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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • ssnd03
    12-03 04:26 PM
    (1) first, USCIS and the FBI conducted a joint risk assessment which resulted in process improvements that permit us to focus on cases of concern (2) second, USCIS and FBI have allocated additional resources to the process. Over the next year, USCIS is planning to commit a total of $15.5 million to address the backlog of FBI name checks.

    Number (1) is so darn ambiguous. Typical USCIS, FBI bullshit.

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  • ronhira
    07-08 06:13 PM
    That might be customary in your Mexico. :D

    i figured u won't have a clue that this is a quote form the founding father of The United States of America - Ben Franklin.

    hey.... how would you know?

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  • Sakthisagar
    10-28 12:22 PM
    Really do you have proof of that? Or do you need someone else to decide what is right or wrong for you.

    well you are in the wrong country my friend. Look around, unlike your misconceptions, most people here are not very religious.

    You are one of the Proof. YOu need that... finally. See How you blabber for yourself.

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  • gsc999
    08-15 02:13 PM
    Guys, please take attorney advise before rushing in to refile. Duplicate applications may create problems for you later on.

    Imagine, given the huge retrogression how many countless times we will be refiling our EADs ad APs if we don't act now.

    Many people are blissfully enjoying the fruits of labor of some very dedicated IV member who selflessly participated in San Jose rally and flower campaign. These efforts were instrumental in the July visa bulletin reversal. Isn't it time we all stood up for our rights and make a strategic impact through a legislative change rather then just be satisfied with a tactical July visa bulletin reversal win?

    I can't talk enough about how vital it is for you to act now. Presidential race will kick in after October/ November time frame. Our window of opportunity is short. Lets help ourselves!


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  • dummgelauft
    01-25 03:09 PM
    So their punishment is getting to live on an island in the south pacific? Sounds more like a reward... :D

    the keyword is "Un-Inhabited"..

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  • Libra
    01-11 10:07 AM
    I sent letters to President and IV, how abt you?


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  • longq
    12-20 06:25 PM
    Does USCIS provide any clear documentation regarding the Visa Allocations?

    DOS statistics can be found at

    The text of INA can be found at

    http://www.uscis.gov/propub/ProPubVAP.jsp?dockey=24e12c5b6b3ca34ade72f667ecbc8 d58

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  • Nil
    04-19 04:07 PM

    Pls let us get over this and get back to real work.
    Writing to the whitehouse is a good idea.
    So is filling up one's details and donating for the cause.


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  • GC08
    07-08 02:48 PM
    Did anyone watch Fox News just now? How come the senator did not mention the inefficient process of adjudicating the applications?

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  • laborfd
    04-01 11:58 PM
    sent both fax


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  • Libra
    07-17 10:21 AM
    God, within one month they processed only 9 days applications, mine is sep 20 and i dont know when my number will come. Damn, they can process 25k applications in 2 days but they cant process 9 days I-140 apps in one month. so frustrating, my h1 will expire on sep 29th 2007:mad:

    September 14, 2006

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  • Better_Days
    04-09 04:26 PM

    You're absolutely right. Ever since last year's H1-b lottery, I look at this country in a new light. I no longer see this U.S. as the world's greatest country, I suspect this is a civilization in decline. If I were to make a bet where this country will be in 50 years, I would bet it would lose it's position as a superpower and the most successful economy.

    This H-1b and GC mess to me is an indicator of how things are run in this country. With all these major problems: immigration, healthcare -- there's just an attempt to sweep problems quietly under the rug or apply band-aid fixes such as a lottery.
    The human being is like a tiny and replacable cog in the system.
    Of maybe ~500 highly influential people in Washington DC (congressmen + senators + president + DHS high officials) maybe 3-4 people are expressing outrage at the EB GC and H1B mess....
    Sorry, seeing this week's H1B brings out the pessimist in me.

    Damn, man it feels like you are reading my mind.

    Irrespective of the immigration impact and its direct effect on me, I have tried analyzing the situation at the macro level and I end up at the same conclusion.

    Health care, immigration, social security insolvency etc. no one cares about anything. Companies want to bring skilled labor in and it is being decided by a lottery!! I mean give me a God damn break. In the supposedly knowledge-driven economy, skilled workers are being selected by a lottery!

    Medical emergencies are the leading cause of bankruptcy and there is just talk on the issue, no action.

    Farms are shutting down and moving operations to Mexico. So now the oil will come from Middle East, manufactured goods from China and food from Mexico. And people are Ok with that because "companies just need to pay higher wages to *American* workers" So on top of $ 4 /gallon gas, we will be paying $ 8 for tomatoes.

    There are not the marks of a prospering or forward-looking nation. May be I am becoming cynical as I grow older and may be things are no better in other countries like Canada, UK etc. But sometimes I feel as if I am watching a bad comedy show in slow motion. I question myself if my son, a US citizen by birth, will end up growing in a 2nd world country.


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  • xyzgc
    10-22 06:25 PM

    There are two issues that I have posted on this thread.

    1. Interpretation/understanding a post.
    2. RED DOT issue ( this is not my priority) . If you read the post keenly.

    You, .. your self have made a mistake in Interpretating / understanding the post and reacted overly on the second issue by cornering the actual post.

    Do you call this as a Interpretation issue?. Did you get what am I saying. First , read and understand what others meant to be. Don't JUMP on it.

    If IV cannot fix this RED DOT issue, how could some one believe in IV would fight for FIXING broken immigration system?.

    Perspective is not always matters, there are times .... some thing else matter too. Which is called "Self Respect"

    When few people are spending time and knowledge on sharing their thoughts/ideas, how good it would to use F***words against them?.

    There are many BAD words ... that some members have used against of my friends. Who no more wanted to participate in IV?.

    Did you get what am I saying?

    Dude, even I agree that this dot system is misused like lot of facilities we misuse. But pls don't highlight something really trivial in red...I nearly went blind, what has IV's dot system got to do with fixing the immigration system? Take it easy, bro. Btw, if some one has given you reds for no reason at all, let me know. I'll fix it the best I can by giving you a green. no issues there but highlighting in red looks scary, particularly with your font size.

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  • gc28262
    03-27 08:51 AM
    Man, this place just needs a reason to go all-out hysterical. Seriously, what is the problem with this regulation? Employment verification is just the DMV's way of finding out if the person is in legal status. You had to show this letter when you got your visa stamped didn't you? Similarly, American citizens have to show proof of citizenship while applying for a driver's license. These are good law-enforcement measures the govt is taking to prevent out of status immigrants from getting a driver's license.


    You are missing it again. What is a driver license for ? Drivers license is a drivers license. It is a verification whether one has the driving skills and knowledge to drive safely on the road.

    What has it got to do with job or immigration status ?


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  • priderock
    07-10 10:06 AM
    Lou Dobb seems to discourage illegal immigration but is all for legal immigration ...

    You are naive to think that. That was just his mask. He opposes all and any immigration.

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  • MC4GC
    01-24 01:08 PM

    MY company wants to know the list of Employers who have sent the letters. Is there any such info available.



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  • H4_losing_hope
    03-14 06:20 PM
    Were the letters mailed? Btw I sent my letter to IV aswell as to President.

    IV will be taking the letters to their meeting with the Administration officials. Thanks for joining in the efforts :)

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  • kart2007
    05-17 11:23 AM
    I stay in an apartment OK. One day my neighbour (living downstairs) was crying with his wife and a small kid. You want to know the reason--NO PAY FOR 2 MONTHS!!!!. All his hard earned money was finished paying rent, OK and his kid was sick. No money, nobody to ask. His contractor said WAIT, WAIT and nothing else.

    In that case its better to go to India and lead a much better life than staying in this pathetic state here.

    Obviously there's no meaning for an immigrant to stay here away from his home country to be trested almost like an uneducated person.

    Living like this is not only bad for one's self respect but is also certainly illegal for the employer.

    Its people like this guy why companies liek Infosys etc abuse the visa program and pay less to guys they bring from India to US.

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  • eb3retro
    10-29 09:26 AM
    Believe it or not, I was about to open a thread like this. And here is the worst part, my AP has been approved 10 days ago, and so far neither the online status changed to approved nor i have received the approval copy. 2 ways I found out my AP was approved was through my local congressman and I took an infopass appointment. In the info pass appointment when I asked what is causing the delay in sending an approved AP, the officer says, if you did not get the approval notice in 45 days, call us back. This after waiting for more than 90days from the date of application. So, its not there until you have it in hand. Merely getting an approval these days is not enough, since they take anywhere upto 45 days to send the approval to you.

    Attrocity to the core and the height of irresponsibility.

    11-19 03:03 PM
    anything to make the que move faster...........

    FIFO would be ideal but then so would be expecting anything meaningful from the USCIS......

    09-19 10:22 PM
    Do you watch cricket? If you want quick results you might want to watch 20-20 cricket. You can see the results within a few hours.

    Things like legislative changes take time. We may think that the debate on illegal immigration has nothing to do with our issues but the corrupt Senators will always try to sneak in some reform related to illegal immigrants into our bills in exchange for their votes, ultimately derailing the entire bill.

    We sincerely need to work with the law makers--the guys in the immigation committees, in particular. Please, desist using 'corrupt' senators. Debates in democracy are always healthy. We must emphasise our points, gather support from aila our employers and beneficiaries and respect a system.

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