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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

shay mitchell foto

shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell
  • Shay Mitchell

  • jnozsc
    Apr 30, 01:18 AM
    the 'arrange by' in Finder doesn�t work.

    can anybody confirm this?

    Or is it a mistake in my setting?


    shay mitchell foto. 23 year-old Shay Mitchell looked super hot in this pretty little blue dress on the red carpet of the QVC Red Carpet Style Pre-Oscar Party held at the Four
  • 23 year-old Shay Mitchell looked super hot in this pretty little blue dress on the red carpet of the QVC Red Carpet Style Pre-Oscar Party held at the Four

  • tibookowner
    May 12, 10:36 AM
    Really been into computers my whole life. Since I am only 27, I am just getting up to speed. I have had varying exposure to all makes of computers. The Mac Community operates on a near, excuse me, holy hatred of Micro$oft.

    I purchased my first Mac a few years ago, a portable, codenamed WallStreet. Why I bought was simple. I LOVE computers!! Now I am a repeat buyer! I now have an "Ivory " TIBook!

    As a final note, iChat is great! And Windoze users see silvery OS Brillance!

    Makes them jealous!

    As a footnote, I am Certified A+ in microcomputer repair. There is a SERIOUS lack of knowledge that the Mac came first!

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell Model Fashion
  • Shay Mitchell Model Fashion

  • Dahl
    Nov 7, 04:21 AM
    I love them, is their new album any good ?

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell could teach
  • Shay Mitchell could teach

  • Chone
    Mar 27, 09:00 PM
    Doesn�t this thread belong to 2000 or something?

    10GB iPods? N64 expansion paks? Heh, doesn�t look like a new post thats for sure.

    As for your question it improves the image quality somewhat but some games (like Majora�s Mask) require it so its not a bad purchase... as for getting one, try ebay...


    shay mitchell foto. shay-mitchell-lucy-hale-
  • shay-mitchell-lucy-hale-

  • RichardI
    Sep 21, 09:09 AM
    I like updates for Mac OS X.

    Ha ha! I thought I was the only one. This is one of the great things about owning a Mac.

    Rich :cool:

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell Actress Shay
  • Shay Mitchell Actress Shay

  • Rajj
    Oct 27, 05:33 PM
    If Apple does decide to release a 30� display, it would more then likely be aimed at the video or research markets, instead of the consumer market!!

    But there are people how love to live lavish, so someone will purchase it!!!! ;) ;) :p


    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell Jewelry
  • Shay Mitchell Jewelry

  • ejb190
    Oct 17, 04:58 PM
    Did a bit of digging around for multiple display LCD's.




    I submitted a request to my old boss a while back for a triple 18" LCD for $28,000 about a year ago. (I was told I could have the monitor or my job, but not both!) Seems like prices on these high end LCDs are really falling fast

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell 2011 hairstyle
  • Shay Mitchell 2011 hairstyle

  • velocityg4
    Oct 21, 04:52 PM
    I think the opportunity to renumber was back in the 10.4 or 10.5 range. 10.6 was little more than a performance tweak. But little by little, we drift farther and farther away from that 10.0 experience. Maybe Lion, with more touchiness, will warrant a new number. But "XI" just doesn't look as cool as "X" does.

    True though I thought that 10.3 should have been 11 and 10.5 should have been 12. I am glad we are drifting further from the 10.0 experience there were virtually no programs supported. I tried using 10.0 and 10.1 on my G4 but stuck with 9 until 10.2 when performance was on par and most every program was available for OS X.

    Though I think we are still on OS X since Jobs said it would stay that way until 2020. He'll be damned to make it XI just to prove he was right;).


    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell
  • Shay Mitchell

  • iCaleb
    Sep 14, 07:47 PM
    Im going to dump it in a waterless bucket to see how good its breathing skills are. :D

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell Pic - TV Fanatic
  • Shay Mitchell Pic - TV Fanatic

  • dongmin
    Feb 9, 01:00 PM
    Very cool.

    Some additions I'd like to see (maybe for a 'pro' version):

    Processor: bus speed
    Memory: how many open slots
    HD: speed of HD
    Optical: speed of Superdrive
    Display: external monitor spanning vs. mirroring
    Price: US$ as well
    Ports: PowerBooks have a PC card slot; also maybe a separate category for audio
    Notes: maybe make a separate box for "Last Updated"


    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell Actress Shay
  • Shay Mitchell Actress Shay

  • phantomsd
    Mar 11, 07:48 PM
    Probably no point in going anymore huh? Dang... I didn't plan this launch day well enough!

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell
  • Shay Mitchell

  • KyleGP
    May 3, 09:58 PM
    But my gut feeling says you are all correct and this is a con.
    I'm gonna request my friend to meet him in the city.

    If he doesn't have a 32GB iphone sealed, he won't be getting his bargaining chip back.


    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell, best known
  • Shay Mitchell, best known

  • GGJstudios
    Mar 16, 10:58 AM
    Give this a good read: Forum Rules (http://guides.macrumors.com/Help:Forum_Rules)

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell – Coca Cola#39;s
  • Shay Mitchell – Coca Cola#39;s

  • redandrussian
    Apr 26, 05:25 AM
    This going to come? I love my Keyboard but it is so annoying when using spreadsheets not to have the numberpad version. :(


    shay mitchell foto. Actress Shay Mitchell has been
  • Actress Shay Mitchell has been

  • shadowmoses
    Sep 18, 02:47 PM
    Keep an eye peeled for a REV A iBook G4 they are good value on ebay and will cover all of your criteria, they come in 800mhz and 933mhz versions and there HD's came at 30gb and 40gb unless they were BTO...


    shay mitchell foto. What does Shay Mitchell think
  • What does Shay Mitchell think

  • Toreador93
    Dec 16, 11:10 PM
    I'd just like give my impression of the SD300 to help Nesuser2.

    I bought my SD300 this past summer, and it's been great. It's really a small camera, I can't say I've seen anything with as many features relative to its size and price. Pictures are great, and movies are very impressive with this camera (it can do 640x480 & 320x240@30fps & 15fps). However, you may need a high-speed card for multi-minute movies. My 1gb Sandisk Ultra II can take 8.5 minutes at highest quality. 320x240@15fps will give you 46 minutes of video. 1gb will give you about 500 highest quality pictures (4mp, Superfine res). 4mp and normal res will give you about 1700.

    It's mostly metal (except for the card/battery door), and feels very solid. Quality is very good compared to similarly priced cameras.

    You should really check out THIS REVIEW (http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/canon/powershot_sd300-review/) if you're at all interested.


    shay mitchell foto. Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell)
  • Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell)

  • eljanitor
    May 5, 12:45 AM
    That's better then the G4 you were looking at. Did you get the ALS ambient light senor model? or the standard? Either way it's priced right for a G5 with blue tooth and airport.

    The only advice that I have for these models is that you open it up carefully, and blow any dust or dirt (with an air can not a compressor!!!!)out of the heatsink and fans that may have accumulated over time.

    Look at the picture I attached to open the iMac G5. It's really simple. Just a note when the 3 case screws stop moving stop turning them, they do not come out, do not try to force them to come out. And don't touch the electronics inside with your bare hands unless you're properly grounded (http://www.wikihow.com/Ground-Yourself-to-Avoid-Destroying-a-Computer-with-Electrostatic-Discharge).

    shay mitchell foto. Shay Mitchell Hairstyle
  • Shay Mitchell Hairstyle

  • JoelMarcey
    Mar 12, 01:37 PM
    just tried and it didn't work. ipad keeps saying cellular data needs to be activated.

    *just read in another thread that you have to change the apn. I didn't know that and try it. But someone else said it works fine.

    I just posted in this thread http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1110889 that I don't see a way in the iPad 2 to change the APN settings. Not sure if that is new to iOS 4.3 or iPad 2, but I can't find it. Are you able to change the APN settings on the iPad 2?

    shay mitchell foto. Photo: Shay Mitchell poses
  • Photo: Shay Mitchell poses

  • nec207
    Apr 15, 03:26 AM
    I'm trying to fix 5 year old Macbook for some one .The problem is hard-drive space used up but the person has very little pictures ,music and work on the computer.

    Some how only 7GB free of the 80GB hard-drive.

    There is a similar thread http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=672477

    Thread never got resolved.

    well normally when I'm trying fix the same problem on PC running windows it is do to.

    1.Bad sector
    2.swap file /page file
    3.hidden OS system support files
    5.windows files to keep OS running and windows needs lots of files and I mean lots, lots and lots of files!!!

    But do not have that much experience here. What could the problem be.

    Nov 3, 07:06 PM
    Originally posted by job
    hah. polls...

    i'm sure durandal remembers polls. ;)

    how many did you start again? :p

    Heh, hard to say, suffice it to say more then I should have ;)

    Apr 10, 08:28 PM
    not to sound like a jerk......but Search is your friend........there's many threads about people needing cases or what type of case is good for them.

    Sun Baked
    Nov 10, 03:26 PM
    When they made the switch into a for-profit money making business, I said this was a possibility... that they may go overboard in the revenue boosting side, at the expense of the clients.

    It's a path that many businesses take, unless they follow the customer first model instead. Which doesn't make the investors as happy, but it does help keep a happy client base growing.

    The ads are everywhere because they're trying to squeeze every penny out they can.

    And it CAN get worse, think along the bank and cable company models.

    There's a lot of money that they haven't even started going after yet -- a $1-10 a month here, there, and everywhere.

    Matthew Yohe
    Dec 28, 02:59 AM
    I'm guessing that this is a bug that would be fixed in the future when OS X supports writing to NTFS volumes natively.

    So, if you want to share something on your Mac over the network, and you want to define users and their permissions, you should make sure that the folders that you're sharing are on a drive or partition formatted to HFS+.

    Ah nice, but don't expect OSX to support writing to NTFS in the future. The way that things like 3G-NTFS or whatever write to a NTFS volume is sort of hacky anyway. If you can, I would look into using exFAT now instead of NTFS (if that works for your environment).

    Apr 19, 12:44 PM
    Now this is looking different. I'm not sure why this would have changed. The finder windows are clear.


    Also, the CPU keeps running between 30-90% even though there are no applications running (other than activity monitor). Related or no?

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