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Friday, June 24, 2011

bulletin board ideas for january

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  • uslegals
    08-20 04:10 PM
    Will complaning to AILF OR AILA help..??

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  • tonyHK12
    11-10 02:15 PM
    Tony -

    As you say that the illegal immigrant lobby gets hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Do you think any illegal immigrant is contributing this money. They work for minimum wages and have hardly any money to spare.
    I think most of the money comes from businesses that employ these people to cut costs.

    Yes true, the hispanic groups is also about 50 million in size. I'm sure these businesses are breaking some law in funding, besides employment.
    There are large organizations that support our cause too, especially IT. They played a big part in positive H1 reform. Not sure if they were approached or they work independently.
    It looks like were averaging $0.05 per IV member though.
    I find it hard to believe we don't have 2000 H-1s willing to contribute $25 a month
    do people expect 40-50 persons to fund IV for campaigns that can benefit 45,000 members, as they watch from the sidelines?

    Another point I think is that even if IV had a couple of million dollars I don't think it will be able to pursuade the Congress to pass any legislation to bring relief to legal immigrants .

    I will defer that to core group & Donor Forum, but IV has acheived a lot of things as posted earlier, part of it through active lobby groups and political experts.
    Well the illegal lobby is not doing anything much different, it looks like Dream will go through.

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  • leoindiano
    06-01 09:05 AM
    In your comments, please mention the taxes you pay for counties, cities apart from state and federal.

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  • sameer2730
    11-03 04:17 PM
    Changing to vertical spillover will NOT help EB3 India or China. EB3 ROW is not current and it will suck up all overflow leaving EB2I, EB2C, EB3I and EB3C to their annual quota only. USCIS changing the process to horizontal spillover is the best thing that has happened to I and C community in the absence of immigration reform. Now there is at least some hope for EB3 folks to get a new job and apply in EB2, as at least that queue is faster. If we fight among ourselves and stop vertical spillover, it will only benefit EB3ROW as they will get all overflow from EB1 and EB2ROW. Please guys, let's not fight.

    Totally agree! But I an fed up of everyone showing up and asking all the time "What about Quarterly Spillover?" all the time. It will make a difference of 6-7 months and its a real big deal to keep coming back and asking "Pappu did you ask about Quarterly Spillover? " on each bloody occasion. Let me tell you what most EB3 India think. You can spillover horizontally or vertically I get it the same time. So why should I care about this spillover BS. Just coz we were born in the same country! Anyways good luck to EB2 India applicants. Hope you get your GC's soon


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  • chanduv23
    01-03 09:37 PM
    A freind of mine came across a gentleman, who is here on work visa and he is facing a unique problem. He is married to two persons and wants to bring his whole family here in the USA. He was looking for answer if he can get both his spouses and kids here on H4 visas. Currently both of them and his kids are in India. Interesting hmmm :D

    Your friend == singhsa3 ??? - Just kidding

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  • coloniel60
    08-15 02:59 PM
    Duplicate application will definitely create problems I will told today by the USCIS rep. They don't recommend it at all and neither my lawyer. He has refused to re-file or will only re-file if I take the onus/responsibility of the result.

    USCIS rep also informed me that as long as you have a tracking proof that you application was delivered, you should be able to refile after Aug17 also, in case application was not processed because it was lost or so.

    USCIS feeds us lot of BS. Their reps have no idea about the whole immigration process. You get different answers each time you call. Atleast 3 different reps told me that it's fine to refile except that I will lose the money and one rep told me that I can always request USCIS to refund my money. Go figure.


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  • snathan
    02-28 05:42 PM
    I understand you don’t care about the United States and its people and you’re only interested in what you can gain from them but if you weren’t so blinded by greed you’d see this is something else they can give to you. Now I know why I took the route I did, I would have accomplished far less in my personal life with the likes of you. In fact, I may doing to much sharing my expertise with you. I refuse to have my name tarnished any further. Besides, you’re only a beginner. What was I thinking? IV really ought to make it clear to everyone that this is an amateur site. Maybe by changing its name to Beginning Immigration. IV definitely is not the voice of Immigration – my voice is different from IVs and I’m dealing with immigration. I may have to contact the internet higher-ups about this farse.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise. But unfortunately we are not in the drug trafficking business. IV is only for legal employment based immigrants. This is clearly stated in the IV policy.

    Believe me, you wont get any help here. You like it or not, its the fact. So dont waste our time as well as your's.

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  • swamy
    04-03 02:21 PM
    I really thank IV for the support extended so far. I am praying to god and hoping that this matter is resovled else this will seriously affect my small family of me, my wife and my one year old for absolutely no fault of ours.
    I am also working with the law firm and they are trying to reach out to USCIS to try to rectify this grave mistake.
    The only thing that really worries me is that in the withdrawl notice from USCIS it says

    "'As a result of your request, your application is considered withdrawn, and it will recieve no further consideration by USCIS. There is no appeal to this decision.'"

    I will keep the forum updated on any developments

    "'As a result of your request" - the fact that you didn't request it negates the basis for their action - so i think you will be fine


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  • gsc999
    10-12 11:08 AM
    Hello GSC999 ( I forgot your real name :-) ) .
    I prefectly agree with the fact that people are getting a bit overly impatient on the issues here , but I who has been patiently waiting and waiting and working with the state chapters just see a lull and silence on the immigration front ( Skilled and Unskilled ) . No one wants to talk about it or do anything about it on the Hill.Please prove me wrong here , I WANT TO BE WRONG !!!
    DC Rally participant ( 2 + 1) Texas State Chapter member Regular $ Contributer
    Arnab, I understand your point. I mean it. My old priority date was Sept. '02 and after being stuck in backlog for years, I finally decided to change my job, my new priority date is in 2006.

    Now, IV doesn't have control over the schedule followed by the US congress. Having said that, let me assure you that there is positive movement. If you look at recent posts by other members, you will see that momentum. That is the result of your efforts with DC rally and your contribution.

    This last quarter of 2007 is do or die for us. That is why we are asking members to join state chapters and preparing for our next big push. All this may not be what you would be hoping for but guess what, without your efforts we wouldn't have come so far. So have some more patience.


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  • solaris27
    10-09 07:53 PM
    you can directly go to USCIS website and take printout of your approved I-140.

    It will not have all informaion but more then enough to change job .


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  • DDash
    08-08 12:03 PM
    Since your situation is aggravated, your wife can apply for F1 visa and come here. How you want to answer visa questions on DS-156 or date your marriage cert is upto you. But all said and done and whatever the morale police on this board have recommended is not really valid because you will be going through all of this and not these people who are giving other suggestions. I really want to ask all these people who say dont backdate marriage cert or dont get her on F1, are you guys angels and have done nothing wrong in your lives or are you just preaching others not to sin?

    Well said Kshitijnt. You spoke the words that I wanted to speak :) Unfortunately, in this forum either people respond with the answers that don't make sense or use cliches.

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  • kondur_007
    06-10 04:22 PM
    Also Mr O said out look for Eb2 india is grim and could have delay for decades .. where Eb3 india can be set to Oct 2001 in oct 2009. His whole prediction is based on current demand from USCIS.

    Lets says he USCIS has 50k Eb2 india and 70k Eb3 india in back room. Now they both have 3k visas in a given year . if USCIS process ( Pre adjucted ) 40k Eb2 india cases and 4k Eb3 india and bring to DOS , DOS may think there are 10 time more cases in Eb2 india so it can take decades while Eb3 india has only 1k extra so it can be in a year. but reality is different.

    hope that makes some thing clear to members..

    Agree with that as well...that may impact PD determination (and it MAY), but the fact is:

    EB2 and EB3 India people with PD after 2005 (just an arbitary year) will not get GC unless there is spill over....it will be 20 yrs without spill over....


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  • looivy
    05-31 03:34 PM
    While you are at it, also say "No" to birthright citizenship act HR1868.

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  • Soul
    02-07 01:32 PM
    Thanks Kax :beam:

    I think priness Kit :P


    - Soul :goatee:


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  • Kitiara
    02-11 07:11 AM
    I voted for Kit because I liked the style, would ahve been better bigger but still cool Awww, thank you. :blush: Gives me a grand total of five votes. :beam: Don't think I'll be beating you quite yet though, Soul...

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  • venkygct
    09-08 01:33 PM


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  • vz2kl
    12-21 11:20 AM
    Houston Indian consulate is horrible. Just horrible. They are rude and totally anti-customer friendly. It is unbelieveable how rude they can be. I have tried to contact him numerous times in my last 10 yrs in US and never was I able to get a reply to my emails/faxes or phone calls. I had trouble when i was an indian citizen and had to renew my passport, had trouble when I had to get tourist visa, had trouble when i had to get my indian passport cancelled and trouble when i had to get some misc. services for my daughter. They keep changing rules (example they changed the way they give tourist visas to people of indian origin, they changed the rules and prices to even just surrender the passport).Everytime my only option was to drive all the way to Houston and be at the mercy of their rudeness. I do not see any point in External ministry of india helping because they are equally worse. It sad and dealing with beauracracy is just a part. The whole problem is that they are not accountable. I dont even know whom to complain for the fact that I cannot even get somebody on the phone and have to drive all the way to Houston just to get a minor question answered.

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  • pady
    08-20 09:57 PM
    I am not with them anymore, I transfered my H1 to another company already. i just need to find out the way how to file a complaint and proceed further.

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  • kannan
    06-20 01:40 PM
    My lawyer is asking 350 for EAD and 500 for AP for each person excluding filing fees.Is it normal.or Can I go to another lawyer for EAD and AP who is cheaper than my company lawyer.

    01-28 12:02 PM
    Immigration fraud: Indian consulate comes to rescue duped students in US - The Economic Times (http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/services/travel/visa-power/immigration-fraud-indian-consulate-comes-to-rescue-duped-students-in-us/articleshow/7375819.cms)

    05-12 08:43 PM
    If case is denied due to USCIS error, MTR can be filed with out fee. when filing MTR it should clearly mention that " Service request for MTR" which implies that denails s due to erroneous decison. (Attorney filed this MTR with Subj: Service request for MTR, enclosed all documents which supports that decision is taken by error and to reconsider).

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