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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • kukitron
    10-05 08:33 AM
    Great info,

    Salaries are quite low compare to the US,

    No Visa retrogression


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  • chantu
    07-14 04:46 PM
    Moved residence couple of weeks back. Changed address online for my 485 case and added for spouse and child as weel?
    Is it ok to continue and add spouse and child cases for address change along with my case or do i need to start from scratch with their A numbers? Any idea.

    It should be new procedure for each person.

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  • catchagarwal
    05-04 05:30 PM
    There was no agreement signed. It was just agreed on an email. Am i still bound with the emplyment laws. Just want to understand before taking any steps. Also the project has ended after 4 month but i don't have any document. Also company B can't reveal any internal documents.

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  • questions
    06-06 02:02 AM
    Hi Bhatt,

    thank you! :)
    I am pretty excited as this was the best thing I could hope for at this point. I have entered the DV before and was never selected.
    I wish I could afford a lawyer to assist, but that doesn't seem to be an option for me right now.
    Anyone has any ideas and the turn around time once I have submitted the paperwork and when to hear back from them for an interview?


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  • Cheran
    07-28 03:19 PM
    We are planning to go to India in the last week of September. My current AP expires by Oct 10. Hence applying for a new one. How long are AP approvals taking now a days at TSC.
    Thanks in advance


    My Receipt Date was 06/09, still waiting.

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  • hope_4_best
    05-14 03:16 PM
    Can someone confirm if finger printing required for both paper (by mail) and on-line AP application? Somewhere I read that finger printing is required only for on-line applicants. Is that true?

    It will save me lot of trouble as my nearest INS office for finger printing is about 150 miles away.

    Thanks in advance.

    Paper filed EAD (two times) and AP (one time). Didn't get FP notice. Got approval smoothly.
    No experience with e-file.


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  • gcnirvana
    07-11 02:05 PM
    Not playing a spoil sport, but if you look at the tracking details, it says:

    Looks like Gonzalez packed his bags and moved to his home country :D :D

    Funny? See below:


    The message was IV template...


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  • himu73
    03-26 10:59 AM
    Please move the Web fax link or any improtant event at the center of the home page. Most New members will now come thro. word of mouth, so the introduction of IV can be moved down.

    Put like


    1. WEBFAX etc

    Just a suggestion to speed up things. People do visit the site but need to be told
    do 1,2,3,4


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  • pitha
    07-12 10:40 PM
    Please dont gets your hopes too high. I am not saying this out of scepticism but out of the depression and pain I experienced on july 2 when the evil uscis said they will reject all 485 applications.

    I understand the good natured thought behind IV stating this possibility of "good news", but they should have held off on the announcement until it was confirmed. So many people are unnecessarily getting excited. god forbid if this news fails tommorow I can only imagine the pain the people would experience.

    I can only pray and I will pray without getting excited.

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  • vamsi_poondla
    12-20 08:03 AM
    Receipt Number: SRC0XXXXXXXX


    Current Status: Notice Returned as Undeliverable.

    On December 19, 2007, the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS as undeliverable. This may have serious effects on processing this case. Please call 1-800-375-5283 to update your mailing address for this notice to be re-sent..

    I have not yet got the FP appointment. Could this be the letter for that or something else serious?
    After filing, my address changed.
    I submitted AR-11 form, called USCIS and updated address, when opened SR last month gave them the new address to for which any notices have to be sent etc..but still got this letter from our super efficient USCIS.


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  • pcs
    01-05 04:55 PM
    also please put a message on the message board of www.miIndia.com in TELGU & all other Indian Foregn languages

    This helps to unite the cause

    Today being the weekend is the best day

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  • Roger Binny
    05-08 01:14 AM
    I believe the same post sounds some what fishy, check this guys posts all the way back from 07 to till now.

    posts (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/search.php?searchid=1654575)

    USCIS going all the way back to 1999, that too dependent's I-94 card which has a month expired.

    Why on earth an attorney didn't suggested to use nunc pro trunc which facilitates saying person is maintaining legal status after the recent entry.


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  • memyselfandus
    10-07 09:57 AM
    Hi, I just got the H1 extension receipt, did you gave expired I94 when you travel ?


    You need to always hand over your I94; whether it is expired or not. When you re-enter into this country you will be issued I94 based on either your h1b or AP or what ever visa you might have that is effective at the time ...

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  • mdipi0
    11-17 09:52 PM
    hey, i just found out i have this account?


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  • GKBest
    10-30 06:24 PM
    I may have to use it for work from January as I am invoking AC21. I am confused now whether to re-apply or just use it like as it is.

    My attorney informed USCIS about the typo error when they received the AOS receipts , but it looks like EAD Card was ordered before USCIS was notified. My Advance Parole has also mis-spelled Lastname. I have USCIS letter confirming typo error attached to my case. Would this be a sufficient proof that my EAD has a different Lastname which is only a typo error?

    Gurus please advise.


    My lawyer advised me to take an infopass to correct the name of my dependent on the EAD card. Instead of "e", they placed "a" and he said that I might as well have the name on the FP notice and I-485 corrected.

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  • pappu
    07-14 04:55 PM
    Thanks for the update paskal.

    It was just what i needed to make my mind...i am bored to death in this small town finishing my waiver hoping for this piece of legislation.( no hopes of my EB2 anyway:rolleyes:).

    Thanks Paskal for letting everyone know the update. IV was a co-signatory with other medical advocacy groups to the letter for pushing Physician's provisions. Please contact Paskal if you wish to join the effort.

    There are lot of doctors who are unaware about this and what they can do together to end their long wait. I have met some of them myself and talked about IV and its efforts for doctors. They joined IV effort but the doctor community by and large is still unaware of this effort and scattered.


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  • gandalf1234
    02-10 03:58 PM
    Sharma ji -

    I heard 6 mths but there is no written rule .

    Please do not hijack my thread .....

    This thread is about H1-Extension pending after 485 approval

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  • irock
    10-10 06:53 PM
    We are also in the same boat. My wife and me finished FP on 10/2. Its already been 9days. No LUD on my case or my wife's case.
    Do I need to worry or This is quite normal?

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  • mmanurker
    10-23 05:28 PM
    Yes, thats good news specially for the applicants in that region. In my opinion applicants from MP and Karnataka and AP will fall into that region I guess though not sure but just my 2 cents. Right now they just opened the office but I dont think they will be fully functional till mid-december 2008.

    06-01 01:34 PM
    Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    Go with every document that you think is important. Also, consult your company's lawyer.

    I think it is going to be ok.

    Good Luck and please share your experiences when done.

    07-08 09:49 PM
    Hello All,

    I am currently on OPT which is valid till July 2009. Also, my H1-B is approved through a company X starting oct 2008. Currently I got a job with company Y on my OPT. Can I continue to work on my OPT with company Y till July 2009? OR Do I need to transfer my H1B to company Y from company X to be able to continue to work after Oct 2008?

    Please help. Your guidance is truly appreciated.


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