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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • srini1976
    03-26 11:14 AM
    Do i also need chest X-Ray Report to submit with I-693 ??

    Physician will advise you if a chest X-Ray is needed.

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  • golgappa
    08-19 02:00 PM
    Thanks for your reply I am really not in a position to wait, and I have a EAD as last resort..

    BUT can I join on the same date...

    Can you please share your views on that front...

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  • pbuckeye
    10-13 11:14 AM
    I am sponsoring to My In-laws next month for visiting next month. I am preparing documents for them. My questions is... What are documents required from my wife side? she is not working.

    What should I send from her?

    A letter from her (& you) inviting her parents addressed to them and to the consulate.
    If she isnt working, all the other sponsorship documents have to come from you.

    If you google this, you will get a ton of information on the specifics (forms and supporting documents).

    Good luck :rolleyes:

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  • desi3933
    06-29 11:51 AM
    yes u can. however make sure, u r maintaining ur H1 B job. Share investment is considered as a passive investment

    Day Trading is NOT share investment. Active Day Tradering is considered as Business from tax point of view. Please contact your CPA for details on day trading and traders status.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • uma001
    02-03 12:27 PM
    Can you post what you wrote?
    I would like to write one every day. I am totally frustrated on my green card situation.Cheated by my employer. Cant concentrate on work. They took all necessary documents, ran ads and finally said 'found candidates'.cant file your green card.Dont know what to do at this time.

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  • pinganand
    07-04 10:35 PM

    My spouse (Indian citizen) has received an RFE for her derivative I485 application.

    Her birth certificate has a different first name than her passport. We had filed the birth certificate and an affidavit from her parents attesting to the change. But that doesn't seem to be sufficient.

    The RFE states:

    "Your birth certificate indicates that your first name is XXX and not YYY. Please explain and submit additional documentation in support of your claim".
    "Copies of the personal pages in your passport OR affidavits are not sufficient to establish a legal name change. Court documents submitted as evidence of name change must have been registered with the proper civil authority".

    We now plan to submit the following:

    1. Court Affidavit filed by my spouse's father at that time of legal name change, at age 3. This affidavit was before a Sessions Judge in India. This was the legal process of changing her name at that time.

    Will this be sufficient? We don't understand what it means for a court document to be registered with the proper civil authority. Can you please advice?

    2. My spouse has a Certificate of Age, Domicile and Nationality issued by the State Goverment of Maharashtra that refers to the new first name and also refers to the birth certificate as well, as proof.

    Will that count as sufficient "registration with civil authority"?

    I would appreciate if someone who has go through this issue would comment on the proper ways of addressing this.



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  • docusmle
    08-15 10:07 AM
    Thank you .
    Have you ever came across someone in same situation and got rejected?
    Thanks again

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  • Prashanthi
    08-19 12:53 PM
    Hi all
    I have I-140 approved from Company A . Company B applied for my H1B extn based on Company A's approved I-140 and got 3 years extension till 2011.

    My question:
    can I switch to company C now and get 3 more years extension again.? My I-140(company A) has not been revoked and priority date is not current.I want to start my PERM only after joining company C .

    Thanks in advance .

    Yes you can get an extension with Company C based on your approved I-140 as long as it is not revoked.


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  • kaarmaa
    01-18 12:42 PM
    "Cutting off the nose to spite the face" -- So true.

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  • raysaikat
    04-23 03:02 AM
    I went for my AOS interview, everything seemed ok, officer said everything looks ok and he doesnt see any reason why i should not be approved, he however said that he needs to get the FBI clearance background check and that i should get my conditional PR card in the mail, he then stamped on my entrance visa " Cancelled without Prejudice" stamp, I am worried, what does this mean? The word cancel and everything ok does not seem right. Can someone help me please?

    This means that the VISA cancellation has been done as a matter of procedure, not because of any wrongdoing.

    Another common case is when one goes to the consulate for a VISA stamping, then the consulate officer stamps the existing unexpired VISA stamps as "Cancelled without prejudice".


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  • rodnyb
    02-03 06:50 PM
    Visa statistics

    Visa Statistics (http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/statistics/statistics_1476.html)

    from 2000 looks like about 300K EB visa was wasted.

    Also, you can see, EB1+Eb2ROW has s always been in the 50-70K range every year

    EB1 I/C each is increasing from 3K to 6K, EB2 ROW is increasing from 10K to about 30K

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  • crazyghoda
    06-18 09:37 AM
    If they'd only "fix" the Social Security Card to be more secure, I'm sure you'd reduce much of the illegal employment. the way the SS card is designed right now, anyone could print out as many of these on his home printer.


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  • copsmart
    08-18 07:50 PM
    I am hoping someone can shed some light on this situation:

    I filed 140 and 485 concurrently (July, 2007). Today I received an email update saying that a RFE has been sent about my 485 petition. There's a LUD update for my 485 but my 140 seems untouched. What kind of issues with the case would prompt an RFE for the 485 before the 140 is processed? Is this for a second set of fingerprints or could this be something more serious? Thanks in advance for your responses.

    Any issue with Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if you are a dependent), Medical report & etc could trigger an RFE.

    May be your 140 is approvable & 485 will be approved as soon as you reply to the RFE.
    I have seen other posts in this forum where people have reported that they received both 485 and 140 approvals together.

    Whatever the RFE is, reply to it ASAP and you should be lucky enough to get your GC before the dates change.

    Good luck.

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  • makemygc
    06-19 12:37 PM
    Title of your thread scared the hell outta me. I thought this month's VISA bulletin was a "mistake" and they put the dates back to 2003... :( what a nightmare....

    I thought exactly the same...you people.:D


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  • nat23
    12-11 09:48 AM
    I have an appointment for H1B visa stamp @ the toronto consulate next week. This will be my second stamp (first one expired early this year).

    I received a phone call from the consulate asking for my H1B receipt/notice dates and receipt number, etc...She told me that there is new rule where USCIS has to verify the I-797 petition even though you carry an original approval notice. With this rule in effect...she told me the passport wait time is miminum of 4 days.

    I already booked my tickets 2 weeks ago. I'm confused. Has anyone else received a call or have recently obtain H1B stamp in toronto?

    I was hoping to come back in few days and now it's going to cost me $$$$$. I wish NVARS told me this when I signed up for the appointment.


    This is the new rule and went into effect from last week of Nov. It is not only for the Consulate in Toronto but all US Consular posts in Canada atleast.

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  • ameryki
    06-26 05:19 PM
    Hi All,
    I am planning to paper file my wife's EAD renewal and AP for both me and my wife.
    1. Can anyone who paper filed recently post information on filing EAD/AP
    2. Since my wife filed for I-485 last year and paid $1010 fees,she falls under FEE WAIVER for both EAD and AP-I believe she can renew EAD/AP unlimited till she gets GC?
    3. Can someone post what did they do additional for filing as FEE WAIVER?

    Any detailed steps on paper filing with FEE WAIVER would be great.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


    mate no offense intended but if you do a search for this you will find all the info ready to be read for ya. So please take the time to do so. Some quick answers no you do not need to pay for EAD/AP renewal if you paid using the new fee structure. Also no additional info needed when you send a copy of your 485 receipt notice it states all the required info to support the no fees.


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    02-03 08:34 AM
    ^^^ BUMP^^^

    I have same situation. Gurus please reply.

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  • dilbert_cal
    05-07 01:12 PM
    OK. Thanks. Doyou know hwomuch this will delay the approval. I mean the fact that orginal is not sent and we have only a copy.

    Internally, NSC or TSC will get ask for confirmation of your labor from DOL. Most of the times there are no issues. The biggest factor to begin with is that instead of being able to do Premium processing and get your 140 in 15 days, now you are looking at a period of 4-8 months in normal processing and there is nothing you can do to speed up the process.

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  • SparK_BR
    07-09 08:41 AM
    i'll pay you 10 bucks to eat it :P

    and post a picture of you eating it too!

    11-28 08:40 PM
    I strongly fell you should get it fixed. Any how you have good Priority date after correction. If they dont correct then you are still lucky :)

    Keep all evidences that you tried to correct it. This will help in future if any thing goes wrong from there side.

    02-12 09:05 AM
    this shows that we just have to be patient and hang in there. might get lucky any time :)

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