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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • nonimmi
    10-10 03:59 PM
    ....I am not sure why someone is portraying Infy or Wipro as companies that go for "Easy money..." that's completely ridiculous. Agreed they are not doing lots of so called high-end R & D projects and majority of thier revenue is still from service industry. But that does not make these companies any lesser.

    I am not sure how much insight you guys got into these companies, but they are doing quite a lot of good assignments. Also, the processes they got in place & the maturity they show in execution of assignments is definitely on par with any other software services company in the world.

    Probably a bunch of you folks are frustrated with these companies because the billing rates are driven down & opportunites in US (for consultants) are becoming less due to these companies' offshore model - but that does not make these companies shallow as you are trying to portray.

    PS: I am not an employee with either of these companies. FOr that matter, none of these offshore-based companies. But the facts are to be accepted.

    You may admire them as much as you want but fact is these are just "glorified" bodyshoppers. I meet many workers from these "great" companies at my workplace and see them being treated just as "low cost alternatives" and nothing else by this huge financial company in NY/NJ area. Because of their (INFY, TATA, Wipro, Satyam) "low billing rates" these guys cant afford good lifestyle. And back home in India INFY and TATA CEOs make billions and talk BIG. I've not met any TATA, Satyam guy here who is happy with their employer. They just hate their employers and always looking for a change. I wonder where they stand in terms of employee satisfaction? They treat their people like slave and send them as low cost labor. Not only that - they exploit US immigration rules and make use of L1 to keep their people long term at cliant place when they dont get enough H1.

    No difference from local bodyshoppers! Dont think they are great companies. You may say "you folks are frustrated with these companies". But this is the fact. Period.

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  • VSS2007
    06-26 04:12 PM
    Could you please send to me also?

    Send you a PM also.

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  • lazycis
    02-11 04:17 PM
    It looks like NC was completed. "Requirement review" means that they are trying to determine whether your marriage is still valid after all these years... Do not take it close to your heart, I found out that the USCIS letters are not very credible.

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  • NNReddy
    09-20 04:09 PM
    When was your EAD and AP issued? what date.


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  • howzatt
    07-19 09:58 AM
    The skin test is mandatory. Also, your blood test results might take a day or two. I really dont think you have any option but to ask her to come back a few days early.

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  • dreamworld
    09-27 10:35 PM
    I received an RFE from NSE on Sep 2nd week asking me to prove that I have 5 years of experience after completion of degree.

    Country: India
    Date of Joining with current employer : Jan 2006.
    PERM Filing/ Approval Date: Aug 2006.
    I-485/ EAD filing Date: July 2007.
    I-140 RFE received date: Sep 2007.

    The RFE reads as follows.

    "Please submit evidence which establishes that the beneficiary had at least five years of experience as a software engineer after receiving his bachelor's degree but prior to August XX, 2006. Since your evidence does not indicate that the beneficiary received his bachelor's degree until 2002, this does not appear possible.
    If the beneficiary received a degree prior to 2002, please submit a copy of that degree. A certificate that he had completed a coursework for a degree is not a degree."

    This is my history.

    I did my 4-year Bachelor's of Technology in Mechanical Engineering in Dec 2000. My diploma (degree certificate) has two dates on it. December 2000 and June 2002. The December 2000 date is mentioned in Big letters as its the completion of my final semester exams. The June 2002 date was due to taking one of the supplementary exam of one subject of one of my previous semester .
    I was hired by a software company in December 2000 and I have work experience ( as well as experience letter with 40 hours a week) as a software engineer from Dec 2000.
    But now according to the RFE, INS is not ready to count that experience from Dec 2000. I finished my school in Dec 2000 and never had to go to the school except for one exam in 2001 and another one in June 2002. (In my university, examinations are conducted only once in 8 months). I checked my transcripts that were sent along with I-140 and it has the dates of 2001 and June 2002 due to the examination. Its present at the bottom along with Main date of Dec 2000.

    I had placed the course completion certificate from my college along with the I-140 application and it looks like INS don't take that info consideration.
    I am in deep trouble now. Your help is greatly appreciated. My attorney didn't find these issues before filing the labor certification on EB2.

    The newspaper ad given before filing the labor certification asks for Bachelors degree and 5 years of experience.

    Please help me by sharing your experience(s) as well as comments. I will really appreciate your time and effort.

    My only concern is to save my labor certification so that I can keep my I-140. I read in some threads that INS gave an option to convert the case as EB3. I would have been very happy if I had received that option. I requested my attorney for EB3 conversion at this point of time. He said its not possible as conversion needs to qualify the beneficiary for both categories (EB2 as well as EB3). He added that the labor certification was done on EB2.

    I have applied for my I-485/EAD in July 2007. The EAD is about to come but I have this biggest problem of I-140 RFE. If the I-140 is denied my wife's EAD will automatically get revoked which will stop her from working.

    Some of my friends recommended to respond to the RFE, file an MTR if I-140 is denied and an appeal if MTR also doesn't work. They also suggested me to file a new PERM application as a backup. All this works as I don't have any plans to switch my employer till I receive my final green card. But my wife will be in trouble as she can't use the current EAD. An attorney friend of mine is saying that those actions (MTR/ Appeal) will only keep the labor and I-140 on hold/pending, but won't keep the EAD alive. Is there a way I can keep my EAD alive by those motions?

    Is there any way I can get this RFE cleared and have my I-140 approved? Can I keep my EAD alive somehow

    enggr... First Welcome IV!!! The great place to meet like minded people.

    If your supplementary exam is required for your degree then your graduation date is June 2002. if not then you are safe. First of all..Course completion certificate is not a degree. You have to complete all the requirements to get a degree.

    Converting to EB3. I read somewhere in the forum that PERM does not allow to change from EB2 to EB3. You might need to reapply.

    In any case, You need to respond to RFE with a good business case. and go for the next step.

    Good luck buddy.


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  • rbms
    04-01 11:03 PM
    Sent both fax
    Any update on no. of fax sent. - Just curious.

    I think whey you try to send fax, it says how many faxes are sent so far. After that no info. If anybody is sending the fax, can you just update how many #10 and #11 were sent.

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  • guyfromsg
    07-16 11:05 PM
    expecting only to get EAD/AP near term and prepared to wait few years. I have PD of 2005 and don't mind waitin if I get EAD/AP benefits for myself and spouse.


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  • RandyK
    02-20 05:45 PM
    "USCIS is currently aware of approximately 47,000 applications for permanent residence (I-485) cases that are otherwise approvable but for the fact that an FBI name check is pending."

    1) 47000 (primary applicants or with the derivative applicants) ?

    2) "Otherwise approvable" Does this mean that these cases have PDs prior to current cutoffs ? Or are they just saying that the application can be approved but have to wait for a visa number when the PD becomes current?

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  • gcgreen
    08-11 06:26 PM
    IMO, the key criterion is "occupational classification" under which the new job falls under, not the technologies used. For example, it is logical to conclude that a Software Engineer position that requires programming in Java is in the same or similar occupational classification as a Software Engineer job that requires programming in .NET.

    One could argue that .NET is a different technology than Java, but most if not all would agree they fall under the same/similar occupational classification.

    So as long as you can make a strong case that the occupational classification for jobs is the same/similar, I don't think there is a problem.

    Then again, I am not a lawyer and all that...

    How much does technology come into picture? I changed jobs using AC21 and am on EAD, my new job utilizes only 50% of the skills from previous job and am getting trained in new technologies in the new job. I am not sure if the new employer will list all technologies mentioned in the labor, but will definitely list all those that are being used. Any comments?


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  • django.stone
    11-06 03:43 PM
    If there is a fire in the house regardless of how you arrange furniture at least some of it will get burnt.
    So stop giving advice like these and focus on extinguishing the fire.

    I was not giving advice. I was clearly requesting "Please guys, let's not fight" and trying to divert the conversation to a logical discussion about horizontal spillover helping I & C. My conversation with him did end in a civil manner.

    In the mean time a random passer by like yourselves comes along and stirs the pot again, when the fire was just about to be extinguished. If you don't like my argument, debate it, we all love good debates here and most often we learn from each other. Don't just attack. My only and last post on this topic.

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  • [Legoman]
    02-10 10:00 AM
    I went with kax's kastle. damned fine.


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  • chmur
    05-10 12:53 AM
    "GC and Citizenship should not prevent anyone from pursuing their career and personal dreams - if not US - there are other countries where your skills would be welcome. Personally - i have given priority to career and family life ahead of visa issues and rest has automatically fallen into place"

    I know this is easier said than done but I think for most part I have moved on .I have not got my GC yet (PD Nov 2003 EB3 -India) but allow me to chime in .

    Actually I had little interest in pursuing GC to begin with(Mistake). Could have started earlier than I actually did and was lucky to breeze thru Labour and 140 stages(< 6 months) and did not follow I-485 progress till June -1 st 2007

    Then suddenly in next 4-5 months browsed every info /problems/issues with GC. Made 3 info pass appointments(Name Check cleared), initiated 2 separate inquiries one thru OMBUDSMAN. must have called USCIS about 10 times and checked the online status atleast 3 times a day . Pedantic. Mostly because my application was pre-approved and lot applications around my PD's were approved and I thought I was really close . Alas, that was not to be . I was pretty dissapointed for a few months.

    However in the last 6 months I have moved on mentally, I browse IV and consider other options like switching to Eb2 but gone are those pedantic days followed by huge disappointments.

    Planning a career move with AC21/EAD option.

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  • chanduv23
    10-10 07:32 PM


    IS that what this means?


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  • enggr
    09-28 01:47 AM
    I thank everyone for taking interest in my case and giving valuable advices.

    Yes, the lawyer should have checked this and filed on EB3 to begin with. If he had suggested a potential hindrance like this, I wouldn't have agreed to file the case under EB2. The way it happened was, employer and attorney requested all my details and decided to go with EB2. I didn't even know the complete requirements of EB2 at that time as I had a belief that EB2 is only for Masters degree. Because the employer + attorney recommended EB2 I signed up for that.

    I have requested my employer to start a new PERM as soon as possible.
    I am very much looking forward for interfiling my old I-485 with the new I-140. My attorney is saying its not possible. (Maybe he's very less experienced in these matters).

    "during that time hope your new I-140 comes through (for the PERM you are starting now) and then interfile that I-140 to your existing 485"

    Can you please shed some more light on that so that I can argue with my attorney. Any links regarding this would be really helpful. Any piece of information/case history would be helpful to argue with my lawyer.

    The university gives different marksheets for supplementary exam. There's a consolidated one too.

    You are right. EB3 is the safest one. I never tried to take advantage of EB2. The whole mistake was due to improper knowledge from my side about EB2 and wrong evaluation by the attorney. I am looking for all ways to convert this case into EB3. My attorney is saying that we can't file a new I-140 under EB3. The only way to continue this case is to request the EB3 conversion as part of the RFE response. Then, INS should agree to the change in a return letter which can be followed by the I-140 application amendment or new I-140 application.

    The I-140 filing date was Nov 2006.

    You are very correct. I have requested my attorney to change the category from EB2 to EB3. he said it can be done only as a formal request during RFE response. The attorney has requested my employer to modify the job requirement from EB2 to EB3. I think we are safe at the labor certification as it doesn't ask progressive experience. Labor is asking for Bachelors degree and 5 years of experience which I have. I have no plans to move out of H1b until I-140 is approved.

    I didn't run away. Today I was running behind my attorney and employer to save this case under EB3. I didn't fake my experience as I finished my course well before starting my first job. IO caught the discrepancy which should have been caught by my attorney long before. Just to re-iterate I never tried to expedite the process by filing under EB2. In fact I was ignorant about EB2 till the case was filed.

    I am very disappointed by the law you mentioned
    "PERM does not allow to change from EB2 to EB3"
    Can you send me some links to read more in this respect? But fact is a fact. I appreciate you pointing out things like this.
    One of my friend tole me yesterday to request DOL (dept. of labor) to request for a reclassification which should come in 3 weeks. But my lawyer said that classification doesn't happen at labor level and all it matters there is what is specified in newspaper ad and labor requirement (bachelors and 5 yrs exp).

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  • mirage
    05-17 10:25 AM
    Listen dude, these companies doesn�t have financials like Microsoft so no point talking microsoft. I have a friend who runs a very small consulting company. Another friend of mine wanted an H1 for his younger brother He made 100 promises to this guy , like please bring him here he�ll work for you for atleast 1 year blah blah. I requested this friend of mine and he sponsored my other friend�s brother�s H1B.. Now this guy sponsored his H1B spend $3000 on fees etc. $1000 for air ticket etc. This brother guy came in and disappeared in 2 months for more money. He was on project!! he jumped in the middle for more money. Now you tell me what should these people do. It�s all same people just in different roles. So I would say there is a stiff competition between consultant and these companies about who screw who.


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  • pd2001_12
    12-24 11:15 PM
    Good start. Let us see how many are still waiting with older 2001 October dates.
    My date is 2001 December. It is so frustrating to look at each bulletin and get disappointed.

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  • anilsal
    08-13 10:51 PM
    "How many of us are going to attend the Sept. 18th DC rally?"

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  • lost_in_the_gcprocess
    08-07 09:56 PM
    Give up your green card and go back to India. You got your green card and still crying.

    gimme Green!!
    06-20 03:42 PM
    Isn't concurrent filing still available?

    At one point, there was concurrent filing. Just get LC approved and file for I-140 and I-485. Even if dates are not current. Then these filings were seperated. Then retrogression kicked in.

    Now these GCs are getting aproved. So, don't worry.

    05-10 09:26 PM
    There is something seriously wrong here.....one gets red dots for even simply truthfully recording answers to some questions asked by administrator......or are the red dots simply to protest/ express displeasure with the fact that my GC process was not as difficult as some other people.......its like "misery likes company" - i am miserable bcos i dont have a GC and hence am pissed off at this guy who despite not being crazy about GC got his in 7 months.........so i will give him red dots..............

    Guys - get over it.........look at the general tone of posts from all on this particular thread - GC did not make any "big" change to most folks.......

    For the more rational beings - i genuinely hope that you get your gcs within reasonable wait times and the waiting time does not take away from the personal and professional successes you deserve!

    I gave you a green, if that helps.. perhaps someone did not notice the EB category in your signature. In any case, I agree it was unfair.
    I hope you will stay engaged with the IV community, and help the rest of us in achieving our goals. We need everyone, not just those waiting for a GC, in this effort.

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