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Saturday, June 25, 2011

DC Comics! What are you doing for Wonder Woman's 70th Birthday?

What in the Hell is going on? Wonder Woman just turned 70 this year and what is DC Comics doing about this?

So far, I've seen nothing. Nothing, from DC but this damn reboot and Green Lantern (which is considered a FAIL). They tried to make a series but that failed, they gave her a broke ass costume change and they continue to downplay her power in the DC Universe.

Great Hera, where is the love for Wonder Woman?

Where are the celebrations, the items, some type of comic collector editions... Where? Come on, DC Comics, you could release special figures, statues, artwork, Lynda Carter's cape... Something!

This is a real disappointment, for real! She is one of the big 3, show her some respect!

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