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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • sc3
    11-20 01:01 PM
    But I work in the same company and same dept..isn't AC21 only used if you quit GC sponsoring company

    Sorry, you can't use AC21 to get that promotion. AC21 portability requires similar jobs.

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  • raysaikat
    11-13 02:34 PM
    Appreciate your prompt response Raysaikat. If I get the J1 waiver from Australia, can I file directly under the EB2-NIW without changing to H1B.

    Yes. EB2-NIW (in general, any green card application) has no relation with H1-B.

    After completing my MS (Molecular Biotech) and PhD (Veterinary Science) in Australia, I am currently working on a J1 visa for the last 3 years in US university. My employer cannot sponsor my H1B/ Green card but I can get recommendation letters and I have 6 publications including 3 first authors. Thanks, Palani

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  • feedfront
    09-17 09:55 AM
    I have not seen this situation with anybody else on forum. Talk to good attorney, they should help you out.

    RFE is time sensitive. So act fast.

    Good Luck!

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  • eager_immi
    07-18 04:05 PM
    No when ur PD is current; Yes it has effect when not current.It does not.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-19 01:20 PM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    As many regular readers of this blog know, I am impressed by the amazing work of Vivek Wadhwa, research associate at Harvard, and an entrepreneur in residence at Duke. This week his most recently published article, The University Of Competition (http://www.outlookindia.com/full.asp?fodname=20090622&fname=GCol+Vivek+Wadhwa+(F)&sid=1), in Outlook India, points out the obvious--"with its flawed immigration policies, the U.S. has exported part of its economic stimulus and is providing a windfall of premium talent to these countries (India and China)."

    Vivek also appeared in a NPR's Marketplace segment on how sophisticated engineering jobs are disappearing from the U.S. and moving to India (http://marketplace.publicradio.org/www_publicradio/tools/media_player/popup.php?name=marketplace/pm/2009/06/17/marketplace_cast2_20090617_64). The report by Janet Babin starts with an unemployed Silicon Valley engineer and ends with Wim Elfrink � Cisco�s Chief Globalization Officer who is based in Bangalore. In that piece, Vivek discusses how the world has changed and how companies now need to be near growth markets.

    This pieces and other recent pieces show that plodding ideas about commissions and study groups to recommend visa numbers are relics of a past age. The question is, will Congress act quickly enough on immigration reform to actually make a difference in helping our economy recover. Every immigration lawyer knows these simple truths--lazy people do not walk across the desert. And, its corollary--the Hope that is American attracts those willing to work hard to succeed. Well, the former principle is still true, at least for now. The latter is giving way to hopelessness--backlogged visa numbers ("encased in amber"), and a growing and vibrant economy in China and India. The failure to act quickly is going to cost America in the long run. Let's pray someone in the White House and on Capitol starts this immigration reform discussion moving before it is too late.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/186823568153827945-2392842088350390333?l=ailaleadership.blogspot.com

    More... (http://ailaleadership.blogspot.com/2009/06/vivek-wadwha-voice-in-wilderness.html)

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  • srh1
    08-18 02:14 PM
    Thanks abhisam for your reply..

    The last time i spoke with my lawyer he said. we dont the stautus of my brothers h1 yet as even thought they closed the dates in May they are holding some cases in case the existing cases which got receipt are denied then they will consider new cases from the lot.

    I dont know what this means????

    Is there a possibility of H1 cases are being in pending status without any receipt from USCIS.????


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  • northstar
    07-20 06:38 PM
    I got appointment letter for Biometrics from USCIS. I already gave in 2007.
    Why are they asking again? and I only got this, my husband and son didn't get it.

    Right now I am on EAD, since last december(2009) I am not working, will there be any issues as I am the primary applicant.


    Nothing to worry, go ahead and give your biometrics, my friend did it twice. If you want more clarification to sleep better, take infopass and get things clarified

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  • thomachan72
    01-18 01:14 PM
    I rarely post/quote other forum threads here...this is an exception. I think it's a good post/comment from miceelf ( msg 34) on Ron's site:

    Please forgive me if it's offending to anyone:
    February Visa Bulletin (http://www.immigration-information.com/forums/visa-quota-and-cutoff-date-issues-66/february-visa-bulletin-13129/index4.html#post54691)

    Not sure about that...


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  • India76
    03-01 09:21 PM
    :confused: Hello All,

    I am preparing documents to send to my parents for Visitors Visa.
    My Question: If lets say my parents go to the US Embassy sometime in March and if their visa get stamped for lets say for 2 months. When that 2 months time start? is it going to start from the day their visa got stamped or when they get I-94 card at US airport?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

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  • conundrum
    06-23 03:47 PM
    Isn't it high time we started a state chapter. I am from Cincinnati, and would gladly like to host a meeting so that we can get this going. :)


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  • mk26
    03-30 08:33 AM
    Once you take appointment you can call the same consulate and sned required documents and get PIMS verified.

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  • smuggymba
    10-05 08:23 PM
    a court actually agreed with USCIS....so a person can work but can't be present in the US and USCIS won the case.


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  • GotGC??
    01-03 12:09 PM
    For those worried about not being able to live in the UK, I say "Don't worry, you are not missing a great deal".

    I have lived & worked in UK for a couple of years many years back. Like most of my acquaintances at that time I didn't (want to) live there long. Most of my friends left for US, I returned to India. And then to US.

    Life is US has its problems, the immigration backlog is one of them. But it is really a walk in the park compared to that in Britain. UK is one of the most racist society I have ever seen. There is racism in all countries (even in India, we call it Casteism) but no where as overt as in UK. In UK, the work culture isn't all that great, life is boring and the weather sucks. No wonder a recent investigation by BBC reported that 7 out of 10 Britons now prefer to live outside UK mainly because it's high cost of living, lack of livable space and for little more sunshine. And that number is growing every year. In % terms, that's the highest number and in absolute terms it is the 3rd highest expat population of any country, only India & China ranks higher. Britons now prefer the sunny & more livable places such as Spain (culture), Australia (language) and Florida (proximity).

    When I left UK, it was with relief. Now when I visit UK on work or enroute to other countries, I feel sorry for the folks back there. I would any day prefer living in India - if not in US - than living in UK.

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Good_or_bad_Britain_tears_itself_to_pieces_on_immi gration_issue/articleshow/1040632.cms

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  • neeidd
    11-12 06:51 PM
    Please send an email to info at immigrationvoice.org with a proof for your continuing subscription for us to check the records and fix this.
    Thanks for your reply, Pappu


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  • njgcmar03
    02-21 03:35 PM

    My husband does not have an H1 stamp in his passport even though he has been in status since he did not go to india,right now he has got 3 yr extension on the basis of an approved I-140 petition,we are going to india to get our visa stamped next month.

    Can anyone advise me whether not having a previous H1 stamp in the passport will create any problems for us in getting stamped now.He was on an L1 visa before converting to H1,he has not gone to india since 2002.

    kindly advise
    There should not be any issues. Take all the required papers to the interview.
    Good Luck!!

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  • gcharry
    11-11 09:41 PM
    Thanks guys for your response.


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  • hpandey
    03-13 10:49 AM
    Even if your extension gets denied then your current H1 is still valid till Sep 2009 and you can work till then ..

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  • raghav0
    10-14 07:39 AM
    Why would you want to invite trouble...lol...kidding... the above mentioned website was what I used to send in the documents...

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-26 09:00 AM

    Article by Frank Aquila of Bloomberg BusinessWeek who underscores several reasons why lifting the cap on H-1B petitions is essential for US Tech growth including the fact that "The U.S. Labor Dept. estimates that by 2014, 2 million high-tech jobs will go unfilled simply because the cap on H-1B visas has not been raised."

    Read Article (http://www.businessweek.com/investor/content/jan2011/pi20110118_876603.htm)

    More... (http://ashwinsharma.com/2011/01/25/bloomberg-businessweek-article---h-1b-visas-a-modest-proposal-for-immigration-reform.aspx?ref=rss)

    10-17 02:38 PM
    I have got federal loan under this same situation. Wondering why you need a private loan ?

    06-15 04:00 PM
    yes lets continue the support and laud all the good work IV has done thus far.

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