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Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • sats123
    12-28 12:57 PM
    I had similar problem with United last year. I was flying thruogh Malaysian airlines and United charged me for extra 20 LBs. But it was checked in till India.

    Both of the flights were on the same itinerary and were booked through Thai. United was asking for money for international part of the travel because he said that Thai would charge United for the extra weight if United checked in the luggage all the way to Bangkok, which isn't really true because Thai did allow 70 LB then. I am not sure what the regulation is now.

    I think you are right that the guy was probably ignorant and didn't really care becasue I wasn't flying United after LA anyways.

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  • smuggymba
    03-12 11:12 AM
    great job guys. There was no spillover and the dates did not become current and everyone is blaming IV. Stop contibuting to IV if they are the one's who were not able to make it current. Stop ranting like ladies in a kitty party.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-02 09:38 AM
    YOU PEOPLE understand first what i kept in the reply. I did not blame IV for doing other efforts..I am talking about facts about USCIS..So dont make fool us or yourself as IV or any other organization will not be able to attack USCIS..Bcoz USCIS is monarch..

    I have to agree with Bheemi. I fully support IV, but even IV has its limits and NOONE can fight the USCIS. AILA/AILF can TRYYY and that is all that they can do.

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  • pappu
    06-14 01:13 PM


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  • Almond
    07-05 12:44 PM
    I agree that you can get free information any where on the internet. But what about the main goal of getting funds? Do we care about the main agenda behind this website? Are we doing any thing to do our part by contributing? You only get very succinct info on murthy chat and khanna phone calls. You might get more info on their fourms. They are running those forums not only for community sake but also to get "invaluable" publicity that makes them "the name" in immigration. I got an answer on Murthy forum/Khanna forum indirectly translates into name/fame for the attorneys, which means more business for them. I got an answer on IV neither directly nor inidrectly translates into what??? Nothing.. As long as we tell ourselves that we get info for free, google is our friend, We are just substantiating our thoughts on "How NOT to pay". Nothing else.

    And there is nothing wrong with that, right, because in the end you do not know what the financial situation of people on here is. One guy suggested a monthly contribution of 20 bucks, I laughed myself off the chair when I saw that. You're right, this is about "how not to pay" and why shouldn't it be. I don't make a lot, the lawyer's sucking me dry (in more ways than one if it were up to him), I've been waiting for this for ever, I have a family to support, etc.

    Well, in the end you all do what you want, don't worry, be happy :D

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  • memyselfandus
    09-20 11:07 AM
    I have the domain...ready to transfer: if IV core needs it...

    I was just checking the domain name availability. legalimmigrationvoice.com and .org got taken yesterday. Hopefully its the core or someone supporting member of IV.


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  • hsm2007
    09-23 10:03 AM
    Hi All,

    Employer A - original sponsoring employer. Got laidoff and joined B (large corporate). Before dates got current got offer from C and C applied for H1 transfer. Now received RFE on I-485 to provide EVL from current employer along with paystubs and W2.

    My problem here is that I consulted Murthy and they are saying that I need to make a choice between my current employer B and my potential new employer C whom I have not started working yet but they have filed for H-1 transfer. If I respond to the RFE using my current employer information then it is more straightforward but then I will need to stay with them if I get my GC right away after responding to the RFE. But if I use my new employer's letter then I don't have paystubs to show until I join them which won't be until the H-1 transfer goes through and I go through one payroll cycle. But that will be too late to respond to the RFE.

    If I don't join C then I need to pay for the H1 transfer that they filed and attorneys fees. At the same time I am also not happy with my current employers HR and attorney.

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  • dvb123
    02-03 10:03 AM
    I cannot post the company name here because it maybe a copyright issue. A consulting company advertises ROW guys/gals to join their company .It tells a story about a ROW guy who worked in a fortune 500 company for 5 years but they did not file a green card for him. He joined SAGA and got his green card immediately and the whole process from PERM - GC card took less than 9 months.

    I think his perm got cleared in less than 3 months and he must have filed i-140/i-485 concurrently. Thus he must have got a GC in 9 months.

    Congratulations to XYZ for receiving his Green Card from XYZ as well. XYZ had applied for his labor on 1/30/2007 and received his final Green Card approval on 9/13/2007- that is less than 9 months. His case was filed under the EB2 category. He is a citizen on South America who was working for IBM for 5 years and was no where with his Green Card with the them. He then made a transition to XYZ and we filed his case immediately and today his final stage, I-485, has been approved as well.


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  • abstractvision
    03-19 12:07 AM
    Nixstor did explained his actions and I concur... Controversial handles should be banned... Handle "TALIBAN" was banned and same member opened new handle "TAWLIBANN" saying his name is Tawlibann Foggs...

    Anyway we should close this issue.. I do find tawlibann's posts decent and non-offensive.. Only thing is we need to practice some respect to the communitity when chosing a handle... Its just not this.. there could be potentially other offensive handles.. So I'd say there should be a step/check in registration process to monitor/regulate handles... You won't like any handle offending your religious beliefs, dis-respecting your nation or humanity itself...

    Just my 2 cents... We should stop this discussion and focus on immigration issues...
    Trying to understand why Mr. Foggs was singled out...

    May be obscene name: Humm ..much better than existing F---GC,fuckadothead, chumki, chumma, xxxx, coolhokie, ussexy, saksibaby, funkycatspangky, faaltoo and plenty ..check the member list.
    May be obscene posts: No...his posts were very decent. He pleaded his case very politely. Never lost his cool even after being banned without being told.
    May be meaning of Taliban is wrong: No, It means..someone who is seeking religious knowledge. Nothing wrong in it.
    May be bad relation with US: Humm, US may not have good relations now, that was not the case earlier in late eighties and early nineties...not too far back..;)
    May be having political cause: What about existing handles like FREE_KASHMIR, us-alien...etc
    May be reference to terrorism: Having a same name "AbstractVision" as a terrorist organization somewhere in remote part of the world doesnot make me a terrorist.
    May be religious name: Humm...not like existing jaihanuman, saibaba,saint.. .etc
    May be country specific: Hum...Jai_Hind, JisDeshMeinGangaBehthiHai etc.. more than 500 handles have meaning related to India and in Hindi, Tamil etc
    May be phone call was not received by proper person: Humm..did someone tell him to expect a call..;) Being a member doesnot to be glued to phone 24 hrs waiting for someone to call. A private message with time would have been the right way.
    May be phone no. was fake: I had my previous cell number in my profile that I used 2 years back. I corrected this evening after this interesting post. I wasn't red flagged.
    May be handle name was a distraction: If handle names are distractions, I wonder how far can we go....no offense. We have got bigger problems to deal with.
    May be incorrect details: Why would I put my correct details on the internet. Didn't someone educate me about Identity theft..;)
    May be user was unaware of unpublished nomenclature: That sounds like the case. May be admins would like to publish the pool of words they are comfortable with and that may not be distraction.

    No offense, but without letting the guy know beforehand is definitely not up to the mark. Give this guy a break.... . Lets not apply any rules retroactively....more than 80% of the handle names are ridiculous and does not seem to be coming from intelligent folks and people with exceptional abilities.

    I agree we should respect other members and names should be decent..but I do not agree that names can be regulated by forum administrators with no set rules of engagement ....so many languages in the world...one decent meaning in one country/language can be offensive somewhere else.

    What wonders me is that SO MANY easily understood obscene words in memberlist as handle were allowed by admin (F---GC,fuckadothead,xxxx,ussexy etc ) and 'Taliban' got hit by a 800 pound gurilla..;)..got banned....

    I am looking forward to a REAL issue discussion and get over this handle issue. Lets move on...

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    02-13 01:43 PM

    I can understand your concerns and frustration. You have taken good amount of time and efforts to draft this.

    We all are going through the same pain but need to be carefully for our choice of words. You don't want listeners to be on opposite side of what you are saying just because of bad choice of words and language. What you are mentioning can be drafted in good words (In India we used to call as Sugar Coated).

    There are parts of world never give citizenship or too difficult to get perm residency also like Switzerland, Germany to name couple of them. Lets be more objective and decide how we encounter the situation we are in.

    I am always promoter of Gandhigiri and second flower campaign. AlbertPinto has started a thread for this. Lets just work on this.

    I would like to bring to the notice of your readers, editorial committee and leaders of
    the Indian community of a systematic way that (legally) the US Government is practicing


    driven out of the country which they have loyally served for varying periods of time.....

    God Bless America....God Save America from 'some' of its own people.



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  • waitin_toolong
    10-03 01:52 PM
    that is the only ption to continue L status..but remember u can not use h1b ..and u have to apply again for h1b in next year quota....

    wrong there, once counted against cap she is exempt for 6 years. she can use this approval if working for same employe get it stamped and enter on H1 any time. Or apply for COS with any other employer sponsoring H1.

    To answer the original questions only two options.

    1) depart and reeneter using L1
    2) apply for COS (but a long process)

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  • HV000
    08-15 06:04 PM
    Unfortunately, China and ROW EB2 are 2 and 3 years ahead of INDIA EB2!!!
    Hopefully, INDIA EB2 and EB3 moves forward in OCT with new allocation.



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  • abhijitrajan
    11-13 12:41 AM
    Does it make sense to file and FOIA request asking how USCIS is implementing quarterly spillover. As I understand it USCIS is not obligated to respond to a letter but they have to respond to FOIA. Any comments from people who know how FOIA works and whether it's applicable?

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  • kanaihya
    09-26 12:14 PM
    I went throgh the comments, it looks like americans don't want foreign IT profesionals here ..they all are opposing ...God knows who will help them in executing those IT projects, if all we are gone..

    here we are busy trashing each other, while in the cnn artile, everyone has joined together and is bashing us...


    I have not seen a single person say positive things about the h1-b program. Instead of infighting here, can we all go there and try to justify the need for skilled labor? Everyone seems to say..they should hire from US...but they forget that there is noone in US to hire. This one sided bashing by anti-immigrants/ racists will only damage our position.


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  • vandanaverdia
    09-12 08:35 PM

    Good to know the weather will be good, but even it is not, the spirit shouldnt die. I wish all realize this. I hope the weather is horrible and we all still make it to make the voice heard louder.,


    Hey sri: Are you hoping for horrible weather because you are not attending the rally??? Your public profile says you are not attending the rally????
    Come rain or shine... You should be with all of us in DC!!!

    GO IV!!!

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  • alex99
    07-07 08:27 PM
    Request More Eb3 Guys To Participate......



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  • wizkid732
    07-29 11:28 AM
    Why dont you start a campaign against these top notch companies that they are cheating H1Bs by not filing for Greencards? May be some senator who is bidding for a reelection in Nov will help you.

    On a serious note think about what you are asking from the company. If your services to the company are so valuable and if the company cannot survive without you, they will go to any extent to keep you. Your java/.net/unix/sap skills were very valuable just a few years ago, right now the same candidates are available in Tons. For the couple of positions we have, i am seeing 20-30 resumes everyday. What makes you so qualified that the company needs to do a gc (remember it is an incentive, just like signon bonus and profit sharing and relocation)? I do not know if anyone really is putting this on the offer letter and be liable if they backtrack on this/

    The names people are referring to are top companies. They are not obligated. So if they start the process and and they find people of your caliber they are obliged to hire them. Are you ready to forego your process at that stage? Also if they take a year for just filing are you ok with that? Basically what i am saying is that it is the employee/employer relationship.

    People bitch about desi companies (I dont work for one) as to how they gouge employees. But the benefit is that they go above and beyond to keep you on payroll. Do that with an American company - as soon as your contract ends you are done and out of job and out of status (technically). I personally know some folks who are out of job since Nov 2009 and still somehow managing to be legal (or atleast they claim)

    So bottom line is you cant have the cake and eat it too that is if you want to work for a top notch company with your meager skills and have the benefits of desi company.

    You should have come a few years earlier when people took advantage of

    Reduction in Recruitment
    Labor substitution
    Applying from states where the process took 3 months as opposed to 4 years
    starting companies in ME, NH, VT etc
    Oh by the way porting from EB3 to EB2 now

    People always find loopholes in the processes for quicker processing.


    Hope this thread will be useful for somebody who is looking for american company for green card processing. They wont get into the trap. So I am giving out the information from the known source(friends).

    Company1: Deloitte
    Company2: Chase

    These two companies promised doing green card cards,they filed h1s, but did not file green card.Whatever reason (bad economy) may be, they did not sponsor green cards for those they promised to do. So be careful. It is not gaurantee.
    Also, you can list the companies you know whoever promised, but did not file.

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  • sprash
    02-02 01:42 PM
    Out of status is usually checked until date of I-485 filing. One exception being working without valid and active EAD when I-485 is pending.

    H1 status, one should be paid what is mention in H1 LCA and it is not related to LC Salary for green card. LC Salary comes into picture for ability-to-pay issues.

    Thanks for your inputs Desi.

    I have been following this thread with great interest. I'm the guy who posted the RFE scans on Pg1.

    In my case the RFE was issued 1.5 years after filing for AOS (I filed in July 07 and this RFE was on Oct 08). Also, I'm not the only person who got this. I know many folks who work for big companies like Intel etc, who got such an RFE.

    Also if I remember correctly, Belle on Murthy Forums (who also seems in the know) mentioned that one must be employed at all times on EAD. I didn't find any specific timeframe -- most people said you could get into trouble if an RFE (such as mine) is raised and you're out of a job. On the other hand, it is might be safe till such an RFE is issued (???)

    I tried to look for that thread, but couldn't find it. However I did find another similar thread on which she (he?) has said the same thing:


    In tumultuous times such as these, I would expect USCIS to raise many more such RFEs.

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  • nixstor
    10-26 10:17 PM
    please send the link and doc.

    Please look at the first post in the thread.

    09-13 02:01 PM

    (San Jose rally pictures and videos, and Aman's messages from Milpitas, CA meeting can be found at http://morejazzbythebay.wordpress.com (http://morejazzbythebay.wordpress.com/))


    cheers, and see ya'll in DC!

    Easy decision: JUST COME GUYS!!!!

    09-12 05:06 PM
    We Are All Going To Washington! Make Sure You Join Us! Together We Will Achieve Our Hard-earned Freedom!!!!

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