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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • gc_lover
    05-15 10:03 AM
    If I have lost my original birth certificate, how do I request for one?

    Contact the nearest consulate of your country of birth.

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  • gsc999
    09-20 07:12 PM
    I am actually very dissappointed with myself. In the post rally MC fluster, I had made a mental note to introduce Logiclife and then give him a flower. But I hear he strongly opposes measures such as this :)

    I had also promised to get Macaca on the stage and write with colorful Sharpies on his forehead.

    Its probably best I forgot both...

    Yes, Logiclife is a bit touchy about the flower issue. But its all good

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  • jsb
    09-01 11:10 AM
    Well, if there were preadjudicated cases, which is very very likely, getting ready for September approvals, with VB published weeks ago, should be very routine and simple task. It is quite possible that a lot of approvals should be coming out withint the first few days in September. Best wishes to all waiting, particularly to those wth senior PD's left out last year.

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  • natrajs
    07-19 11:31 PM
    I know the feeling of the people who got stuck in BEC.

    My Current LC PD is Jun 04 - EB2, before that I had two LC's PD of Jun 2001 and Sep 02 of EB2, Since I switched my employer I was unable to use those LC's even though I was promised by both Ex - Employers ( But it turns out to $$$$$ Demand from the Ex).

    Since I made the decisions to switch employers, I don't have any regrets. And am I hoping for 3rd time luck now.

    Rather than complaining about the systems, I think we have to focus on how

    1) To get back the Unused Visa # from year 2000 (Almost 180K #'s)
    2) To increase in yearly Visa # from 140 K to 280K or even more
    3) To make USCIS to not to count the dependents towards the VISA #'s

    The current USCIS policy counts all the dependents towards the available VISA #'s (I believe the formula is 2.5 per primary Applicant)
    That means the country quota of 7 % (9800/2.5 = 3920) available to any one country (All the categories). If this is true, I really don't know when we can the see the light.

    Of course IV is focused on this issues, I am basically reiterating it again. This effort needs humongous resources.

    So please contribute $$$, your efforts and time.

    Positive thinking will help to achieve the Goal


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  • logiclife
    01-17 02:06 PM
    We started the recurring contributions system Monday night and we sent out emails to 8400 individuals in addition to posting on this site.

    Out of 8400, we have nearly a whopping 35 people signed up for recurring contributions. This is below the lowest of low expectations.

    There is such a thing as Timing.

    We all know that contributions reach peak time when Immigration debate is on CSPAN.

    But what most people must realize is that when the bills are debated on the committees and floors, its too difficult at that later stage to make difference.
    At that stage first of all you need a sponsor for your amendment, then you need the majority/minority leader to allow floor time for debate on that amendment and then you need votes to get the amendment passed.

    Getting things done before committee level, in the original text requires action now, NOW IS THE TIME, when you dont hear about immigration in the news, but behind the scenes, things are happening.

    So if you are holding on to your contributions until you start seeing debate and action on the hill, chances are that it will be late at the time and then those funds cannot be translated into usable resources.

    Things take time and planning ahead of time and working ahead of time is something that highly skilled professionals must value.

    If we start hearing rumours of layoff, we start looking for jobs...right? Or do we wait until we are actually laid off and on the streets? Why cant we be working ahead of time when it comes to this organization's efforts??????

    What is your message to core group?

    Its the call of overall 8400 membership. Perhaps the membership, with its slow response, is sending a message that core group is wasting its time doing all this and we should shut down and go on with our lives. If that is the case, then that is fine too. All these efforts of maintaing the website, travelling to DC, maintaining the relationship with our lobbyist and a half a dozen allies....all this takes time and energy. If we dont have support then I guess the core group is the most idiot group of half a million highly skilled immigrants wasting its time.

    One way or the other...I guess we will know in the next month or so.

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    05-21 07:25 AM
    ...are they gonna go to the lawyer's this time?


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  • makemygc
    06-29 05:14 PM
    Good points

    You'll know if it's a good point or not by Monday or Tuesday. There is no logic behind how USCIS works.

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  • studentoflife
    09-18 03:13 PM
    Update: I received my renewed PP from CGI Houston. Here are the details

    CGI Houston received : 18-Jun-2008
    PP issue date : 27-Jun-2008
    Fedex date :02-Jul-2008

    Fedex attempted to deliver it on July 3rd but I was out of town till yesterday. I picked it up today (9th July). CGI-H took about 10 business days to process. I decided on purpose to send my application after June 15th, so that all the summer travelers would have renewed it by then. I dont know if that helped me, but I am happy I got new PP in 2 weeks.

    With IKE striking in Texas , cgihouston dot org says "we will be able to provide only essential/emergency consular services until normalcy is restored."

    I need to send my passport for renewal, i was thinking if i should wait for some time or send it right away

    What you guys suggest ? Anyone else on the same boat ?



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  • reddymjm
    07-13 07:14 PM
    to put numbers to your guess, I am guessing roughly even at an optimistic approach, 1000 applications from EB3-I from 2002 may have ported to eb2 or left the country and nothing more than. Why not we do these guys. just a IV sampling poll. Lets create a poll for IV members alone, for eb3-I alone. Lets give all the 12 months as option, and people can update. We can atleast know how many cases are waiting in eb3-I from IV alone for the year 2002. What say you guys? any one wants to take up the initiative? We can also Add an option additionally for 2003 cases and so forth as one option. Our goal is to find how many of us here in IV are waiting with 2002 PD for eb3-I.

    Why did they waste 500 EB3I last year. What makes them approve EB3 at that slow rate. All the cases are at NSC for 10 years. Why the ##&( they are issuing 1 year EAD for EB3I. There is no FIFA or whatever it is. How can TSC approve all cases at such a fast rate and NSC sits on them till the processing time is crossed and wait for a SR .

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  • voicerj
    05-04 06:48 PM
    I had observed this last summer also that most of the CPO emails are received at night. In my opinion, it is probably due to the fact that they run these external communications as batch jobs at night, which is usually the case in any high volume corporate type IT systems.
    So guys, relax and check you emails at night :-)

    We will be happy if it will have more volume


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  • what_now
    05-25 02:08 PM
    EAD Paper Filed 4/12 to Phoenix Lockbox.
    RD 4/23. Check cashed 4/23
    Transferred to CSC as my 485 was receipted from CSC????
    LUDs 4/29.

    CPO 5/25..........:D

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  • Goodintentions
    01-17 08:50 AM
    Dear All,

    While meeting the law makers is certainly the best option, from personal experience I have found it to be difficult. I have however been able to meet our Congressman�s associate handling immigration matters several times.

    Some ideas �

    1.From personal experience I have noted that �signed� one page letters with a specific an clear subject line helps (For example, subject could be : Bill No. S1085: Seek your kind help to recapture lost visas for the Employment based Green card applicants). It may be slow, but personally I have a feeling that it works better than emails.

    2.As it always happens, letters should never be longer than one page, especially when it is going to a government agency. No one even cares to pick up a 4 page letter and read it!

    3. Can we all jointly plan :
    a.To write a one page letter on Bill S1085 and send thousands of letters in a specific pre-planned window to the President, respective senators and congressmen/women? (Let us not make drafting an issue. With a common subject line on Bill S 1085 we can write a simple letter in our own words)
    b.Follow up the letter with the meeting of the Congressman / associate handling immigration?

    4. There is no guarantee that this will work miracles, but we can still try. Our �Flower campaign� helped, after all!

    5. The next stage could be to stage a mass satyagraha in the typical Gandhian, peaceful way before the White House or the Congress. This can be done in summer, when the weather is good. We need to start planning right away and start mobilizing our EB friends.

    I am really not sure how many of our friends would like the ideas!

    Best wishes to everyone�.


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  • amitjoey
    03-20 04:13 PM
    Now is the time to act. The next 10 days are crucial. Lets raise awareness, bring in new members and become 10,000 strong.

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  • sathesh
    05-02 02:28 PM
    I am also in the same boat.

    Perm date : 23 Jul 2007
    Audit date : 10-Oct 2007
    Audit reply date :12 Nov 2007


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  • pappu
    01-06 01:42 AM
    Thank you everyone for all the hardwork and support. The membership drive is going great!

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  • hsingh82
    03-20 12:57 PM
    That is for the 2008 stimulus. They were going to do the same in 2009, but it was reversed at the last minute. I am sorry I could not get the 2008 stimulus overturned. The best we were able to do was the HEART Act, which only helps those who are active military. However, the 2009 stimulus is available for everyone. This time it is not a one time payment, but you will see a small increase in your monthly paycheck.

    Thanks for your efforts Totoro, I was confused because the guy said last year! Good going.


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  • ram112
    09-03 05:07 AM

    I got greened today, surprisingly. Could anyone let me know what are the good numbers to reach a human in USCIS, hopefully with less wait time. I wanted to check with them what address they have on file. I filed an address change in JUne but I am not sure if they have it right in their systems. Also, is there a way to get this information without calling them.

    Thanks a lot ..

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  • Juan28210
    10-27 03:47 PM
    I have an approved labor cert thru PERM(PD: July 2006). The advertisements were made in May.

    I also have a pending TR case in DBEC(PD: Aug 2002). I'm planning to have it converted to RIR. Would anyone know if I can use the same advertisement efforts that were used in the PERM case, as basis for the TR to RIR conversion?

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  • GC_Applicant
    01-16 11:11 AM
    I'll join if its 9:30 PM EST.

    Chintu, I have sent you a PM.


    05-21 10:01 AM
    So I read that the amendment for recapture has been removed from the funding bill. Guess we are back to the start again? This really makes me to start hate the fact that we are held as the hostage of illegals

    Is this true? where did you read this? would it be possible to post somemore information. Does this mean we stop calling or we still need to call? I just read this thread and started calling.

    06-01 03:24 PM
    recieved EAD card with 2 years validity from TSC. My current EAD expires on 07/31. The new EAD starts from 08/01.

    Just recieved a notification from USCIS that my EAD card production has been ordered. that was pretty fast!

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