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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


One of my favorite places to eat is "Jimmy Johns". As a norm my family goes and gets sandwhiches from there on Sunday nights. Since no one wants to cook. We used to go over to my moms for "sunday" dinner. Not really sure why that stopped.
Anyways, we go almost every Sunday. Now let me just say, they have like the sub sandwhich type of bread and then they have the whole wheat seven grain bread.
I personally like the bread not the sub style. I mean I really freakin love the regular bread.
I NEVER get the sub style. EVER!
So the last couple of times we have gone, they have been out of the bread. What the hell!!!
Now you know me well enough to know that this really pisses me off. When I go with my set to have my bread, and then get there to find out they are out.
It pisses me off. Enough where I refuse to get anything from there.
I told my guy I was going to call there the next day and talk to a manager and complain. Not to get free shit, but to tell them I think its fucked up.
My guy just rolls his eyes at me.
Both my guy and my son hate when I share how pissed I am. It embarrasses them.
They are the type to just walk away and internalize the disappointment.
Not me. I have no problem with sharing how I feel.
So in the end my guy drives me to another place to get me food.
The last t h r e e times they were out of the bread, I swore I was never eating there again.

Then while my guy and I were out of town, we stopped in at a Jimmy Johns there and wouldnt you freakin know it, they were fucking out of the bread.

I even asked before if they sold the loafs of bread to customers. You can guess that answer.
What the hell people.
How hard is it to keep extra bread on hand. If its so fucking popular.

I'm just saying.

So after that I told my guy that was the final straw. NO ONE in my family is ever eating there again. I am boy cotting them.
Sorry dude, No more Jimmys Johns for this family.


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