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Thursday, June 30, 2011

bethenny frankel baby

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  • Frankel acknowledges that

    03-17 02:53 PM

    I just sent a PM. pls check

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  • Bethenny Frankel

  • Dhundhun
    11-17 11:26 PM
    My wife has very smooth and sweaty hands. When i applied for Canadian immigration during FBI FP process even after n no. of attempts we couldnt get good prints on FP Sheet using INK.
    It is electronic imaging, with very advnced technology. It immediately analyzes, whether it is legible or not, so that if illegible, repeated operations can be performed. I hope that she will not have any problem.

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  • Pregnant Bethenny Frankel

  • shreekarthik
    07-01 07:25 PM
    I had expected some kind of outlook from the recent AILA - DoS liaison that happened in San Antonio. Both Matthew Oh and Sheela Murthy did not report any outlook. But here's an outlook from another lawyer

    Immigration News Flash

    June 27, 2006
    Further Retrogression for Employment-Based Immigrant Visas Anticipated

    At a recent immigration conference in San Antonio, it was reported that the Department of State ("DOS") expects that the EB1 China category will remain current and the EB2 China category to continue advancing. On a less positive note, further delays in the EB1 and EB2 categories for Indian nationals is expected as well as the EB3 category for all nationalities. With the Department of Labor's optimistic projection that the the Backlog Elimination Centers will meet their goal of eliminating its backlog and processing the remaining labor certifications filed pre-PERM implementation by September 2007, the DOS expects severe retrogression in many of the categories, particularly the EB3 categories - across the board. While this report is pure speculation, it does spark concern that applicants will be facing further delays in the permanent residence process. The DOS' Visa Bulletin is released on a monthly basis at http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/b...letin_1770.html. Greenberg Traurig will continue to monitor this issue and provide further updates as soon as they are available.

    Looks like it's a long haul for EB3 in general and could be punishing for EB3-IND and EB2-IND.

    This is the effect of increasing the H1B quota to 115,000 for 2 years and then to 195000 in 1 year without actually increasing the GC quota.

    Good luck to all of us. Those who are in late 2001 and early 2002 EB3-IND filers can hope to get relief in the next year or so but unless some bill passes other EB3-IND filers should possibly work towards Plan B. Also read the report by USCIS ombudsman. It's quite revealing about the working of USCIS. This country might be technologically advanced but it's bureaucracy seems to be much worse than third world countries comparitively.

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  • Bethenny Frankel and husband

  • pointlesswait
    12-10 10:37 AM
    you should be asking those questions to an attorney.. not amateurs like us..;-)

    > If u have a court document showing that you changed ur citizenship..that could help you.(but i am sure u don't have one)

    > and since u have stated ur place of birth is India on ur passport .. i think u are pretty much screwed.

    > consequences are not very difficult to figure out... both the Indian and US govt can come after you tiny brown a@s for fraud..(to put it mildly)..;-)


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  • Bethenny Frankel, of Bravo#39;s

  • rbashir
    02-16 10:54 AM
    If the labor cert has been filed, approved and the I-140 has been filed, I think you can file for an extension of the H1-b. I was advised the same by my attorney, but by the time we filed for the extention, my I-140 was also approved (rather quickly).

    You should contact your immigration attorney right away.

    But what about extension based on appeal

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  • Bethenny married her aby#39;s

  • prem_goel
    07-28 02:27 PM
    Just to let everyone know if any of you encounter the same issue -

    called up USCIS Customer Service and spoke to them about this error. They said to mention this in the Cover Letter (When I send the supporting docs) as a mistake that happened while filing the EAD and what the correct answer should be. They said it'll be then taken care of.

    Am going to do accordingly!


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  • Bethenny Frankel back in shape

  • wantAGC
    07-23 03:14 PM
    I also have a similar case of 2 485s . I have EB2 priority date of September 2005 and not yet approved. May be multiple A # make it complex. I am planning to take an infopass apppointment and talk to IO and inform that we have 2 A#. Let us know how your appointment goes

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  • chanduv23
    10-25 10:03 PM


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  • ethenny frankel baby photos.

  • veni001
    10-29 05:10 PM
    I am planning to file a Fed Court case against USCIS for incorrect denial of I148 with AC21.
    Appreciate if have any input/info on below,

    1. How much typically a Fed court case cost?
    2. Any recommendation of good attorney for this?
    3. Any other information/input

    What is I148?:confused:

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  • GC Struggle
    04-21 10:44 AM
    As long as you are matching the wage on teh LC you should be ok


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  • Bethenny Frankel who gave

  • ramausa
    09-04 05:13 PM
    thanks for your reply.what do you mean by consular processing?
    could i do anything to retain my L1 visa status?
    my current H1 employer is least helpful.i am getting worried and would like to continue in L1 for few months until i get a suitable opportunity.pls tell me how i can do that.
    pls help.

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  • bsnf
    02-18 08:04 PM
    Does anyone know if I require a transit visa if traveling to India via Canada by Lufthansa.
    I have a AP, used to have a Canadian visit visa which expired in Dec 2010.

    I have traveled on AP via Dubai using United and did not have a issue.

    I am traveling next weekend, I will appreciate your reply.


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  • aworker
    02-09 04:11 PM
    Please help...

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  • shivakmr
    08-09 02:47 PM
    Those people who are all stuck in Labor certification.

    1. What are the options going forward if our labors are not certified?.
    2. What are the chances that BEC people are not able to meet their deadline (sep 30) in clearing LC?
    3. Is there a justice and truth in life? Or everything depends only on time and luck?.
    4. What if some of us get laid off.........our path ends?.
    5. Is there something GOOD waiting for all of us?.

    Waiting .......waiting...........waiting................wa iting sucks!.


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  • hair How Bethenny Frankel Lost

  • rajuram
    05-05 11:28 AM
    does anyone know when they will discuss it - in the house and in the senate?

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  • Bethenny Frankel was

  • ski_dude12
    10-24 08:10 PM

    Why is beautiful_mind in all reds?


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  • ameryki
    05-28 03:32 PM
    will the lawyer get the renewed ead cards or since you applied for renewal you will receive the cards?

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  • martinvisalaw
    04-09 02:07 PM
    The employee cannot pay any of the PERM costs - ads, attorney fees, etc. The employee can pay any part of the I-140 and 485 costs.

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  • sunnyark1
    02-18 10:52 AM
    Dear Attorneys, fellow forum members:

    My situation is as follows:
    I am currently working for a 3rd party Indian consulting firm (Company A). They are in possession of my H-1B visa. I came out of a project on January 29th (2 weeks back). My new project starts on Feb 25th. As I am paid on an hourly basis, I am not paid while I am on bench. As a result I don't have a pay stub for a period of 3 weeks.

    Will this be a big problem in the future in terms of Green card processing?

    The next question is:
    In the time I have been on bench, I was interviewing with other companies as well and now I have a direct full time job offer from Company B (not through any consultant). This is an ideal situation in my opinion as my visa is held directly held with the employer under whom I work. Company B has started the process of filing for my H-1B transfer. It says it will take 8 to 10 days for the transfer to complete. Is this true? Also, can I start working for Company B before my visa is transferred or should I wait for the transfer to complete and keep working on the new project I have with Company A in the meantime (see above)?

    I appreciate your help and feedback in this regard, as I don't know much about the legal process.

    Thank you!

    03-29 11:55 PM
    I have recently applied for Canadian visa , using my AP at LA , using all original documents in person. You can add all your family members in the same application. I used two different applications , but, they asked me to add all the family members in the same application. They will issue visa till your AP validity. Good Luck.


    08-18 03:39 PM
    this is the first time I have heard such a situation. as far as I know..uscis had to do either of the two things..return the package or send reciept notice. I dont think they are allowed to keep the application fees if they dont intend to process the petition.

    Please check with other people..but what your lawyer is saying does not sound right to me. Have you checked with the company sponsoring your brothers H1-B? maybe they can ask the lawyer for a definite answer.

    Also, did you apply under regular processing or premium processing? if it was premium processing..USCIS had to give an answer by April end.

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