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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • dummgelauft
    09-28 09:51 PM
    I agree, this is the way politics works most of the time. lobby for votes, etc.

    But isn't it also their job to do what is in the best interest of the Nation. Everything isn't decided by lobbies.

    Maybe we're approaching this the wrong way, in trying to build competing lobby. it needs a new approach. Congress should be convinced in a different way.

    Lobby is for optional, nice to have things, which will not be generally missed if they fail.
    Legal immigration is none of these and is almost mandatory. Imagine losing for eg. 200K EB3s. another 50K doctors.

    yes, they do think for the betterment of THEIR country. you and i don't fit in THEIR model of GOOD for their country.
    your average low information "american" voter lacks the thought capability to process what you are saying.

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  • alex99
    10-12 11:24 AM
    BharatPremi. It looks good.

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  • santb1975
    04-11 01:44 PM

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  • srinivasa
    04-19 10:03 AM

    My wife have H1B approved in 2005.Her stamping was refused on 226(g) section.She came to u.s.a on H4.Now her employer has applied for premium H4 to H1 transfer for her.

    We didnot hear anything from them.It is already 2 weeks.

    If it goes through.Does she need to go back for stamping to start working.

    How the things will be?

    How long the process will take (transfer)

    If the attorney can help me in this,it is really great and appreicable



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  • pd_recapturing
    08-13 12:34 PM
    I got Card Production Ordered mail for my EAD yesterday (08/12/08). I e-filed on June, 1st and gave finger prints on June 26th. I hope I'll receive my card by Sep, 24th which is when my current EAD expires.

    Hope you guys get approvals soon. Couple of my friends also got approved on 12th.

    PD 12/2004, EB3
    EAD e-filed : 06/01/08
    EAD Approved: 08/12/08
    my ead application co-ordinates are exactly same as you. yesterday, got card production email.

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  • neelu
    03-24 12:05 AM
    Thank you, Ashok and PMPForGC!!!

    We need more guys like you. Also please contribute as much as can in cash and kind!

    We have 9807 members now. That is less than 200 members short of the magic number!

    Now that we have the STRIVE Act introduced in congress, we need all the numbers we can. And we need dollars more than ever!

    It is now or never, do or die.

    Please help add members and contribute.

    Together we can!


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  • X-Wing
    08-03 03:43 PM
    Got the emails of "card production ordered" for both me and my wife today. A wait of 11 years came to an end.
    Another one rides the bus......

    Day 3 and counting. How does anyone here sleep at all!

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  • Edison99
    09-29 11:41 AM
    Could you update your profile before drafting your plan? It helps IV community to understand your concerns�

    Well I had called a NY congresswoman when I was stuck in a H1 name check. I found them open and willing to help. She even contacted the FBI.

    Well I am just an ordinary person, and the same as everyone here, and not saying I will do everything myself. There are persons who are better skilled at this and know the immigration law better.

    Also don't rule out lobbying, I just said we also need something else that should justify our case without a lobby. I'm asking for suggestions or ideas.
    I may be new here, If you see my post on the other forum, I'm asking for the creation of an organization with skilled people who will create a new campaign among legal immigrants. Kind of like Grass roots movement.


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  • indian111
    05-04 03:13 PM
    E-filed EAD on 24th April.
    Supporting documents received on Apr 28th.
    Received EAD receipt on April 30.
    Last year I remember receing the receipt and biometric appt letter together.
    Has anyone who efiled for EAD renewal this year have received biometrics appointment?
    Please let me know.


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  • susie
    08-22 12:19 AM

    I will call the core team to see if they can add the age out situation to their agenda or help in anyway. There is another group American Families who are trying to get some benefit of dependent children of their spouses who age out and will try and speak with them also

    If I win my cspa court case it will help many others. It does seem that the only way to get justice is to file a complaint , maybe a class action. It is so terrible that families are separated.

    The aging out also applied to dependent children of people who marry USC too.

    They say the CSPA is not retroactive, alos that alien must file for immigrant petition within one year of visa availability, yet it does seem all court cases have been won so far, well to my knowlege anyway

    I have been separated from my son for many years and only option is court case. God knows how I will feel should I loose my case.


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  • Stillwater
    07-08 07:53 PM
    I had applied for H1b visa (change of status) in 2007 March.And also applied for H4 extension at the same time....I got my h4 extendion paper in July and after 2 days got my H1b Visa approved. i did applied for SSN in october,but till now my employer didn't get me any job, paystub or offer letter.

    I want to go to india now so my question is can i go h4 visa stamping??
    My questions are:
    1) Am i out of status?? Someone told me that i will be banned for 3 yrs. Is there any possibility?

    2) Should i file a compliant to US DOL abt the employer who filed my H1b visa?
    I don't have any offer letter, only the I-797A paper with me.Do I need any lawyer to file complaint to DOL or can i do it on my own?

    3) Will it affect my husband's H1B visa and our Future GC processing?

    Please suggest me what should i do....

    Really appreciate ur help on this matter.

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  • ca_immigrant
    05-10 03:19 PM
    Congrats to all those who got greened !!



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  • RandyK
    03-17 01:43 PM
    I took a poll on this website like a year ago.

    The results were very similar to the trackkit poll.

    In summary, about

    50% are with PDs of Year 2000 - 2004 and 50% 2005 - 2007.

    I was surprised to find EB3 PDs in 2000 and 2001 but there were few.

    So far this poll is also showing similar results.

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  • santb1975
    04-07 03:27 PM
    I was thinking of a Linkedin professional Network

    "IV Professional Network" is a great idea... are you thinking inthe line of NetIP???
    for that should we not think of new sister website! with a link provided on thru IV website!


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  • kasanski33
    01-20 04:53 PM
    Thanks ss1026.
    Lets keep it going, we need to keep up the momentum. Its like the calm before the storm, get your resources ready for the big push in the coming months

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  • gobi
    03-02 12:11 PM
    Not sure if I can attend the event but will definitely try to. Honestly every single person in the same boat should attend this. The event in 2007 changed the life of so many people and it is once in a lifetime thing. Let's make it happen again.

    Contributed $100.

    GOD bless us!!


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  • akhilmahajan
    07-31 11:48 AM
    Have you tried Infopass.
    If not you should schedule an appointment and try to find out what is going on. Also, see what else can be done to get your EAD approved.

    Please let us know, how it goes.

    GO IV GO

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  • looivy
    07-14 01:20 PM
    You are right that there is no hope for EB3 India. But only as long as you and others in EB3 do not meet their lawmakers. Take part actively in action items. We have details of every local town hall meeting in your area and you can go there. We can help you set up your meeting with your lawmaker in his office. We can help you meet in their DC office if you want to get really active. We have several more details and ideas and need people to work on them.

    FYI we never use the terms like EB2 or EB3 in our meetings with lawmakers. There is no priority in our agenda based on category or nationality. ImmigrationVoice.org - About Immigration Voice (http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5&Itemid=47) You will not find anywhere EB2 or EB3 based agenda here.

    Well Pappu, the fact of the matter is nothing has been done specifically to help EB3-I/C/ROW. IV may be EB agnostic but EB3-I seems to have been stuck forever to the point of despair.

    I and other EB3s have donated to most of the IV causes and campaigns. We have written to our Senators, reps, sponsors and co-sponsors of bills but nothing has helped.

    If IV renews its focus to help EB3-I/C/ROW then you can expect more contributiuons from EB3s.

    I do not want a lesson on EB3/EB2/EB1...there is no end to opinions on this forum. What I and other EB3-I/C/ROW want are results. Contributions, meeting the lawmakers, writing to politicians etc will kick in fourth gear if there is a reasonable advancement of dates for EB3-I/C/ROW.

    BTW, your and other IV leaders' efforts are very much appreciated. All that I am saying is that IV should be focused on EB3-I/C/ROW (through tagging recapture to a bill or something) now that EB2 is getting help from USCIS spillover.

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  • santa123
    01-17 09:15 AM
    Hi Ramki,

    I think this question is better answered in a discussion environment ....

    Let us all fix a time to meet on Immigration voice chat some time this week night or weekend to discuss ideas.

    We can meet tomm at 9.30 EST for an hour or so ?

    Please confirm availability those who can

    Hi Chintu,
    First of all, your willingness to share info that is beneficial to others is appreciated. When is the chat / telecon scheduled? I remember seeing something about yahoo chat, but not sure where it is gone (blame that friday night partying... :eek:)
    Lemme know. Thanks!

    03-21 11:59 PM
    WOW!!.. Very quick response.. good. You are trying to do a good job.

    You missed two points:
    Can you please update your profile.
    And you said "As some of you know...." . Were you trying in these lines before too. Can you direct me to any one of your forums more than 2 months old where we can see what you did before.

    Trust me, in the past we knew of some guys who tried to distract the forum attention with proposals of doing somethings in the lines as you have said. Their goal is to distract and divert attention.
    Not that we do not trust you, but we expect you have atleast your profile updated.
    What do you do, when you come across someone who says I can get you a big job done for you, as I have contacts.. Not blindly trust, right.. We also check he his credentials. I am to some extent doing that, to be frank, not that everyone has profiles here with real information.
    I told about you to my friends, and they asked me "Why do we trust him, dont you think he may be a Canadian who is trying to distract these innocent Indians and hence make sure they remain in backlogs"....

    You and your fake friends.
    I remember your posts where you claimed that your friends are ready to contribute huge amounts of money to IV.
    Where have they gone now when a funding drive was started?

    You cannot even contribute a mere $25 and talk about contributing thousands?
    Please avoid trying to make tall claims and promises you cannot keep. It makes a man lose his credibility. A man is known and is respected by the word he keeps.

    This Totoro guy is at least doing something and going to meet a lawmaker office? Have you ever had the courage to visit a lawmaker. I only saw posts where you were asking people to send spam emails annonymously to lawmaker offices.

    If you are asking him to enterreal profile information, May I ask you if your profile is real? Does it have your real name, phone address, main email, employer name etc in it? Moderators can verfy it? If not then you are also are like most other annonymous users on the internet.

    Let us get real and recognize those who are trying to do something genguine. This guy has already emailed IV about himself so why are you trying to distract people.

    01-12 10:16 PM
    all the studies by economists, investment experts, psychologists, etc for the last several decades clearly showed that for 99% of the people day trading makes them lose all their money. it is highly addictive and on an average everbody loses their savings. legally it is another style of trading and there are no consequences whether you are on J1, H1B, on EAD or a citizen! (ofcourse if somebody knows which stock is going to be up/down and exactly when, he can make a lot of money (better call him a prophet than a day trader/pattern trader).

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