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Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Get Her Back After a Break Up

Guys going through a break up stop thinking straight for the most part and tend to take irrational actions. This is one of the major reasons behind desperate measures they take to get her back. They tend to overlook that probably this haphazard decision making was the main reason why she broke up. It may sound like common advice but reflecting on what went wrong is one of the first steps that a guy should take if he wants to win her back. Other things that would help the situation are to stop whining and asking advice from your other male friends. It is more than likely that they are as clueless as you are, or worse, they might give you wrong advice.

How to Win Her Back After a Break Up

Approach this task like an assignment and sit with a piece of paper and make two columns. In the first column list down all the things that she liked about you, and in the second column write all the things she hated about you. Invest some time in this work as it will act as the core of your plan of getting her back. You also need to remember one thing, that all girls need to feel special and if you make her feel that way she will forgive you and probably take you back.

All Apologies
They will tell you that an apology will not make it better, well accepted! But it will lay the ground work to build something better. Express your apology not only in words but let it be seen in your actions. For example if she broke up with you cause you are a flirt, then stop talking to other girls and apologize for your insensitive behavior.

Show Care
One of the major reasons for a breakup is that the girl feels neglected in the relationship. You have to go over the top to reassure her that this is not the case if you want her back in your life. Start by making simple inquiries like how she is doing, does she need anything, how was her day, etc. Talk about issues that might be troubling her, for example, ask her how she is coping with stress at work, how she is dealing with an ill family member, etc. Remember to keep your focus on her when you are showing concern.

 Project Change
It is obvious she won't come back to you if she doesn't see any change in your behavior and attitude. If you are wondering how to get her back after a break up, make sure you refer to your assignment of listing things that she liked and disliked. For example, if she thinks that you get angry for no reason, don't show your anger even if she provokes you. Show that you have had a profound personality change because of the break up and now want her back so she can experience the best of you.

Give Respect
If you want her back you need to respect her views and opinions even if you disagree with her. Allow her to discuss things that you may find trivial, if she is looking for space give it to her, no point being overbearing. Let her know through words and actions that you value her and her decisions. Treat her with respect, simple things like using a soft tone when speaking about differences will help you score points with her.

Value Others
Almost all girls are caring and value their friends, family members and even the old guy at the newspaper stand. If you want her back, show that you not only value her but also the other people in her life. Talk to about her friends and family members with respect even if you can't stand them, there is no reason to be disrespectful if you don't like them. For example if her mom is having a birthday, send her flowers and a card, this small gesture will help you score lot of points.

If you desperately want her back do not underestimate the importance of showering her with gifts, sending over a cute teddy bear with a 'I am sorry' tag is a good way to begin. Sending flowers and chocolates with hand written notes expressing your true feelings will also go a long way in mending the relationship. One last thing, be honest and genuine in your efforts, she will sense it.

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