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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Protein and other stuff

Doesn't this look fucking yummy?
So everyone knows that I am somewhat obsessed with working out. Fitness. To be exact.
Not just to look good.
other reasons too.
So I have recently kicked it up a notch, ok in freakin high gear,
As if going to the gym twice a day wasn't enough.

My main reason for all the gym time is my health.
The second reason, well its to keep me out of 
 t r o u b l e.

Which everyone knows I have a real problem with.
and if I'm at the gym all the time.

Well then no free time to cheat. Right?
 The perfect solution.
So now I have decided that being in shape isn't enough.
My new goal is to work on building bigger muscles.

Which means a couple of things.

One lifting more.
Changing up my routine to shock my muscles.
Two I purchased some of that lovely  protein powder mix.

I even had to buy one of those shaker bottles.
Of course mine is in RED.

120 calories. 21 grams protein.
and it actually taste pretty darn good.

Huge ole bottle. that cost me huge ole dollars.

My plan is not to lose anymore weight,but to build up my muscles. I'm already pretty lean.
Very little if any body fat at all.
So I'm hoping by doing all this it will make my muscles look more defined.

So I started this new shit a week ago. So far I have lost weight. Not the plan.
(How long will it take to see a change?)
I had to changed my diet a little. but only to add stuff to it.

So that I am getting the right kinds of foods before and after my work outs. You know more protein.

I've been told that 45 minutes after your work out is the most important time to replenish your body. Small window.

 I'm a grazer. So its hard for me to stuff all this "important" protein shit into my tiny tummy, without feeling over full.
and yet again I have lost weight.
What the hell.
I get how important it is. On the weekends I am in the gym for almost 3 hours and I need some serious food to replenish shit.
I work really hard. and when I'm done I am freakin hungry.

Just a warning you should never get in my way when I am hungry.
Its actually very scary.
Skinny girls can be just as mean when they are hungry.
So I'll keep you updated on my progress and if any of you have any suggestions. I'm all ears. Knowledge is power.


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