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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Craig Bellamy Ryan Giggs Wales

  • Gators Fan
    Oct 27, 10:52 AM
    They had 500 t-shirts. I got there at 7:15 and I was # 504. No T for me.:(

    I was #407 in line at 6:51 PM. Got a shirt (and a nice one it is).

    Staff handled everything smoothly. Very upbeat and cordial, especially the key personnel (managers, etc). There were dedicated lines for those just buying Leopard; the whole process took less than ten minutes. Went downstairs to Starbucks and saw three MacBook users installing their new OS (the mall offers free WiFi through Bright House / Roadrunner).

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  • FredAkbar
    Jul 12, 01:15 AM
    Originally posted by zimv20
    every version of unix i've used -- dating to 1984 -- recognizes passwords up to 8-characters only.

    But many Mac users know very little, if anything, about Unix. Mac OS X is a public operating system, made for users of any level of Unix experience. Many Mac users are still learning new things about Unix.


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  • Ryan Giggs with Cristiano

  • simsaladimbamba
    May 5, 07:54 PM
    Have you tried an SMC reset yet? It sometimes helped me.
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964)

    Btw, the images don't show up yet.
    How to attach an image to your MR post. (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=11836587#post11836587)

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  • Ryan Giggs

  • UnixMac
    Oct 12, 08:02 PM
    I'm gonna give it until the 3rd week of Oct is over, then I'll give up and just buy a used PB 667 to hold me over till the new stuff comes out. But I'll be darned if I pay $3200 for an 800mhz G4, I don't care how sexy it is.


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  • Ryan Giggs-Ryan Giggs#39;

  • ratherbfishn
    May 4, 03:22 PM
    When I bought my imac years ago, it made a loud, vibrating, squeal right out of the box. It was so long ago, I forget if it was a hard drive or fan. After a couple tries with phone support, I took it back and was given a new one.

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  • The new wallpaper, Ryan Giggs

  • munkees
    Jun 30, 12:01 PM
    Yes, this is most disapointing. I have been wanting this app on my iPad ever since I got one. This is even more glaring since you can't even access Apple's own MobileMe site from the iPad - which is another rant entirely. :mad:

    The iPad updating of their own apps is quite sad.

    The remote app which is a must with a networked express and/or Apple TV setup would truly benefit from not only being updated to run at something other than 2x mode, but a whole new iPad UI. And it should have been ready on April 3rd when the iPad was released. Same goes true for the Gallery and iDisk apps.

    I don't want to run any Apple apps in 2x or worse 1x mode on an iPad. Likewise, just like the Settings app and others, rethink the UI instead of blowing up the image.

    I been very disappointed with :apple: support with the iPad and mobile me, they have not even got iDisk, and I though they should allow other apps to sync data with iDisk. I get the impression, Apple does not know what to do with mobileme, just like :apple:TV, products that do not integrate well into the apple solution.

    I would really like to be able to upload my photos from my iPad straight to MobileMe (without any image reduction).


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  • night crew-and RYAN GIGGS!

  • elsami
    Apr 19, 08:15 AM
    Thanks guys, ill try a couple of the tips out, and report back. I might stay away from the more risky ones though lol...

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  • MacNorway
    Oct 5, 08:37 PM
    9. What does the settlement provide?
    NVIDIA has agreed to provide a replacement of the NVIDIA GPU or MCP to Class Members who purchased certain versions of some Dell, Inc. or Apple Inc. notebook computers that contain an NVIDIA chip and who send in a valid Claim Form and appropriate supporting documentation.

    NVIDIA has also agreed to provide a fund in the amount of $2,000,000 to provide reimbursements if you purchased a version of one of the notebook computer models identified in the Full Notice that contains an NVIDIA GPU or MCP during the dates listed in the Full Notice experienced certain identified symptoms, and have appropriate documentation proving that you paid to have the notebook computer repaired. The amount of reimbursement may depend on the number of reimbursement claims received.

    (note: edited down for clarity)

    22. How will the lawyers be paid?
    Class Counsel will ask the Court for attorneys’ fees and expenses in the amount of $13,000,000. NVIDIA will pay Class Counsel’s fees and expenses. These amounts will not come out of any funds for payments to Class Members. NVIDIA has agreed not to oppose these fees and expenses.

    So, the buyers gets a new chip and a split on the 2 mill... the lawyers get $13 mill... HOW many hours did you say they worked?


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  • Ryan Giggs Face - Pro

  • ViraltisticTech
    Apr 8, 11:18 AM
    Considering all the times i've almost been mugged, and that one freaking time my ipod touch was taken in a matter of seconds.. i wouldn't mind getting one of these. =P


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  • Manchester United#39;s Ryan Giggs

  • Chone
    Apr 5, 12:16 AM

    Apparently its real and coming soon enough, it will be interesting to see how RE4 plays on the Wii but it is a little bit disappointing to see yet another Cube port. Still for those who missed it on Cube and PS2 they are in for a hell of a ride and even the RE4 vets might like to give it yet another go :).

    Oh and this line really made me giggle:

    "The producers of the Wii version revealed to Famitsu that one of their goals is to allow families who play the Wii together to experience Resident Evil. The game will include "Easy" and "Amateur" difficulty settings, selectable from the start, that will make aiming easier and keep your life from depleting too fast."

    Putting an easy mode so the whole family can play? Isn't this an M-Rated game with tons of gore, horror and inappropriate content for minors and unappealing content for other family members? Heck, Nintendo might be taking the whole "family" thing (which I think is downright ridiculous) too far.

    Sorry I just realized this is already in another thread :o


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  • Signed by Ryan Giggs.

  • SpankyPenzaanz
    Mar 28, 09:54 PM
    and for free!!!!

    Its called nowhere and its from graw1

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  • How Ryan Giggs#39; knew his days

  • viperviper
    Mar 22, 06:43 PM
    Hey Guys!

    I was surprised Ottawa wasn't up here already. Anyone planning on standing in the long lines this Friday? Where are you going? What time?


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  • Happy Birthday Ryan Giggs

  • George Knighton
    Mar 9, 05:17 PM
    Have you tested with 4.3 to see if it works with the update? I'd be interested, since I might actually buy the connector if it does.

    That is a very good idea. I will try to remember to test that.

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  • reberto
    Dec 7, 06:30 PM
    It might help to list your location :)
    done :D


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  • versatile: Ryan Giggs of

  • lordonuthin
    Oct 21, 09:05 PM
    Still haven't figured out what the problem is with GPU2 in wine.

    [19:50:44] Working on queue slot 01 [October 21 19:50:44 UTC]
    [19:50:44] + Working ...
    Warning: Ignoring unknown arg
    [19:50:44] *------------------------------*
    [19:50:44] Folding@Home GPU Core - Beta
    [19:50:44] Version 1.25 (Mon Mar 2 19:49:32 PST 2009)
    [19:50:44] Compiler : Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 14.00.50727.762 for 80x86
    [19:50:44] Build host: vspm46
    [19:50:44] Board Type: Nvidia
    [19:50:44] Core :
    [19:50:44] Preparing to commence simulation
    [19:50:44] - Looking at optimizations...
    [19:50:44] - Created dyn
    [19:50:44] - Files status OK
    [19:50:44] - Expanded 68640 -> 357580 (decompressed 520.9 percent)
    [19:50:44] Called DecompressByteArray: compressed_data_size=68640 data_size=357580, decompressed_data_size=357580 diff=0
    [19:50:44] - Digital signature verified
    [19:50:44] Project: 5915 (Run 13, Clone 422, Gen 13)
    [19:50:44] Assembly optimizations on if available.
    [19:50:44] Entering M.D.
    Reading file work/wudata_01.tpr, VERSION 3.1.4 (single precision)
    Reading file work/wudata_01.tpr, VERSION 3.1.4 (single precision)
    Reading sasa-enabled ir 0 0
    Initializing Nvidia gpu library
    [19:50:50] Tpr hash work/wudata_01.tpr: 2601313573 3913075720 1380217986 614781101 1211686473
    Run: exception thrown during GuardedRun
    [19:50:50] SEH code: 3221225477
    [19:50:50] Run: exception thrown during GuardedRun
    [19:50:50] Run: exception thrown in GuardedRun -- Gromacs cannot continue further.
    [19:50:50] Going to send back what have done -- stepsTotalG=0
    [19:50:50] Work fraction=0.0000 steps=0.
    [19:50:54] logfile size=4917 infoLength=4917 edr=0 trr=23
    [19:50:54] - Writing 5453 bytes of core data to disk...
    [19:50:54] Done: 4941 -> 1839 (compressed to 37.2 percent)
    [19:50:54] ... Done.
    [19:50:54] Folding@home Core Shutdown: UNSTABLE_MACHINE

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  • Ryan Giggs

  • vincenz
    Apr 3, 12:13 AM
    You're almost making it sound like you're actually planning to lose your phone.


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  • Giggs became United#39;s longest

  • rainman::|:|
    Jul 3, 11:43 PM
    have you installed any hacks? especially dock hacks? beta software?


    ryan giggs foto. as Ryan Giggs to
  • as Ryan Giggs to

  • nslyax
    Jan 12, 08:06 PM
    To me, MacBook Air sounds like a Nike lawsuit waiting to happen.

    ryan giggs foto. Ryan Giggs with the trophy
  • Ryan Giggs with the trophy

  • drenline
    Mar 15, 07:55 PM
    I thought displayout only works with the VGA adapter for mirrored images on the ipad1?

    May 2, 07:53 AM
    he says that is why stevie claims that they are magical. BECAUSE THEY ARE!

    Sep 12, 01:05 PM
    Originally posted by sparkleytone
    actually i believe it was macrumors that had the news of the latest g4 out first...BUT...the people who continue to give these forums a newfound bad name drove him off and flamed the hell out of him. wtg mr members.......

    I think we had the PDF first, but they had the picture before we did. :)

    May 5, 05:53 PM
    Hi all,

    Just curious to see how many have a apple laptop and and Ipad. Work just bought me a MBP last week and I already have a Ipad 2. Just trying to justify the two, maybe I sell the ipad 2 because I have to keep the laptop. By the way, I love both of them...I use the Ipad 2 for reading books, magazines etc...

    Thanks for the comments or thoughts...

    well i have a 15" pro... had an ipad 1, then got the ipad 2. I honestly wasn't using it that much... between having an iphone and a mbp, it just never saw that much use so i gave it to my grandma.

    Now i'm considering trading in my mbp and getting a new imac and a macbook air... love the small size and portability and i honestly don't need that much power on the road so i'm thinking the mba will be awesome as a portable and have the power of the imac at home!

    Hope that gives you some insight, but remember everyone has different needs!

    TwinCities Dan
    Oct 9, 10:18 PM
    There are so many, but Rodrigo Y Gabriela are something special... ;) :)

    May 4, 02:51 PM
    Does the noise change when you alter the screen brightness?

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