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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • jsb
    09-01 11:10 AM
    Well, if there were preadjudicated cases, which is very very likely, getting ready for September approvals, with VB published weeks ago, should be very routine and simple task. It is quite possible that a lot of approvals should be coming out withint the first few days in September. Best wishes to all waiting, particularly to those wth senior PD's left out last year.

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  • GCneeded
    05-16 12:25 PM

    My PD has become current as of june visa bulletin and I am eligible to apply for I-484. But currently I am expecting and hence I may not be able to take all the medical exams (X-Rays etc..). Can I still apply for 485 and complete the medical exam later or do they need the complete medical report when I apply for I-485. I would appreciate if anybody can share any info in this regard. Thanks.

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  • eb2_mumbai
    01-04 12:11 PM
    I recently renewed my passport at DC embassy. It was not a great experience. The online application system gave me a date of Nov 27th. I go to consulate on the scheduled time to find that the office is closed. There were many like me who had come from far in cold to submit applications. With no choice we go back on 30th and there is huge line and only one window open. The lady at window was efficient but it was just too much for one person. Took me 3 hrs to get to window after which it was flat 30 sec (since I had payment and everything ready).

    They gave me a date of Jan 5th for the passport return. That was almost 5 weeks. Since I was not planning any trips I was OK but there were lots of folks who wanted to make India trip and were forced to opt for tatkal scheme. I guess a way to make money. My friend went to NYC around Nov 15th and got his passport in 3 working days.

    There was no apology for wasting our time due to their mistakes in appointment system. Any ways I never expected any so no disappointment. I will post the forum once I get my new passport on how that goes.

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  • radosav
    08-12 05:39 PM
    No news on EAD,
    65 days and counting.

    Got RFE on e-filed AP for my wife. They probably lost photos and asked for new set. Just shipped the reply and photos back to TSC.

    Hope that triggers something.

    Last time, I got couple of soft LUDs on 07/24; 07/25; 07/27 on all our EADs and APs. Wife's AP has hard LUD 08/05 (when they issued RFE) and soft LUD 08/06 (when RFE was mailed).


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  • cooldude0807
    01-14 05:04 PM
    What are your plays for tomorrow?

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  • waitingGC
    01-19 10:04 AM
    Today's count is 129. Only 129 members have signed up for monthy contrbutions till now.

    We also currently have more than 200 users on the forum reading this post.

    You may think that your contribution does not matter as long as others contribute. You may think that your contribution cannot change anything. ... If you think so, then you are wrong.

    Your contribution is critical to this organization! You contribution is important to yourself--the legal immigrant!

    Let me tell you what will happen if you don't contribute now:
    With the number of people who have contributed stabilizing at a low level, IV's lobbying will be very very limited.
    Then people who have contributed would feel disappointed.
    Sooner or later, those people would withdraw their contribution.
    Eventually IV will be closed.
    From then on, you, who don't contribute now, will have no organization to speak up for you.
    From then on, you will complain your situation in your company, seeing your peers get promoted while you get stuck in the same position because of your GC application.
    Maybe, at that time, you will say to yourself, "if I have contributed to IV in that special year, if all people like me have contributed, we would have get our GCs. Then, maybe, my life would have been totally different..."

    Let me also tell you what you can lose if you contribute.
    Your immigration status will NOT become worse, if it cannot get better.
    The only thing you will lose is about $200 or less if you contribute $20/month. It will happen this year or never! If it does not happen this year, you can always withdraw your subscription.
    I believe many people would pay $20,000 to buy a GC if possible. If IV brings 1% chance to help pass the bill, $200 is a very fair price! Besides, I believe the opportunity cost for people who has no GCs is probably more than $20,000 a year, considering a potential promotion or a job change. For those people, don't you think $200 is a very reasonable price to buy yourself a 1% chance?
    Besides, the chance that IV brings to us is much much higher than 1%!
    You are all high skilled workers. You can do this math very well!

    So come one! Make contribution now or you may have no chance to make this great deal!


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  • leoindiano
    07-30 07:22 PM
    Filing date: July 3rd 2008
    Receipt Date: July 14th 2008
    FP Date: 8/1/08
    A bunch of soft LUD's, the last of which was Saturday 7/19/08 and not sure why, but oh well.

    When did you get your FP notice? I filed on 7/1, still waiting for FP. My FP for I-485 is just 6 months old. Will it have any bearing?

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  • sands
    07-21 04:02 PM
    E-Filed - May 12
    finger printing May 31
    No update after that.


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  • gssr
    08-04 12:20 PM
    Not may approval from NSC.

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  • subba
    06-17 07:47 AM
    Assuming CIR is dead, is there anything we can look forward to (other than the monthly Visa bulletins for the eternally optimistic) now?

    What are the chances SKIL or something similar making progress as a separate bill (or part of some other bill)?


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  • neelu
    12-17 12:59 AM
    mr_dasari, prathapmd


    Thanks Vicks_don!

    Welcome to IV, Mr_dasari and prathapmd!
    We are glad you are part of IV. As you might have understood, IV is all about US!

    Please become involved. Join the Add ONE member campaign. If you know someone who is going thru GC pain, please introduce him/her to IV, by Dec. 31st.

    Again, welcome.

    Thank you.

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  • nozerd
    05-14 06:50 PM
    For filing I 485 I know you need to submit birth certificate and marriage certificate. Do both of these have to be originals or copies are fine ?



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  • sachin76
    04-12 01:36 PM
    I field my EAD renewal electronically on 4/10/10. I will be sending supporting documents today.

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  • Lasantha
    04-11 01:24 AM
    Wendall, thanks!
    No I did not see any LUDs. I checked the case status about 4 times during the day yesterday and did not see any LUDs and suddenly around 3.30pm got the welcome email. What is your RD? Looks like they are going by Rds. Hope you hear the good news soon !!!

    Congratulations Lasantha!!!

    My PD is Feb 2005 at TSC, since my PD became current on the 1st April, I have not seen any LUDs on my USCIS account.

    Accordingly, I was wondering what was your experience?
    Specifically did you get any LUDs before you received the "Welcome New Resident" e-mail?



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  • sammyb
    11-13 05:19 PM
    It took about 2 weeks from Newyork. Not sure about the Texas but they are usually fast.

    or over the mail ... I need to do mine soon and I live in NY ... so was wondering .. which one would be better ...

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  • sammyb
    05-10 02:39 PM
    Great news - congrats ....

    Good to see someone with cool posture ...

    Enjoy you freedom from visa headache ...

    Check your mail boxes folks!. I never got an email from USCIS but just found my green card in the mail box. An eventful day after all :)

    Some stats:

    PD May 25th 2006
    Approved May 5th 2011 - No SR, no infopass, no phone calls, no contacting senators

    $ Contribution to IV: more than $800(kinda lost track now).


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  • yabadaba
    06-29 02:55 PM
    macaca it does make sense. This si what they are doing...opening up the flood gates and allow for a flood. from this flood they will be able to easily approve 40k cases.

    once that is done they will shut the flood gates so that the level starts moving towards equilibirium...with labor substitution ending on july 16th ...the 70k backlog elimination labor aps will be done quick enough.. since many will have redone their LC in PERM..and uscis will have an accurate headcount of people in line from this floodgate opening process.

    i dont think we ll see retrogression back to 99... but maybe more mangeable levels

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  • smuggymba
    09-29 09:17 PM
    Menendez Wants CIR During Lame Duck Session

    By Jerry Kammer , September 20, 2010
    On yesterday's "Al Punto," the Spanish-language TV network Univision's Sunday morning news program, Sen. Robert Menendez said he will introduce "comprehensive immigration reform" legislation in hopes of getting it passed during the upcoming lame duck session of Congress.

    "If we are going to be ready for the opportunity that perhaps will exist during the session after the elections -- where many senators are retiring and have the freedom to vote without political considerations -- we have to have something so that we can make progress at that moment in November," the New Jersey Democrat said in an interview with host Jorge Ramos.

    If the bill does not pass in November, he said, he and other supporters of the legislation will be ready to move when the new Congress convenes in January.

    In a separate segment of the same program, Ramos interviewed Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who rejected claims that the state's controversial new immigration law, widely known as SB 1070, is racist and anti-Hispanic.

    "The Hispanic population is part of our DNA, and that's why it's so painful when persons think that it is based in racism," Brewer said. (This is a translation of the program's Spanish-language voice-over of her remarks.) She called Hispanics "a fundamental part of our culture."

    "We passed SB 1070 because we cant accept the costs of illegal immigration," Brewer told Ramos.

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  • kbsyed61
    09-02 04:52 PM
    Congrats to all the lucky ones. Enjoy the green freedom. Wish you all the best for your bright future and long life
    Best Wishes to all the hopefuls.

    I am in waiting game. Hoping against hope to go green.

    BTW, today I treid calling USCIS. First the 1st level representative spoke and she straightway created a SR for me and my daughter. Once she finished that part Politely I asked her to transfer to an IO. Luckily without any wait call got connected to an IO. Had very brief conversation with him. He was fixated on my EAD being valid till August 2010, so according to him I don't have to worry about. But I persisted with my line of questions like current status, whether it is pre-adjudicated?, whether all clearances are done etc. Only thing he replied was "Your Case is in REVIEW". I asked him what does review means. His answer was review means review. Our conversation stopped there.

    What do you guys think on "Your case is under review"?

    08-02 01:47 PM
    There are not many approvals pouring yet......Can someone include poll in this thread to make approvals more trasparent?

    10-24 11:54 PM
    This is may case:

    1. My Contact Information: (Email: Jtrasmontes@yahoo.com; First & Last Name: Jorge Trasmonte and Phone Number 202-8343844 cell)
    2. State Where You Live: Virginia
    3. Your Employment-Based Category: EB3
    4. Your Country of Origin: OTHER (Peru)
    5. Your Child's Date of Birth: 02/15/1985
    6. Your Case Priority Date: 09/08/2005
    7. Date Visa was available: 07/01/2007
    8. Date DOL approved your Labor Certification: 02/14/2006
    9. Date I-140 was sent: 02/14/2006
    10. Date I-140 was approved: 08/02/2007
    11. Anything Else You may Want to Add:
    Trying to change her visa to a F1. Her I94 expires o Dec.20,2007.

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