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Thursday, June 30, 2011

daniel radcliffe webby awards

images PHOTOS: Webby Awards 2011 – Daniel Radcliffe, Joe Jonas, Nora Jones, daniel radcliffe webby awards. The 15th Annual Webby Awards
  • The 15th Annual Webby Awards

  • apravi
    12-12 09:01 PM
    thankyou verymuch for your input.
    sorry about that.

    wallpaper The 15th Annual Webby Awards daniel radcliffe webby awards. The 15th Annual Webby Awards
  • The 15th Annual Webby Awards

  • purgan
    05-08 07:32 PM
    I dont' feel there is anything wrong with posting it...after all he has not written it (and even if he did, there is such a thing called freedom of speech)...he has only posted it.

    daniel radcliffe webby awards. The 15th Annual Webby Awards
  • The 15th Annual Webby Awards

  • TUnlimited
    10-13 05:30 PM
    We got our EAD cards today.
    We had gone for FP on Sept 19th and saw LUDs on Sep 20th on our I-485s. But the EAD cards came without our fingerprints. EAD cards came from the same Service center (Nebraska) where the FP notices came from. So wondering, how they did not include our fingerprints in the EAD card?? I had also checked with FBI helpline two weeks back and verified that the FPs were delivered to USCIS.

    Anybody else in similar situation?

    July 29 filer, Nebraska
    I-140 approved from Texas , Jan 2007
    EB-3, PD: May 11 2001

    When you did your FP, for what particular benefit it was intended? Was it strictly for 485 or was it combined for 485 and 765? If it was just for 485 - why do you expect it appear on your 765 and EAD card? As far as it known, 485 and 765 are complete different things and not related to each other in any way. Didn't you know that?

    2011 The 15th Annual Webby Awards daniel radcliffe webby awards. Daniel Radcliffe stopped by
  • Daniel Radcliffe stopped by

  • JadeNB
    09-11 08:01 PM
    I applied for a green card for my wife just after we were married on May 11, 2009. We received an appointment for an interview in Detroit on August 25, 2009, but we had moved to Texas in the meantime. The appointment was rescheduled at the Dallas field centre on September 14, 2009 (Monday).

    I am wondering what to expect, from the small details to the big stuff. My 3 biggest questions:
    . Does anyone have enough experience to say if there is there reasonable parking available at the field centre? I have never been to Irving. The web page says that there is public parking available, but nothing about how much.
    . I was married before, and applied for a green card for my first wife. It was granted in 2004, and we divorced in 2006. Should I expect extra scrutiny / challenge because of this?
    . Is one actually asked questions of the "What sort of toothpaste does your wife use?" variety? I'm really bad at remembering these details, and am wondering if there's any curve ball that I should expect.
    . Is there a general impression of whether the Dallas field centre is a pleasant or an unpleasant place? My dealings with my first marriage (many years ago) were all with the Chicago field centre, which is very unpleasant, but my one piece of business with the Detroit field centre were easy and pleasant.

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help relieve my nervousness about what to expect.

    UPDATE: I forgot to ask another one: At my previous green card interview, the interviewer asked for a set of passport photos and paystubs for several previous months, although the interview letter had not requested them. I had been warned about this, so I had them with me. Naturally, I am also bringing passport photos and pay stubs this time, just in case. Is there anything else that I might be expected to bring that wouldn't have been mentioned on the interview letter?


    daniel radcliffe webby awards. Daniel Radcliffe esteve
  • Daniel Radcliffe esteve

  • MTsoul
    06-21 05:46 PM
    that's one leet template! :thumb:

    Good luck!

    daniel radcliffe webby awards. Dan Radcliffe - drama desk
  • Dan Radcliffe - drama desk

  • Sideliner
    03-04 02:47 PM
    Just came accross this site. Not sure how accurate the data is, but looks like so far from 2002 there are only 701413 total pending 485 cases. I guess majority of those would be non employment based. Any one seen this data? Is this accurate?




    daniel radcliffe webby awards. O ator Daniel Radcliffe foi um
  • O ator Daniel Radcliffe foi um

  • amdn123
    07-07 02:44 PM
    Is it permitted to enter the US on a tourist visa and while you are here, can you start working since H1B approval has been received? The reason I ask is that my some time is needed to set up an apartment, get SSN etc. and it would be easier to come a little early while H1B is being processed. Can you get the H1B stamped in the passport later in Canada? Thanks in advance!

    2010 The 15th Annual Webby Awards daniel radcliffe webby awards. PHOTOS: Webby Awards 2011 – Daniel Radcliffe, Joe Jonas, Nora Jones,
  • PHOTOS: Webby Awards 2011 – Daniel Radcliffe, Joe Jonas, Nora Jones,

  • bombay_rail
    01-13 02:43 AM

    I am in my 6th year H1B which is getting expired on Feb 20th 2007. My I140 is approved couple of months back. My employer has applied for the H1B Extension for 3 years on Jan 8th. According to the current status, I will not get my H1B extension papers until March 2007.

    My work contract with the client is getting over by Feb 28 and the chances of extension are almost zero. Since my relation with my employer is on a contractual basis, any thing can happen once my work contract is over.

    Question 1:

    How does it work if I loose the job before the approval of my H1B (I will have the receipt notice) and also I have to change the employer at the same time?
    Can some one let me know about this?

    Question 2:

    Due to the above confusion, I am debating with me, should I file the H1B extension in premium process or not?
    The reason for this thought is, if I loose the job I have to search only for the job and need not to worry about the legalities. I simply have to transfer the H1B to the new employer.

    What about the expert�s opinion on this?

    Any advices on this would be much appreciated.


    daniel radcliffe webby awards. Anna Wintour#39;s Five Word Webby
  • Anna Wintour#39;s Five Word Webby

  • ashres11
    10-29 12:59 PM
    My wife had concived for 3 days in June. During immigration medical exams Doctor gave her MMR shots and stated don't get pregnant for another 3 months.

    After 15 days, We came to know that she is pregnant.

    last week my wife had miscarriage after 18 weeks of pregnancy. Not sure it's because of MMR or something else.

    hair Daniel Radcliffe stopped by daniel radcliffe webby awards. Daniel Radcliffe: Webby Awards with Anna Wintour!
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Webby Awards with Anna Wintour!

  • beeth
    08-22 12:51 PM

    I will be grateful if anyone can give me advice about this situation:

    I was on H1B for company A. I got an offer from company B last week and I just visit POE to get the TN visa

    with new I-94 card. My TN support letter and offer letter clearly state my first date for company B is

    09/07/2010, that is, 2 weeks from now.

    The problem is that I assumed I could still work for company A(my H1B sponsor) for another two weeks, so, I

    planned to let my employer know the coming Monday, to fulfill my 2 weeks notice advance promise in the next

    two-week time. However, I heard that my H1B would be void as soon as I got my TN visa, is that true?

    That is, will the status change(from H1B to TN) start from the time I got the TN visa at POE(09/22/2010),

    or from the time I start my new work for company B on 09/07/2010? Is the H1B visa still valid for me to

    work for company A for another two weeks before I start my new work?

    If my H1B visa really became invalid at this time, I will have to tell my manager at company A the true and

    appologize for that, although I feel very bad about that. If not, I worry I would be caught by the

    government and charged for illegally work for two weeks, then I will be in big troubleshoot for further

    immigration petitions(TN, H1B, even GC, etc.).

    Please advise and if possible, please provide references with which I could show my H1B sponsor/employer.

    Thank you very much!


    daniel radcliffe webby awards. The 15th Annual Webby Awards
  • The 15th Annual Webby Awards

  • anu_t
    09-21 12:29 PM
    Did you have a receipt number for 140? I'm in the same boat but I didn't apply for 485 yet. and I don't have a 140 receipt number.

    hot Daniel Radcliffe esteve daniel radcliffe webby awards. JUNE 13: Daniel Radcliffe
  • JUNE 13: Daniel Radcliffe

  • eb3retro
    01-27 09:20 AM
    did it twice already. will do it how much ever time it takes to get the right job. cant let the life suck in eb3 india wait. already waited too long in 485 filing time. cant ruin my life anymore. never informed no one abt my move. cos, in my opinion there will be no time, where they will get to process my eb3 india application with pd jan 2003.


    house 2011 Webby Awards A daniel radcliffe webby awards. Drama Desk Awards 2011
  • Drama Desk Awards 2011

  • buehler
    06-16 10:26 AM
    It is best to not do anything while on the B visa, and relinquish the B status, then either re-enter on a stronger intent visa (H1/H4 or L1) and then file 485 or file the 485 from outside the country.

    Agree with what mihir is telling here. Just a minor correction - 485 can be filed only when one is present in the US.

    tattoo Dan Radcliffe - drama desk daniel radcliffe webby awards. Daniel Radcliffe attended
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  • ameryki
    02-22 08:41 PM
    I saw this and got online to try and reach out to the desi founder requesting him to consider also piloting this in India considering rural India is still in desperate need of energy development to help improve the basic infrastructure and lifestyle. Could not find a way to connect.


    pictures O ator Daniel Radcliffe foi um daniel radcliffe webby awards. Daniel Radcliffe (anyone know
  • Daniel Radcliffe (anyone know

  • pa_arora
    08-07 07:12 PM
    500 dollar question.

    LUD: Last Updated Date.
    RD: Received Date
    AD: Approval Date

    Just being proactive here and telling u all the 'dates' so that u done open a new thread for the other ones tomorrow. ;-)

    dresses JUNE 13: Daniel Radcliffe daniel radcliffe webby awards. Daniel Radcliffe: Webby Awards
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Webby Awards

  • H1B-GC
    02-09 01:49 PM
    This Stupid lame Duck talks of only increase of H1B's. Rarely or never talks abt removing GC quota.Then if congress really listens to him,its gonna take 6 years just to get Prewailing Wage From DOL.:mad:


    makeup Anna Wintour#39;s Five Word Webby daniel radcliffe webby awards. 2011 Webby Awards A
  • 2011 Webby Awards A

  • snathan
    10-11 10:58 PM

    Some one could you please let me know how and where I can give complaint about H1B holding company.

    Would you mind to tell us who you are first and whats the complaint.

    girlfriend Daniel Radcliffe attended daniel radcliffe webby awards. 2011 Webby Awards: A
  • 2011 Webby Awards: A

  • Can2004
    08-03 10:59 PM
    Hi All,
    My LC was approved recently(PD June 2004). The location/office for which my LC was initially filed was closed recently.
    My company(which has offices all over states) has another locations/Offices in the same metropolitan area.The company attorney is saying that they can use my approved LC to file my I-140(and I-485 concurrently) for another location in the same area as long as it is within commuting distance of the original location.
    Was wondering if anyone knows about this?


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  • apb
    03-18 02:32 PM
    AT JFK. Just showed AP and passport. Went through US citizen/resident line, again to separate counter and no questions. Very cool and very very friendly CBP officers.

    Ruth B
    08-14 01:30 PM
    "I would like to hear your professional opinion on the following issue: I have been on F-1 visa for 7 consecutive years. I have an employer that has sponsored me as a Graphic Designer. In fact I have obtained the I-140 through him already. I recently applied for employment AOS (July 25th) with my wife (She is on F2 visa) and I'm currently waiting on the Notice Receipt. School starts on August 20th and I'm hesitant on when exactly the new Immigrant Status starts. Do I still need to enroll for classes in order to maintain my visa? I don't intend to finish school due to financial difficulties, when exactly may I drop out from school? Should I remain enrolled up until I receive the EAD and AP? Thanks in advance for your response."

    10-01 12:12 AM
    i got an addition to my input request


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