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Sunday, June 19, 2011

2012 civic

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  • snathan
    06-18 07:19 PM
    Can we have a letter / online fax campaign atleast...

    May be a letter from Rep Longfren etc.

    Yes...we are. I will let you know once we are ready.


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  • Soul
    02-02 06:07 PM
    Oooo excitin'!.... :bounce:

    So whats the final date Eilsoe? When the winner is announced I mean...

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • gc4me
    10-30 01:20 PM
    PD: EB3 ROW, Apr 2004, Current now
    I-140 :Approved on Mar 2006
    Invoked AC21 on September and sent all necessary docs. No LUDs then.
    I think ex-employer have revoked I-140 already but not sure (He threaten me in 2007 that he will do so in I invoke AC21).

    Now check this out:
    Soft LUD on I-140 on 10/15/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-485 on 10/24/2008.
    Soft LUD on my spouse's I-485 on 10/27/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-485 on 10/29/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-140 on 10/30/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-485 on 10/30/2008.

    I am clueless! Somebody please help me! :confused:

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  • initrode
    07-30 08:53 PM

    RD Jun 24
    FP Jul 17
    LUD Jul 17


    RD Jun 24
    LUD Jul 1


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  • arnab221
    04-29 12:23 PM
    Quick Chain of events .

    India rejected both Boeing and Lockheed Martin's proposal of fighters . I am not debating the reasons or the merits of this decision if this was right or wrong . I am just discussing the potential repercussions this has had so far and might have .

    'Exclusion of US firms from IAF jet deal a setback for ties' (http://www.indianexpress.com/news/exclusion-of-us-firms-from-iaf-jet-deal-a-setback.../783401/)

    1) The issue is so serious that Tim Roemer , US Ambassador to India submitted his resignation immediately since he was on the hook for making this deal work .This shows the measure of disappointment they had.

    2) India was seeking US assurances in security a Permanent Security council seat , which looks far fetched now .

    4) Pentagon , Whitehouse and the DoD very upset that deal fell through . This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    5) Prosecution of companies entangled in cases like Infosys might find more support and favor with the Govt.

    Question is how/if there will be a backlash against India / Indian's get back at us at least in the short term .Increased scrutiny and visa denials , PoE Harassment , GC audits etc.

    Will the US take a Tit-for-Tat reaction on this issue is what remains to be seen.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    12-05 11:12 AM
    Pune, India in 1996, i just filled out a form, attached a no objection certificate from my company and got a check in 2 weeks. I did not have to pay a dime, i wasnt asked any. I guess it was probably because i was in no rush to get the money.
    I try not to pay out money in india, it takes time to get things done, but they do get done...maybe things have changed alot since, but i hope it should not be that bad.

    I do not know in which city of India you took out your PPF.,
    But I heard you have to pay atleast 5% to get PPF back in Hyd.,
    Hope corruption will not be that high by next 20 years in India!!


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  • beppenyc
    03-16 04:07 PM
    I have just read it.
    Did you read the Tancredo send a letter to the SJC to warn them?

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  • smuggymba
    05-12 10:09 AM
    We as a community have not even done 5 % of the hard work that DREAM act advocates have done. So such provisions are well deserved by them for the hard work they have done. If we had done enough work for our provisions, there is no doubt our provisions would have seen the day. You need to do some search on all the DREAM act advocates have done in the last few years to reach where they are now. And then compare it our community effort and you will get the answers.

    We recently had an advocacy day. How many of you contributed to it. We failed to even reach a modest budget goal for such a big event. So there is no point blaming undocumented. We need to first blame ourselves for doing nothing.

    Only 200 ppl contributed and now 20 new memebers from July 2007 show up everyday in the prediction thread wanting to be current.

    I believe there is a mini-advocacy in July - do we need to contribute for that. Any other details?


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  • file485
    01-01 07:55 PM
    Thanks Harsh..

    you think it is safer to submit the last 2/3 paystubs while on H1 earlier along with the other documents we submit while filing for H1, or not even submit them.. I know the officer is at full liberty to ask whatever document he fancies at that moment and my stars at that time..

    Do you think they will ask for the W2's while on H1 period..?

    others too, pls share your thoughts.

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  • mrajatish
    12-14 08:40 AM
    If an employer does not take advantage of employees by doing illegal things while applying for labor sub (e.g., asking for money, asking employee to sign a bond etc), it is a legitimate way to get GC. I have repeatedly said that PD transfer during labor sub should be stopped, if possible. However that has consequences too because of the stupid "labor must be pending 1 year for H1 extension" rule.

    There are legitimate scenarios for a company to use labor sub when they want to hire someone in their 6th year of H1 or children of employees they have hired are going to become 21+ and need to apply for 485 before that happens. There could also be concern about H1 stamping in some countries and hence getting AP becomes important.

    However, there are lots of bad apples with labor sub (read as companies taking advantage of employees) too. Overall, labor sub would not be an issue if there were adequate visa allocations for high skilled individuals.

    We really need to concentrate on the bigger agenda of getting favorable laws passed. At the same time, any abuse of the system (e.g., bad apples) should be reported, if not by the employees but by their friends etc.



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  • Kitiara
    02-11 05:02 AM
    how come we have more votes than posters? Maybe some people prefer to just vote and not post a reason as to their preference?

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  • snathan
    06-16 10:32 PM
    If you hold work visa like H or L you may need to get the re-stamping upon the extension of your expired visa. H1 status and Visa stamping both are different things. H1 approval is the authorization to work in US, and Visa stamped on your passport is authorization to enter into USA.

    Mostly H1 authorizations (form I-797) are issued for 3 years, so the Visa stamped on your passport reflects the date close to this expiry date, unless consulate gives you a Visa for duration less than the Date on your H1 form.

    Once you get your visa extension, it comes with new I-94. But if you need to visit your home country or need to leave the US for any personal/business reason you have to get the stamping in your passport to re-enter the US. Before 911, one can send the passport and relevant documents to the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. for renewal or re validation of the H1B visa stamp in the passport when the old visa has expired or within sixty (60) days of the H1B visa stamp expiration.

    But in 2004, the re validation division discontinued the domestic visa re-validation. So now all the member who are looking for re-validation must go to home country or Canada/Mexico. But a recent (in 2007) U.S. Department of State (DOS) directive to U.S. consular posts requires consulting an electronic record for visa issuance in non immigrant categories H, L, O, P, and Q.

    The new verification system requires that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) send information on all approved petitions requiring visa issuance to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), which is part of the DOS. KCC scans and enters all pertinent information including Form I-129, employer support letter, and beneficiary's identification documents into PIMS. KCC also conducts database checks looking for fraud, violations, or other adverse history and records. A petition must be confirmed in PIMS by the U.S. consular post before issuance of the visa. The USCIS has not been transmitting petitions filed for change of status and extension of status to the KCC. Neither have all new petitions for consular processing been transmitted to KCC, resulting in delayed visa issuance to eligible applicants

    Visa applicants whose information has not been entered into PIMS in a timely manner sometimes have to wait longer than the two days specified for visa issuance. There have been reports from individuals who have had to alter travel plans and arrangements to account for errors and delays in having all of their relevant information entered into PIMS

    There are incidents where people struck up in the foreign country for 45-90 days due to this PIMS delays. So people need to go through lots of hassle including losing the job, could not pay the bills in time, lose your credit history, kids are not able to attend the school�.

    So this campaign is to bring back the re-validation within the US. I am sure there are lots of guys here with H1B and going through this dilemma. So all you people gather here and support this campaign. IV core is ready to support this, if there are enough people are getting affected.

    If you or any of your friends are affected and got struck up in home/foreign country, please share your storey here. We strictly need only the first hand experience.

    Based on the response and support, we can take it forward. We believe this one can be fixed through admin fix. All we need is enough support.

    We need real people and real stories which can be presented to DOS officials and the media. I am sure we can fix this. so please come forward.

    Once we get enough people and stories, we can draft letter along with these stories and send it to relevant authorities. So please spread this to other people.

    Note: If you are not interested in this campaign, please ignore this thread and move on. Please do not post anything irrelevant and do not provoke other members.


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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    02-20 09:02 PM
    Mercies.... if your answer is still not answered than please call QGA and find out about us. Before spending so much time writing this post if you had gone to the resources, you would have got some questions answered.
    The only reason to create this thread is to
    (a) find if this guy is making any sense at all
    (b) to alert you to all that some people are talking about
    (c) get straight forward answers
    Do not start jumping on me now!
    You guys are doing a great job - but the stated goal of funds is at 15% collected so far! More people are needed, unless you have won a lottery and can spare rest of the cash right away!
    That know-all who is telling people to go hide in their blankets is scaring more people than any stupid reproduced posts will do!
    Please somebody needs to counter this guy at the other site!

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  • GCaspirations
    10-04 03:51 PM
    Did anyone transferred from NSC to CSC and back got FP notice?



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  • Jaime
    08-31 04:22 PM
    not sure there are "lies".

    No lies, salary cannot be raised and people on H-4 cannot work. The article is right.

    What I don't get is where they got that the Sept 18 rally will see 5000 of us attending? That's way too little guys, we need at least double that!

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    02-27 03:15 PM
    LOL. This thread again...

    They gamble, they lose and then they whine about rules being unfair here.

    And this willwin guy has the nerve to give me a red mark on my post saying I'm not being diplomatic... like I care about being diplomatic when they want IV to shift its primary focus in order to cater to such ridiculous asks!! If I wanted to be diplomatic, I'd have come here on foreign service. :rolleyes:


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  • chaukas
    09-09 05:53 PM
    The discussion seems to be focused on getting a certification to add to your resume. I am a PMP too, have delivered several small projects.
    I think whether you are a PM or a developer, PMP is a good step to understanding and appreciating the business value of what you are doing as a techie.

    It is not just a certification but a way of thinking.
    It applies to everything in your life not just your work......

    Treating it like a commodity isn't the best way to look at it.

    My 2 cents .....

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  • dixie
    12-04 05:12 PM
    Why is this good news again?
    One less "what if" to worry about with regards to retrogression and its consequences.

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  • snathan
    12-21 09:58 PM
    I do have very different experience. I never had any issues with the indian consulate. couple of months back I have sent the papers for my daughter's PIO card. With in two weeks I got the PIO in mail.

    08-02 02:00 PM
    tanu, do you realize that the above is nothing but a rant? isantem is not responsible for making the rules so why beat him up? What he said is nothing but the facts to the best of his knowledge
    Yes, go ahead, give me reds. From your behavior I feel you may be one of those immature types who will red anyone who disagrees..

    Funny you say that. I'm all for a honest debate and in fact mentioned cited this forum's intolerance for disagreement. We fail to realize that the EB quota is not a Indian only domain, that there are other non-Indian EB immigrants with their own viewpoints, and that unfortunately this narrow sightedness will stifle any unified efforts to fight this problem.

    And I'm not beating isantem up. I was on the other hand trying to explain to him why the policy of country based quotas are naive for attracting top talent. Please read my post below.

    I would have given you a green for actual substantive disagreement but seeing that you failed to comprehend what I clearly was saying, I'll give you a red. Looks like you care about them enough.

    Guys we see a very unhealthy trend here where any disagreement is not tolerated. This forum is for legal skilled immigrants and we sometimes show how unskilled we are when it comes to tolerance of opinion here.

    isantem, while I understand the diversity argument, when it comes to skilled immigration it doesn't really help. The data itself shows that the overwhelming number of skilled immigrants come from India/China. If the objective is to let the most skilled immigrants in, then the US should forget about diversity. Unfortunately in terms of volume and talent combined, India and China handily beat the rest of the world. Even if EB3 goes to 2002 so be it, but at least you are treating all skilled immigrants on a level playing field rather than discriminating them based on where they were born. If the US continues to do this, there is a serious danger (and this has been documented) that skilled folks in India/China will no longer find the US attractive. Its already happening with the economy booming in India. In fact, we'll probably see you or your kids standing in line for an Indian or Chinese green card in a few years (and I doubt India or China will focus on diversity when it comes to attracting the most skilled talent).

    08-16 02:16 PM
    This is one of the times when you put your faith into test. PRAY. It will do wonders. I also haven't received any notices yet but we all did our best. Let God do the rest.

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