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Friday, June 24, 2011

city skyline cartoon

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  • 485Mbe4001
    12-12 02:49 PM
    groan....moan... are you happy now:D

    im waiting for the groans and moans

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  • aadimanav
    08-22 02:07 PM
    spread it for each month = 272.
    number of families per month (assuming 2.5 persons per family): 109 :(

    No wonder dates don't move......:confused:

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  • prioritydate
    08-21 12:06 AM

    I got a CPO email today.

    PD : 12/23/2004
    RD : 07/26/2007

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  • nfinity
    09-21 07:00 PM
    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............

    Exactly who are you referring to when you say "WE"? You werent there my friend...

    I think you should rephrase the sentence as

    Yes YOU did the rally YOU were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV

    .. and had a ton of fun meeting people
    .. experiencing the true power of democracy
    .. walked the walk..
    .. handed people flowers and enjoyed their smiles
    .. were honked for cause people supported
    .. heard mark explaining the "disease" while ROFL our ass off.


    city skyline cartoon. 2011 Ny+skyline+cartoon New York new york skyline cartoon.
  • 2011 Ny+skyline+cartoon New York new york skyline cartoon.

  • addsf345
    01-09 11:18 AM

    I am joining new job using AC21 provision coming monday. My new employer does not provide medical insurance for the first month. I am eligible for after I complete 1 month.

    So my question is: till the time I get medical coverage from new employer (approx. 20 - 30 days), can I invoke COBRA? I heard that one can not invoke COBRA if he or she is employed (only meant for un-employement) is this true?

    Also, should I call my current insurance company for COBRA now, or I can wait if I really need to visit a doctor? is there a grace period for this? Because there is a possiblity that I may never would have to visit a doctor for next 20-30 days, but who knows!

    Appreciate your answers.

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  • gc_maine2
    07-27 03:12 PM
    OMG .. what a sense of humor.. :D :D

    You are not a wellwisher, why did you forget the local service center where sometimes a case gets transferred to.. :D :D :D


    city skyline cartoon. new york skyline cartoon. New York Streetscape; New York Streetscape
  • new york skyline cartoon. New York Streetscape; New York Streetscape

  • gc_on_demand
    05-19 10:16 AM
    Please submit ur answer at this thread.


    2010 Packaging cartoon 1 - search city skyline cartoon. new york skyline cartoon. Manhattan Skyline Vector
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  • for_gc
    04-02 11:31 AM
    Anybody from Memphis, Tennessee wants to join hands in this good fight ?


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  • gk_2000
    11-02 10:47 PM
    Well, at least the bill has been introduced in senate. And if it fails then perhaps peacemeal will happen

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  • royus77
    06-19 02:57 PM
    I guess most of the folks here are busy preparing to apply for 485. I have different problem here.

    My employer's attorney is charging me outrageous fees of around $5000 to
    apply for 485, AP and EAD for me and my spouse. This excludes USCIS fees. I work on hourly basis, so I should be taking care of immigration fees. My employer is not allowing me to file through another law firm.

    Do I have any other options. How much do they charge usually.

    Same with me My current attorney increased the fee overnight and luckily my employer is ready to work with others. find another one today and sent all the documents ( my 140 was already approved and available with me ) ..Dont want to take any risk with the 485 filing .....so hired another attorney


    city skyline cartoon. new york skyline cartoon. nyc
  • new york skyline cartoon. nyc

  • paskal
    12-20 11:18 AM
    this is good news indeed for a lot of people!

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  • nozerd
    01-17 05:57 PM
    I have also contacted a lwyer who is different from my company lawyer. She has offered to put my case forward to USCIS (not WOM) for $ 300. She said they have means of bringing the case to their attention if its fallen through the cracks.
    Do you think its worth trying ? my only copncern is she wants me to sign a new G28 and Im worried about issues with my existing case since I dont want to mess withh my company lawyer and I think I want to keep him as the attorney on file. Per this new lawyer thats not an issue and they will only be the attorney for inquiry purposes.
    Any feedback on if this is worth doing ?


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  • arihant
    02-21 01:02 PM
    Has anybody heard the story of the canadian skater who was allowed to become a citizen in an expedited manner (she had one more year to go before meeting the 5 year criterion for eligibility after GC) just before the olympics. Actually, I think she won a silver medal at the olympics for the USA.

    Anyway, from what I hear, she had gotten her GC in 2002 and had been living and training in Detroit with her american skating partner. When she decided to participate as an american, but was not elibible to apply for citizenship until 2007. So, she contacted a lobbyist to help her with her case. The lobbyist was able to convince a michigan senator (not sure who this is) to help. The story is that the senator was able to include a measure in the bill signed by the President in Dec to make it legal for people in the situation such as the skater to apply for citizenship even when the 5 year period is not complete. The measure got passed when the president signed the dec bills.

    So, they filled her application, got the immigration services folks in Detroit to come out during the chrstmas holidays specifically for her, and got her the citizenship in time for her to get her passport for the games.

    So, my point is...if it is legal for the lobbyist to help her (a non-citizen) with her immigration case and it was legal for the senator to introduce the measure, why would it be deemed illegal to do what we are attemting with our lobby firm and our efforts to meet and talk to the senators and congress people?

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  • Gravitation
    12-13 12:49 PM
    Of course, we are no more than modern day white collar slaves. We toil here for years, our spouses aren't even allowed to have a social security number, not to mention drivers licenses in many states. We are not even allowed to visit our families in our home countries without having the risk of not getting the visa re-stamped in the consulates abroad. How pathetic! Can't we all move to Canada and setup a colony for free slaves?
    Look, the situation is terrible but let's not get carried away. We're still here by choice. We bargain going through all this for having the life we have here and not having the energy enough to unroot and head to Canada, Aus or Europe.


    pictures new york skyline cartoon. New York Streetscape; New York Streetscape city skyline cartoon. girlfriend of New York#39;s skyline. new york skyline cartoon.
  • girlfriend of New York#39;s skyline. new york skyline cartoon.

  • saurav_4096
    01-04 03:07 PM
    Let me acknowledge..This thread made me easily come out of holiday blues. Above thats its friday...!!!!

    My take on this situation....ask your freind to apply for concurent H1b's..it works out well with concurent wives...!!!!:):):) He can bring one wife on each visa..!!!!

    May be he can apply for blanket H4...

    dresses Skyline cartoon 8 - search ID city skyline cartoon. London+skyline+cartoon
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  • thankgod
    05-11 10:20 PM
    Ahhh !!!! the junior members come out of the wood work with enthusiasm and fire. let us see how long this lasts !!!!, Only untIl the next VB I would assume

    Come on Kid ..Grow up. This is is showing your childish behavior.

    What makes you difference between Member and Junior Member. Why do you want to care about that.

    If you wanna care about that really , we will make you CIO of this forum LOL.

    I think I spent too much time for you.


    makeup New+orleans+skyline+cartoon city skyline cartoon. London+skyline+cartoon
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  • jchan
    11-30 04:55 PM
    A way to estimate ROW 485 applications

    Since ROW 485's are approved rather quickly, the small number of pending cases from the USCIS report does not reflect the whole picture how many ROW 485's are submitted each year. However, we may be able to estimate like this:

    First find out the average processing time of ROW 485, then we know the pending number from USCIS report is the cases submitted for the length of the processing time. For example, if the processing time is 3 months, and there are 7000 cases for ROW pending, then we know there are 7000 ROW 485 submitted in 3 months. Then the full year demand is 28000. Maybe the report can be revised with these information to get a better estimate on the spillover?

    girlfriend A City Skyline screen and city skyline cartoon. NISSAN SKYLINE CARTOON

  • Roger Binny
    06-17 05:12 AM
    Here is some thing i got through googling, though a poor choice but worth to post (http://www.happyschoolsblog.com/h1b-visa-stamping-us-consulates-delayed/).

    As i remember , i read a north indian chap 15 years of experience and has phd, stuck in chennai or mumbai on security check, trying to find the article.

    hairstyles new york skyline cartoon. nyc city skyline cartoon. Nissan+skyline+cartoon
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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-20 03:51 PM
    I feel sorrry for you...I saw this link but I do not know whether u can use it..
    why would he do that..is this a desi consulting comp? whtz the comp name?


    05-05 02:56 PM
    Here is my situation:

    Company A:
    EB2 PD Aug 2006
    140 Approved
    485 Applied July '07 (Got EAD and AP for myself and wife. I am still on H1B but wife used EAD)
    Still working with Company A and intend to work with them for another couple of years.

    Company B:
    EB2 PD Nov 2005 (Substitution labor)
    140 Approved.

    Can I interfile or do the PD porting so that I can get the older PD? If so, do I have to work for Company B?
    I dont have a copy of the LCA and I may not have the original of the approved 140. Can I use a copy of 140 approval notice to apply for the interfile?
    Do I need any kind of document from Company B like employment letter in future ?
    Does the PD need to be current to interfile?
    Do I need to work for Company B?
    Does this process in anyway create problems for my current 485 status? My wife used EAD but I have been on H1B with the company that filed for my 485.
    I already completed 180 days after filing 485. So, I can use AC21. Will this interfiling process have any impact on that?
    How would I know that interfiling process completed successfully?
    If USCIS denys the interfile I submitted, does that have any impact on my current 485 process?
    If I want to use AC21, does that new job need be similar to Company A or Company B job requirement?

    Thank you everyone..

    08-20 07:09 PM
    Complaint to USCIS...I know of one such body shopper who did the same thing...sold one labor to 10 people...when the fraud was caught...the employer was arresetd and the remaining 9 people who bought the labor were deported out of US...u should get the labor bak in ur name....fight for it...if you think this may bring ur downfall....take down ur employer with u...

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