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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kate Middleton Lose Weight Drastically

Kate Middleton Lose Weight Drastically

Whether because of stress or he did it intentionally to welcome her wedding in April, the prospective princess, Kate Middleton reportedly had lost weight drastically. In fact, her dress size went down four sizes all at once!

This was said by a photographer of The Sun, Arthur Edwards, who observed the development or in this case the weight loss that occurred in Prince William’s fiancees. Previously, Kate was sized 10, and is now down to 6.

The same thing happened in late prospective mother-in-law, Lady Diana, when she was about to marry the father of William, Prince Charles. At that time, The Sun had time to give advise to Diana to stop losing weight, which will also be submitted to Kate.

“The Sun gives advice to Diana to stop losing weight. And I will do the same to her. She’s naturally beautiful and there is no point of losing weight again,” said Edwards. Yep, that’s right, who wants to walk the aisle in just skin and bones?


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