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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bethenny frankel baby bump

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  • grupak
    09-09 03:49 PM
    Call everyone.

    I just finished calling everyone (except the cosponsors) from the list. Two more representatives from the list are supporting it.

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  • jasmin45
    07-13 07:14 AM
    Article link was on this website.
    May 30, 2007
    Lou Dobbs, Leprosy, and Immigrants
    In "Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs" by DAVID LEONHARDT writes about the latest controversy about Lou Dobb's "reporting" on immigration that came to light on a �60 Minutes� segment profiling Dobbs a few weeks ago. According to Leonhardt,

    a �60 Minutes� producer came across a 2005 news report from Mr. Dobbs�s CNN program on contagious diseases. In the report, one of Mr. Dobbs�s correspondents said there had been 7,000 cases of leprosy in this country over the previous three years, far more than in the past. When Lesley Stahl of �60 Minutes� sat down to interview Mr. Dobbs on camera, she mentioned the report and told him that there didn�t seem to be much evidence for it. �Well, I can tell you this,� he replied. �If we reported it, it�s a fact.�

    The truth is that the evidence behind the statement is jist not there. The Southern Poverty Law Center later took out advertisements in The New York Times and USA Today demanding that CNN run a correction.

    For more of the story, click here. How can a reputable international media outlet like CNN put up with such shoddy reporting on one of the most pressing social issues of our generation?

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  • GCBy3000
    01-16 12:40 PM
    Can we ourselves verify the data in PIMS even before going for stamping? Is this info public anywhere? This would help us to take better decesion on whether to go for stamping or use AP.


    I'd appeared for my H1B (F1 to H1) Visa interview on the 4th Jan at Mumbai. After almost 4 hours of waiting, the visa officer told me that they were unable to view/ verify my I-797 info as it was not updated in their Database. I was also told that this is an existing issue and that I should ask my company lawers to contact the Immigration Services office at DC. On being asked she told me the eta was 7-10 business days (or however long it takes for the info to get updated). I was then given the yellow slip and asked to submit my passport for stamping, after I receive an email indicating that my data is now updated. it's been 8 business days since my initial interview and I still haven't received any emails or calls.

    1) anyone who interviewed on or around 4th Jan who has received a call or email?
    2) Anyone who's aware of the procedure by which my company can expidite this issue (maybe through our lawyers)
    3) any additional info on how long the wait might be?

    I was told that on the 27th dec there were about 350 H1b pending cases (yellow slip) at the Mumbai consulate and around 150- 200 similar cases the following days. A freind of mine who appeared for his H1b interview on the 7th breezed through it with no issues.

    Thanks very much!

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  • 485Mbe4001
    09-26 06:17 PM
    Good discussion. I am not a fox fan, but i read NYT and Drudgereport, listen to Rachel Maddaw as well as Handel. In fact i read any political and economics related blog i can lay my hands on. I understand your points.

    My point is that people say he will do so many things, the problem is that the congress is not changing. The congress has to approve something so that he can sign it. Secondly no matter what you say companies will do whatever is right for the bottomline and share price. if he starts taxing companies they relocate, he has proposed increasing the social security taxes across all categories. Says he will not increase taxes for middle class americans but gives little indication of how he will finance the trillion dollar spending program. If his universal health program passes then you will see more deducted out of your paycheck. How will he create tons of jobs, how will he subsidize education. The fact of the matter is that he will be under exterme pressure if he is elected to office with such high expectations. He will be screwed if he increases taxes and screwed if he doesnt fund the programs he is promising all over the place.

    As for long term, the country has to increase interest rates to support the current account deficit. IF you increase interest rates the economy will further go in the tank. The country has to increase taxes to fund SS or Medicare. If not they need to overhaul the SS and MC system and any pandering politican will never be able to make that change.

    The fact of the matter is that both are career politicians and will do anyting to win. i just want to present an opposing view when one is painted as the saviour and the other a @$#@ in a total crapfest where no one is pure.


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  • Bethenny Frankel Gets Married

  • fall2004us
    01-05 06:05 PM
    Great idea..
    as pappu mentioned, in the coming months we need to work harder to achieve some of IV's goals

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  • dontcareanymore
    01-09 04:32 PM
    Counting time after I140 approval towards citizenship proposal is already on our table for things to consider as a campaign. For Campaigns like this, we will need massive support than what we currently have. Even recent greencard holders can benefit from it.
    So the first step before we undertake any big project is to get more membership base.

    So let us first figure out ways in which we can get more people involved on IV. Without massive participation no campaign, letter/lobby/phonecall etc will work. We need to really go out of our way and spread the word around so that everyone that is stuck in this immigration mess can join this movement.

    I know IV is just for employment based, but I believe other categories of people also are victims of "Adjustment Of Status" delays and they will and can benefit from this proposal. I guess a broad based coalition is possible. There are people with political muscle that benefit from this development (Latino Votes).

    Is it a good idea to reach out to other immigrant groups ?

    Just my 2 cents.


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  • Milind123
    01-25 11:19 PM
    I bought tickets from British airways last week (called them to find out they were non refundable). Wish this post had been posted earlier.........I agree with the author the questions they ask for a TV are hilarious. Maybe I will have some wonderful experiences worthy of a post. :)

    Well good luck with your visa. Don't forget you might have to go for finger printing too. I was one of the lucky few who applied in November, so no need for FP. Here's my experience on Air India from NY to India via London.

    After spending couple of anxious days waiting for the green light from Mr. Gordon Brown, we finally got our visas. The little kid in me was jumping up and down with joy and at the same time the mature man in me was saying "What's the excitement about? It is only a stupid visa and that too transit!� Anyway we packed our bags and took Air India into London. The NY-LHR trip was uneventful except that the entertainment system was not working for most of the passengers including us. Needless to say my kids were totally disappointed. I was not. Maybe I had suspected things like this are a routine on Air India. Flight crew was courteous and helpful (against my expectations). Food was good (I admit, I enjoy airline food).
    After we landed, the passengers were asked to exit the aircraft along with their carry bags. Many of us were puzzled as some of us wanted to catch up with our sleep. Reluctantly everyone had to leave the aircraft. Someone was saying there is another aircraft waiting to take us to India. Makes sense, that is why they asked us to take our cabin bags too. After we entered the building we were asked to take the left door. Behind the right door was a waiting room. A couple of turns led us into a corridor which was probably about 1/2 mile long. At the end of the corridor there was security check. Again I was puzzled, why security check now, we are already in a secure area. The transit visa form with those 111 questions suddenly came in front of my eyes. Nothing less than a new complete security check will satisfy these neurotic people. It was time to go thru the exercise again. Took off the shoes, wallet, coins, Jacket, belt, pants .... when I was gently reminder by the security guard that it was not required today. When my turn came to send the items thru the machine, I complained about the fact that I have to put my jacket in a bin that was probably used earlier to keep someone�s shoes. (And you know where the shoes go. And sometimes when it gets wet, it is not necessarily because of water. The thought itself was so revolting that I decided to get my jacket dry-cleaned after I reached India). Needless to say my protest landed on deaf ears. After going thru the security gate, it was time to go thru the final check. I assumed the flying eagle's position and was quickly scanned and cleared. Beyond the security point was the shopping and restaurant area. I was bit thirsty but could not force myself to spend on a bottle of water. I was so put off by this whole experience that I did not want to spend a single cent here. We looked at the monitor to find our gate and quickly proceeded towards it. Again we walked for about half a mile or so. Things looked familiar, but I quickly brushed off the idea. At the gate we presented our credentials and were admitted into the waiting area. Then again I got a sense of d�j� vu. I soon realized it was the same freaking waiting room that I saw earlier and the same aircraft was waiting for us. We needlessly walked for more than a mile, subjected ourselves thru security check. All this for what?
    After waiting for an hour we were allowed to go into the aircraft to the same seats and surrounded by the same little pieces of garbage still on the floor. I congratulated myself for not buying the water bottle and looked out of the window to say final goodbye to London. Never again! Never.

    Flying Eagle Position

    . . . . O
    . . . . |
    . ---------
    . . . . |
    . . . . |
    . . . ./ \
    . . . .| |
    . . . .| |
    . . == ==

    (Gurus! How do I replace the dots with spaces without collapsing the spaces into a single space?).

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  • prashantc
    01-31 11:35 AM
    Thanks for all your good wishes. I am praying for all of you, you will hear the good news soon.

    Hi, Virginia_desi, perhaps my observation and moral was a bit pre-fetched. But based on two big forums (IV, Murthy), Indian consulates are the only ones that reportedly delay passport deliveries by more than 10 days for some cases. I have not read a single first hand experience (not friend tales) talking about 30 days delays at any other posts. I did read about a 7 days delay at London, but that was it.

    Hopefully the PIMS system will stabilize soon. My one complain is that enough forewarning should be given to the people in advance when making such big changes in visa process. There was some information from DOS on 7th and 28th Dec on Murthy.com about PIMS, but that mentioned a maximum delay of 48 hours. I dont think 48 hours can be rounded to a month in any mathematical syntax. Furthermore, people were making appointments 2-3 months in advance. They cannot change their plans on a 2 weeks notice, and even that notice did not carry credible information about delays to anticipate.

    Anyways, the moral should be "stay well informed before making any immigration steps". God bless all.


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  • FinalGC
    01-07 11:18 PM
    >>>>I earnestly urge you to implement these administrative remedies without delay, otherwise many immigrant families who came to USA legally to become a part of the �American Dream�, will continue to stay in a limbo. Your help is urgently needed. Your action will also fulfill your stated goal of attracting and retaining highly-skilled legal immigrants from around the world, eliminating bureaucratic inefficiency, and improving the lives of future Americans already living and working legally in the United States.<<<<<

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  • deardar
    01-25 08:29 AM
    Has any one travelled thru Frankfurt and out of it using Advanced Parole ?
    I meant expired Visa ?


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  • tikka
    07-11 04:21 AM
    PRLog.Org) � Furore over the recent incident involving a volte-face by two US federal agencies - the Department of State and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, on acceptance of Green Card applications from eager highly-skilled professionals such as engineers, scientists, computer and healthcare professionals, has reached epic proportions.

    Earlier this week, the agencies involved claimed that a communication gap and an overzealous attempt at reducing backlogs caused them to use up all available Green Cards for the current fiscal year by Monday, July 2, 2007, revoking a previous press release that they would honor applications through July 2007. The resulting discontent among applicants gained significant media attention across the United States and abroad, even striking a chord in Bollywood, the world�s largest movie industry.

    This week, scores of highly-skilled professionals across various ethnicities and nationalities are sending flowers to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service in a symbolic act of "Gandhiism" or Gandhigiri, to demonstrate their displeasure and to request honoring of their Green Card applications filed in July.

    In response to this event, Academy Award Nominee Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who produced the run-away successes "Munna Bhai MBBS", and "Lage Raho Munna Bhai" stated, "Mahatma Gandhi has influenced several personalities, including American Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. These young, law-abiding professionals have set out to strive for reform the right way- the Gandhigiri way."

    The theme of �Lage Raho Munna Bhai� centers on the usage of non-violent principles to win over difficult and non-co-operating entities. In the movies, character Munna Bhai wins over the tough Dr. Asthana by means of chain deliveries of flower bouquets. The sequel has revived Gandhian principles and popularized the concept of Gandhigiri- literally meaning a symbolic act of peaceful protest across South Asia and the UK.

    Rajkumar Hirani, who has directed the Munna Bhai series, had this to say - "When you feel you have been wronged, you feel angry. The best way to overcome what you think is unjust, is to protest peacefully. Be nice to your opponent and let him see your point of view. My well-wishes go out to these educated, highly-skilled professionals who have abided by the law and have been eagerly waiting in line for their Green Cards for nearly ten years."

    Boman Irani, who plays hardball Dr. Asthana in the popular series, shared his views � �Gandhigiri is a tool that makes your opponent see your point of view without losing your dignity. With aggression, one usually loses focus over the main issue, whereas good behavior makes the other person open up a dialogue. What�s key is to keep the efforts ongoing � Gandhigiri isn�t easy, but works in the long run!�.

    The film personalities shared their solidarity with Immigration Voice, a not-for-profit group that advocates highly-skilled immigration reform.

    �Expectations ran high among applicants. Highly-skilled professionals and US employers have incurred financial expenses averaging USD 3,000 or more, per family in just filing and preparation fees, not including the rush to get medical examinations completed on time, or the resulting hurry to get supporting documentation from home countries. Several applicants have had to call off vacations or business trips to be in the US to file �adjustment of status� applications as part of the final stage of the Green Card process. Some applicants or their representatives even traveled personally to Immigration Service Centers to be the first ones to submit. Not to mention the downtime that has resulted in lost productivity to several US businesses", says Aman Kapoor, of Immigration Voice. Aged parents and families in home countries were inconvenienced to source supporting documentation such as birth and baptismal certificates, all resulting in naught.

    Although the ability to file for �adjustment of status� during July would not have granted the coveted Green Card, this move alone would have provided several interim benefits to qualifying applicants while waiting for their Green Cards- benefits such as the right to travel and right to work. Several applicants� spouses are highly-skilled and have been eroding their skills over the years in anticipation of a Green Card because they cannot otherwise work on dependent visas.

    Also, several applicants have been subject to career stagnation over the years and this move would have provided flexibility to switch employers after 180 days of filing. Employers would have benefited from paperwork reduction as well as additional legal fees required to frequently temporary visas.

    Says Kapoor, "Disconcert among highly-skilled professionals grew exponentially in the last few days. Several members, out of their own initiative decided to organize a peaceful protest in the Gandhigiri style to display their resentment.�

    Dr. Emilio Gonzales, USCIS Director, announced in a press release Monday that the agency would arrange for the flowers to be sent to recuperating service personnel. In the movie, Dr. Asthana finally relents to Munna Bhai's chain flower campaign. Although, this symbolic gesture has by highly-skilled professionals has evinced a reaction from movie moguls, it is hoped that the incident will prompt real meaningful reform in the US immigration system in the days to come.
    - - - - -


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  • trueguy
    08-21 10:05 AM
    we should do something ASAP before they decide upon Oct'2008 VB. Before FY2009 starts, we should make sure they are aware of EB3 problems so they can come up with new rules for new year.


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  • drona
    07-10 06:55 PM
    Posted on Yahoo India News by Indian Express

    Say it with flowers: Gandhigiri for US green cards


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  • nixstor
    07-10 08:02 PM
    sorry i was wrong.....i deleted my post delete yours too

    They are talking about 7 Eleven conversion to kwik E mart. Looks like you got the wrong piece of information. Now talking about all things Indian and went as far as Joe Biden's 7-Eleven/Dunkin remarks. possibly time to ping Paula John for morrow evening


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  • logiclife
    01-31 10:54 AM
    Sammy boy is the newest supreme court Judge. He won by a 58-42 vote. (well, there are some votes where all 100 senators do show up and vote).

    Anyways, this clears the way for next items on Senate's agenda. Immigration is one of them. Unless the hearings on NSA wiretaps take too much time and energy out of the Senate Judiciary committee. Hopefully they wont come in the way of immigration reform.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-21 01:05 AM
    You can dissect it a million ways from here to sunday, the fact of the matter is that EB 3 as a whole and E3 I&C in particular are messed up big time. We cannot sit twiddling our thumbs while we wait, most EB3s have supported most of the action items. What is wrong in exploring different options. we are not obstructing anybodys efforts. Vertical allocation or horizontal allocation doesnt matter, what matters for most is that there should be consistency in actions. They keep changing the rules every couple of months. if we know the number of people stuck in each category per year/per country we can come to our own conclusions and decide if we want to stay or go. There are greener pastures everywhere. Every year our lawyer tells us that its a matter of 12-18 months and you keep waiting...the only reason is that...we have been waiting so long, lets wait a couple more and see. i know some will immediately give comments like, 'leave sooner, one less family in the queue'..or..'port to EB 2 you ##$@'...to them i say i hope you are fortunate enough to avoid getting trapped in a situation like us.


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  • coopheal
    01-29 05:21 PM
    I had already mentioned my EAD status when they had the interview. But after acceptiing it I mentioned it again in the conext of I9 form. Then they said they cant offer me emp;oyment due to my being on EAD.

    This is a pretty big company. I understand that H1B is not protected under anti-discrimination for employment, but EAD holders, specifically those with AOS pending, are a protected against employment discrimination.

    Does anyone have any links to the above conclusion ? I am so tired of this BS. I have spent long enough in this immigration c**p that if I have leave, might as well leave with a fight.

    just anotherone of the expendable non-citizens

    On the EAD itself it is written that it is illegal to discriminate against folks who are having EAD. So if you have any written or verbal proof about employer saying no based on EAD you have a case of discrimination.

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  • anjans
    09-20 08:00 PM
    July 2nd

    hairstyles Bethenny Frankel Struts Her bethenny frankel baby bump. images Bethenny Frankel Baby
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  • SmSm
    05-17 08:26 AM
    apply for EAD for sure as it will help if your wife wants to work.

    apply for AP if you think you will not have time to get the H1 and H4 visa stamps in your passport when you travel to your home country in that case you will have to entter back on AP

    01-20 11:28 PM
    Not necessary. But, not everyone entered with the visa. We are talking about the entry with the AP and H-1B approval has not expired yet. You have been answered.

    01-14 04:53 PM
    I wrote a hand written letter after many years, at least for this reason Mr.President should look at it :)

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