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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • PERM12
    07-22 01:34 PM
    This is un acceptable talk. Forum is to share - no one deny's it. ANTI or PRO - each can put their own thoughts...BUT not in the above said language

    I hope we keep our dignity and self respect

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  • gcganapati
    05-29 09:46 PM
    Guys ,

    Please vote yes and leve some comments

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  • Libra
    07-21 02:43 PM
    E-filed: July 9th 2008
    Received Paper receipt and FP notice within a week.
    FP: Aug 2nd 2008 (Scheduled on)
    Status Pending

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  • aravindan_kv
    08-19 01:05 PM
    My case
    PD > DEC, 29, 2004
    I140 Approval: march 26, 2008,
    I485 Receive date : Aug 7 ,2007
    I485 Notice date : Sept 15 ,2007
    Status: Pending :
    Service Center: NSC

    Taken Infopass appointment August21 , Let see what updates i will be getting from them


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  • belmontboy
    04-09 03:18 PM
    there should be a cap on how many H1's a MNC that's not based in US can apply. ex: companies(like wipro, infosys, satyam..)
    for ex: it should be <= 300 per company.

    These people consume lot of H1's when they could get their employee's on L1.

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  • sac-r-ten
    05-12 03:21 PM
    Interesting. Talk to congressman and senator - talk to IV - IV also helps in these situations.

    How does one find the local congressman/senator's contact info?
    i would like to get help on my MTR/re-appeal for 140 denial.



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  • gc007
    01-07 10:25 PM
    Oh No ! Thats too bad. I was really hoping that it was possible to use the old H1B. And can be used anytime to change the status.

    I am hoping someone wud come up and say Yes its possible.....

    keep me posted if find anywhere about the same.

    Thanks !

    I am in exact same situation. The company that is going to sponsor my H1 checked with two attorneys and both said that I will need a fresh H1 in April07 and I can start working from Oct07. Even I never got to work on my earlier H1. I guess this is because you need previous paystubs for H1 transfer. Let me know if you hear otherwise from your attorneys.

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  • saggi13
    02-17 10:25 PM
    i had a GC of a priority date 01-13-2003. Then my employer was kind enough to do one more simultaneous application with a date of 11-15-2004.

    The attorney we were working with at that time exchanged the I140 between apps and he screwed up big time on my 2003. So we had to withdraw both my I140 approved 2003 application and the 11-15-2004.

    Then we had to go back and apply for Perm and start the process again. I spent 5K and my employer about another 5K on 3 apps so far.

    if it is fate on one side it was USCIS on the other, but god was on my side, and hence i am still in this country!!!!


    p.s - I had updated my original post with the I140 details


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  • dipsangel
    08-15 10:03 PM
    what to do?

    My friend, I am sorry to hear about this. Your employer must be an A** hole.

    I - 485 is your application. Employer has control of your application until I - 140. All you need from employer is employment verification letter.

    If you have a good lawyer, then you can do it together. Take legal advice. This is just my opinion.

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  • Madhuri
    07-02 04:02 PM
    Medicals 700 - family
    Fedex - 42
    Lawyer - 1800
    Photos - 30
    Total around 2700

    Damage caused by stress - priceless


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  • vejella
    12-13 11:47 PM
    Because of sudden influx of projects coming to India last year, there was a temporary upsurge in the demand for skilled personnel in india ....So there are many options for these people which caused the higher attrition as they have many options open....So temporarily these IT Companies used to retain highly skilled employees at any cost and kept them in front line and recruited some freshers (i have seen one company recruited freshers and charged them 50,000 ...you heard it right :0 initally with the commitment of 2 years).

    As the freshers are catching up with the experienced ..i see a sharp decline in demand my area of expertise from past 6 months to an Year .... But from CEO point of view , still work is done ..with 40 % or more saving ..may be for little compromise on quality ....

    I have a feeling that attrition rate may slow down in coming years .....

    Any one please share your views /experiences ..

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  • howzatt
    07-19 11:51 AM
    TB skin test is not mandotory.
    I would recommend that you wife gets following tests done and have results ready when you go and see doctor on 15th.
    1) Blood test for HIV and RPR(syphilis)
    2) Chest XRay
    3) Vaccination - MMR, DT(Tetanus booster) and Varicella

    if you take the results of tests and proof of vaccination on the day of visit then the medical report can be given same day.

    I also recommend that you download form I-693 and I-693A , make few copies, fill up the information like name, A number, date of birth etc and have it ready for the physician to complete the rest of stuff. Make sure you don't sign the form until your doctor signs it. Also don't forget to ask for a copy of the completed for before he seals it.

    Hope this helps.

    Dont ask me when you get an RFE for your skin test. I believe I read it on these forums that a couple of people were specifically asked about their skin test.

    Even the doctors are supposed to give you a skin test and then the x-ray. If you have taken a skin test before, I think you can just take the x-ray now.

    Check this link



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  • alex77
    10-09 08:25 PM
    I140 approval notice related...



    I filed I485 and my I140 got cleared. My employer is not willing to give my Approved I140. I am not sure why he is holding my I140. I dont have have any idea to change job at this time.

    I am working with everest technologies there web site address is www.everesttechinc.com.

    I hope this is the right place to share over view and ideas thats the reason i am posting my questions here.

    1) Do we really required I140
    2) Is any one here working with everest technologies who is having same problem.

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  • GoneSouth
    07-10 09:26 AM
    FYI, Jon Stewart had a piece on Lou Dobbs last night on the Daily Show (although I think this was a re run of a show last week).

    In Stewart's clip, Dobbs claimed that there were 7000 cases of leprosy in the US in the last 3 years, mostly due to illegal immigrants. Stewart brought it to the audience's attention that this was completely false. In fact, there have been 7000 cases of leprousy in the US in the last *30* years, and no statistics have been kept on whether these were immigrants or us citizens.

    Stewart also had a bit where he said "Buchananan ... hmmm, that's Irish, isn't it?" - a reference to the fact that Pat Buchanan, an outspoken xenophobe, is himself the descendent of formerly reviled immigrant group.

    Go Jon !


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  • abhijitp
    01-14 01:36 PM

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  • Cavalier
    12-03 11:36 AM
    According to my own experience, all is about credit histories and credit scores. If you have not lived long enough in the US (3 years or more might be enough), you don't have a credit history or you have one but it is insufficient, and financial institutions, mortgage companies, car insurance companies, etc, don't know you, consequently, everything is expensive for you: high car insurance premiums, high mortgage rates, high premium for homeowner insurance...if only they except to do business with you. (By the way, I was denied a credit card, a car insurance...when I first moved to Arizona in 2001; fortunately I was able to keep using anything that was Canadian: car and car insurance, credit card, bank account, etc.). Otherwise you are denied everything. I am talking about my own experience as Canadian Citizen working in the US under H1-B before 9/11 event. It must be harder nowadays.
    Now financial institutions know me, I receive tons and tons of credit card and mortgage offers...and I had to go to this website https://www.optoutprescreen.com/?rf=tto opt-out, so I don't get those ads anymore.
    So you're alone in these disadvantageous financial situations.


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  • NNReddy
    09-19 08:11 PM
    My wife's case is moving back to TSC again from CSC. But I don't see anything on EAD and AP cases. May be they will be processed at CSC.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    10-29 02:28 PM
    If you are replaceable then you have false claimed in your application that no American is available for your job. It defeats your H1B and Green card application. America invites H1Bs and gives them greencards not because they are paying taxes but because employers prove no american is available for our job and we have unique skills for job. 'Best and Brightest' is we are and USA needs us. Without us the economy will be more bad.

    You must be dumb. Did you read the whole sentence and if you cannot comprehend what I am trying to say, you must be incapable of understanding it. I said in TODAYS WORLD. The world is changing very fast. GC process takes 10 years now.
    I am sure whatever technology you are working on, there are 100 more people capable of filling that position as of now. So, even your so called skilled position can be filled within few days. USCIS interprets even today, what the conditions were at the time of filing. Not what the current job/wage or labor market conditions are.

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  • sc3
    05-13 07:33 PM
    Please check with both Immigration attorney (for 485 withdrawal), and a divorce lawyer in India.

    I believe that if the marriage was conducted in India, but US court issues the divorce decree, such decree is not automatically recognized in India. You might have to file for such a decree in India too.

    Personally, withdrawing now, and reapplying is a better option. You will be playing Russian roulette if you decide to wait for some time to "withdraw" -- as USCIS could suddenly make dates current (remember last year), and approve a bunch of application. Of course, consult an Immigration lawyer to see if you can withdraw and re-use the same application (140) later. If not, withdraw and start a new GC (using current 140 as basis for priority date) -- you could even get a EB2 classification.

    07-25 02:43 PM
    I gets very severe migraine attack almost everyday thinking about the GC !! I took so many pain killers(acetameno) almost everyday ..now they also stopped working on me...and due to these apin killers ..I became acidic ..acidity everyday..even without eating spicy things...my wife says, probably my lever damaged ..don't like to visit doctors ...will it get worse ? I can't escape visiting IV everyday !! Any remedy for me will be highly appreciated....
    While a pray for your "lever"....i will suggest u see a doctor asap!!!

    And I will also prescribe you channel all the pain into some positive energy by helping IV via contributions, volunteer work...and participatingin action items...all that is very rewarding!!! and will help you from going nuts, bananas and what have you!!

    12-20 06:21 PM
    Does USCIS provide any clear documentation regarding the Visa Allocations?

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