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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • krishnam70
    04-14 11:59 AM
    So after more than a month of sleepless nights, thanks to Immigration Voice looks like my I 485 application is back on track.

    A recap of my situation:
    Last month I got an email from USCIS-CRIS stating that my I 485 was withdrawn. After being in this country for close to 10 years and in the immigration queue for more than 7 years why would I withdraw the application ??? I did not withdraw my application !!!

    It took me more than a month to find out the reason behind the withdrawal..trust me it was not easy..and guess what ....It was my Attorney who had withdrawn the application in Error. Now what ... I call USCIS multiple times.. talk to many different IO's .. some of them patient and try to help.. some extremely rude.. but all of them had only one thing to say... they cannot help!!..... I get an Info Pass... no help there either.. I set up an emergency meeting with my attorney (one of the large Immigration Law Firms) .. nothing...they accept their mistake tell me that they will do all they can .. but no assurance that they will reinstate the case .. limited forward movement.... things look gloomy and bleak..no one can help me.

    Then I called Immigration Voice on the number that is listed on the site and left a voice mail. Promptly got a call back I spoke to a Core member who understood the gravity and urgency of the situation and swiflty moved forward and got in touch with their contacts in the government. The Core member also put me in a conference call with the person who was going to look into my case, I was so relieved that I could explain the situation first hand.

    I got a call today and I was told that after evaluating my case my file has been reopened and they have mailed an offical notice regarding the same and I should get it in a few days. *Fingers crossed until I get this notice in hand ;)*
    The IV core was extremely sensitive to my situation and were very responsive and extremly helpful. I cant thank Immigration Voice enough for helping me resolve this issue in a quick manner.

    I have registered to be a recurring contributing member and I intend to be an active member of this group.

    My lessons from this crazy experience are:
    - Never trust your attorney, always ask for a copy of any letter/document they send to USCIS on your behalf
    - There is no organization besides IV out there that is looking out for the interests of the Immigrant Community.
    - We need to strengthen IV in all ways we can, we need to be active.
    - And as so many members have already said "We are IV." If we want things to be better "WE" need to do something about it.

    I urge members who are still contemplating becoming active members to evaluate their options and to become active and contributing members of IV.

    - Peace

    Another point I would like to add is that no other organization has the kind of reach and the credibility with USCIS as IV has as far as representing the true interests of the Immigrant Community goes. IV is a huge asset we have and we should work towards strenthening it.

    I am glad your file is back on track and kudos to IV for helping out in this dire situation. I think this needs to be a revelation to people who have been questioning IV's commitment to our cause. This case should not be construed as a template for individual calls to help for everybody. Your problem is unique and IV has been able to help. I only hope people dont start flooding the IV helpline with calls to pursue their individual cases based on delays in processing etc and then blame IV for not being able to help in their case.

    This shows collective action and an honest organizational effort will go a long way in helping out the community and we should all share our responsibility in helping each other through IV.

    - cheers

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  • FinalGC
    05-15 10:51 AM
    I believe Mbhai did a dis-service by negating good advice. What is the guarantee that the 2nd women that this guy marries will not ask for divorce? The best thing he can do is find a way to reconcile, unless there is marital infidility.

    I believe "snathan" story was inspiring and addressed the true problem of that individual and every indivudual's life. Trust me, when you all get your GC's ...it will be these things that will matter to all of you, rather than anything else.

    hmm, i think munnabhai did the right thing.

    sometimes people give irrelevant advice. one guy asks im getting divorced, what shud i do with respect to 485? if people tell him, stop worrying bout 485, focus on ur life and fix ur marraige, then its not helping him from a "forum" perspective.


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  • aachoo
    02-19 01:12 PM
    Aachoo, downthedrain, jazzbytheway, sushilup, rvr_jcop -

    question 1) did both you and your spouse's I485 cases receive the "pending at the location it was transfered to"?
    question 2) did both you and your spouses I485 cases receive RFE?
    question 3) did both you and your spouses case have an LUD after RFE?

    have you guys received the RFE notices and if yes, what is USCIS asking


    1- The "pending at the location" note has been in there since it was transferred from NSC-CSC-NSC.
    2- RFE only for me at this point (online). Wife's still says "pendin at the location" but has soft LUDs
    3- I got LUD after RFE

    Not received RFE yet.

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  • nag2007
    12-05 05:38 PM
    Does any body think of people who did not get a chance to file I-485 who had earlier priority date(2002-mar 2005) ?


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  • maddipati1
    07-27 08:18 PM
    BTW, great thinking.. posting the link in advance

    u r a Skilled .... but keeps a lil bug in the logic :-)


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  • stuckinretro
    01-06 09:18 AM
    PMP is a certification and is merely to Project and People Management. MBA is a Graduate Degree and pertains to Business Management. One cannot and should not compare a certification to a Degree.

    In several responses people have compared MBA and PMP, I don't these two are comparable. Any thoughts?


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  • ZeroComplexity
    12-13 06:19 PM
    What I am finding is, there are not enough people to do the really complicated stuff. Because of demand and supply the salaries are going up for folks that do specialized tech work( say OS Kernel development).

    Then again, nothing in this world is too difficult, so lot of this stuff is getting pushed out to development teams outside of the US, where it's cheaper to get it done. The only downside is the ramp up time.

    There is a critical point when it becomes too expensive to hire anyone in the US and the folks elsewhere are sufficiently ramped up, at that point we can thank all those who are against employment based immigration and find an alternate career :)

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    05-30 08:13 PM
    Also say **NAY** to this one which introduces bill to deny birth right of citizenship:


    We are waiting in line for GC for long and never know when can be considered as illegals, as there is a very thin line between being legal and illegal here. We do not want our kids to suffer because of this bill.

    Kam se kam ek newborn se to uska birth-right nahin cheen na chahiye...


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  • jonty_11
    05-15 11:21 AM
    like everything else CHC will block this too...they want to put illegals ahead of everyone else....

    It is not just they - but the industries who employ them and depend on them .As much as we may want to call them illegals - they are a part of economy and will continue to be as long as their employers continue to hire them at lower wages to boost their profits.

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  • chanduv23
    11-16 02:47 PM
    Good stuff, We will all do this. As such, most of the reqruiters, when they contact you on phone they say "My client is not interested in hiring h1b candidates, you must have at least a Green Card or a EAD or must be a US citizen", I was under the impression that a company has the right to proceed with considering you for a job based on whether you are a EAD or a GC or a citizen
    Can IVs lawyers give more information about this?


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  • anilsal
    11-18 04:28 PM
    have bought houses on temporary visas. Of course, if the cost of the house is very high and the mortgage is high (as in California), then it is risky.

    If not, go for it, if you find a good house.

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  • sanju
    09-09 09:13 PM
    I have a question on salary hike after invoking AC21.
    What if new employer pay same salary as old and the other amount as per diem. Is that going to be a problem.
    For ex. current employer is paying 80K and new employer is going to pay 120 K. Which is way beyond the limit. In this case can new employer pay the difference in per diem.
    Experts, your opinion please.

    It may be ok if the new employers writes in the employment verification letter sent to USCIS to reply to the RFE that your salary with the new employer is say between 80K-83K "plus benefits". Per diem is actually a benefit. The only problem could be, per diem is for finite period of time and you have to maintain a primary residence different than the place of your work, now sure though. I think this question could be verified by a lawyer and/or HR dept.


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  • EBX-Man
    05-12 11:33 AM

    Reality is DREAM act is directly connected to HISPANIC votes for Democrats, EB community doesnt have any VOTING rights, neither they get any support from the folks who are already GC/UScitizenship holders.

    Once people are out of this GC mess, they all start talking about anti immigration and that's the reality, u go to any indian community around and see how much support you have from those folks who have GC/US citizenship.

    Hispanic community has unity. EB Community has factured groups, each intenet on their narrow goals and aspirations. There is no use commenting on and comparing Hispanic comunity with legal community. Every illegal fights for all the illegals where as every EB immigrant fights for himself and by extension his/her group be it preference category or country category

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  • imm_pro
    06-13 01:45 AM
    Man..great find...nice article..from probably the most reliable organization which no one can dare contardict.


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  • BharatPremi
    11-14 09:49 AM

    During my Infopass appointment, Lady Officer told me that your approved advanced parole is mailed to your home address and she verified my home address with me as well. Now my AP was approved on Oct 1*. I had a Infopass on 6th Nov. According to officer AP was "mailed" on the same day as "approval". That was not sufficient, so to add that, I got an email from lawyer yesterday mentioning the receipt of our all approved APs at his office.

    So conclusion: Do not trust USCIS officer whatever they say during Infopass.

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  • h1-b forever
    01-13 09:11 AM
    How much does the Transit visa cost?


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  • ronhira
    07-22 11:17 AM
    u know what i think, doggy, doggystyle and devils_advocate are all the same person, or they are anti-immigrants who are teaming up. admin may want to look at them closely... i would.... others can keep an eye on these guys too....

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  • HV000
    02-15 02:47 PM
    I have notice one more soft LUD on new I 129. I don't know whats going on.

    Any one with same or similar experience?

    Hi shana,

    Don't think tooo much about this. Nobody knows exactly how and when LUD is updated.

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  • svr_76
    03-11 07:28 PM
    Consulate officers and immigration officers at port of entry are two different categories including their education background, training etc...dont compare them. Consulate officers are first line of defence which has to be good at detecting problems.

    I have no interest in your employment setup...question is -Are you paid while you are on vacation or [off project and still in this country]. And Whether that would be treated as valid employment for H1 candidate by the book of law.

    If employees are not reporting fraud commited by employer because the employee want to come to US..then they are party to the fraud and hence Consulate are trying to ensure that valid employments are allowed.

    If they have comeup with some requirements it would have been based on analysis of fraud reported by USCIS's H1B program itself + ICS raids + others.....

    If the H1 petition says your annual salary is X and your W2 show less than that how do you explain it? It implies either your were out of work or paid-less than promised which implies that there is a potential of employer committing a fraud....

    with me?

    07-03 09:31 AM
    Medical - $246
    Photos - $ 30
    Photocopies - $ 15
    USPS - $35
    Birth Certificate - $ 150
    Filing Fees - $ 780
    Attorney Fees - $ 1100

    Total = $2356

    All from my own pocket:mad: :mad: :mad:

    07-19 02:27 PM
    Desi.....someone asked you a question.....please reply in your typical red blue italic font. If you can not defend what you said, then admit that you were doing BS here. Thanks

    I have already replied to him/her.

    BTW, Are you his/her agent? Your post indicates what kind of person you are.

    Good Luck.

    Green Card holder since May 2002

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