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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dance Dresses for Juniors

Colorful dresses dazzling with fancy embroidery work, silken laces and satin belts give you the picture of dance dresses for juniors. It's the age where you engage into a lot of entertaining activities and therefore your wardrobe must have a good collection of dance dresses. Girls passionate about dancing are very particular about their dance apparel because wearing the right kind of dress boosts up their enthusiasm and spirit. Moreover, selection of dress will depend on the genre of dance and the patterns will vary accordingly. To get some really good ideas on dancing costumes, you must read this article.

Dance Dresses for Juniors ~ An overview

With numerous activities going around you, it's quite obvious to get confused while selecting a good dancing costume. College fest, dance competitions, social functions, discos, birthdays, weddings, etc., are some occasions that set your feet tapping. The theme of every occasion is different and so are your dresses. While attending informal functions you can always experiment with your dresses, while formal occasions demand decent costumes. This way you can analyze the difference between the ceremonies and then decide a dress that will complement the surroundings.

At this young age, you must opt for vibrant colors that will make you look attractive. If you are performing modern dances like Salsa, Tango, Samba, then your costume must be elegant. These dance forms are extremely sensuous and so you must pick up a neatly cut gown that will allow you to perform the moves with agility. Whether it's a wide or narrow bottomed gown, you must wear tights or slacks underneath. Necklines are usually deep cut and you can fix a designer belt around your waist. Bright shades like red, naughty pink, purple, and blue would make you look hot. Such dresses are capable of transforming your outlook completely, making you look elegant and sexy. 

Cultural functions organized at societies usually provide a theme for the costumes. In such occasions, formal dance dresses for juniors are customized by organizers. You can wear the same patterns for attending formal parties at colleges and schools. Get a bunch of fashion catalogs and check for the dresses that would make you look the most beautiful. Baby doll dresses look exquisitely beautiful in colors of yellow and pink. A strapless A-line organza dress flowing from your body looks sophisticated. Opt or muted colors like light pink, coral, beige, fuchsia, etc., while designing your dress for ballroom dancing. Formal dancing down stitched in different layers are simply gorgeous. Silver thread works on white satin or silk would complement every occasion. However, formal dressing doesn't mean that you have to always wear a gown. You can try the short tiered dresses that look trendy and cute. Add straps on the back and keep it off shoulder. Sew in frills on sleeves or bottoms to make it more classy. Go for short patterns with empire sleeves, made from poly mesh. Enamor yourself with attractive pieces of fashion jewelry. 

Dresses made for informal occasions are versatile and you can customize it according to your choice. Go for short skirts with halter neck tops, designer blouses and tubes and establish a unique fashion. Personalize your own dancing dress depending upon the occasion. Opt for a lot of fashionable cuts that will add prominence to your dancing moves. Glitter mesh dresses, chiffon, ruffles, beaded dress, and sequins are some great options for dance dress for juniors. Unitards are body hugging dresses that fit best in a well trimmed figure and are mostly worn by ballet dancers. Belly dancing is highly popular among youngsters and they go crazy while deciding their costume. Belly dancing costumes are usually body revealing and made up of two pieces that are emblazoned with glittering accessories. Dancing frocks having neat thread work is exquisite and simple and they suit every occasion.

This was a crisp guide to dance dresses for juniors. I hope you have understood that costumes vary according to dance forms. If you possess good sense of fashion, then you can personalize your own dress without taking help of costume designers. Most importantly, a good selection of color complementing the theme of the dance would create perfect blend of every element.

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