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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • pappu
    01-05 09:04 AM
    If you want to make changes in the existing law, we have to do far more than a letter campaign. In the coming months, there maybe opportunities where we can try provisions and bills as we see any progress on immigration reform initiatives. Lobbying effort for big changes will have to be huge.

    The most important work we can do at this time is to increase our numbers. We must get as many high skilled immigrants on H1B, EAD, F1, J1, H4 etc visas under Immigration voice. Once we have good support, we can try to work on various projects that helps everyone. We must try to spread the word about immigrationvoice on various forums, websites, communities etc and seek everyone's participation.

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  • apnair2002
    01-21 10:35 PM
    This is the Chuck Hagel Bill that was put forth 10/25. No further action has been taken since.

    Specter's bill will prolly include some sections of this bill.

    01/21/2006: Republican National Committee Resolution: Support Legal Immigration & Guest Worker Program, Oppose Legalization

    Report indicates that the Republican National Committee voted on 01/20/2006 to back the Bush's call for a guest-worker program, and adopted a resolution that calls for continued "legal immigration," criticizes illegal immigration and endorses a "new work program for foreign workers," but states there should be "no amnesty for those persons presently in the United States illegally." Read on.
    There are several Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills pending in the Senate. The Senate is expected to return to the Hill next month and the specific agenda for the debate of these conflicting bills have yet to be announced by Sen. Bill Frist. He previously announced that these bills would be tabled for the debate in February. Please stay tuned to this website for the upcoming comprehensive immigration reform debates in the Hill. These bills are expected to bring a reform in the employment-based immigration increasing the employment-based immigrant visa numbers substantially. There are no strong opposition to this part of the comprehensive immigration reform.


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  • brshankar
    08-07 02:11 PM
    What is you PD?

    I asked this earlier, may be you missed it, so, let me ask you again...
    What is your PD.



    Sunnysurya is busy trying to get people for the lawsuit. He will not reply to you.

    According to IV Tracker, his EB2 PD is Nov 2005. He has filed in Nebraska.


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  • santb1975
    01-09 09:21 PM
    Anyone have a count?


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  • apnair2002
    02-04 04:10 PM
    Since January 2006, the nation's Capital has been fairly quite on immigration news for a number of reasons. Firstly, the comprehensive immigration reform legislative bills were planned to be tabled in February 2006, but reportedly this has been pushed off until March 27, 2006. Secondly, the New Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services took office last months. Additionally, the career immigration benefits leader, William Yates, retired and new acting director took over the immigration benefits management responsibility. Understandably, when the heads of the organization change, pending review of the policies and directions, the organization's activities on policy making usually remain on halt.
    As opposed to the immigration benefits issues, there have been flurry of news coming out of all sources throughout the country relating to the immigration enfocement and border security initiatives. There are sporatic and increasing reports that ICE has swifted the enforcement policy from leniency to reinforcement over the illegal aliens despite its inability to keep up with expanding detenion facilities to house the detained illegal aliens. The ICE has just announced that it will cease the practice of arrest and return of the border crossers and enforce detention of such border crossers. There were reports that ICE officials stopped certain traffics in certain locations in Minnesota to demand legal documents and enforced illegal immigration action against the detected illegal aliens.
    Until the immigration legislative activities are recharged and energized and the new CIS Director has a handle on the immigration benefits policy and management direction, it is expected that the nation's capital may remain in low key for a while when it comes to the employment-based immigration.
    source http://www.immigration-law.com/

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  • l1fraud
    06-16 12:39 PM
    Dear Desi,

    I agree with you. Thanks for correcting me.

    Thanks... I have send you a PM please reply back.

    Thanks once again.


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  • GKBest
    10-11 04:04 PM
    Let's give them one more month. I just hope that if they are using LIFO now (latest application received being entered into the system), they should also use LIFO in processing the cases, meaning the last case entered (probably an early July filer) will be the first one to be processed.....just a wishful thinking.

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  • onemaveric
    09-13 11:26 PM
    Travelling in the same boat.


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  • sroyc
    09-24 05:16 PM
    These assumptions marked in red are incorrect. ROW has been consolidated into 1 category to simplify the visa bulletin. ICMP countries exceed the quota, that's why they have separate entries. If another country exceeds the quota U.K. for example, then it'll have it own column in the visa bulletin. The quota for EB-ROW is 40K - per country limit for ICMP for that category X 4. That's why EB3 India has been getting screwed ever since they re-interpreted the spillover rules (in the middle of 2008). Otherwise, you would see EB3 ICMP get at least 8K GCs in 2009.

    1) Each (EB1/2/3) - 28.6% WW quota = 40040
    2) 5 subscription cataegories under each EB category: I,P,C,M,ROW
    ) Assumption - USCIS distributes equal share amon3g these 5 different subscription categories = 40040/5 =8008 in each EB category for a particular subscription category.


    EB3 All = 40040 ( 0.286 x 140000)
    EB3 ALL = EB3 I + EB3 C + EB3 M + EB3 P + EB3 ROW

    Assuming equal share of all of these 5 subscription categories - 40040/5 = 8008 applications to be worked for "Assigning the visa number" not " for granting the visa (IN other words physical greencard order)"

    7% + 2% = 9% country specific limit is meant for "Granting the visa - Ordering Physical Green card" out of "Applications which have been assigned a visa number" NOT FOR "Assigning the visa number"

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  • sri1309
    03-12 06:12 PM
    Pappu or any active IV Core members, we are waiting for your answer. How we can go on this?:confused:

    Dont wait too long.. Just keep going.. No waiting..
    Imagine you are waiting for a bus.. that would not come.. then what do you do.. keep walking towards your destination.. And if there are others who want to come along with you in your safar, then it makes it more pleasant and less painful.. You all have contributed with your ideas.. Spread them and keep going..
    Now I am going home.. Will send this letter to other sources also.. i will get some more contact info tomorrow.. But Always write to change.gov. No president in the past has created such an option in the past to hear us.. Don't overlook it. I made small changes in my original letter. So in case anyone copied it before 5 min, you want to take the current one..


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  • baburob2
    01-10 07:17 PM
    also very recently a new bill has been drafted. but i don't have more info. A gist of it is:

    Republican Senate candidate David Kramer on Monday proposed an immigration reform plan that opens the door to legal status for illegal workers who have been in the United States for five years or more.

    For more details look at the below url

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  • onemorecame
    09-14 01:23 PM
    I've been current since July, 2010 and got RFE on Sept 10, 2010. I don't have letter with me as yet to know about RFE.

    Before REF, I waited for few weeks then tried followings:
    1) Took infopass : Officer sent email to expedite.
    2) Wrote to Senator: got reply they would get reply in 60-90 days
    3) Sent an email via attorney to TSC: got automated response.

    Then I got RFE after about 2-3 weeks of these attempts.

    Sent a Private Message


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  • check_rd
    06-24 03:05 AM
    Me - EB2 Labor pending applied May6th 07.
    My Wife - EB3 Labor and I140 approved (PD Dec 2006)
    What should I do? Thanks in advance.

    If her lawyer is quick to respond then you can keep everything ready including medicals and anytime date is retrogressed should apply immediately or the second option is apply for EAD and AP and I-485 case and go tense free and use EAD if you want to change jobs and don't worry about EB2 and EB3.

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  • asharda
    07-11 09:19 AM


    Quest for green cards leads to sweet-smelling protest
    Victor Manuel Ramos | Sentinel Staff Writer
    July 11, 2007

    Raju Sen Sharma woke up Tuesday with one important errand in mind: He had to order flowers and have them delivered to Washington, D.C.

    The 29-year-old man, an Indian immigrant in Orlando, was not marking an anniversary or wooing a sweetheart. The flowers were for Emilio Gonzalez, head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    Sen Sharma was sending them as a symbolic reminder of the plight of foreigners like him, who entered the U.S. legally but cannot find a way to remain permanently.

    In a recent Indian-made movie, sending flowers to prove a point was the method used by the lead actor, following Mohandas K. Gandhi's teaching of nonviolence.

    So hundreds sent roses and daisies to peacefully protest the recent reversal of a decision that would have allowed many to apply for the "green cards" entitling them to permanent residency.

    Immigration-agency spokesman Dan Kane said about 200 flower arrangements had arrived at the Washington, D.C., offices by lunchtime Tuesday.

    Gonzalez said in a statement that he had those flowers forwarded "to our injured service members" at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.

    "We have been trying to get the green cards in the legal way, and we have gone through all the process and it hasn't worked for us," said Sen Sharma, an energy-software analyst at the University of Central Florida. "We just want a fair chance."

    Other immigrants are joining a class-action lawsuit about the rejection of their petitions, to be filed by the D.C.-based American Immigration Law Foundation and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

    Engineers, programmers, lab technicians and other educated immigrants had scrambled to file paperwork, following a June visa bulletin from the U.S. Department of State that gave them hope visas were still available.

    But U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a terse statement July 2, saying it would reject the status-adjustment applications because it ran out of those visas.

    Kane said he could not comment on the mix-up because of the expected lawsuit. The agency has an annual cap of about 140,000 employment-based visas; hundreds of thousands of foreigners compete for them.

    "It's very disheartening for people to get their hopes up and spend thousands of dollars in filing paperwork to then be told nothing is going to happen," said Aman Kapoor, president in Tallahassee of Immigration Voice, the group leading the flower campaign.

    Catherine Henin-Clark, an Orlando immigration attorney, said the cap leaves thousands of worthy immigrants in the limbo of temporary status.

    "When it comes to legal immigration, we are not encouraging the people that we want to have here," Henin-Clark said. "We are turning them away, and that is going to affect the economy one way or another. We have always relied on foreign workers."

    Victor Manuel Ramos can be reached at vramos@orlandosentinel.com or 407-420-6186.


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  • vdlrao
    04-05 03:50 PM
    I am posting this from Ron Gotcher's forum-

    "Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11040563 (posted Apr. 5, 2011)"

    Following-up ----------------------------------------are used. However, a rapid advance could spur a surge in demand that could impact the cut-off dates later in the year. The May Visa Bulletin, --------------of the year.

    Is that mean they are going to move the PDs much further and again move back during the end of the year!!

    So isn't this implying that the PDs will advance very very further than the available visa numbers!!!!!!!!!!


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  • natrajs
    10-01 04:29 PM
    Wow Naushit,
    Enjoy greenhood..........no luck yet for my wife...But she got a call from USCIS office of Wash DC that it is the biometrics that is holding her approval...they are issuing a biometrics appointment....I told so far she had been issued Biometrics appointment thrice and we have not received anything.

    Also if I got approved without biom availability how come she is not....she is giving crap that our job is approving the primary applicant....I told her that none of my friends have got approval just for the principal they all got approved together.

    I told her Biom does not hold approval ...she was adamant we can't approve her w/o that.


    SOP, The moment you receive the Biom Notice, do not wait unitl the interview date, try to walk in to the service center the next day to do the Biom

    Good Luck and Best Wishes


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  • NKR
    08-07 11:32 AM
    Ok guys, I got a bunch of red dots.. what more can you expect from people whose comments are as below...
    bitch, wtf "Rolling_Flood"

    stop making dumb arguments. if you don't like this thread stay away from it.

    you have no clue who gives you reds and greens, don't presume. plenty of people quietly read and can spot out the rubbish. and no one can give two reds in a row, so i'm another person. Glad to see acceptance finally that PhDs are being disadvantaged


    1. Rolling_Flood, with this temper I am sure you are going to piss off your lawyer with whom you would be working (if at all you do..) on getting portability removed.
    2. �if you don't like this thread stay away from it." Lots of people disagree, that does not mean that only people who agree with you can post here. Also, how will I know if I am going to like the thread or not without visiting it?, everybody except a handful are posting something interesting, I like this thread

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  • kowligi
    01-24 01:16 PM
    I have attended the Interview for H1 B renewal at the US consulate in Toronto (Although i see a lot of posts concerning US consulates in India....thought this might be helpful for someone who would attend an interviewat US consulate in Toronto)

    I attended the Interview on Jan 16th at toronto for H1 B renewal and i got my passport back on Jan 23rd (4 business days as the officer told me as jan 21st is a holiday...martin Luther king day)

    I have been speaking to some people at the consulate and for them it is taking 5-8 business days and for some they got it in 4 business days.....the worst i have seen is for a lady who was coming to the consulate from past 3 weeks everyday and there is no ETA on her status..(i hope she gets her passport soon:) )...

    Unfortunately most of the people who attended there did not know of these delays and are struck cancelling and re-booking their flight tickets and extending their hotel stay

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-04 09:43 AM
    Long but must read ...............


    Good catch irshad,

    I've contacted Gary via email and asked for his advise/suggestions for a strategy.

    06-29 06:59 PM
    Well looks like the winners for this f??kup :

    1. Doctors
    2. Laywers
    3. FedEx etc.

    Loosers us:
    . Took the vacinations for nothing
    . The test is valid for 1 yr only. Might have to pay again if the priority date retrogress.

    08-07 12:54 PM
    U are saying - The person's GC category should be same all through out the GC process, irrespective of the technical advancements the person make during the course of the GC process. A person is porting only because he is qualified for the category, U folks are talking as if there is an open slot and everyone is clamoring for it.

    U'r logic should be similar to the below scenario..

    A person joins a company as a Jr. Engineer, then based on U'r logic he/she cannot become a Manager (which requires an MBA / equivalent) because he entered the workforce as a Jr. Engg. Even though the fellow would've acquired necessary skills and even MBA (going part-time to school), still he/she cannot become a Manager. U are vouching that an MBA who joined few months earlier can become the Manager but not the home groomed fellow. Wow, U'r logic seems to a ground breaking thought process, please extrapolate U'r lawsuit for the case mentioned above. If you win, this might be the most ground breaking decision in US.

    Personally I've reported to folks who joined company as high-school grads and worked their way up to Managerial position ofcoz acquiring the necessary college education while working. They have shown up those experience to move ahead of other folks who joined later with higher degrees.

    sunnysurya and rollingflood,
    Rather than focusing on divisive efforts why can't you focus on real problem - retrogression. Why don't you work towards IV's goals? You folks joined the forum few months back and have already made great impact. Hope you would channel U'r energy into something positive for the entire community.

    Ok, i will try to make it as simple as possible:

    2 guys (names - JE and MBA respectively) graduate with BS in Engineering in 2001.
    Both go to USA in 2002.
    JE goes on H1B (as Junior Engineer) while MBA goes for an MBA on F1.

    In 2003, JEs company files for his GC, PD 2003, EB3
    In 2004, MBA graduates and joins a company as a manager.
    In 2005, MBA's company applies for his GC in EB2, PD 2005.

    So far so good.

    Now, it is 2008. Both are still waiting for their GC.

    Ideally, both are in same position (they should be, as both have same amount of exposure to professional world after undergrad - one replaced the work experience by higher degree and vice-versa).

    Now, JE wants to port his PD and get into EB2 category with PD 2003. This will make him exactly 2 years ahead of MBA. If he doesn't port, they are approximately in the same situation, so the chances of them getting a GC in 2009 will be same.

    What do you think is fair?

    P.S. - I do not support this lawsuit.

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