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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cooking Sex Priorities

When I'm pissed. I really try not to start my post with a rant.
this time I just can't do that.
It all started in my kitchen. I was done with the gym.
I was eating a small breakfast, reading a book just chilling.

Had not even showered yet. My guy is also in the kitchen. He has also not showered yet.

Yes I know ewwwww gross, after being at the gym almost 3 hours. but in my defense, after the gym I am freakin starving. I have to get some protein in f a s t.

So my guy is in the kitchen throwing together shit for lunches and stuff for the next week.

I lean back in my chair and I say quietly so small ears can't hear, "hey, psssst. you wanna shower with me"? Wink Wink.

What I get is this blank look like, ummmm we shower together all the time. He says, "I guess. Sure".

I then say, " I mean, you wanna fuck in the shower"?
Now wait for it,
cause your not gonna believe what the fuck comes out of his mouth.
My guy says, " well I guess when I done, if it happens to be when your ready for the shower".

What the fuck??????? Are you kidding me.
Did I mention that his tone of voice was kinda pissy. Cause he was so focused on cooking and shit.

Soooooooo not what I was expecting. You can guess the surprised look on my face and anger rising because of these words.
I mean come on, I'm no super model, but I do work out twice a day. I have men offering me sex all the time.
So I sit there kinda pissed. I go back to reading my book. but not really reading it.

Just getting more and more pissed by the second.

I turn back around to my guy and say, "Never mind".
Don't bother, coming to shower with me.
I'm not interested anymore.
I walk off , PISSED. Livid actually.

Really? He just turned ME down.

What the fuck is wrong with him. No, I don't have a big ego. but I do feel like if anyone was gonna turn down someone it would of been reversed. Fucker!

So I go get in the shower. A couple seconds later my guy shows up in the shower.
I tell him is my best pissy voice, "I told you nevermind"!
But he comes in anyways.
and tries to touch me/put his arms around me.

Now all my emotions are running wild. I feel like I'm gonna cry. I'm so hurt that he didn't react differently to my advances.
I ask him what the hell is his problem? he replies,
"I dont know".

I in turn say, " what do you expect me to do"? You don't want me to cheat but this is what I get.

Are you fucking serious. I ask him again.
He has no answer for me.
Other than he was wrong and he does want me.

We finish showering in silence. and then I leave.
I go to the bedroom and I pull out my "toy" and I use it to get off.
Which seems to becoming a regular routine. That I do not like.
What does this mean?
You guys wonder or get pissed that I cheated.
Really? Now maybe you can reconsider your judgement. and cut me some freakin slack.

What is a girl to do.


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