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Thursday, January 27, 2011

WE will, We will, Rock You- Kittycats Naughty Photos

I know that when I started my original blog blank –blank(can't repeat it here since I had to go anonymous) I was mostly talking about soccer and misc stuff. 
I am not sure at what point it changed. Maybe when I had my stalker, or maybe when I had to change my blog cause of the crazy fucking soccer parent, or when I started losing weight. 
I don’t really know.  
Possibly all of the above.
Regardless it changed.
I met some new ppl. Was introduced to the HNT, and the OHNT site.
So it began,
the half nekkid photos
of me
h e r e.
And a few over at OHNT.(NO, I won't tell you which ones, you dirty dawgs)
It wasn’t my plan to splash my blog with nekkid photos of myself.  It just happened.
I look back now and think that one of my biggest reasons was I finally looked good. 
NO, really g o o d. Actually the best I have ever looked, even counting HS. Now, I have never really been over weight. I just started wanting to get into shape.
But theres just something about when you finally feel good about yourself where you just wanna share it with the world.  It’s kinda like getting a new set of boobs. If you have ever known a women who got a "boob job" you totally know what I am talking about. 
You wanna show everyone how freakin awesome they are.
Now I'm not saying I am ashamed, maybe I should be but I'm not. I'm just saying that I know it kinda muddied the waters h e r e. 
I have all kinds of readers here.  Not all of them are into crazy kinda shit like me. and some definately not into nekkid photos.
I feel like I have scared some people off.
 Which is unfortunate.  That was not my intention.
I just think I got a little carried away, in showing off my “goods” that I was soooo proud of. 

When really I should of just kept it private and enjoyed the inner pride of setting my mind to something and following thru, and ending with freakin amazing results.
So this is the biggest reason why I won’t be participating in HNT anymore.  I still think its an awesome way to express yourself. And I will still look at other peoples photos.
I just think that since my blog has a multitude of different topics and is not all “porn” like I should stick to some sort of middle of the road subject matter.

I hope everyone understands. I would just feel horrible if I offended anyone.
Now Im not saying that I won’t have some weird shit that I post and there will be the occasional blogs where I say fuck a lot.

There just won’t be anymore nekkid photos here. 
 I will still “rock you” just in a different way.
It’s all good,
 you know.

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