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Thursday, June 23, 2011

dragon ball chi chi kid

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  • JunRN
    12-29 04:42 PM
    The problem really was that IOs are not properly briefed on AC21. There are some cases where they have to ask their supervisors about it. What if the supervisors are also not familiar with AC21?

    As others are saying, IOs will soon gain more knowledge on AC21 as many will use it due to the retrogression. Until that time, it is risky.

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  • tonyHK12
    10-28 10:10 AM
    There is no freedom and especially education in India. in US even if you are a 60 year old you can join a university but in India things are different
    What do you mean? My father was an engineer and he started his Bachelor of law at age 58 in 1996 in India, after retirement. regular college, which only 10% pass out off.

    Again never compare Canada with India, India is Unique and I am not putting my Motherland on Trash, You are in a way doing that, by comparing it with Canada and USA.
    I'm only comparing the economy and education not the culture.
    STOP religious Conversion and propoganda all over the world all the countries will live happily.
    Well that was funny, I'm mostly an atheist.
    The first thing you should understand are most of these conversions are started by foreign organizations and their followers, and conversions by force or by paying money should be stopped immediately.
    Well some general knowledge for you - I haven't heard of native roman catholics converting anyone. They are very conservative and it is very difficult religion to follow - numbers don't matter.

    What propaganda is this? The american overseas pursuits are not related to religion.
    There are some rogue organizations here, who run this as a business, with profit/loss, and they need to be monitored in India. They surely have branches there too.

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  • joydiptac
    06-03 06:55 PM
    Voted for 1085.
    Now guys will u please also vote for

    i.e. EB Visa recapture.

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  • bestia
    08-31 11:23 PM
    you are assuming he has applied for 485. If he has not, (ie. started labor in 2004) then until atleast July he would be in the same boat. If his LC is still in BEC (remember 30K are still stuck there); then all of this applies to him even after July VB fiasco!

    Well.. this is how I understood "He applied for his so-called green card, [...], in 2004" if it means LC, then the article is correct. but then "eight years ago" - doesn't make sense.

    BTW, the link works without 'www' (stone to abc's IT guys)



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  • Once the egg hatched, kid

  • dionysus
    08-20 07:17 PM
    You must name him. God forbid if it is my own employer, and he has done the same backstabbing to me too. Please let me know the name of this bastard, atleast in a private message so that I can sleep better tonight.

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  • nag2007
    02-08 04:06 PM
    I dont see any light at the tunnel. PDs will not move until they allow 485 filing even PD is not current.


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  • snathan
    06-17 09:31 PM
    Below are some links for those who are looking for visa stamping related 'disaster' stories.... I think this is a lost cause since the DOS/DHS really does not care...justice and fairness is probably not in their dictionary.


    If possible contact those affected members and spread this news. We can draft a letter along with their stories and send it to all media and congressmen, DOS officials.

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  • Kitiara
    02-05 05:10 AM
    Wow, I've got three votes now... :)
    Love the castle, and the background work for it.. Kinda looks like one of those Aztec Mayan thingers you see in the mountains or whatever Thank you very much... It's actually a castle from here in England, near Gloucester. Used to go up around there on holiday when I was a kid, and I had some old holiday snaps.

    There's lots of ruined castles round here (there's one 15 minutes from where I live in fact, called Rochester Castle) so I wanted to draw one of those, do something a bit different.

    But Soul and Eilsoe are in a whole new league with their pixel art. :)


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  • Dragon Ball - Gohan

  • abhijitp
    01-24 07:17 PM
    Also setup time with employer to request a letter.

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 01:19 PM
    Its already on youtube.. check this http://www.michaelmoore.com/

    Guys we should put this on youtube and hit with star ratings and supporting messages for moore...........


    CNN never tell truth no matter what it is...immigration, health care, .....


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  • Eagle
    12-05 02:13 PM

    From your reply, I get that you got your EB2 approved by equating CA to Masters degree. Can you let me know whether your bachelors degree was 3 years or 4 years?

    Also, could you let me know which month and year your appeal got cleared?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • clockwork
    08-08 12:15 AM
    Even if I back date my marriage (as advised) , How can I get my future wife to USA?. I cannot get her on depend status as my H1-B (I believe) got canceled on approval of GC.

    Issues I see,

    1. The back date of marriage must match to my stay at India.

    2. I did not visit India in the last one year.

    3. I applied my I-485 in the August 2008 time. So (I must mention my marriage and dependents in the application). Which I did not . So this does not work.

    See the troubles I have now.

    P.S: I did not want to cheat USA Immigration Dept. Not a good practice

    Let me know if there are any guanine ways.

    I dont have any better idea than what other ppl are suggesting.....But

    If i were in your place, i would have arranged register marriage in july itself :) after seeing the august visa bulleting then apply for spouse I-485 on the 1st day of August 08. This solves 2 problems, the one currently u r facing and the other chance of applying I-485 for your spouse. Later, you cud have followed ritual marriage as arranged by your parents....

    Best of luck.


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  • HarshJ
    10-02 01:22 PM

    Filed at NSC on Jul 21st. Received as per FedEx receipt on Jul 23rd. Transferred I-485s, EADs and APs applications from NSC to CSC.

    Received EADs and APs on Sept 25th from CSC.

    Sept 18th notice received that I-485s have been moved back from CSC to NSC.

    Rceipt date for transfer notice is Sept 18th. Dont see my actual Jul 23rd date anywhere.

    When I posted this on , posters suggested that there is a "Receipt Notice" versus a "Transfer Notice".

    My lawyer received the receipt notice. Will check with him about the Receipt date on that notice and post later today.

    Any other ideas what this all means would be appreciated.

    Seems like a ping pong ball being hit from one center to another with no result

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  • shamu
    01-10 11:16 AM

    Hospitals will NOT provide medical insurance. They can provide financial assistance based on your income if you do qualify. Usually it is a payment plan after some discounts on the total cost of the care provided.

    Secondly if you are looking for maternity coverage after getting pregnant the premiums are going to be high, and mostly the insurance companies deny coverage.

    Thirdly i would check with your local medicaid office which on occasion do provide emergency maternity coverage even for legal immigrants in some states.

    Medicaid, I believe I don't quality because of my pay.

    I am looking for some payment options from Hospitals which take care from prenatal to Delivery. I have individual insurance but, that would not cover maternity insurance. In Texas you would not get individual insurance with maternity.

    But I have learn't that when you have individual insurance would cover all complications of delivery, including new born baby, but not regular delivery charges.

    I hope some one on this forum would have some good information which would be helpful to me.

    Any one reading this post, please provide your suggestions or ideas. That would be really helpful.

    Thanking in advance.


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  • k_ek
    12-06 02:30 AM
    I closed my PPF account twice and never paid a single paisa. The second one I closed when I was in US and got the forms here through my old employer and Signed and send those form back to that employer , they filed it, Don'y know if they attached "NOC" but I got all of my money (close to INR80K) in 2 or 3 weeks at my home address in India.

    I guess no one needs to pay money for to PPF in any state all you need tyo do is follow the proper instructions, It's as good as in any bank.
    Dear friend
    my money is also stucked in PPF a/c.
    Can u tell me how can proceed to clse my a/c there and get my money at my home add.

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  • hopefull
    07-06 04:26 PM
    Sorry to hear someone hurting this much!






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  • anilsal
    02-10 10:17 PM
    a FP appointment notice.

    Since I am a July 07 filer like many others, it may indicate that they are dusting the apps to generate FP notices?

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  • pointlesswait
    01-04 09:27 AM
    well..if he converts to a Mormon and moves to Iowa..he can have many wifes:D

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  • nag2007
    10-15 10:35 AM
    Nag, u r in a bad situation no doubt. But u had every chance to apply for labor via PERM as well (many of my friends did that) just to be on a safer side. So u r partially to be blamed for ur sorry state.

    MY Company never wanted to allow another application through PERM.

    08-01 12:12 PM
    great let me know once you see any activity..my 140 too was approved from TSC,how bout u?

    08-17 10:35 PM
    Can you please tell me what should we write for this question?

    12. Description of your case problem: Describe the case problem you are experiencing with USCIS. Attach additional pages if needed.

    I am eligible for adjudication but for whatever reasons, my case is being overlooked.

    Do i need to add that my name check is pending and based on 180 day rule, it should have been approved?

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