004, this attorney/employer ignored my calls/emails from Oct to Dec 15. They filed my 485 during christmas week end, they screwed up something and USCIS rejected my application (thats what they say). Thanks to retrogession from Jan 2005. All my documents were ready by Oct. I would have had my EAD since 2005.

    De javu, again I am being mandated to file thru same attorney. I don't have problem paying more money for a good attorney and good service.

    I don't know if I am in a trap or something.

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  • jonty_11
    07-13 04:47 PM
    Exactly this has been made clear by IV core taht Dream ACT is not for IV community...IGNORE IT


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  • DDash
    08-08 12:03 PM
    Since your situation is aggravated, your wife can apply for F1 visa and come here. How you want to answer visa questions on DS-156 or date your marriage cert is upto you. But all said and done and whatever the morale police on this board have recommended is not really valid because you will be going through all of this and not these people who are giving other suggestions. I really want to ask all these people who say dont backdate marriage cert or dont get her on F1, are you guys angels and have done nothing wrong in your lives or are you just preaching others not to sin?

    Well said Kshitijnt. You spoke the words that I wanted to speak :) Unfortunately, in this forum either people respond with the answers that don't make sense or use cliches.

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  • Hewa
    07-02 04:19 PM
    Lawyer 1150
    Medical 500 (250x2)
    Photos 37
    courier 50
    Total 1737

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  • lazycis
    12-18 10:49 AM
    All you need to send is a letter saying that you invoked AC 21; also attach supporting documents, i.e. employment offer from your new employer describing job title, duties and salary and stating that employer intends to hire you permanently after you receive GC; documentation showing that your I-485 has been pending 180 days or more before you've changed jobs.

    12-22 12:54 PM
    I do have very different experience. I never had any issues with the indian consulate. couple of months back I have sent the papers for my daughter's PIO card. With in two weeks I got the PIO in mail.

    My experience has been very good, too.

    I had family emergency and needed visa to travel to India. Entry Visa (they don't issue Tourist Visa to people of Indian origin) was issued in 1 hour. The staff was very helpful.

    Not a legal advice.

    06-05 05:06 AM
    Things seems to be so messy that Ron has very cleverly avoided any speculation about the coming up visa bulletin.


    Ron Gotcher cannot predict the July 2008 visa bulletin, following is what he says.

    Historically, about 40% of all immigrant visas/adjustment approvals take place in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year (July - September). The law prohibits the issuance of more than 27% of the quota in any of the first three quarters. All visas that are unused (ordered but not issued) must be returned for use in the fourth quarter. This is why we see most visas being issued in the July - September interval.

    This year, there is anecdotal evidence that the government may have violated the law and issued more visas in the first three quarters than permitted by statute. No one really knows if this is true or just the result of inartful language used by government officials. No one has released any absolute numbers as to actual issuances.

    If the government did violate the law, then all bets are off and there is no way to anticipate what might be in the works.

    If they did not violate the law, however, we can infer certain things from what we have seen thus far. We know that the CIS has enough AOS applications in the existing inventory (backlog) to fill the annual quota four times over. If they were processing with any degree of efficiency, cutoff dates would be backlogged worse that what they were at the start of the fiscal year last October. They aren't.

    Because the CIS isn't processing cases at a rate sufficient to exhaust the annual quota, the State Department has had to move cutoff dates forward in order to attract more applicants to file overseas with consulates. This allows the State Department to step up and process immigrant visa applications and help exhaust the quota.

    We know that CIS processing has been deficient this year because we have seen forward cutoff date movement. If the CIS were processing large numbers of cases, not only would forward cutoff date movement be wholly unnecessary, it would be grossly irresponsible.

    Given the forward movement earlier in the year, I certainly expected to see substantial movement in June. That did not happen. Why it didn't happen is unknown. It could be that the CIS, wishing to avoid a repeat of last year, dropped everything an adjudicated a massive number of cases. I doubt that happened because we haven't seen any evidence of it. Had they approved a huge number of cases in a short period of time, it would have been all over the Internet.

    It could also be that, once again, the CIS has solemnly promised the State Department that they really will adjudicate a huge number of cases this time and all those other years where they made the same promise and then failed to follow through don't really count because this time they really mean it.

    Whatever the reason for the lack of movement in June, July will tell us what is going to happen for the balance of the fiscal year. If there is no substantial movement in July, then we are unlikely to see much movement in August or September. If there is substantial movement in July, however, we can probably expect to see a retrogression in September.

    The July visa bulletin should be out around Monday, July 14th. Let's see what happens.

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