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Friday, January 21, 2011

Warmest Winter Coat

You say you love wearing winter coats because they keep you warm, while I say, I love wearing winter coats because they hide my tires and bulges. Period. I might sound like one of those utterly frustrated women with a thousand clothes lying orphan in the wardrobe, but absolutely nothing to wear. Nothing suitable to fit into would be more like it. But then, wearing winter coats isn't everybody's oyster. In waging a battle with the harsh cold winds of Minnesota, you, being a destitute fashion victim, put on a Tee, a sweater over it, a zip-up hoodie, a pull-over with a jacket on, and the warmest winter coat in your wardrobe. Result? An inflated roly-poly butterball with a hundred layers of clothing over. You know, it's not that difficult to dress slim and elegant in your winter clothing, and feel immensely warm at the same time. The secret lies hidden somewhere in the words that come next.

Buying the Warmest Winter Coats

Perhaps, the only secret is buying a winter coat that is a thinner down. One of the biggest misconceptions in people's minds while buying winter clothing is that, the bulkier the winter coat is, the warmer it will be. That's true, but not entirely. To tell you the truth, the two things that keep a winter coat warm enough are tight stitching and resistance to water. You might end up buying a saggy winter coat thinking of it as a warm substitute to those five layers of clothing, but the truth is, unless it's worn without a layer inside, it wouldn't prove it's worth. And what makes me affirm? Been there done that. All throughout those icy months.

So, in order to achieve warmth without bulk, brands such as Burberry, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Nike, etc. have put forth their own fabric styles to their jackets, down vests, and casual winter coats, that are not only light-weight, but extremely chic too. The warmest winter coats for women, men and kids today come with fleece-lines to keep you immensely warm. A winter coat with adjustable cuffs, roomy pockets, and very high collars is what makes up for one of the best and the warmest winter coats for men, and kids can rejoice in soft jackets with hoods and high collars. These coats are easy to carry, and keep you stylish without adding to the bulk. And price? A rich quality winter coat could be brought for well between the range of $100-$400. However, as price increases, quality ameliorates.

The warmest winter coats for women, if knee length, could be paired up with high boots and sexy gloves to not only keep you warm but fashionable too. Personally speaking, compromising on money wouldn't lead you to anywhere, for winter clothing is something you do not buy every now and then. Hence, buy a good winter coat for yourself that will keep you warm, and will last for long. For those who are fuller-figured (okay, fat!), pick up those plus size winter coats that have a belt attached to them. This would create an illusion of a slimmer you by dividing your body into two halves. Should you still consider buying warm winter coats of lower prices, the best place I can think of is the Internet. Go through website reviews on winter fashion, and settle on which, according to them, is the warmest winter coat to buy.

For a season with extreme chills and thrills, the warmest winter coats will nestle you into their warmth and pleasure. All you need to ponder over is how to look hot, while it's upon your winter coat to keep you warm all throughout the chills.

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