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Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • rajkr
    06-11 01:21 PM
    Dude, we are not suggesting or even thinking that we should move away from main agenda, thats there and thats where IV advocacy days aimed at. Its part of the game. You cant sail the sea without winning over turbulences. these are not if and if nots.

    Other If's you are trying to post are not in the works, if they are then its same path. You cant turn a blind eye to something that is already happening.

    If you really believe that this bogus bill will become a Law, then also see the real picture, that is why I posted the other Ifs.

    This Bill is titled as "Employ America Act". By having the GC, you are not an American. If you do not know the rule here it is, GC is a "Privilege", and it is not a "Right". So if this Bill passes all these people with alerady having GC will also need to pack their Bags and Go. That is the reality, dude.

    So again and again do not fall over it. If you respond to this Bill, and Vote "No" against it, you are trying to send wrong messages to the originators of the bill, that we are scared. Why you guys are making everyone scared, when there is nothing to be scared about.

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  • labogon
    07-28 09:50 AM
    I ask the same question to my lawyer when i saw your posting about your I_485 without the employer letter. This is his response, I hope this will help answer your question.

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    Thanks for the information! We included copies of your recent paystubs to meet this requirement. In essence the only 'initial' evidence that is required to get the case accepted are the properly signed forms, the correct filing fee amount, and some information about the basis for the filing. In your case that is the approved labor cert and info about the I-140.

    If the Immigration Examiner wants any additional evidence about your eligibility he or she will issue a request for evidence. However in my experience the employer letter is very optional. I don't include it in about half of the cases I file and I have not received a request for it either.

    I'll let you know when we get the receipt notices - probably not for another two weeks.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    P.s. God bless the forces behind the Immigtration voice. I work as a teacher in an isolated native american reservation. The efforts done by the group to reverse the july visa bulletin decision has benefited a small portion of educators here in new mexico. You've done a great job. Thank you very much! I'll encourage my group here to contribute to keep this website working.

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  • DDD
    02-18 12:14 AM
    every package except LW has a free trial.

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  • ajthakur
    07-15 07:08 PM
    I spoke with my ex employer. He never did revoke the 140. He is also willing to provide an EVL. I can join him once I get GC. I felt sorry for having left him earlier.Talk to an attorney soon then.


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  • Ramba
    02-21 03:00 PM
    Assuming you are right then,
    average visa issued for EB1 ROW+Non ROW over the last 5 years have been 26K,
    Now assuming this year the demand would be close to average then. It leaves 14K for EB2
    Implying 12/2003 dates movement is very likely as 14k>5k (your number)

    Dont rely on tracitt. no one knows how many report there. It is not scientific or true. For right numbers, anlyse the DOS report for each year, if you hva more time.


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  • alterego
    02-20 04:39 PM
    Thanks for sharing your insight.


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  • dkjariwala
    04-08 11:32 PM
    Pappu, I also thought that these are rumors as there hasn't been a single instance where the person who was refused visa put up a post on IV [or other immigration message boards.]

    But today morning, my colleague said that his friend was harassed by IO. My colleague's friend came to JFK last week and IO called the professor he was working with. [My colleague said he is a doctor, doing medical research here]. IO gave him I-94 expiring in 5 days and asked him to go back. I have asked contact details for his friend and I will make sure that he gets in touch with IV so that IV can do something about it.

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  • lazycis
    01-18 11:58 AM
    US Code, Title 8 � 1304. Forms for registration and fingerprinting

    (e) Personal possession of registration or receipt card; penalties
    Every alien, eighteen years of age and over, shall at all times carry with him and have in his personal possession any certificate of alien registration or alien registration receipt card issued to him pursuant to subsection (d) of this section. Any alien who fails to comply with the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall upon conviction for each offense be fined not to exceed $100 or be imprisoned not more than thirty days, or both.

    So at least make a copy of your I-94/approval notice/GC and keep it in your wallet.


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  • GreeNever
    06-13 11:22 AM
    Folks! MSNBC is organizing a gut check on the immigration issue (though this appears to be on issues related to illegal immigration). It's a message board inviting opinions on immigration with an expert panel set to reply to the meesages posted. Eventually, messages will be short-listed for publishing. We may be able to make an opportunity out of this.

    Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18826755/

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  • pappu
    04-09 03:31 PM
    Visa Bulletin for May 2010 (http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4805.html)


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  • Ramba
    02-21 03:00 PM
    Assuming you are right then,
    average visa issued for EB1 ROW+Non ROW over the last 5 years have been 26K,
    Now assuming this year the demand would be close to average then. It leaves 14K for EB2
    Implying 12/2003 dates movement is very likely as 14k>5k (your number)

    Dont rely on tracitt. no one knows how many report there. It is not scientific or true. For right numbers, anlyse the DOS report for each year, if you hva more time.


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  • mariner5555
    03-06 06:54 AM
    That is true. But I would rather bicker/argue among ourselves in our closed community and not in front of the public. I withdrew my post because singhsa3 is inviting media and other outlets to view this poll. I see no good coming out of washing our dirty linen in public.

    I am neither convinced by singhsa3's arguments and nor do I buy into the whole "potential-to-buy-houses" angle (and I got red-dotted for all my previous posts, but I don't care), but if he's willing to take the efforts because he believes in what he's doing, then I don't have to be the all-freedom-of-speech guy.

    So long as singhsa3's not pledging that I and my wife will buy our house #2 and house #3 only because USCIS gives us green cards, I am fine with continuing with my life and work. :)
    why are you so scared :-D ..what happens if media watches the poll and how is this dirty linen ...it is a valid point ..and the main point is legal people have to wait for years and years to get the stupid card (and in the meanwhile keep on paying the lawyers fees) ..this is not dirty linen ...if you are not convinced then stay out of the way.
    really I dont see any other options after the letter campaign ...unless some one else has a better idea !!

    btw you are paranoid ..how can someone else do this for you ??
    >So long as singhsa3's not pledging that I and my wife will buy our house #2 and house #3 only because USCIS gives us green cards


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  • chanduv23
    02-15 06:57 AM
    I moved to a desi consulting company after I got layed off in 6th year of h1b. Things have worked out well after that and I got extensions as well as good salary everything is good, 140 approved, paperwork excellent etc.... But recently I asked my lawyer for a copy of my L/C and i 140 petition and she refused to give, then my employer requested them to give it to me. They gave it but they started picking me for no reason, they got into a verbal rift with me and finally I had to talk to my employer and we deicded not to use their services anymore just for my case, because my employer was bullshitting to me that "Chandrakanth" is the only person having problem with the lawyer so "Chandrakanth will have a different Lawyer".
    In general, there will be similar problems to any consultant, in my case, just the fact that my employer does treat me a bit fair and is willing to help.
    So when you deal with consulting companies, be careful, not all employers will tend to support consultants.
    I am now looking for an excellent lawyer who will straighten out things in terms of documentation and avoid mis representation of facts on my petitions (485 - long way to go). Till date, my current lawyer considered me a pain only because I was going over every petition of mine checking for discrepencies and they were not comfortable about it.
    In general - based on what is going on in background during retrogression, consulting companies are under extreme sccrutiny for mis representing facts, so follow up ur petitions carefully.

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  • abhijitp
    03-17 06:52 PM
    Bumping up!


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  • pcs
    11-13 09:08 AM
    Guys... little fruits are like ration in a big march. .... that is VISA recapture etc...

    Spill over,... Simimilar job etc are low hanging fruits..... we must try to pick them ....else we wont have the energy and momentum to go for a VERRRY LONG march ahead of US...

    Good leaders do not lead a tired and hungry force...

    I have already started sending letters to Napaleto at USCIS...

    Guys just send letters with a CUT PASTE of the rule....

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  • pani_6
    01-17 03:12 PM
    I will sign up ...Since IV has a lot o f $$ requirement now...please make a huge contribution and also sign up for monthly contribution...too many people want a free ride...free ride aint happening any more..only $$ speaks in the commercial capital!..

    Excellent message from IV on Utube!..

    I am not sure if IV is involving physcians of indian orgin ORg as well as Motel owners association!...these guys have deep pockets!.Also indian consulate should be in loop as they may have lobbying $$.

    That said this is the time...the window of oppurtunity open and shuts..you got to be quick!..

    "One cant steal in slow motion"

    IV needs money now ...please dont shy away!
    Its our turn gentlemen!


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  • Indirant
    03-07 08:45 PM
    I have not heard any reply. waiting for repsonse to Ajay's request.

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  • eb3retro
    08-17 01:31 PM
    As I said previously, just chill out.Let me give all you guys some advice whether you want it or not.You guys are just busy speculating about something which you guys have no idea about.As a result all you guys are doing is getting worked up and trust me this nonsense is not helping you one bit.

    If you are giving some factual help with how to file,procedures etc it is one thing, baseless speculation will get you nowhere.If you think I am not in the same boat as the majority of you-- you are mistaken.It is just that I try to stay positive while you guys keep whining.We all know the system is not working fairly for Indians even though we are bright,intelligent and law abiding folks.

    You have no idea how dates will progress,so to reiterate once again just chill!

    Pray, just an fyi - what I meant as nonsense is "not we talking abt predicting priority dates"..but you saying EB2s are clever than EB3s. Do you have any idea of what you are saying? The very fact that you are not able to understand what we are discussing here shows how much clever you are..

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  • ronhira
    04-09 05:29 PM
    You don't like members blaming CIS, could have said in one line

    i don't..... becoz i' not in sarah palin brigade of mindless freaks who have to find someone to blame others for the sake of it..... we live in a complicated world..... just becoz we applied with uscis..... & just becoz they've to approve applications..... it doesn't mean
    backlogs & delays is uscis fault..... the least amongst us can easily figure out that the problem is with the congress, not with cis.....

    y the hell do u blame cis...... r they not allocating 140K per year..... what more do u want from them....... oh well...... for the sarah palin brigade on this forum i'm now an outcast.....

    02-13 07:31 PM
    More unfriendliness towards legal immigration + H1bs = more outsourcing by firms who can't find talent in US + lesser revenues from education + lesser number of top notch talent coming to the US + lesser number of innovative companies coming to US + less stronger relationships with growth economies

    Bad, bad equation for US. If I were a US citizen who really cared for the long term success of the country, I would be really scared

    02-02 02:08 PM

    I visited a link that was posted long time back ... the count on each link increases every day.

    for example the following thread is accessed nearly 90 times, many more will visit it sure.



    Increase IV membership, imagine another 10k joining you in the effort and keep it going, all the time

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