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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Time

I had a very unusual movie theatre experience.

With a guy.

It was a n o r m a l saturday.
I sometimes go to the movies by myself.(when no one wants to see the movie I want to see)
So that doesn't make the day all that unusual.
I bought my ticket.
I got my popcorn and my drink.
I went into the theatre.
and sat down.

There he was.

He came over and sat down next to me.

He smelled sooooo good.
I tried to focus, straight ahead at the previews.
Which was very fucking difficult.
So there I am sitting, sweating, nervously staring straight ahead. Smelling him.
He leans over and kisses my neck. He slides his hand over between my legs.
Putting gentle pressure on my,
well you know.
So I push his hand away.Then, I turn and kiss him. His lips tasted soooo good.
I turned back around and pretened to watch the previews. Honestly I was trying to focus on the previews.Right.

I then reached over and grabbed his cock thru his pants. I know thats bad.
I just couldn't help myself.
He was rock hard.
That made me wet instantly.
Then he reached over again
but this time stuck his hand down the inside of my pants. Touching me.Moving his fingers, all around.
it felt sooooo freakin good.
I allowed this to go on for a couples of minutes. I just couldnt take much more.
I was getting so damn horny.
This touching went on back and forth for a bit. Then the movie started to come on.

There really weren't too many people in the theatre. but honestly I just didnt care.
I had never done this before, but I was so turned on I couldnt help myself.
20 minutes into the movie we got up and left. I met him out front and we drove to his house.

Where we spent the next hour seriously fucking like I've never been fucked before.

He did things to me I have never had done before. It was soooooooo amazing.

Then he drove me back and dropped me off at my car.
and I went home.
The end.
It was so good that it almost wasn't real.
Was it risky? On so many levels, Hell yes.
But I was willing to risk it all that day for "him".
He was worth it. The sex was worth it.
I will never forget that day at the movies.
It forever changed my movie going experience.
and I will more than likely never do it again.
I do have to say,

Thank you
for an awesome day at the movies.
I will never forget

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