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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Interesting Quote: Troy David Newham from Swamp Fox Press

DC comics has decided to have Superman renounce his US citizenship stating “Truth Justice and the American Way It’s not enough anymore.”

Who buys comics? Mostly Americans I reckon…

How dare they? Do you know how many people are trying to get citizenship? How many are going through pure hell in paperwork and legal costs to do this? The statements are clear that DC (and I must assume that these views are shared by Warner Brothers as well since they own DC Comics) is a fan of the “world view”/world government.

Bleep Superman. I urge a boycott of Warner Brothers, all DC franchises, and particularly Superman. They intended this to be a political statement, but it is really a slap in the face of the American identity. Show me any one country that has done more for the world than America. We have fought for more people and sacrificed more treasure than any other country in history.

Superman’s real kryptonite is lack of comic sales. Hit them where it hurts, and I bet they’ll be doing a special issue where he retakes the citizenship oaths.
Troy is upset, really upset about Supes going Global. 


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