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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • BMS1
    10-11 04:34 PM
    There used to be a time when the ability to apply for I485 even during retrogression. was of the highest priority for IV. Now majority of the IV members (hopefully) belong to post I485 filing group. Now the amount of green cards for employment category, exemptions from quota for family members, US degree holders etc, and country quota may be the higher priority issues if one goes by the numbers.

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  • wallpaper crossfire game pc.

  • tcsonly
    01-04 10:57 AM
    I think all 3 of them (Husband & 2 wives) should apply for their own H1B's and make it here and then apply for separate GC's.

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  • of crossfire online game

  • nonimmi
    05-15 12:15 PM
    I know many people working here in my city who are from TCS. TCS blatantly breaks rules and sends these people on L1 visas while paying them an Indian salary and a minimal per diem for their time in the U.S. They don't even get enough for renting a car and I see many of these poor guys walking from their apartment blocks to the office. It's good exercise (for one's physical health) but the intent of the company is exploitation and nothing else :mad:

    In addition, I notice that many of these recruits are here not for long term jobs but for gaining enough knowledge so that those jobs can be outsourced back to the home country. That has started to make many of my American colleagues really mad. But it's the fault of the company, not these poor guys who don't have seem to have a clue what a bad deal it is until they arrive here.

    Sad to say, Wipro, Infosys and the rest in their flock are no better.

    Indian IT companies are responsible indeed. They are responsible creating this whole H1B mess, they keep bringing people in "dirt cheap" rate when economy is bad and people here are laidoff for "cost-cutting". I've this experience during 2001-2002 when some of these Indian companies were paying $15-20. Can you imagine?? But they are not alone in this game! Their clients like - GE, Merrill, Morgan etc. all goto them for cheap labor and promote this. They squeze as far as possible in terms of rate. Also part of their savings must be going to guys supposed to monitor the law. It is a big ecosystem where no one is "blind". All enjoy their share for sometime and suddenly wake-up one day when their "profit-sharing" calculations go wrong!!

    I've seen so many TCS workers with L1 are consuming jobs which otherwise be done by either US workers or people from other part of the world came here with proper H1 and HOPE to succeed and make it big here!! They come here because they were needed by BIG US companies to get "cheap labor" and deceive their "GREAT" country.

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  • katewill
    01-31 10:46 AM
    Where is this from? $905 for I-485?

    Form No. Current Fee Proposed Fee Difference
    I-129 $190 $320 $130
    I-131 $170 $305 $135
    I-140 $195 $475 $280
    I-485 $325 $905 $580
    I-765 $180 $340 $160


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  • texanmom
    01-21 10:46 AM
    I have been busy the last 2 weekends collecting signatures from all my friends, neighbors and colleagues.

    2 parties, 3 play dates and 10 days later, I have managed to get a total of 53 letters signed. I will be posting all of them today.

    Please do your part in sending in signed letters. It is really easy, especially if you have the templates ready. This is going to be a big win for IV if we can accomplish it.

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  • Crossfire: Dragunov Review

  • amit79
    04-10 11:47 AM
    I've been a consultant for 5 years now, worked for 5 different clients, and was without work for just 4 days so far. If consulting companies are banned, it means that I will steal the job of one of you permanent employees.

    People do hire me as a contractor and pay me big bucks for a reason. The only way I can choose what I want to do when I am still on H1b, is to work for a consulting company.

    I know a lot of mediocre people, afraid of not being able to find the next contract, end up in a boring permanent job. May be they like it too.

    Don't get offended. You need to see the other angles too. I showed you one.

    Maybe you are not part of the typical consultants we are talking here. These touts apply for poeple even when they don't have jobs here.

    One of my school friends is working in India for some company. He is not even thinking about coming to US but a consultant here has applied for a H1B for my friend and told him that if it gets approved then they can find him some work. What do you call this ?

    So now he is in the same poll as me for H1B. Me ? I have a job with one of the biggest offshore company in the US. Hope I made my point clear Shx.


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  • 2010 crossfire game pics.

  • jettu77
    04-16 07:12 AM

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  • Throw in shoddy game mechanics

  • ChainReaction
    06-24 06:56 PM
    Once this Mela of accepting 485 is over ...looks like dates will retrogress to somewhere in 2003 or 2004 .. hopefully it is 2004

    I hope for the same,lets see in October VB :D :D :D


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  • Game: Crossfire Player: Gerox

  • Libra
    08-22 11:41 AM
    or how about attending rally and make it a big success and reduce your wait time to 50s.

    That is just perfect ... after waiting 100s of years for EAD now I will wait another 100s for the GC ...

    thank you DOS et all ...

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  • pd_recapturing
    03-27 12:26 PM
    Thanks Sanbaj, Please share the info if you get to hear anything from USCIS on this?


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  • wahwah
    06-05 06:43 PM
    i think this is just another interim or supplemental memo. Oh's website says that the rule making agenda for ac21 has been pushed out until next year.

    About 2 weeks back Murthy posted an article in it's bulletin "new AC-21 regulations expected soon" http://www.murthy.com/mb_pdf/050208_P.html which i believe was a result of some discussions USCIS had with AILA?

    Now is this new AC-21 memo released today the one being referred to in the above mentioned Murthy bulletin? OR i should still hold my breath for more AC-21 changes coming from USCIS, so they can jeopardize status of people by changing their interpretation of laws every now and then? Anyone?

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  • Soul
    02-02 06:30 PM
    That hasn't been a rule in any past battle...

    If we like another entry what doesn't it hurt to vote for it? In fact I think it's a good thing :beam:

    - Soul :goatee:


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  • Thread: UNPATCHED Crossfire

  • Kitiara
    02-03 05:11 AM
    See, I <i>told</i> you all that this would be between Eilsoe and Soul. :)

    You two guys have both come up with amazing entries. It's near on impossible to choose between them, I love them both. :love:

    I'm soooo jealous of your skills.

    And thank you to the person that had the courage / stupidity (delete as appropriate) to cast their vote for me. :cyborg:

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  • gcformeornot
    07-20 09:49 AM
    Check your PM. This is what i sent.

    Can you please PM to me too?



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  • aquarianf
    07-19 01:20 PM
    No she cant becuase her visa appointment is on Aug 13.

    I think you should be able to manage it. I am not sure if USCIS will accept report from Doctor's in Mumabi. it has to be one the cerified civil surgeon.
    You can ask your wife to have all immunization record ready. Talk to some civil surgeons in advance and explain your situation and ask if they can provide blood report in one day. Mostly they send blood work to another blood lab so you may have to contact lab if they can give the test result in same day. Although ppd test is required but you can try to convince civil surgeon to skip it and go with just x-ray and later deal with rfe. Or you can ask civil surgeon if he accept PPD report from some other doctor's in India. Another option could be that she can take PPD injection in india and show it to the civil surgeon here. Explore all your posibilities here. You have enough time to explore your options.

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  • What is CrossFire Letter Card?

  • arung
    08-25 12:42 PM
    I have received my EAD card today with 2 years , I verified case status online, it is still says pending, where as I did not received AP but , status say's Document mails on Aug 21st. Has anyone had same situation, is there any need to call to fix it. I have dropped a mail to my lawyer as well.


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  • shamu
    01-12 11:00 AM

    Please read the following discussion, it has lot of information about pregnancy without insurance.



    Thank you very much

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  • crazy
    06-07 11:35 AM
    I am in 4'th year of H1b. I filed for I 140 and got approved in May 2006.
    After that I changed my company. My new company is going to apply for my GC In jun.
    I know that I can use previous priority date from employer 1. But my question is with this new CIR bill Will my case be considered under old system?
    Please help.

    I am going to do as much as I can for this forum. It's like angel's help for me.

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  • Information about the game

  • softcrowd
    10-10 03:13 PM
    ....I am not sure why someone is portraying Infy or Wipro as companies that go for "Easy money..." that's completely ridiculous. Agreed they are not doing lots of so called high-end R & D projects and majority of thier revenue is still from service industry. But that does not make these companies any lesser.

    I am not sure how much insight you guys got into these companies, but they are doing quite a lot of good assignments. Also, the processes they got in place & the maturity they show in execution of assignments is definitely on par with any other software services company in the world.

    Probably a bunch of you folks are frustrated with these companies because the billing rates are driven down & opportunites in US (for consultants) are becoming less due to these companies' offshore model - but that does not make these companies shallow as you are trying to portray.

    PS: I am not an employee with either of these companies. FOr that matter, none of these offshore-based companies. But the facts are to be accepted.

    02-20 06:20 PM

    07-16 06:27 PM
    No. I am not anti-immigrant. I am anti-illegal immigrant. I know the AZ law very well coz I read it not like many who seem to listen to talk radio. Good opinions can be formed only with good knowledge and we don't need evryone to have an opinion. Most should only subscribe to an opinion otherwise there will only be infighting and no progress.

    President Obama just lost a good chance to gain democratic majority in Nov. Now people are saying....why is the fed govt. not letting a state protect its citizens?

    Also the fact that a lawsuit is brought against AZ shows that the real wider immigration issue is not to be touched.
    Can you explain how this new law protects American citizens?

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