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Friday, January 21, 2011

Top Watch Brands for Men

Looking at the masculine arms of men in the gym while working out and on the bikes is one of my favorite observing factors while waiting at the signal. While I was at one, I simply couldn't miss the wrist watch this plain looking guy was wearing and I simply kept staring at the dial! That is exactly what is making me write on top watch brands for men, today.

Wrist watches are no longer a simple requirement but is considered one of the accessories and fashion or style statement. Fashionistas also say that the kind of watch you wear actually defines what kind of person you are. I cannot advocate that but surely what the 'elements' on the watch, or the functions on the digital watch, show is, the kind of money you put into it. So with this, let's have a look at the top watch brands for men in the following paragraphs.

Top Watch Brands for Men

There are so many famous watch brands now in the market that the list for top watch brands for men can actually be a long one. But then, fortunately, there are some manufacturers who are considered amongst the best watch brands for men because of the products they make for targeting the males.

The name says it all when it comes to Omega... Known for its exclusive and expensive watches for men in different designs that have quaint and latest designs that sure suits the tastes of many. With many unique features like Co-Axial technology, Silicon balance spring, etc. they have really evolved producing some of the top watches for men 2010.

TAG Heuer
This is amongst the best watch brands for men that is so very synonymous with the people who endorse them in the advertisements. Many famous stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Tiger Woods, etc. are people who endorse TAG Heuer. To mention something unique about this brand is that they boast of having the first-ever mechanical movement without hairspring. They are in the market since the 1860s.

A Swiss company that makes the best men's watches since 1853, Tissot is a partner with NASCAR, FIBA, AFL, CBA, MotoGP. Not only this, they also have a collaboration with the World Championships of cycling, fencing and ice hockey. Elvis Presley, Nelson Mandela are amongst the people who owned Tissot. If you visit the official website of this brand, you will find interesting details of their watchmaking history.

The pioneers among not only the manufacturers of the top watch brands for men but for women as well. Rather, it will be more appropriate to say Rolex are the pioneers in making professional watches. Be it sports like swimming, that requires a waterproof watch, they were the first ones to make them. They are also widely known for the quality of movements in their watches. They are the first ever recipients of the Swiss certificate of precision. Some of their pieces are listed in the top designer watches for men.

One of the famous watch brands for military watches, Traser is very popular with not only military personnel but also guys who love the rugged and rough look. You might want to refer to military watches for men for having a look at them in the link provided.

Best Watch Brands for Men

The list of the top and best watches for men will go on if I sit down to give details of the same, so to cut it short, you can have a look at the following list instead of having to leaf through many websites searching for the same. So here's the list...
  • A. Lange & Sohne
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Baume & Mercier
  • Bell
  • Blancpain
  • Breguet
  • Breitling
  • Cartier
  • Chopard
  • CWC
  • Cyma
  • Girard-Perregaux
  • Harry Winston
  • Hublot
  • IWC
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Longines
  • Montblanc
  • Movado
  • Nixon
  • Panerai
  • Patek Philippe
  • Piaget
  • Precista
  • Raymond Weil
  • Stowa
  • Tauchmeister
  • Toy Watch
  • Ulysse Nardin
  • Vacheron Constantin
  • Vixa
  • Zenith
Rado, Fossil, Swatch, Casio, Citizen are also some honorable mentions that cannot be missed when it comes to top watch brands for men. All of these have some products listed in the best watches for men 2010. After having seen so many of the men's collection of watches, you might wish to have a glance at best watches for women 2010, find the same in the incorporated link. So go on and explore their collections. Some of them are but obviously attached to jaw-dropping price tags but then, as they say, you don't just buy a watch, you make a statement.

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