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Friday, June 24, 2011

celebrities no makeup

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  • willwin
    06-01 12:40 PM

    wallpaper Filed in: Celebrities With No celebrities no makeup. no makeup models. snthampi
  • no makeup models. snthampi

  • ak_2006
    11-25 01:46 PM
    Hi Pappu and IV Sr.Members,

    Thanks for the updates and hard work.

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  • jessica-simpson-no-makeup

  • pd_recapturing
    08-11 10:42 PM
    My Job duties on labor says
    "Design, develop and test software using Java, C++, C, VB, Winrunner, SAP, Oracle, Networking, ASP and RUP"
    The title in labor is "Software Engineer"
    Now the new job offer has title as "Lead Developer"
    and duties are
    "The lead developer will be responsible for leading a team to creating components within Java, utilizing standard Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), writing unit test cases and supporting the Testing and Quality Assurance phases of the software development lifecycle."
    Can somebody comment on this in context of same / similar job?

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  • tonyHK12
    11-11 06:10 PM
    Thank YOU!!

    Dude, I have been sparring with Pappu and Starsun for quite some time now. IV needs to be a "Paying Members Only" organisation.
    Per some statistics regularly floating around here, IV has 40,000 odd members. A membership fee as small as $1/month!! ($12/year), will INSURE a steady flow of funds, that will make a HUGE difference.
    Even if 20,000 of that 40,000 run away due to the $12.00/yr subscription requirement, that still leaves IV with almost a QUARTER million dollars worth of cash at hand, .

    thats a good idea, and at the same time we also need to show our numbers.
    I would say, lets make this a $5 monthly membership org. IV can help you much more than your Immigration attorney can.
    I'm not aware of any one else who directly deals with USCIS and with chambers of govt.
    Yes focus is needed right now, since after 4 years CIR is off the table and its time for piece meal bills which need renewed campaigning
    Many are a bit selfish just concerned with their particular case and want a quick answer, but don't want to help the high skilled community as a whole.

    you can click on member list and just on top the current count is 45,676


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  • daflyboy04
    07-17 09:53 AM
    hi people, i read all your comments about how the IV community feels about the DREAM Act, and how you guys dont know if it will benefit the children of legal immigrants that fall into a similar situation. Well i got good news for you people, i am a staff at Massachusetts Immigrant refugee advocate coalition and we had a talk with couple of staff from senators Hagel, and senator Lugar to confirm us which version of DREAM were they doing to introduce this week which most likely could be today or tomorrow. both staff members were positive that the version that will be introduce as an amendment to the defense bill will be word by word identical to S. 774 that was introduce early this spring. what this actually means is that this version of DREAM does not discriminate legal from illegal...... just wanted to clear all that out for you guys..... thanks

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  • greensignal
    11-09 10:34 PM
    Still waiting for FP and no SR is filed

    Hi Guys,

    I just received my FP Notices today for me and my wife. It is scheduled on Nov 30th.


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  • shana04
    08-20 05:52 PM

    Even if you paid cash, probably should have withdrawn from bank. And you should be having that bank withdrawl slip or you can go online to get a copy of your bank statement, which shows that you have withdrawn that amount - this is just a proof.

    Now call your employer to refund all your money with interest and the loss that you incured for working all these years and the opportunity that you have lost for not filing I 485, else you would file a case agains him with police and FBI for taking cash as this would not provide any proof for filing labor and not filing I 485.

    Now you threaten that you would file a suit against him, give all kinds of threats to these A**H***S. sorry could not control my words.

    I am kind of same situtation but my employer filed my 485, but exploiting me.

    Bastarads, would not progress of some one else money.

    I am sorry for you my friend.

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  • nikamd
    05-11 06:03 PM

    Totally agree with you. We always think and hope grass is greener on the other side and in this case we may not realize now difficult it might be for these kids to have a normal life.

    In our case by which I mean the EB community we have our own issues which for us would see the most important and of the highest priority. I am also in the same boat and think about it day in and day out. I just think about it and my actions to improve the situation have been insignificant. Hats off to you all for trying to improve the situation and contribute in changing the system.


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  • zoozee
    08-28 03:49 PM
    Gdhiren:Can you please send me your email id mine is zoozee4@hotmail.com
    I am flying from San Jose to Dc for the rally.Can you please post me the threads for the hosts for accomodation in DC.

    Folks, really great. I am around DC and coordinating the Pickups/Dropoffs. Please PM me your flight details if you need to be picked up from the airport or dropped off to the airport, don't be shy, we will make every efforts to accomodate your needs. There is also a separate thread if you need accomodation (we have several hosts).

    Thank you guys for flying all the way from west coast.

    PS: Waiting_4_GC, I have your flight info.

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-10 12:35 PM
    Perm filers hate LS guys as they went ahead of line...
    Backlog guys hate Perm filers as they went ahead of line...
    Eb3 guys hate EB3-EB2 conversion guys as they went ahead of line...
    ....and it goes on.
    This shit never ends!!!:(

    Strangely, everything is done within the scope of law!

    :D also the EB2 guys hate the EB3-EB2 conversions as those guys also jumped to a faster line pushing these EB2'ers back...

    Hope enough people show up at the DC rally and IV can get the legislators to do something about all these lines so there is no need for line jumping...


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  • Celebs without makeup: A

  • jsb
    02-04 02:52 PM
    I know ROW country may not like this thread, but look at EB-3 India or China, put yourself in our shoes and than you may realize how unfair this country is. In this unprecedented financial turmoil, I feel there are very remote chances for CIR or any package which increase immigration etc would pass, I am taking this initiative to gather as many people I can and go to washington. Again this is not an IV effort. If you are with me , you can spare some time or few days in Washington, please PM me. our sole agenda is bring a 2 line bill to remove country quota...

    Instead of asking for removing, perhaps asking for making it in ratio of country sizes might be more palatable. Note that Nepal has same numeric quota as China. I don't know how you can influence or initiate such changes, though.

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  • chrisj
    01-28 02:02 PM
    Seems like most of you guys have grudge against Andhrites (GULTIs that you call us with love). Agreed that most ppl who come to this univeristy are from AP. There are about 900 students in this university, but there are thousands of students from AP that are studying in other reputed university. I'm one of them.
    I'm not sympathetic towards the ppl who are facing deportation. But i strongly condemn the way they are treated. Tying the tracking devices to their legs and treating them like terrorists is totally inhuman and insane


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  • sgupta33
    01-18 03:35 PM

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  • mhathi
    09-21 01:18 PM
    Don't judge each day by
    the harvest you reap, but
    by the seeds you plant
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    :D Macaca strikes again with his arsenal of quotes!!

    This is a nce one though. You must have a lot of reading under your belt.



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  • grupak
    06-12 04:35 PM
    I just finished calling those 6 Reps - o how fun!

    Anyways, so guys - does this Krikorian guy need some education or flowers? Let us provide him with what he needs and get this thing going further.

    Can we call him like we are calling the Reps?

    Lets go through the logic of Mr. Krikorian carefully and use it for our benefit.

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  • sandy_anand
    11-06 04:14 PM
    Let me narrow it down

    ' First half of this month'. :D

    Let me do better - between Nov 6th and 13th!:D


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  • globaldesi
    07-06 11:55 AM
    I fully support the initiative.
    What more needs to be done to get the ball rolling?

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  • celebrities no makeup. she#39

  • dineshksharma
    07-13 04:54 PM
    congratulations..truly inspirational.. how did you acquire such phenominal emotional stamina?

    There were times when I was really depressed, specially when I got delayed in New Delhi with "Name clearance" for H-1 renew. However, I believed in higher power and never lost hope. My parents (mother US citizen,father GC) always kept my spirits high. I also got a lot of support at my job (when I got stuck in India, my chief pulled all strings possible to get me cleared).
    I also had a backup plan, where I could go to Canada or worst, can go back to India where I have an established practice.
    Botomline, do not loose hope and work hard.

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  • vamsi_poondla
    11-19 10:26 AM
    As we all know, the Housing crisis in US is getting worse day by day, with the inventory of houses available for sale increasing, and buyers not willing/able to buy those houses.

    Giving speedy Green Cards to July Visa bulletin cases will ease the Housing Crisis in US.

    Most of the people affected by the July Visa bulletin are highly skilled people who have the capacity to buy houses, but are not investing in houses, since their future in US is not secure until they get Green Cards.

    Instead they end up investing in real estate in Bangalore/Hyderabad etc, thereby helping in housing boom in those places.

    If Congress passes a law to give speedy Green Cards to these highly skilled people ASAP; these highly skilled people, who have good jobs and capacity to buy houses inspite of the difficult situation regarding getting loans etc, will help US tide over the current difficult housing situation.

    This is something for the US law makers to ponder.

    LOL (sorry)

    07-22 02:21 PM
    This is un acceptable talk. Forum is to share - no one deny's it. ANTI or PRO - each can put their own thoughts...BUT not in the above said language

    I hope we keep our dignity and self respect

    Oh, the message was not intended for anybody. It was a way to prove that I'm not one of the Antis.

    Sorry to offend you, or anybody else. I've removed it.

    12-14 04:31 PM
    usage of spill over must be based on demand estimates and cannot be an exact science.

    removal of ROW spill-over must be in anticipation of the dam burst expected when the BECS finally cross pass the april 30 PDs ( ROW being a big majority of these applications).

    We need to look at what the BECs are doing and where they are wrt apr 2001 apps. I believe they are almost past it or in the thick of it. there would be a 3-4 month lag since a lot of these guys are going through recruitment.

    That will tell us whether we are seeing the worst or if it can get worse.

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