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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

crabs disease std

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  • meg_z
    11-17 12:54 PM
    I can second that. I do have an inactive discover card (I have not activated the new cards they sent to me as I have better cards to use). I have had discover cards for years. Just recently, a person from Discover Card called me to offer me those 5% reward cards. I said sure. Then she asked me if I was a citizen. Then she asked if I was a permanent resident. After two nos, she said then I can't give you the card.

    Discover does not issue a credit card if you are not a PR or citizen..even though you have good credit history..

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  • raamskl
    07-31 08:48 PM
    How did you get the LIN number for this case?

    Hm.. I was thinking that these are random #'s that I had typed in earlier and which IE had saved in the form box. But now I think about it, I believe i got these numbers from this forum on some thread long time back.. Don't know which one, I have edited the post now to mask the LIN #.


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  • vicky007
    12-15 01:01 PM
    Hi Vicky,

    Here's a thread that discusses this:



    Thanks Gravtation.

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  • anilsal
    01-18 03:56 PM
    Folks, can dependent's participate in writing letters to President? I have already mailed my hand written letter to White House and copy to IV team, in addition to that I got confirmation from other Indians with whom I work also mailed their letters..If dependents are also allowed then count for another 10 letters from my side...;)

    Anybody can write letters. It does not have to be the affected alone. Friends, colleagues, US citizens, relatives.


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  • abhidos37
    08-22 12:48 PM
    best of luck to you too

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  • JazzByTheBay
    02-10 11:54 PM
    Not into LUD-watching per se, but I got an email update for my spouse's case - same message. June 30/July 2 filer, TSC -> CSC -> NSC route, RFE responded to recently (1/28) for my own I-485.

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one... and it probably doesn't mean a whole lot at this point given the priority dates.



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  • sangmami
    07-02 03:45 PM
    app 5500 dollars plus 10 yrs off my total lifespan thinking about this i guess:(

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  • logiclife
    02-20 08:27 PM
    I recant my earlier outburst at mercies since I realize that he was acting as a messenger to the problem. Sorry for the offense mercies.

    There are many people who would just run away from effort when doubts are raised and since people of afraid of being punished for just advocating a public policy or writing a letter to congress in the first place. I would request you to not reproduce posts here or on portal that would echo the material the plants fear and doubts among members.



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  • pkpalta
    12-20 06:28 PM

    I think we should post this on http://www.immigrationportal.com and ask Rajeev Khanna or ask Mathew Oh of http://www.immigration-law.com.

    I'm sure they might help us by putting up a post for this.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-21 04:35 PM
    I appreciate your enthusiasm.

    That's very true. Shame on us for being lazy and waiting for the right moment.
    The 16th district teams needs to be more re-united. I will talk to digital2k and arrange to meet Zoe in few days.


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  • widad2020
    06-12 09:28 PM
    This report is just released: Very interesting comments
    The U.S. retains its global pre-eminence in science and technology,with a big boost from foreign students,scientists and engineers, a RandCorp. report said.

    U.S. Still Leads the World in Science and Technology; Nation Benefits From Foreign Scientists, Engineers

    Despite perceptions that the nation is losing its competitive edge, the United States remains the dominant leader in science and technology worldwide, according to a RAND Corporation study issued today.

    The United States accounts for 40 percent of the total world�s spending on scientific research and development, employs 70 percent of the world�s Nobel Prize winners and is home to three-quarters of the world�s top 40 universities.

    An inflow of foreign students in the sciences -- as well as scientists and engineers from overseas -- has helped the United States build and maintain its worldwide lead, even as many other nations increase their spending on research and development. Continuing this flow of foreign-born talent is critical to helping the United States maintain its lead, according to the study.

    �Much of the concern about the United States losing its edge as the world�s leader in science and technology appears to be unfounded,� said Titus Galama, co-author of the report and a management scientist at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. �But the United States cannot afford to be complacent. Effort is needed to make sure the nation maintains or even extends its standing.�

    U.S. investments in research and development have not lagged in recent years, but instead have grown at rates similar to what has occurred elsewhere in the world -- growing even faster than what has been seen in Europe and Japan. While China is investing heavily in research and development, it does not yet account for a large share of world innovation and scientific output, which continues to be dominated by the United States, Europe and Japan, according to RAND researchers.

    However, other nations are rapidly educating their populations in science and technology. For instance, the European Union and China each are graduating more university-educated scientists and engineers every year than the United States.

    Policymakers often receive advice from ad hoc sources. Although their viewpoints are valuable, they should be balanced by more complete and critical assessments of U.S. science and technology, said report co-author James Hosek, a RAND senior economist. The absence of a balanced assessment can feed a public misperception that U.S. science and technology is failing when in fact it remains strong, even preeminent.

    �There is a pressing need for ongoing, objective analyses of science and technology performance and the science and technology workforce. We need this information to ensure that decision makers have a rigorous understanding of the issues,� Hosek said.

    Among the study�s recommendations:

    Establish a permanent commitment to fund a chartered body that would periodically monitor and analyze U.S. science and technology performance and the condition of the nation�s science and engineering workforce.

    Make it easier for foreigners who have graduated from U.S. universities with science and engineering degrees to stay indefinitely in the United States.

    Make it easier for highly skilled labor to immigrate to the United States to ensure the benefits of expanded innovation are captured in the United States and to help the United States remain competitive in research and innovation.

    Increase the United States� capacity to learn from science centers in Europe, Japan, China, India and other countries.

    Continue to improve K-12 education in general, and science and technology education in particular.

    The inflow of foreign students, scientists and engineers has been a key factor that has enabled the U.S. science and engineering workforce to grow faster than the U.S. is graduating native-born scientists and engineers, according to the report. Researchers found that foreign-born scientists and engineers are paid the same as native born, suggesting their quality is on par.

    But a recent reduction in the cap on skilled immigrant visas (H1-B) has the potential to reduce the inflow of foreign science and engineering workers, and the report argues that curtailing the supply of these scientists and engineers can lead U.S. firms to outsource more research and development to foreign countries and locate new facilities overseas. Rather than protecting jobs, this could lead to reduced investment and employment at home.

    Among potential weaknesses faced by the United States are the persistent underperformance of older, native-born K-12 students in math and science and the heavy focus of federal research funding on the life sciences versus physical sciences. Another unknown is whether an increasing U.S. reliance on foreign-born workers in science and engineering makes the U.S. vulnerable. In recent years, about 70 percent of the foreign scientists and engineers who receive PhDs from U.S. universities choose to remain here, but the stay rate could fall as research conditions and salaries improve abroad.

    The RAND report was sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness and conducted within the Forces and Resources Policy Center of the RAND National Defense Research Institute, a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Unified Combatant Commands, the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps., the defense agencies and the defense Intelligence Community.

    The report, �U.S. Competitiveness in Science and Technology,� can be found at www.rand.org.

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  • svr_76
    03-11 10:38 PM
    Are any of these happening with you ? If so report to USCIS.
    If not, why do you assume it happens with others.
    Does it make you feel better ? Or are you a follower of Mahatma Gandhi/Mother Teresa that you earn justice to be done to others not you ?

    I know the motivation behind your arguments. Do I need to mention it ? everyone on this forum understands that.

    Don't be so selfish.

    You are acting paranoid. Let me know what you expect as a reaction to the requirements asked by Consulate-

    1. Would you be happy if I say it is not legal for consulate to ask for such documentation?

    2. Do you want me to call them names?

    3. Would it be better for me to state that they are racially motivated and discriminating against Indians?

    4. They should cancel all documentation requirements?

    Anyways....I earn 64k per year and I want to take benefit of the mortagage crisis and buy a 900k home. I want the banks to continue with their past practice of providing cheap loans with no down-payment and not a lot of documentation. Would that be a valid demand?

    Fellow legal immigrant..what do you think would be result of ICE raids which finds some fraud (I said some not to indicate that it happens in majority cases...it could be less than 1% of all the genuine cases). As software engineers what do we do when we find defects during testing or post production stage? Do we fix it or we try allow it continue?

    I dont know what response you are trying to solicit?

    All the folks who came here ..in early 19th century didnot have to deals to employment based and family based immgration...hell they just landed and assumed citizenship...but does it mean that we use that as an example as seek citizen ship today? No....rules, laws change over-time..and amendments happen to make it better for the buyer's end.


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  • shamu
    01-11 09:37 PM
    <Quote>About point 4, I am trying to find a hospital that would provide a payment plan in Dallas area.</Quote>
    I believe all hospitals provide payment plan.

    I really appreciate your help Pallavi

    I could not think that some many of IV'ans are responding and trying to help each other.

    This is highly appreciable!

    Thank you all.

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  • s_r_e_e
    08-10 10:38 AM
    How does one get to know if his Labor Substitution was rejected? If a Receipt Notice was received does that mean that it was accepted? And, can they reject it later?

    Receipt Notice means they accepted the case for reveiwing. I guess these rejections came after they reveiwed the case.


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  • desitechie
    11-02 05:51 PM
    Hydboy, you make a good point. Does anyone know if this is how USCIS would do a Qtrly Spillover if they do it ? And do they have to make the EB2-I and EB2-C dates the same before they do a spill over like they do it for the yearly?

    Gave you green!!!

    Hope is the only thing keeping us in anticipation for the first friday of every month!!!

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  • dpp
    07-19 02:48 PM
    But how do one become out of status?

    One way is, if he/she didn't apply for extension, thats the only way. Otherthan that pay stubs, job, bench, these will not make anybody out of status. These are all trash.

    As long as the employer/employee relationship exists, nobody can't do anything. This is for sure.

    Let me correct it.. I read somewhere that it is considered not a major problem if some one is out of status for less than 180 days cumulatively.


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  • mbawa2574
    07-10 08:57 AM
    I think we should go after him. Every time he calls us cheap labor. He opposes employment based green cards as well as H1b. In a sense , he hates Indians.
    He fuels the rumors against our cause. See his video below :-


    Everyone who opposes High Skilled Immigration is his friend. So I don't see any reason to refrain from going after this retarded soul. Expose him, blog against him. Take off his cover and let the world know , what a big communist liar he is.

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  • BharatPremi
    08-30 07:08 PM
    There were times when I was really depressed, specially when I got delayed in New Delhi with "Name clearance" for H-1 renew. However, I believed in higher power and never lost hope. My parents (mother US citizen,father GC) always kept my spirits high. I also got a lot of support at my job (when I got stuck in India, my chief pulled all strings possible to get me cleared).
    I also had a backup plan, where I could go to Canada or worst, can go back to India where I have an established practice.
    Botomline, do not loose hope and work hard.

    FIrst of all congratulations to get through this gutter. Though I have a question: Why did not you think of applying under F3 since your mother is already a US Citizen?

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  • JunRN
    08-22 08:57 PM
    Factors you forgot to consider:

    1. EB1 and EB2 applicants this July and Aug. ate up the numbers that were made available to EB3 last June 2007.

    2. EB3 Visa number is just very few, around 800 per month per PICM country.

    08-15 03:01 PM
    Two things I would like to mention here:

    First, a possibilty of an RFE for your laetest Employment Verification only arises when certain red-flags are raised. Among them are:

    1.) Address on file (which has changed after filing I-485) is in a different state from the place of employment. Now I am sure the officer knows that DC and Virginia/Maryland or NH and MA are different states but still they can be daily commuter workers sou could be spared.
    I have seen more than a bunch of folks getting RFE's for this specific reason.

    2.) Long time (upto the discretion of the CAO..but I feel it is more than 18 months) has passed since the I-485 has filed.

    3.) Any other history of excessive job-hopping.

    Please pitch in if you know any other substantive reason.


    For the job description from the new employer: I would say put whatever the new employer says but make sure ...for sure to copy paste two related sentences from your old job desc. into the new one to be the first bullets in the description.

    I had changed jobs using AC21, used EAD, moved to a different state (5-6 states apart, i.e not a daily commuter) had a slightly different job title. Oh I was so sure that I would get an RFE ...I made sure I sent the AC21 docs against the advise of my attorney (he wanted CIS to send the RFE, made no sense as that would have literally wasted time and my money ;))...and did all the things that I just said about the new EVL...and got the I-485 approved without any issues.

    Go ahead and make the best of AC21!:)


    I am in similar situation, I have already changed my job after 180 days of filing my 485 (140 approved) and working with a small consulting company. Currently where I am working client willing to hire me as a fulltime employee with the same titile and giving me the supporting letter with the same job duties mentioned in my LC (I have added few more technologies it).

    Even my attorney says the same, no need to inform CIS - when we get the RFE we will see.

    Can you kindly let me know all the documents I need to gather and what I need to request from new employer in order to submit AC21 bunch to CIS.

    Here are job discriptions with titles.

    Old Employer.
    Title: Computer Systems Analyst.
    Analyze systems requirements, procedures & problems to automate process. Write description of user needs, program functions & steps to develop and modify systems. Script, design, modify, code, debug, test & document applications systems & solutions. Deploy & maintain developed technology. Engaged in disaster recovery. Use Windows, Unix, Linux, LAN/WAN, SQL. VB & Perl Scripting, IBM RS 6000 & E-servers, Dell/EMS SAN Storage.

    With New Emaployer
    Title: Systems Analyst
    Analyze systems requirements, procedures and problems to automate process. Write description of user needs, program functions & steps to develop and modify systems. Debug, Script, Modify, Design, Test and document applications systems & solutions. Design and deploy the backup solutions. Deploy and maintain developed technology. Engaged in disaster recovery procedures. Used technologies Windows, Unix, Linux, LAN/WAN, MS SQL, MySql, VB & Shell Scripting, Dell PowerEdge Servers, Dell/EMC/NetA pp SAN Storages, Dell PowerVault Tape Libraries.

    Note: I will be getting a offer letter from new employer, what all I need to mention in the offer, please help me.

    Appreciate you prompt reply. I have meeting with my manager with new employer (client).

    10-02 10:54 PM
    I am still waiting for FP notice, i got my EAD/AP/RD, for both of us.

    It was filed @ NSC on July 2nd, ---> CSC -----> NSC. I got my LUd on 09/21 last on our 485.

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